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How To Transfer Pokemon From Go To Shield

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Hidden Ability Pokemon Now Usable In Ranked Battles


Prior to this Pokemon Home update, there were many Pokemon which had a Hidden Ability in previous games, but were unable to use it in Sword/Shield. These Pokemon can now be used in ranked battles so long as you transfer them over from a previous generation game and breed them in Sword/Shield.


How Do I Transfer Pokmon From Pokmon Go To Pokmon Sword And Shield

It is not currently possible to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Pokémon HOME directly, although the feature is coming before the end of 2020. We’ll update this guide when it launches.

If you’re absolutely desperate, you could move compatible Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee, and then to HOME, and then to Sword and Shield. If we were you, we’d sit tight and wait for the update, though.

How Do I Transfer Pokmon From Pokmon Sword And Shield To Pokmon Home

To begin using the service for storage, simply download the app on Switch, agree to the various terms and conditions and get acquainted with Grand Oak.

From the main menu you can immediately select your copy of Pokémon Sword or Shield and begin transferring Pokémon between Boxes.

You’ll find a gift Pikachu waiting for you in your Pokémon HOME box. Once connected, you’ll be able to transfer compatible Pokémon between the game and the app at will, using standard buttons in docked mode or dragging and dropping via the touchscreen in handheld mode to easily sort your Pokémon. Pressing the ‘-‘ button at any time will call up Poké Boy who will offer tips and explanations.

Hitting the ‘+’ button will enable you to save the changes to your boxes and return to the main menu. Pokémon HOME will list your Pokémon according to their National Pokédex number with the option to separate out each region. If a Pokémon has Mega Evolve or Gigantamax forms, they too will be shown.

Note: You’ll have to actually transfer the Pokémon to Pokémon HOME for it to register in the Pokédex – Pokémon contained in boxes in-game won’t be registered.

The Mobile version of the app displays even more information such as their abilities and the moves they can learn.

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What Is Pokmon Home

Simply put, Pokémon HOME is a cloud based storage system for Pokémon collected from many core Pokémon games and now Pokémon Go as well. It allows you to store up to 6,000 Pokémon, trade with other players, collect mystery gifts, decorate your room, and even earn points that can be exchanged for BP in Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield.

There is a Basic Plan that offers a limited number of features for free however, to get the most from Pokémon HOME, you’ll want to pay for the Premium Plan. It costs $3 for 30 days, $5 for 90 days, or $16 annually. You can purchase your preferred plan through the Nintendo eShop.

What Are The Differences Between The Nintendo Switch And Mobile Versions Of Pokmon Home

How to Transfer from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon Home ...

The Switch and Mobile versions of Pokémon HOME work in tandem, but also have exclusive features not available in the other. You’ll need both in order to access the full list of available features. Here’s the complete list adapted from the official Pokémon HOME website:

Pokémon HOME feature
Exchange Pokémon HOME Points for BP Yes No

As you can see, certain features are exclusive to one version of the app, so you’ll need both to be able to get the most out of the app. Some features are also restricted to the Premium Plan, too .

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Pokemon Go Is Now Compatible With Pokemon Home But The Restrictions Are Kind Of Ridiculous

Pump the brakes on transferring that Shiny Groudon to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Opinionby Kat Bailey, Editor in Chief

11 November 2020

As of today, Pokemon Go is now compatible with Pokemon Home. This is exciting news for Pokemon fans, because it greatly expands the number of monsters that can be transferred from Niantic’s popular mobile game to Pokemon Sword and Shield. It wouldn’t be Pokemon if there weren’t a lot of hoops to jump through, though, and Pokemon Go throws up quite a few barriers to getting your beloved Shiny Groudon over to the Nintendo Switch.


As of right now, if you want to complete a transfer from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home, you need to fit the following requirements:

  • You have to be Level 40 in Pokemon Go
  • The “Go Transporter” item must have a sufficient amount of energy
  • You must have already caught the Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so you can’t use Pokemon Go to fill your Pokedex
  • Mega Evolutions, Shadow Pokemon, and unique costumes can’t be transferred

Those are some pretty onerous restrictions, making it effectively impossible to transfer your entire collection over to Pokemon Sword and Shield in one go. Indeed, as someone currently trapped at Level 32 in Pokemon Go, I’ve yet to be able to access the feature at all. Alas, poor Shiny Dragonite, you appear to be doomed to remain trapped in the purgatory of Alameda, California.

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How To Transfer Pokmon From Switch Games Sword And Shield And Pokmon Let’s Go To Pokmon Home And Back To Sword And Shield

Transferring Pokémon from Switch games are the easiest of all transfer options available, and requires just the use of Pokémon Home software on Switch.

Load up Home on Switch and on the main Pokémon Home menu there are two main options – Pokémon and Pokédex.

Selecting ‘Pokémon’ will display your save files from any local Switch games, as well as your online Pokémon Home box.

Choose a save file to reveal two boxes side-by-side – Pokémon Home on the left, and your Pokémon Sword and Shield or Let’s Go Pokémon on the right. Simply drag and drop your Pokémon, then once done, press the + button to save your settings.

It’s broadly as simple as that, though there are some additional restrictions in place:

How to send Pokémon from Home to Sword and Shield

Moving Pokémon from Home to Sword and Shield is thankfully nice and simple, too. To return Pokémon to Sword and Shield from Home, or transfer any new Pokémon you’ve got in Home via Pokémon Go, Let’s Go, or Mystery Gifts, take the following steps:

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How To Send Pokmon From Pokmon Go

Now we get to the interesting part. We have our account linked and we have our Pokémon in mind for the transfer. All ready then? Lets take action. Of course, try to make sure that your Pokémon HOME boxes are not full .

For each Pokémon you send with the GO Transporter, you will spend GO Transporter Energy. The GO Transporter is a new artifact that will be available the minute we link the Pokémon GO and Pokémon Home accounts, and with which we will do all the magic of transferring Pokémon.

We start with 10,000 energy for the GO Transporter, and it is spent as we transfer Pokémon. The GO Transporter recovers 60 energy for every hour that passes, so if you have used up all the energy, it will fill up completely again in 7 days after you transfer Pokémon. Some Pokémon cost more energy than others, so here is a table so you can see how much energy each Pokémon consumes.

What Happens To My Pokmon If My Pokmon Home Subscription Plan Expires

How to transfer from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home and to Sword and Shield

As explained by Pokémon HOME support, you’ll continue to have access to the Pokémon in your Basic Box, although all others will be inaccessible until you purchase another plan. Happily, it seems there is no limit to how long your Pokémon will remain ‘frozen’ on the servers, as opposed to the previous storage solution on 3DS, Pokémon Bank.

Good news if you forget to renew your subscription plan, although we’d still exercise caution if your Pokémon are particularly dear to you.

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How To Transfer Pokmon From Go To Sword & Shield

Pokemon Go allows players to transfer Pokemon over to Pokemon Sword & Shield. This guide will layout every required step to get it to work.

Players are able to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword & Shield. This guide will describe how this process is done. With over 800 Pokemon existing in the known Pokeuniverse and more to come with expanding generations every three years, it’s important for many to keep these creatures safe. With the release of Pokemon Home, players can bring over all of their Pokemon from previous generations into a single location. From mobile titles like Pokemon Go to big-budget AAA adventures with Pokemon Sword & Shield, here’s how players can transfer over their favorite Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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Trainers can bring over Pokemon all the way from their original copies of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, which released back in 2002. By transferring their Pokemon across the generations, players can maintain their Pokemon collection in its original form. Players develop strong feelings about the team they created during their time traveling around in various regions. Each Pokemon game is a new story and is full of momentous occasions that the trainer will want to remember for as long as possible. Pokemon Home allows players to preserve them for safekeeping. Here’s how players can bring Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword & Shield.

How To Move Pokmon From Game Boy Advance And Ds Pokmon Games To Pokmon Home

Though not officially supported by Pokémon Bank or Pokémon Home, it is possible to get creatures from the other games in the series, such as Ruby and Sapphire or Diamond and Pearl, over to modern games.

The following games require a much more convoluted process to transfer Pokémon to either the Pokémon Bank and beyond. Again, note that all of these are one-way transfers only – meaning you cannot get these Pokémon back onto their original games once transferred.

Here’s what’s supported from older generations:

  • Gen 1: Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow – not possible
  • Gen 2: Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal – not possible
  • Gen 3: Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen – transfer to Gen 4 by inserting the Gen 3 into a DS, then using the Pal Park feature. See the Gen 4 step below to continue.
  • Gen 4: Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver – transfer to Gen 5 by connecting two DS or 3DS systems together using the Transfer Station. You can now use the Poké Transporter to transfer to Pokémon Bank.

Here’s a YouTube video by YellowSuperNintendo with a step-by-step of this process:

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How Much Does It Cost To Transfer Pokmon

This is how much Transporter energy it costs to transfer a Pokémon:

Standard Pokémon

CP 2001+ +700

If a Pokémon would cost more than the maximum 10,000 energy to transfer for instance, a shiny CP 2400 mythical Pokémon it counts as using all of your energy but may still be transferred.

Energy takes time to recharge , or you can immediately charge it with PokéCoins. This costs a Coin per ten energy and your maximum energy is 10,000. So it will cost 1,000 PokéCoins to fully recharge your Transporter.

A huge thanks to Serebii for testing the energy information in the tables so quickly and accurately.

How To Transfer Between Pokemon Home Sword Shield And Let’s Go

How To Transfer Pokemon From Let

Transferring from Pokemon Lets Go and Pokemon Sword and Shield into HOME is straightforward, but can only be done on the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon HOME.

Just select Pokemon then select the game youd like to connect to.

What you should know:

  • Pokemon in your party will not be able to be transferred
  • Pokemon transferred from Let’s Go into HOME can be traded back into a Let’s Go game
  • Pokemon transferred from Let’s Go, into HOME, and then into Sword or Shield cannot be transferred back into a Let’s Go game.

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How To Transfer Pokemon From Pokemon Go To Pokemon Home

  • Open Pokemon GO settings and select Pokemon Home to begin setup
  • Sign in to Nintendo account
  • Return to Pokemon GO settings, navigate to Pokemon Home, select Send Pokemon
  • Select the Pokemon to send
  • Sending Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Home takes up a currency called Transfer Energy. Transfer Energy replenishes itself over time, with players receiving 10,000 Transfer Energy per week.

    Transferring Pokemon consumes energy, with the amount of energy varies between Pokemon, with legendaries, shinies, and high-CP Pokemon requiring more energy than others. Transferring a shiny legendary or mythical consumes the full 10,000 weekly Transfer Energy. Players can acquire more Transfer Energy by spending Pokemon Go Coins.

    If you send a Pokémon to Pokémon HOME from Pokémon GO, youll be able to open the Mystery Box in Pokémon GO.

    Doing so will make the Mythical Pokémon Meltan appear on the map for a limited time! Catch it while you can


    How To Transfer Save Data

    This guide will demonstrate how to transfer your save data from one Nintendo Switch console to another for the games Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    List of Contents

    If you’re migrating to a new Switch and are worried about the fate of your Save Data, never fear! You can transfer your Save File to another Switch with all your Pokemon intact.

    However, remember that like previous games, only one Save File is allowed per copy of the game, so any Save File already present on the other Switch will be overwritten and cannot be recovered.

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    Take Your Old Pokmon On A New Adventure

    You don’t have to buy the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLC to transfer older Pokémon into Pokémon Sword and Shield, but the expansions are an excellent addition to one of the best Nintendo Switch games. You can tear through the tundra with a Metagross or sweep through the Isle of Armor with a Dragonite.

    How To Get Special Pokemon

    How to Transfer Pokemon From GO to HOME & Get G-Max Melmetal in Pokemon Sword & Shield

    How To Get Regional Forms


    If you make a Pokemon non-native to the Galar region hold an Everstone and breed it, you will get that same type. If you don’t use an Everstone, you’ll get the Galarian version. For example, if you breed an Alolan Meowth with an Everstone, you’ll get an Alolan Meowth. If you breed an Alolan Meowth with no Everstone, you’ll get a Galarian Meowth.

    Regional Form Evolutions

    Alolan Raichu Weezing

    Pokemon with only an evolved regional form cannot be obtained in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Your only option will be to evolve these in a previous game and transfer them over.

    Fusion Pokemon

    Solgaleo Necrozma

    After obtaining Necrozma and Kyurem, head to Stow-on-Side and talk to the Bargain Shop man on the right side. He will give you the respective items you need to create the 4 fusion forms above.

    Evolving Into Lunala/Solgaleo

    Lunala Solgaleo

    Cosmoem has two branching evolutionary paths, being able to evolve into Lunala or Solgaleo. It evolves into Lunala at Lvl. 53 in Pokemon Shield, and into Solgaleo at Lvl. 53 in Pokemon Sword.

    How To Get Meltan/Melmetal

    Meltan Melmetal

    Melmetal can only be obtained through Pokemon Go, via Pokemon Pikachu and Eevee. This means you’ll have to catch it in Go, send it to Pikachu/Eevee, then send it to Home, then to your Sword/Shield file. Be careful, it can only be evolved in Pokemon GO, and you can’t send it back to GO once it’s been sent to Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee!

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    ‘pokemon Go’: Connect The Ar World To Nintendo Switch Via ‘pokemon Home’

    Nintendo is elevating itself as one of the most immersive game developers who offer more than the screen’s story and the gameplay’s plot. Notably, Nintendo’s “Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit” also follows the AR classification of Niantic’s “Pokemon GO.”

    Players can now transfer rare finds and catch from “Pokemon GO” to the Pokemon HOME App, which will then make way for the Pokemon to go to a chosen game. According to Game Rant, the process is relatively easy and would only require a mobile smartphone and the chosen Nintendo Switch game.

    What Are Pokmon Home Challenges

    Reaching certain milestones regarding the Pokémon you register in Pokémon HOME – related to all kinds of variables including number of Pokémon, type, nature, moves and more – will result in fulfilling Challenges, as listed in the mobile version of the app.

    These Challenges will appear when you complete a part of them and finishing them rewards you with stickers and special backgrounds you can use to decorate the app and your profile.

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    Pokmon Home: How To Transfer To And From Sword And Shield

    Catching Pokémon is incredibly fun, but you have to have a safe place to store everyone. Thankfully, we have Pokémon HOME, which allows us to transfer to and from Sword and Shield. It’s important to note that these games do have Pokédex limitations, so not every Pokémon can be traded into them. However, you’ll be able to trade more Pokémon back and forth if you have the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass since it increases the National Pokédex.

    For even more transferring and trading opportunities, you’ll want to download the mobile Pokémon Home app.

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