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How To Use Pokemon Pass

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First Giveaway At Participating Target Stores

How to Poké Raid Using A Remote Raid Pass

The first official giveaway that players who download Pokémon Pass will be able to take advantage of is going on at participating Target stores starting May 11, 2019.

Players can receive a free Shiny Pikachu or Shiny Eevee for their Pokémon Let’s Go: Eevee or Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu games, by entering a participating Target store, opening up the Pokémon Pass app, and scanning a QR code.

“To receive one of these Pokémon, players can download the new Pokémon Pass app for select iOS and Android devices. The app delivers exclusive digital rewards to Pokémon Trainer Club account owners when they’re at designated retail locations. When players who have downloaded the app enter a participating Target store, Pokémon Pass will use geolocation to automatically notify them of nearby reward offerings. The app will then guide them through several prompts, including one to scan a special QR Code found in-store so that they can claim their Shiny Pikachu or Shiny Eevee.”

The promotion is running from May 11, 2019 through June 23, 2019. No word on when the next event will be after the Target promotion is done however, it appears that The Pokémon Company will be offering incentives through Pokémon Pass on a fairly regular basis.

How Much Are Remote Raid Passes In Pokemon Go Shop

As of June 2021, the only other method for collecting Remote Raid Passes is by purchasing them.

The item is sold in Pokemon Gos in-game shop. Currently, players can buy 1 pass for 100 Poke Coins, and a bundle of three for 250Poke Coins. You will need to redeem real-world money for the fictional currency or save the coins up by earning them in-game.

What Is The Isle Of Armor

The Isle of Armor is the first DLC expansion to Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. This DLC allows you to travel to an all new area, with even more Wild Area, an additional story, and tons of new Pokémon. While Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield have plenty to do after you’ve beat the main storyline, this DLC can break up the monotony of trying to breed Shiny Pokémon and fighting all those Max Raid Battles. And for those of us who’ve already completed our Pokédex, we can now collect 100 more Pokémon.

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How To Refer A Friend

  • Go to the Friends screen and tap Invite to get your referral code.
  • Once they input your referral codeeither during the sign-up process or later on the Friends screen youll both begin receiving rewards.
  • As your friend reaches milestones on their journey, youll both receive more rewards. Make sure to help them out along the way
Free Remote Raid Pass November 2021

As an extra bonus throughout June, players will also receive a free Remote Raid Pass and twice the XP when achieving a Research Breakthrough.

This reward seems to have replaced the free Event Box which was available every Monday in May.

How Do I Get To The Isle Of Armor

How to use Remote Raid Pass In Raid Battle in Pokemon Go ...

Once you have access to the Wild Area and Wedgehurst Station, and you’re sure you can take on Avery or Klara, follow these easy steps to get to the Isle of Armor:

  • Press X to open your main menu.

  • Using the left joystick or the D-pad, move to Town Map.

  • Press A to open the map.

  • Using the left joystick or the D-pad, move to Wedgehurst.

  • Press A to select Wedgehurst.

  • Press A to call a Flying Taxi.

  • Walk or ride your bike to the Wedgehurst Station.

  • Press A to talk to the attendant next to the turnstile.

  • Watch as your map expands to include the Isle of Armor!
  • Once you’ve expanded your map, you will be able to fly back and forth to the Isle of Armor from anywhere you can access the Flying Taxi. Once inside the station, you’ll also be approached by a Pokémon expert ready to upgrade your Pokédex, so you can collect info on 100 new Pokémon! You’ll still need to face Klara or Avery to proceed so make sure you have a strong team of Pokémon for that battle.

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    Pokmon Pass Distribution Date

    The only date we have so far for the event is the one for North America. For that, the Pokémon Pass distribution date for shiny Pikachu and Eevee is 11th May to 23rd June 2019.

    There’s no word on when a similar distribution, or an identical one, will be coming to the UK or Europe – a shiny Pikachu and Eevee were distributed in South Korea previously, for players who purchased the full Let’s Go game at certain retailers or visited the special Pokémon Fiesta event.

    We’d expect a UK and Europe version to work much more closely to the North American one though, given how similar they’ve been in the past. More on how to claim them in the section below!

    Head back to our main Pokémon Let’s Go walkthrough and guide hub for all our pages in one place, including detailed, step-by-step help for tough spots like Cerulean Cave, and the Elite Four, plus tough dungeons like Silph Co., Seafoam Islands and Victory Road.Otherwise, take a peek at our Pokémon Let’s Go TM list and all TM locations, Let’s Go’s starter locations and how to get Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, along with how to get Mew in Let’s Go, and how to get Meltan in Let’s Go and Go too.Beyond that we also explain how connect Pokémon Go to Let’s Go on Nintendo Switch and transfer Pokémon, Catching, catch combos, and how to catch Pokémon, a quick collection of our best Pokémon Let’s Go tips and tricks to get you off to a great start, and finally what we know about the Pokémon Pass app distribution event too.

    Pokemon Pass App Offers A Selection Of Digital Rewards

    Use the Pokemon Pass app to earn digital rewards just for going on everyday shopping trips and more.

    Let’s face it. It’s a great time to be a Pokemon fan right now. Detective Pikachu exists. Pokemon Go is thriving. And now, there’s a new Pokemon-related app on the way that’ll let you rake in digital rewards just by doing things you do every day, like heading to Target for a quick shopping trip.

    Twitter user Tsukento spotted an interesting new standee in his local store that appeared to advertise something called Pokemon Pass. As it turns out, Pokemon Pass is very much real, and is available to download for free via both iOS and Android ahead of the Detective Pikachu movie’s release on May 10.

    “Starting on May 11th, use Pokémon Pass to scan the code below to get a Shiny Pikachu for your Pokémon Lets Go, Eevee! game or a Shiny Eevee for your Pokémon Lets Go, Pikachu! game, the promotional poster in Tsukento’s original photo reads.

    You can get your hands on the app right now, it turns out, so you can see how things work for yourself. When you download the app and link it to your Pokemon Trainer Club account, you’ll be able to use your phone’s camera to scan codes and snap up goodies when you find them.

    You can find out more info about the official app via the Pokemon site’s FAQ, but it looks like we’re going to start seeing more of these types of things cropping up here and there soon enough. What kind of rewards are waiting on the horizon? We’ll have to wait and see.

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    Are Gigantamax Pokmon In The Dlc

    Many of the Pokémon you encounter in the Expansion Pass will have Gigantamax forms for you to discover. In fact, your starter Pokémon gains the ability to Gigantamax once they’ve partaken of a special dish, called Max Soup, that grants them that ability.

    There are also be plenty of new Pokémon dens for you to discover, so you’ll be able to join in Max Raid Battles to fight and capture Gigantamax Pokémon.

    New ‘pokmon Pass’ Mobile App Now Available Rewards Users With Shiny Pokmon And More

    How To Use Pass Power In Pokemon Black And White
    • 52

    Update: Just a couple of hours after we reported on the rumoured app, it became a reality. Pokémon Pass has now been officially revealed and is available to download right now on Android and iOS in the US.

    We have a trailer and more information for you below:

    The Pokémon Pass app connects you with great Pokémon digital rewards when you visit participating retailers in your area. Sign in with your free Pokémon Trainer Club account, and then get notified of upcoming events happening at a store near you. When you visit the store, use your phone’s camera to scan codes to unlock gifts, such as in-game items for Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and photo stickers for your phone.

    Pokémon Pass is free to download and use for Android devices and the iPhone. To use the app, you’ll need to enable location services and grant permission for the app to use your phone’s camera. You’ll also need a free Pokémon Trainer Club account, which you can create on The features of Pokémon Pass are currently available only in the United States.

    Download the app today to receive a POKÉMON Detective Pikachu photo sticker based on the movie! Place the sticker and snap a photo with the app’s camera function to add Pokémon flair to your shot!

    With Pokémon Pass, add a little Pokémon fun to your next trip to the store!


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    How To Get More Remote Raid Passes

    There is actually one other method for hardcore Trainers with a lot of Gyms in their area. Simply drive around and take control of all of them in your location, and leave your Pokemon behind to defend it. This will earn you Poke Coins, but the rate is pretty low.

    If you do this a lot for a whole month, you can then exchange those coins for Remote Raid Passes in the shop to top you up.

    At the time of writing, its unclear how long Niantic will continue to give out free Remote Raid Passes for each month moving forward. However, at least for August 2021, players can expect to get free passes with the Research Breakthroughs.

    The item has had a profound impact on the mobile title as it has allowed players to take on and catch Legendary Pokemon such as Rayquaza from the comfort of their homes.

    So, there you have it. All you need to know about obtaining free Remote Raid Passes in September 2021.

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    La App Pokmon Pass Se Lanza Oficialmente En Estados Unidos

    Tras algunos rumores, parece que la app Pokémon Pass ya se ha hecho oficial y de hecho ya se ha lanzado en algunas plataformas móviles.

    Los interesados ya se pueden descargar esta aplicación tanto en iOS como en Android y la principal recompensa es que podemos conseguir un Pikachu o Eevee variocolor para Pokémon: Lets Go, Eevee! o Pikachu! respectivamente. Entre el 11 de mayo y el 23 de junio, los fans pueden recibir estos Pokémon en las tiendas Target participantes en Estados Unidos a través de la app.

    Esta aplicación también puede usarse como cámara y permite utilizar stickers de Detective Pikachu disponibles tras descargar la aplicación. Esto se relaciona con el cartel promocional de Psyduck que pudimos ver ayer.

    Por ahora esta información solamente se ha compartido para Estados Unidos y no hemos recibido novedades para Europa. Estaremos atentos a más detalles mientras tanto, os dejamos con el mensaje y tráiler que se han compartido:

    Estaremos atentos por si se ofreciera información sobre cómo hacernos con esta promoción en Europa. Mientras tanto, ¿qué os parece?

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    Pokemon Pass App Rewards You For Showing Up At Events

    The Pokemon Company has released a new app for Pokemon fans that should help them keep track of events happening around them.

    Simply called Pokemon Pass, the free app is available now on Android, and iOS. Pokemon Pass is a better, more modern way to be notified of Pokemon-related events happening at retailers in the US.

    You’ll need a free Pokemon Trainer Club account, and you’ll be able to use the app to claim rewards for Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu, and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee. The app uses your phone’s camera to scan codes, which in turn unlock rewards in Let’s Go. You’ll also be able to unlock stickers for use in phone messages.

    Target stores in the US are already running a promo. If you show up at your local Target, you’ll receive the shiny Pikachu, or shiny Eevee for use in Pokemon: Let’s Go.

    Previously, you had to go on specific websites to track down the rewards being offered by the different stores, so the app certainly offers a better way to do this.

    For now, Pokemon Pass only offers its services to players in America. But, seeing as these sort of Pokemon events take place at other parts of the world, The Pokemon Company may eventually expand its reach.

    Limitations Of Remote Raiding In Pokmon Go Explained

    What does a premium raid pass do in pokemon go ...

    Unlike regular raids in Pokémon Go, there are a number of limitations attached to Remote Raiding.

    Firstly, if you want to join a raid remote, then you will need a Remote Raid Pass. You can only carry three Remote Raid Passes at one time, so try to use them quickly.

    The second limitation is that only a certain number of players can join a raid using a Remote Raid pass. This decision is presumably to allow a degree of fairness between those who are still using the regular raiding system.

    Currently 10 players can join a raid remotely, but this number will be eventually decreased to five.

    This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t compete in this specific raid if the limitation has been reached. Instead, you’ll simply be placed in a new lobby and will have to either invite or wait for more players to join you.

    The third and final limitation is one that will be introduced some time after the launch of Remote Raiding, which is the power reduction of Pokémon being used in Remote Raids.

    This means that, eventually, the Pokémon being used by Remote Raid Pass players will cause less damage compared to the players who are battling at the location of the raid.

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    When Does The Dlc Release

    The Expansion Pass releases in two parts. The first part is known as The Isle of Armor and released on June 17, 2020, while the second part is dubbed as The Crown Tundra and will release on October 22, 2020.

    You can purchase the DLC from Walmart for $30.

    Make sure you purchase the right version of the Expansion Pass. For instance, if you purchase Pokémon Sword, purchase the Pokémon Sword Expanion Pass. If you purchase Pokémon Shield, purchase the Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass.

    Additionally, bundled physical copies of Pokémon Sword + Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass as well as Pokémon Shield + Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass will be releasing on November 6, 2020. No price has been listed yet, but we assume these bundles will sell for $90.

    Dynamax Adventures & Rental Pokmon

    Once you’ve gotten to a certain point within the Crown Tundra, you’ll be able to go into special caves and experience a new co-op play mode called Dynamax Adventures. Here, you’ll team up with up to three other players and explore the various caverns as you continue to make your way into the depths.

    Rental Pokémon in Dynamax Adventures

    Thing is, the official Pokémon website has explained that you won’t be able to bring Pokémon from your own party into the these special dens.

    Instead of your regular Pokémon team, you and your fellow Trainers will choose rental Pokémon to bring along into the depths of the den. If you encounter a wild Dynamax Pokémon during your exploration, you’ll need to work together with your three teammates in a Max Raid Battle! If you win the battle, you’ll have the chance to catch the Pokémon, and one Trainer on the team can swap the newly caught Pokémon in for the Pokémon they had before. But if you lose a battle, you’ll be ejected from the den!

    You’ll need to make it far into the cave’s depths if you want a chance to defeat and capture a Legendary Pokémon. Or, if you simply like the challege, you can sign up for the Endless Dynamax Adventures, which allow you to continue fighting your way through the caves until you finally lose a battle.

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    How To Access The Isle Of Armor

    The Isle of Armor DLC is here, and you don’t need to have finished the campaign in order to get to it. Here are the simple steps you’ll need to play The Isle of Armor, the first Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC.

    First, you’ll need to have reached the Wild Area in your playthrough.

    If you’ve already done that and have the DLC downloaded, you should get this message upon opening Pokemon Sword or Shield:

    “You have an Armor Pass!

    Show it to the rail staff at Wedgehurst Station if you want to visit the Isle of Armor. You’ll be able to set out on a new adventure where you can catch rare Pokemon and grow with your team!”

    If you didn’t get that message, you can double check your Key Items to make sure you have an Armor Pass. You’ll need this to get to the Isle of Armor. If you don’t, make sure your game is up to date and double check that the DLC downloaded. You’ll need to restart Pokemon after downloading the DLC.

    Enter Wedgehurst station. You’ll come across your new rival. If you’re playing Pokemon Sword, you’ll see Klara. If you’re playing Pokemon Shield, you’ll see Avery. Approach your rival and the station attendant and you’ll meet a Slowpoke if you haven’t seen this scene already.

    Meeting the new rival and the Galarian Slowpoke doesn’t require you to have the DLC, but you’ll need to catch the Slowpoke either way so it can stop blocking the ticket gate. The Slowpoke is only a level 12, so you can catch it quickly if you’ve got high level Pokemon and a Quick Ball.

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