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Japanese Pokemon Cards Booster Box

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How Many Cards In A Japanese Pokemon Booster Pack

Pokemon Cards – Opening a Best Of XY Japanese Booster Box of Pokemon Cards!

On average, Japanese Pokemon booster packs contain 5 cards per pack. There are no energy cards inside Japanese booster packs and each pack isnt guaranteed to contain a rare. However, some special expansion sets contain more cards per pack and will include both special energy and rare cards.

This is completely different from what we normally see from English booster packs which almost always contain 11 cards per pack, 1 energy card, and 1 guarantee rare.

However, in the world of collectible trading card games, Japanese Pokemon cards are probably the most underappreciated hidden treasures for Pokemon card collectors!

If you have never cracked open a Japanese Pokemon pack before, you may be somewhat confused or even concerned by the fact that you arent guaranteed a rare and are only getting 5 cards.

But there is more here than meets the eye.

As with all things Japan, there are occasional expectations to the rule. Sets like Legendary Heartbeat which contained 7 cards per pack and guarantee a Rare. There are also Holiday Sets that have High-Class Packs containing a Rare and an energy card in each pack.

Fun Fact: In High-Class Packs the energy card normally included is premium either being holographic or a super rare energy card.

However, the real value in Japanese Pokemon booster packs is not in buying the individual packs, but in buying Japanese booster boxes.

How Do You Buy The Best Japanese Pokemon Cards

They are sold in many ways: Pre-constructed Theme Decks, or the more interesting Boosters Boxes , or individual Booster Packs . Pokemon Cards cannot be bought individually! We recommend to buy japanese Pokemon cards as Booster Boxes, because you have both a higher chance of obtaining rare, super rare or ultra rare Cards, and because the price is cheaper!

Japanese Pokemon Booster Box Pull Rates

As a general rule, the Japanese Pokémon booster boxs pull rates are stated on the official Japanese Pokemon website for each set. Each booster box is guaranteed to contain the stated number of rares making the booster box pull rate more consistent than English Pokémon booster boxes.

This is a huge fundamental difference between Japanese Pokémon booster boxes and English boxes. With the rate at which you pull rares from Japanese boxes being far more consistent, it can drastically affect the value proposition of buying Japanese Pokémon cards.

For example, lets take a look at the pull rates of Rare cards from the expansions themed around Sword and Shield.

In a Sword and Shield Japanese Pokémon booster box you are almost guaranteed to find:

That means when opening a Sword and Shield Japanese expansion you are highly likely to receive 15 cards that are R rarity or higher.

Likewise, for Sun and Moon expansions you will almost always receive the following 15 rares:

  • 11 R Cards
  • 3 RR Cards
  • 1 SR/HR/UR Card

This is already great value for those of us that want to cut down on the number of bulk cards that you open and takes out some of the uncertainty of what you can expect to receive when opening a Pokémon booster box.

However, the value of opening Japanese Pokémon booster packs shoots through the roof when we start to look at the pull rates for special sets such as Legendary Heartbeat.

In a box of Legendary Heartbeat you are likely to receive:

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Best Pokemon Booster Box To Buy

So you want to buy some Pokemon boosters, but dont know which is the best Pokemon booster box to buy? We can help you find the perfect one for you.

This article has different recommendations for different types of players. Besides each booster box, youll also find some of the most iconic cards that you might get. This way, youll have an easier time deciding which one to get.

If youre in a hurry, heres a quick recap of the best Pokemon booster boxes, based on different criteria.

Unbroken Bonds Strongest Cards

With all that said, lets get right to it and find the booster box youll enjoy the most. Well start with the newest one.

If you want the newest Pokemon booster box, then Evolving Styles is the correct choice. The set releases on .

Its also an amazing choice if you like dragons, as the set features many powerful Dragon type Pokemons. The main one is certainly Rayquaza VMAX, which has an insanely powerful ability, Azure Purse. Once per turn, it lets you discard your hand to draw three cards.

But thats not the only Dragon type you can get. Theres also Duraludon VMAX, Dragonite V and many more! Of course, you can also expect VMAX Pokemons of other types. Players who liked Rapid and Single Strike cards from the previous two sets, will also get some sweet cards here as well.

As you can see, theres something for every kind of player in the Evolving Skies booster box. Plus, its a brand-new product, which is always fun and exciting. A great pickup!

How To Understand Pokemon Card Rarity

JAPANESE Pokemon GX Battle Boost SM4+ Booster Box Sun ...


From its inception Pokemon as a franchise has been sweeping the world. Its impossible to find someone that doesnt know what a Pikachu is. While many people interact with Pokemon through Video Games, or through Anime there are also a huge number of people who interact with the franchise through the Trading Card Game. With over 800 Pokemon in the world, and new cards that combine multiple Pokemon on one card, or even a single Pokemon that require four cards to summon it can be difficult to know what you have. Whether youre looking to get into Pokemon, or are finding your old binders of Pokemon cards its important to understand Pokemon Card Rarity.

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Top 5 Pokemon Booster Boxes

Collecting cards from the Pokemon Trading Card Game is once again seeing a boost in popularity.

That boost in popularity is seeing the purchase rate of Booster Packs and Booster Boxes go through the roof. In fact, Pokemon cards are selling so quickly that the Pokemon Company is planning on a massive reprint release.

There are some Booster Boxes that are incredibly valuable. These are the ones that collectors buy en masse and open for the world to see. There are bound to be some amazing pulls from the best Pokemon Booster Boxes.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

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How Do I Find Out The Rarity Of My Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Card Rarity at its easiest to understand comes down to what symbol appears at the bottom of the card. Its normally in the lower right, but can be in a number of places. Where TCGs like Magic or Digimon use a lettering system the symbol will determine what rarity card youre looking at. Japanese Pokemon cards do use letters. The Pokemon card rarity symbols are as follows:

  • Black Circle Common Rarity
  • Black Star Rare Rarity
  • Black Star with the word PROMO Promo Rarity

Well that was easy enough, right? You now know the rarity and you can now look through your card collection to find out what kind of Pokemon cards you have. Its true that these are the only variations of symbol that will appear, but once you get into the Rare class of cards there are a number of different ways that the card will represent itself. At its most basic youll get a plain looking card with the Black Star, but Pokemon also has a variety of different formats such as holo, reverse holo, and then you start getting into stranger depths like GX cards and half/full art.

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Pokemon Japanese Booster Boxes

If your Pokemon collection is decently stocked up and youre looking for a refreshing change, pre-order a

Pokemon Japanese Booster Box online! To begin with, Japanese Pokemon booster packs contain 5

cards per pack unlike English Pokemon booster packs which come with 11 cards per pack. Also, there

are no energy cards inside Japanese Pokemon card games and each pack isnt guaranteed to contain a


However, some special expansion sets contain more cards per pack and do include both special energy

and rare cards. Like Legendary Heartbeat, which contains 7 cards per pack and guarantees a Rare.

Holiday Sets on the other hand, delivers a Rare and an energy card in each pack. Japanese Pokemon

Booster Boxes also feature High-Class Packs that come with a premium energy card thats either

holographic or a super rare energy card.

Pokemon Japanese Booster Boxes Sealed

Pokémon Matchless Fighters TCG Cards Japanese Booster Box Pack Openong


Pokemon Japanese Booster Boxes SEALED

These are Japanese booster boxes, each box contains 30 packs, each pack contains 5 cards.


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List Of Pokmon Trading Card Game Sets

This is a list of Pokémon Trading Card Game sets which is a collectible card game first released in Japan in 1996. As of September 2017, there were 74 card sets released in America and 68 in Japan. Collectively, there are 6,959 cards in the Japanese sets and 9,110 cards in the English sets. The large difference stems from non-holofoil duplicates of rare cards included in English sets that are not printed in Japanese sets. As of March 2017, 23.6 billion cards had been shipped worldwide.

The sets are generally broken into two lists: one for the first line of Wizards of the Coast cards and the second after Nintendos acquisition of the card game after Wizards.

Pokmon Tcg Online Codes

When you crack open a Japanese Pokémon booster pack you will not find a card that has a redeemable code for a virtual pack in Pokémons online card game.

The sets that get released in Japan are different from those released in the rest of the world. The sets that are released in English are the sets also used for Pokémons online card game.

Due to this, if you are an avid online Pokémon card player and enjoy opening up booster boxes as it gives you more virtual in-game packs, you may want to pass on buying Japanese booster packs.

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Secure Your Japanese Pokmon Booster Box Through Mighty Collectibles

Featuring 30 booster packs and more than 100 cards, a Japanese Pokémon Booster Box is the easiest and most exciting way to collect Japanese Pokémon Cards! The Mighty Collectibles Range of Japanese Booster Boxes includes the Eevee Heroes Booster Box, the Silver Lance Booster Box, the Dark Order Booster Box, and the Matchless Fighter Booster Box.

All the Japanese Pokémon Booster Boxes in our range feature genuine Japanese Pokémon cards, with a chance for rare cards in every pack you open!

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Shipping Pokmon Cards From Japan

Japanese Pokemon Moon SM1M Booster Box

This is an obvious one, but I thought it best to mention it anyway. Depending on where you live in the world, you may have access to a local shop that stocks Japanese Pokémon booster boxes.

If not, you can always order them online from Japan, but that is going to be an additional shipping cost compared to buying local English booster boxes.

On average, a Japanese booster box is around 300 grams in weight and so shipping costs arent normally too bad.

Since Japanese booster boxes are cheaper to buy at around $50, my recommendation would just to buy 3 booster boxes at a time or however much you would normally spend on buying a booster box locally.

That way, you will probably end up saving a little on shipping rather than having each booster box shipped over to you one at a time.

If we were to ignore the fact that I actually live in Japan for a moment, if you were to ask which I would prefer to buy, I would buy Japanese Pokémon cards.

Not only are Japanese Pokémon cards cheaper than English Pokémon cards, but as someone that doesnt often play matches of paper Pokémon anymore, Japanese cards make more sense formy needs.

As Im no longer an active player of the game, I dont feel like I miss out on much with regards to not getting the free virtual packs for Pokémon TCG online and I havent played in an officially sanctioned tournament for a couple of years now.

Be careful though, once you start its hard to turn back!

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Is It Better To Buy Pokemon Boosters Or A Booster Box

Most Pokemon Booster Boxes contain 36 Booster Packs. Naturally, a single pack is cheaper. However, usually youll spend less per booster, if you get a whole box.

Another benefit of buying a Booster Box is that it should arrive sealed. In that case, theres a lesser chance that its been tempered with. Single boosters can more easily be resealed with the best rares missing.

So all in all, its generally better to get a whole box, than buying separate booster packs.

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How Much Is A Japanese Pokemon Booster Box

On average, Japanese Pokemon booster boxes are priced at 4,950 Yen . Each Booster box will have 30 packs containing 5 cards each with a total of 150 cards per booster box. Japanese Pokemon booster boxes are $0.10 cheaper per card on average compared to English Booster boxes.

A standard English language booster pack of Pokemon cards will cost $4.00 for a pack of 10 cards from a retailer such as Target. That works out to approximately $0.40 per card.

A comparable set of Pokemon cards from Japan will be approximately $1.51 per pack of 5 cards, $0.30 per card. Making Pokemon cards $0.10 cheaper in Japan.

Its important to mention that some Japanese booster boxes like Legendary Heartbeat contain only 20 packs per booster box, but contain 7 cards a pack.

This can change the maths slightly if you are trying to work out if Japanese Pokemon cards are cheaper. However, as a general rule, the retail price for Pokémon cards in Japan is cheaper.

No matter where you are in the world, you will tend to save money by buying Pokémon booster boxes rather than individual packs. But the cost isnt everything when it comes to getting the most value out of Pokemon booster boxes.

Japanese booster boxes are a lot different from what you have come to expect from your English Pokemon booster boxes. Not only in terms of the number of cards but also how card rarity works differently for Japanese cards.

Japanese cards come in a wider variety of rarities than their English counterparts.


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How Much Are Rare Pokemon Cards Worth

As you could expect, on the basic scale common will normally be priced for less and depending on the cards usefulness in competitive battles or difficulty to obtain that price will increase. Once you start getting into the Holographic Pokemon cards and higher it can start getting more complicated. At its base level a Reverse Holo doesnt add much rarity to the base card but as soon as you start getting to Rare Holo and into GX or V cards they can start accumulating more worth. Another large aspect of a Pokemon Cards worth will be in its usefulness in the competitive scene of Pokemon.

Taking a look at the Secret Rare Pokemon from the Chilling Reign expansion depending on the Pokemon and its state a Secret Rare might vary from $9 all the way up to $100. Another factor that goes into the sale of these cards is the quality that the card has been kept in. You might have a card thats extremely expensive in pristine condition, but if you left it under a couch for years and its folded in half and dog-eared that value will begin to drop rapidly. Some other recommended sites for purchasing and reselling are ChannelFireball and Card Kingdom.

Pokmon Trading Card Game Competitive Play

This Newest *LEGENDARY VMAX CARD* is in CHILLING REIGN! Japanese Pokemon Cards Booster Box Opening

If one of the main reasons that you are cracking booster packs is because you are looking for cards to complete your newest standard deck, buying Japanese Pokémon cards may not be for you.

There are a handful of issues and rules when it comes to using Japanese cards in competitive play outside of Japan and its honestly best to avoid them if you are serious about playing in sanctioned tournaments.

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Xy Generations Elite Trainer Boxes

Best Pokemon Anniversary Set

Back to the XY series, and to the Generations set that was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon.

Unlike most sets, it wasnt possible to buy booster boxes for Generations. Instead, booster packs were included as part of an Elite Trainer Box or Collector Boxes which featured a particular Pokemon.

The 83 card set, also included an additional subset of 32 cards called the Radiant Collection.

In my opinion, the combination of popular Gen 1 Pokemon, beautifully designed full art cards and more limited acquisition of booster packs , make Generations a sleeping giant in terms of value.

Best Cards in XY Generations to Collect

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