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Pokémon Go Community Day Snivy

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Pokemon Go: Shiny Snivy Community Day April 2021


Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Shiny Snivy Pokemon GO Community Day.

By Sam Woods

Were almost at that time of the month in which all Pokemon GO players focus shifts towards a single species.

Community Day is one of the most popular reoccurring events within Niantics AR hit, as players have the opportunity to nab themselves a bucket load of shiny Pokemon.

This time out, following Fletchling, Roselia and Machop this year, is none other than the Grass Snake Pokemon, Snivy.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Shiny Snivy Pokemon GO Community Day for April 2021.

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Pokemon Go Snivy In The Sunshine Community Day Ticket

Snivys Community Day officially kicks off on Sunday,; at 11:00 AM and runs until 5:00 PM local time. The paid ticket for the bonus Research is already live for purchase in Pokemon Gos Shop. Players can get access to the content for $0.99.

While the purchasable content does not guarantee Trainers a Shiny version of Snivy, it does ensure several encounters with it. Essentially, it will give fans more chances of running into the rare alternate version.

As of 2021, the mons third evolution, Serperior, is not the best pick for Gos Battle League. However, those who evolve Snivy during the Community Day will get the special move Frenzy Plant, which makes it much more viable in the PVP mode.

Pokemon Community Day: Snivy In The Spotlight

While the grass-type snake Pokemon has been around for a while now, Aprils Community Day will put Snivy up front-and-center, meaning that there are higher chances of finding a shiny variant of this Pokemon. Not only that, but if Snivy is evolved during the hours of the event, Serperior will learn the ultimate grass-type move, Frenzy Plant, a powerful move for trainers who love to battle. Even if trainers already own a Serperior, Community Days are great for adding to collection: start your search for at least three shiny Snivy one for each evolution!

Fun Fact: Did you know that when Servine evolved, it didnt lose its hands? If you look at Serperiors side and back profile, youll notice that just below its neck, there are two leaf-like hands tucked on either side. Serperiors not called the Regal Pokemon for nothing! Even its posture demands respect on the battlefield!

And remember, trainers! Snivy will need 25 Snivy Pokemon Candy to evolve into Servine and an additional 100 Snivy Candy to complete its transition to Serperior. Thats 125 Snivy Candies total, and each snag yields 3 Snivy Candy, meaning that youll be needing to catch about 42 Snivy for one evolution set. Want to slice the amount of captures? Rack in some Pinap Berries to double the amount of candy per capture! Most of all, have fun, stay safe, and happy adventuring! Snivy and its family are just waiting to join your team!

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Community Day Special Research

In addition to increased Snivy spawns, there will be an event-exclusive Special Research story focused on Snivy during this month’s Community Day. The Special Research story is called Snivy in the Sunshine, and you’ll need to purchase a virtual ticket to access it. This ticket costs $1 USD and will be sold in Pokemon Go’s in-game shop ahead of the event.

Star Piece Like A Beast

Pokémon GO: Snivy shiny es confirmado para el Community ...

Youll want to make room in your Pokemon Storage if you havent already. Delete room for Weedle so you can IV check them after. Clear 100 slots for your banked encounters and clean even more space for wild encounters. Youll want as much room as possible going into CD and youll want to make sure you spend as little time switching menus as possible so that you can catch anything that pops up. Even common spawns during this even grant as much dust as youd normally receive for a Stage 1 Pokemon on a Star Piece.

No Event
27000* 40500*

1st and 7th Day Streak Catch bonuses are added onto dust value based on evolution stage.

*It is unconfirmed that streak bonuses, increased due to COVID lockdowns, are additionally increased for triple dust events.

Because this bonus can be quite large and you’ll likely be using a Star Piece to make it even larger, it can be beneficial to avoid catching Pokemon after midnight on the day of Community Day.

You can view your current streak progress at the bottom of the Today view.

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Community Day Exclusive Move: Frenzy Plant

The exclusive move which Snivy shall get in this Community Day is Frenzy Plant- the best Grass-type Charged move. This move can be obtained by fully evolving a Snivy into a Serperior during the active window of the event. You can also evolve upto two hours after the conclusion of the event. Frenzy Plant cannot be obtained upon evolution during any other day, unless you use an Elite Charged TM.

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When Does The Pokemon Go April Community Day Start And End

Each month sees a Pokemon GO Community Day, showcasing a certain Pokemon and increasing its encounter rate.

A wide variety of Pokemon have been given a Community Day appearance. This time around, for April 2021, Pokemon GO is ving a trainers a whole lot of the Grass Snake Pokemon, Snivy.

Snivy will pop up all over the place during its Community Day event. Pokemon GO trainers can take part in a Special Research mission, earn a ton of bonuses, and perhaps catch a couple Shiny Snivy.

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What Didn’t Work For This Pokmon Go Event:

  • The Timed Research and the Community Day Box: Now, the Community Day Boxes have never been worth it. They are consistently among the worst deals in the shop. However, the ticked Community Day Special Researches used to offer more to trainers in;Pokémon GO. While they’re still technically a good deal compared to the individual cost of the items they’re offering, the consistent nerfing of worth without lowering the price is a bad and noticeable habit that Niantic seems to lean further and further into as time goes on.
  • Unova Week: This makes Niantic’s decision to release Shiny Snivy during a random event earlier this year in;Pokémon GO seem even worse. If they’d have only waited, this already great Community Day would’ve been even better. Note, though, that this isn’t a point against Snivy Community Day as an event but rather Niantic’s poor planning as a whole.

Pokemon Go April 2021 Community Day: Shiny Snivy Community Day Move And More


Pokemon Go’s April Community Day takes place today; here’s everything you need to know about this month’s event.

Pokemon Go‘s April Community Day is finally here. This month’s event takes place around the world today, April 11, and it features the Grass-type Pokemon Snivy. To help you prepare, here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go’s April Community Day, from its start time to all the bonuses that will be available during the event.

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When Is Snivy Community Day How Long Does It Last

Snivy Community Day will start on Sunday, April 11th at 11am in your local time zone. The full event then continues for six hours, ending at 5pm for your local time. However, the exclusive move evolution bonus will persist for two additional hours . So everything is done by 7pm, but most of the Community Day celebration will be over at 5pm.

Exclusive Special Research Story

A special Research Story Snivy in the Sunshine will go live during the Community Day. This Community Day exclusive Special Research will be available for US $1, or local equivalent. The tasks and their corresponding rewards for this event are:

  • Power Up Pokemon 10 times: x10 PokeBall
  • Catch 15 Fletchling: Fletchling

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Taking a more thorough look at Serperiors PvP prowess, we find it to be a very consistent Pokemon providing consistent damage and rely less on baiting shields than other Pokemon. Now, coming to the Leagues, it becomes quite obvious that Serperior is made for Great and Ultra League only. This is because of its low CP cap which barely crosses the 2500 mark at Level 50.

In Great League, Serperior actually performs pretty good by putting up a META defying performance, by taking on the likes Galarian Stunfisk, Azumarill, Deoxys and Swampert! While, Serperior is decent enough in Ultra League, its more like a makeshift Grass Type Attacker. Even though Serperior puts up a good fight in the Ultra League against Swampert, Cresselia and Poliwrath, its average stats just keeps dragging it down.

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Before Community Day Starts

Here are a few other things to keep in mind right before Community Day starts for making the most of the granted bonuses.

  • If coordinating Lucky Egg friendships, encourage your friends to egg and advance friendships before the event starts. This allows you to focus on catching once the featured Pokemon starts spawning!
  • Existing spawns can change to the featured Pokemon. Clicking on Pokemon to catch or even just to shiny check will prevent them from turning into the featured Pokemon. Its fine though to check for shinies you dont yet have. If you want to catch the most of the featured Pokemon, avoid clicking on spawns as Community Day is about to begin.
  • You can only complete research from each stop once daily.; If you complete a task at a given stop, you cannot receive the Catch 3 task from that stop during Community Day. Occasionally, receiving the task from a stop will lock it into its non-CD task.
  • Tasks revert to their pre-CD tasks when CD is over but you cannot receive research from Stops where you completed Catch 3 or the original research.
  • Because of this, you may decide to skip over stops during CD that you know give desirable research or complete them before CD starts.
  • Many players may do the opposite, choosing not to complete Research in areas they know they will be during CD for easy rewards.
  • Check to see if you have completed the Research Task of a given Pokestop by the indicator in the top right corner of a Pokestop

What Are The Snivy Community Day Bonuses

Pokemon GO  Community Day   Snivy

Heres the big bonuses youll see or activities you can participate in during Snivy Community Day in Pokémon GO.

  • Increased Snivy spawns in the wild
  • Boosted shiny rates for Snivy
  • 5 photobombs with Snivy
  • Take a snapshot of a Pokémon then back out to spawn a Snivy
  • 3x Catch Stardust
  • Evolve Servine to Serperior by 7pm and it will know Frenzy Plant
  • Snivy in the Sunshine Special Research quest
  • Paid ticket required, see more here
  • Community Day Box in in-game shop
  • 50 Ultra Balls, 4 Star Pieces, 4 Mossy Lure Modules, and an Elite Charged TM
  • Cost 1,280 PokéCoins
  • So thats all thats going on during Snivy Community Day in Pokémon GO. But there are more questions. We cover one big one below.

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    Serperior’s Usefulness In Pokemon Go

    Serperior is a bulky Grass-type Pokemon that draws a lot of comparisons to Meganium, another Grass-type Starter Evolution. Basically, Serperior is a stronger version of Meganium, especially when armed with Frenzy Plant. Although Venusaur is generally a better option in the Great League, Serperior picks up wins against Pokemon like Melmetal and Mantine that Venusaur struggles against, so there are some scenarios that having Serperior will be useful. Serperior has even less uses in Ultra League, but some players will likely find slots where the Pokemon can succeed where other Grass-type Pokemon have struggled.

    Pokmon Go April Community Day Stars Shiny Snivy Date Announced

    Niantic has announced Community Day’s date in April for Pokémon GO, which features possible Shiny Snivy and Serperior that knows Frenzy Plant.

    Snivy will be the star for April 2021’s;Pokémon GO;Community Day,;and – as always – there will be;other bonuses players can enjoy for the day. , the Tiny Robin Pokémon, which evolves into Fletchinder and Talonflame. Players that caught the Normal/Flying-type on March 6 could catch a possible shiny and, if evolved into Talonflame, could learn Incinerate.

    In addition to the shiny Fletchling, players were encouraged to take snapshots, which gives a chance to encounter special Pokémon, a special Community Day Box, and a special research story, The Bravest Bird. Pokémon GO has continued to add new and varied content for its players to engage in since its launch in 2016. Now, players can battle other trainers, engage in storyline events, Mega Evolve certain Pokémon, and more.

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    Attention, Trainers! Were excited to announce that Aprils #PokemonGOCommunityDay will feature Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokémon!

    Pokémon GO

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    When Is It What’s The Exclusive Move And More

    Theres just over a week left in March, so its time to start thinking about; in;Pokémon GO. And Niantic is already ahead of us, announcing today that the event will feature Snivy as the star attraction. All the usual bonuses will come along too, with Shiny Snivy boosted in the wild and many more features available for six hours during the event. Heres all we know about Pokémon GO April Community Day, starring Snivy.

    What Is Snivys Exclusive Move During Community Day

    Snivy community day Pokémon go

    Evolving Snivy into Servine and then into Serperior will yield a Pokémon that knows Frenzy Plant as their Charged Attack. This extremely powerful exclusive move is perfect for both raids and PvP battls, so make sure you evolve a few while you can. As usual, you have two extra hours beyond the Community Day event to complete the evolution, so make sure you finish them by 7pm on Sunday, April 11th.

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    Updates From New Zealand

    Where applicable, this section will be updated to include new information as our friendly NZ beta testers experience CD before anyone else in the world. On Community Days with new, unpredictable features,;the only way to know for sure how theyll function is having others experience it first. Check back here before CD to see if theres any last-minute tips you need to know!

    Playing in NZ? Thanks! We monitor reports on The Silph Road carefully, though you can also submit reports here on GamePress or directly toAdditionally, it is even more recommended you have a stable internet connection and consider doing a test evolve, as Niantic acknowledges server issues can and do happen during CD, yet refuses to compensate/correct this known issue.

    What Worked For This Pokmon Go Event:

    • Snivy! It’s been too long since a Starter has gotten a true feature so it’s great to see Snivy here returning Community Day to some semblance of what trainers have long expected it to be.
    • Frenzy Plant: Niantic didn’t pull any fast ones here. After a year of questionable Community Day moves, they did the right thing by giving Serperior its deserved Charged Attack of Frenzy Plant.
    • The bonus: Triple Stardust is always appreciated.

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    Snivy Stars During April Community Day


    The featured Pokémon for this Aprils Community Day will be Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokémon!

    Date + Time

    Sunday, April 11, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time


    • Snivy will be appearing more frequently in the wild. If youre lucky, you may encounter a Shiny one!
    • Evolve Servine during the event or up to two hours afterward to get a Serperior that knows the attack Frenzy Plant.
    • Take a few snapshots during Community Day for a surprise!
    • Therell be a special one-time-purchase Community Day Box available for 1,280 PokéCoins, featuring 50 Ultra Balls, four Star Pieces, four Mossy Lure Modules, and an Elite Charged TM.
    • For US$1 , youll be able to access the Snivy Community Dayexclusive Special Research story, Snivy in the Sunshine.
    • Stay tuned for when tickets for the Snivy in the Sunshine Special Research story go live! Tickets are nonrefundable . Please note that this Special Research will not include an in-game medal.


    • 3× Catch Stardust
    • Incense activated during the event will last for three hours

    Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Upcoming events are subject to change. Be sure to follow us on social media, opt in to receiving push notifications, and subscribe to our emails to stay updated. For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check this help center article.

    The Pokémon GO team

    Is The Snivy In The Sunshine Community Day Ticket Worth It

    Snivy Enamel Pin Pokemon GO Community Day

    The answer to this largely depends on the player. Snivy fans will probably want to shell out the $0.99 as it technically gives them more chances to run into a Shiny version. The extra Candy is also a nice perk, making it easy to evolve the Grass starter.

    Trainers who are set on using Serperior in Battle League will also get the exclusive move, Frenzy Plant. The elite Charge Attack makes the creature go from just a mediocre contender to a formidable one.

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