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Best Psychic Type Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go Type Chart: Strengths Effectiveness Weaknesses And Resistances Explained

Top Psychic Type Pokemon in Pokemon GO! Legendaries, Shadows, Budget options and so much more!

In Pokemon Go, Every type of Pokemon has four different relationships with other types any trainer should be aware of. That is:

  • Strong Against: represented on our type chart as Strong Vs, attacks from the listed type against the type listed here will deal additional damage to your opponent. This is ‘Super Effective’.
  • Weak Against: represented here as Weak Vs, attacks from the listed type against these types will do less damage to the enemy. This is ‘Not very effective…’
  • Resistance: listed as resist, taking attacks from this type will do much less damage to you.
  • Vulnerable: your type’s weaknesses. Attacks of these types will deal more damage – watch out!

So, for instance, Offensively a Ground-type Pokemon/move is Strong against Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire and Electric types, dealing double damage to them. It only does 50% damage against Flying, Bug and Grass Pokemon. Defensively, that same Ground-type Pokemon will take reduced damage from Poison, Rock and Electric Pokemon but also take double damage from Water, Grass and Ice – which is vulnerable to.

With that explained, let’s get into the Pokemon Go type chart in full.


Exeggutor: Extrasensory & Solar Beam

Extrasensory is not the most powerful quick attack in the world but when it comes to using a Pokémon like Exeggutor, it’s all about the energy. Extrasensory has a DPS of 13.1, but also gains 12.7 energy per second, meaning that you can prepare for Solar Beam quickly and effectively.

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Solar Beam is the third-best main attack you can get as a psychic move. Doing a huge 44.1 DPS, the battle becomes a race to use this as often as you can. In choosing Extrasensory, the main attack restores quickly and can turn the tide on any battle you are in.

Best Psychic Pokemon: What Are They

Fighting, Psychic Bug, Ghost, Dark

Pokemon Go, like many other Pokemon games, bases its battles on elemental stats. Hence, each Pokemon type will have different fighting styles that may or may not be effective against certain types. Moreover, each one is also weak against other types in different ways. Think of it as a game of rock, paper, and scissors, but way more complex and with more variations.

If youre looking for the best psychic Pokemon, its important to understand the types overall strengths and weaknesses first. As you can see from the table above, psychic types offensive moves are super effective against fighting and poison types. On the other hand, their moves arent very effective against steel, dark, or fellow psychic types.

As for their defense, psychic types are usually resistant to the offensive moves of fighting and fellow psychic types. However, even the best psychic Pokemon is weak against the attacks of bug, ghost, and dark types.

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Best Counters For Rock Type Pokemon

Grunt conversations are quoted from Trainer Tips on YT.

Grunt Conversation
Best Counters For Rock Type
Machamp Groudon Dialga

Make sure to bring a Fire Pokemon when faced with Scizor as it only has one weakness – Beedrill is also weak to Fire-type moves. Rock Pokemon can also be great against Beedrill.

Psychic Spectacular Pokemon Go Has Begun On September 8 2021 And Will Last Up Till September 13 2021 During The Event Psychic Pokemons Will Spawn More

My Top 10 Favorite Psychic Type Pokemon Part 1/2


Pokemon Go Psychic Spectacular will feature Psychic-type Pokemons. Psychic Spectacular Pokemon Go is an annual event and is scheduled from September 8, 2021, from 10:00, AM local time to September 13, 2021, at 08:00 PM local time. The event is being held in the Season of Mischief in Pokemon Go. The new Pokemons that will make their debut in the game during the Psychic Spectacular event include Inkay and Malamar.

Players are excited to catch Psychic Spectacular new pokemon. As mentioned earlier, the two Pokemons that will be making their debut in Pokemon Go are Inkay and Malamar. Other Pokemons that will spawn at a higher rate include Abra, Dowzee, Slowpoke, Natu, Wobbuffet, Baltoy, and Woobat. Players might encounter the shiny forms of these Pokemon as well. The Pokemons that will spawn at faster rates without a shiny form include Gothita, Solosis, Elgyem and Inkay.

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Pokemon Go: The Best Bug

Overall, Bug isn’t the best type. Sure, it has its uses, especially in terms of taking down Psychic- and Dark-types from time to time, but both of those types have other weaknesses that are home to Pokemon that are much stronger. With that said, Bug-types can find some niche use here and there.

Mega Beedrill is far and away the best Bug-type, without question. However, even with its best Bug-type moveset of Bug Bite and X-Scissor, its DPS still falls behind. With a monster max Attack stat of 303, though, it’s worth paying attention to, especially with its low evolution cost from Weedle and Kakuna.

For the rest of the ranking, you’re looking at the same familiar faces that dominate the Bug-type in the main series. No surprises here, to be sure. Pinsir and Scizor both do very well, whether in their boosted Shadow forms or just the vanilla forms. When their Mega Evolutions are released, they’ll be pretty great, though they may not take down Mega Beedrill.

Genesect has a fun gimmick with its different Drives, but sadly none of them add much value. It’s best as a Bug- or Steel-type, with the moves to match. The different Techno Blast types can have their use in the PvP meta, but they aren’t that great in PvE. As far as Bug-types go, if you’re looking for something that isn’t Shadow or Mega Evolved, Genesect is the best.

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Pokemon Go: Best Fire

Fire-types are often widely beloved by fans, and the best Fire-types are nothing but abundant. You have a ton of choices when looking for a good Fire-type Pokemon, especially with how many Legendaries, Starters, and Mega Evolutions sport the type and great offensive prowess.

The current reigning is Mega Charizard Y, though its grip on the top spot is shaky, with Mega Blaziken looming just around the corner, ready to pounce and take its place. One of a handful of Pokemon to reach a TDO over 1,000 , M-Charizard Y is going to really tear through the competition. Mega Charizard X is also fantastic, while slightly lower in terms of overall damage output compared to its twin. However, X doesn’t have the double weakness to Rock like Y does, which is something to consider. It falls behind the other Mega ‘zard in overall TDO and DPS, but it’s still one of the best Pokemon on the game, and the boost it gives to other Dragon-types while it’s on the field is not something to ignore. Keep X to being a Dragon-type attacker, and let Y take up the Fire-type mantle of the family.

Shadow Moltres, which also suffers from that double Rock-weakness, surpasses Mega Charizard X in terms of DPS, but only slightly, and falls behind on TDO. Despite this, it’s one of the best Pokemon in the game, and will absolutely dominate as either a Fire-type or a Flying-type dealer’s choice.

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Weather Boost
Aerial Ace

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Pokemon Go: Best Fairy

Fairy-type Pokemon, unfortunately, don’t seem to enjoy the same glittering stature as they do in the main series. This might be due to Pokemon GO’s combination of physical and special stats into one single stat, as Fairy-types typically excel in Special Attack and Special Defense and have very poor physical Attack. Regardless, they’ll have some good use against the types that Fairy typically takes down, those being Dark, Fighting, and most notably, Dragon. But, often there are better choices against those types.

Without question, your best bet for a Fairy-type is going to be Gardevoir. Its Shadow version is easily the best Fairy-type generally speaking, though Togekiss outpaces it in overall TDO. Non-Shadow Gardevoir is also fantastic, ranking as one of the best Fairy-types just behind Togekiss, Xerneas, and its own Shadow variant. The fact that Xerneas doesn’t have access to a Fairy-type fast move puts Gardevoir ahead in that respect, though. Once Mega Gardevoir is added to the game, it’ll be even better, though still sitting behind Togekiss’ TDO . As a generalist, you’ll want Charm + Dazzling Gleam, but Gardie’s Psychic-type moveset of Confusion + Psychic will do better against Fighting-types.

Weather Boost
Dynamic Punch

Pokemon Go: Best Steel

TOP 5 Best PSYCHIC Pokemon in Lets Go Pikachu and Lets go Eevee – Pokemon Discussion

Steel is definitely more of a defensive type, but it’ll pack a punch on offense from time to time, too. This is especially true if you use the right Pokemon. Steel is great against Fairy-, Rock-, and Ice-types, which makes them great as a partner to Dragons and especially dual Dragon/Flying-types . With ten resistances and a double resistance, it’s also hard to get some good moves off against them. If you’re using Steel-types, watch out for the all-too-common Ground, Fighting, and Fire moves, though, as they hit hard and serve as Steel’s three weaknesses.

Ask any veteran player what the best Steel-type is, and they probably won’t even miss a beat before saying Metagross more specifically, Shadow Metagross. This pseudo-Legendary is immensely powerful, with DPS around 22.4 and TDO of a massive 1,106.63, Shadow Metagross measures up to the likes of Mewtwo, Rayquaza, and the other top Pokemon in the game. It’s fairly future-proof, too, with the only real threats to its metal throne being Kartana , Zacian , and its own Mega Evolution. The one real downside to Shadow Metagross is that it reaches these massive numbers with Meteor Mash, which is a Community Day move. One thing to note is that it can counter Fighting, one of its only weaknesses, with a second charge move: Psychic. Or, if you don’t have access to Meteor Mash, just go for Psychic for a decent ranking still.

Weather Boost
Hydro Cannon

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Pokemon Go: Best Psychic

Ah, Psychic what a fun type to look at in Pokemon GO. It once ruled the meta in Gen I before they nerfed it with the addition of the Dark-type in the Johto games, and while not as egregious, it still dominates in GO, too. This is thanks to two of the best Pokemon in the entire game, Mewtwo and Metagross, finding their homes in the Psychic-typing. Mewtwo, in particular, is comically good, as we’ll see here.

The top two Psychic attackers are Shadow Mewtwo and… regular Mewtwo. They’ll be displaced one day, though, by Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y. Well, at least it’s easy to remember. Looking for something other than these four, even if it has low DPS but still-ridiculous TDO? Consider Armored Mewtwo!

Should you have trouble finding a Mewtwo or a Shadow Mewtwo, you aren’t out options, though, as Metagross is one of the other best Pokemon in the game, and it’s a Psychic-type as well. Regular Metagross has been pushed down the list a bit by Shadow Pokemon, but it also received a Shadow form, making it one of the highest-reaching attackers in the entire game. With a DPS of 20.02 and TDO of just below a thousand, Shadow Metagross isn’t going to be stopped by much. The only issue with Psychic-attacker Metagross is that it has better use elsewhere. With a Steel-type moveset, Shadow Metagross launches itself even further up the charts, so it’s better to opt for that and leave the Psychic-type attacks to Mewtwo and the rest of the gang.

Weather Boost
Rock Slide

Deoxys: Zen Headbutt & Hyper Beam

It should be noted that Deoxys’ quick attack is nowhere near as powerful as Confusion, but still worth putting on, purely for the main attack. With Zen Headbutt having a DPS of 13.1 but an EPS of 9.1, this is surprisingly Deoxys’ biggest attack.

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Even so, it builds up to the normal type attack of Hyper Beam which does 39.5 DPS. If you were to go for an all psychic-type moveset then Psycho Boost is your only other option, although it only does 21 DPS and ultimately isn’t worth it.

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Pokemon Go: Best Grass

Grass is not typically considered an offensive type. Like Poison, it makes use of other strategies instead of pure damage output, like sleep and paralysis conditions, health-sapping moves, and more. However, Grass-type attackers see a lot of use against the all-too-common Rock/Ground combo, as well as being one of Water’s only two weaknesses. In the battle of Rock, Ground, and Water, Grass is good against all of them. Additionally, Grass is often paired with a secondary typing that allows it some more utility, depending on the context.

Venusaur is already a bulk monster, but that’s increased heavily by its Mega Evolution. Mega Venusaur sports an absolutely unbelievable max stat spread of 241 in Attack, 246 in Defense, and 190 in Stamina. This Grass/Poison-type is going to be standing for a long, long time, giving it massive TDO of ~1,005 points. The Grass-type move given to all Grass starters on Community Day, Frenzy Plant, is an extremely attractive factor. It’s easily one of the best moves in the game, and paired with the fast energy generation of Vine Whip, Mega Venusaur is a force to be reckoned with. It will one day be outclassed by Mega Sceptile, but for now, this bulky plant dino is here to soak up damage and deal it back out with ease.

Following Mega Venusaur is some other Grass-types with good bulk and decent TDO.

Weather Boost

Which Pokemon Can Deal With The Powerful Psychic

The Best Psychic Pokémon in Pokémon Sword &  Shield ...

There are two ways to deal with Psychic-types: hit them for super effective damage, or resist their attacks. Offensively, Ghost, Bug, and Dark moves get super effective damage on Psychic-types. Conversely, Steel, Dark, and opposing Psychic Pokemon resist Psychic attacks.

First of all, the single best Pokemon at countering Psychic-types is Mega Gengar. Even though it takes super effective damage from Psychic , Mega Gengar does so much damage that it doesnt matter.

Looking at Raid counters for Alakazam, Mega Gengar ranks right at the top, winning in under 100 seconds. This is true for most other Psychic-type Raid bosses, even Mewtwo.

For any trainers who arent able to grind Mega Energy for Gengar, regular Gengar performs just fine. Other Ghost-type Pokemon that do well against Psychic-types include Giratina in both normal form and Origin form.

While these Pokemon do loads of damage, the best general counters to Psychic-type are Dark Pokemon. After all, the type was invented in Generation II for the sole purpose of countering Psychic-types. These Pokemon both resist Psychic and hit Psychic for super effective damage.

In terms of which specific Dark-types trainers will want to look for, Weavile continues to find its way into the top rankings for Psychic Raid counters. Its Snarl and Foul Play set has a huge damage output.

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Mewtwo: Confusion & Psystrike

It would be wrong if Mewtwo wasn’t at the top of the list. However, with this moveset, it most definitely earned it. Confusion was an obvious choice as it is the best quick attack you can have when choosing psychic-type. However, it’s with Psystrike that things really get interesting. Psystrike has a DPS of a whopping 74 meaning that it is the second most powerful main attack, but undeniably the best.

What makes Mewtwo the best psychic-type Pokémon it the 300 attack it has which automatically puts it well above any other Pokémon in the game. Mewtwo is statistically the best attacker in Pokémon Go.

Best Counters For Snorlax Lapras Others

Grunt conversations are quoted from

Grunt Conversation
Don’t bother – I’ve already won! Get ready to be defeated!

Determine Enemy Party First

When Team Rocket uses the previous phrases, they will either use 2 Snorlax or 2 Lapras. Their lineup will not change when you try a rematch, so try to use this to identify which Pokemon they will use.

Have Generic Purpose Team In 1st Match

You’ll still be able to adjust your party even if you lose your first match. In your first battle, bring in powerful, all-purpose Pokemon such as Tyranitar or Dialga.


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Best Counters For Ground Type Pokemon

Grunt conversations are quoted from Trainer Tips on YT.

Grunt Conversation
You’ll be defeated into the ground!
Pokemon Used By Grunt
Best Counters For Ground Type
Venusaur Mamoswine Glaceon

Ground types are weak against Grass, Water, and Ice Pokemon. It’s best to use Mamoswine and Glaceon against Flygon to exploit its double weakness to Ice.

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