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Pokémon Go Friend Finder

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How To Add Pokemon Go Friends

POKÉMON GO FRIEND CODES! Make New Friends in the Comment Section!

To add a Pokemon Go trainer as your friend, their 12-digit Pokemon Go Trainer code or is required. To add a new friend, in Pokemon Go game, go to Friends section. Then select Add Friend and enter 12-digit Pokemon Go Friend Code. If you have the QR Code already, select QR Code and scan the Pokemon Go QR code with your camera. When you have Pokemon Go friend in your Pokemon Go friends list you can send or receive gifts with them, raid battle or even trade Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Friend Codes List

Here are some working Pokemon Go Friend Codes to use in November:

  • 6970-7305-0959
  • 2108-6450-1938
  • 1707-4001-5282

These codes all belong to members of the Dexerto team, so if youre looking for more Friends to complete tasks or take advantage of in-game bonuses like extra Gift rewards, feel free to add us!

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Pokemon Go Friends Codes

If you are looking for Pokemon Go Friends Codes to add Pokemon Go friends from all over the world, then you are exactly at the right place

Latest Pokemon Go Friends Codes Updated Daily:

Use our Pokemon Go trainer codes list to find out all the recent and updated friend codes for Pokemon Go. Adding more friends will help you get pokemon go friends to exchange gifts and perform better in the game. More friends mean more exchange of gifts and XP so this will surely benefit you in the game.

You can also add your own Pokemon Go Friend Code and that will be added to the list once approved. This will help people from all over the world find your Pokemon Go trainer code and add you to the game.

Here are all the latest Pokemon Go Friends Codes updated every day:

6677 8848 2113

How Do You Add A Friend In Pokmon Go

Pokémon Go: Where to find your Friend Code

Before you can gain the benefits of Friendship, you have to add Friends. There are a couple ways to do this.

First, you can send someone your Trainer Code.

  • Tap on your Avatar, bottom right.
  • Tap on the Friends tab, top right .
  • Tap on Add Friend, top center.
  • Tap on the method you want to use to share.
  • You can also tap on Copy my Trainer Code and simply paste it wherever you want.

    When you receive a Friend Request:

  • Tap on yourAvatar, bottom right.
  • Tap on the Friends tab, top right .
  • Tap on Add Friend, next to X people sent you Friend Requests, top left.
  • Tap Accept on any and all Friends you want to add.
  • The Friend will be added to your Friend list.

    You can delete any requests you dont ever want to accept.

    If someone sends you their Trainer Code first:

  • Tap on your Avatar, bottom right.
  • Tap on the Friends tab, top right .
  • Tap on Add Friend, top center.
  • Type in the Trainer Code.
  • Tap on Send.
  • As soon as they receive and accept your Friend Request, theyll show up in your Friends list.

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    How To Camp With Friends In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    To camp with friends in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you have to swap cards with each other. Also, you have to be in the same place in one of the Wild Areas. Exchange link codes, and make sure that you pick some weird number that you can agree on. Otherwise, you might join some strangers camp by accident. If, on the other hand, you want to camp with several friends, its probably best to appoint one person Camp Master or something. Let them send cards to everybody that way, itll be much easier to get everyone on the same page. If at first you dont succeed, try and try again the servers are still a little wonky, so expect some problems.

    About Pokemon Go Friend Codes Daily Gifts

    Using Pokemon Go Friend QR codes, you can get many free friends on your Pokemon Go network.

    After getting these friends, you can then get a lot of gifts from them as well.

    • Earlier you could only hold at most five gifts in your inventory.
    • Then an update came later on, which lets you now hold upto 10 gifts.
    • And you could only open a maximum of 20 gifts on any given day.
    • However, a recent update came in February 2020 that changed it to a whopping 40 gifts per day.
    • Similarly, your friends can also send you up to 10 gifts in a day.
    • An important thing to note is that when you send a gift to a friend, he will know the locations you have visited.
    • You can get Pokemons like Eve, Pichu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.
    • All of this works with Pokemon Go international friend codes.

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    How To Make A New Friend In Pokemon Go


    One way to make a new friend in Pokemon Go is to visit a dedicated subreddit like r/PokemonGoFriends. Here, youll be able to find plenty of working Friend Codes and share your own with other Trainers.

    There are also subreddits for specific activities, such as r/PokemonGoRaids which allows you to find Friend Codes specifically for Raids. Be aware that Trainers will often remove you once a Raid is over. Its not personal!

    Always use caution when adding Friends in Pokemon Go. Make sure you dont have any personal information in your username or profile and avoid sharing Gifts with people you dont know.

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    How To Find Pokemon Go Friend Codes On Reddit

    While some Discord groups are closed, most of the Reddit subs are open. It might surprise you, but some of the Pokemon-based Reddit subs even have millions of members. This would make it pretty easy for you to find Pokemon Go friend codes on Reddit. All you need to do is join these groups and find the mega thread for exchanging PoGo friend codes.

    • Pokemon Go Instinct

    Loads Of Experience Points

    Aside from the fact that playing games with friends, in general, is much more fun, Pokémon Go rewards players with tons of XP for having friends and increasing their friendship levels. Even better, if friends time their activity right, a Lucky Egg can double that XP.

    • Good Friends get 3k XP
    • Great Friends get 10k XP
    • Ultra Friends get 50k XP
    • Best Friends get 100k XP

    This is a great way to level up and it’s super easy to increase your friendship level.

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    Why Should I Make Friends In Pokmon Go

    Friends in Pokémon Go provide tons of benefits. From experience to gifts to bonuses in battle, you’re going to want to have a bunch of friends. You can have up to 200 Friends but there are some stricter limits on certain interactions. While you’re limited on Gifts and some types of trades, you can Raid with Friends or battle at Gyms together every day, allowing you to increase your Friendship level.

    How To Join A Remote Raid

    Pokémon Go: Where to find your Friend Code

    To join a remote raid, you need a Remote Raid pass on Pokémon Go. First stay online in Pokémon Go app, add the host as a friend if they are still not your friend and wait for the remote raid invitation from the Pokémon Go trainer who hosts the raid. Once the invitation is received you will be notified from app. Click on the invitation and then use your remote raid pass to join the raid remotely. There is no distance restriction to join a remote raid. You can join a remote raid anywhere in the world as long as you have an invitation to join.

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    Why Is It Important To Gather Friends In Pokemon Go

    Fun – First of all, having loads of friends inside the game makes it more fun. You can trade Pokemons together, send gifts to each other, and have online battles!

    XP Farming -That’s not all! Having friends is a great way to level up in the game!

    Using a Lucky egg, as explained in this post, can double our experience while upgrading the level of friendship with a friend.

    Friends with luck – Also, when a level 4 friendship is unlocked, you are ready to have a Friendship with luck! This bonus will make your next trade in both becoming a Lucky Pokemon. The bonus can trigger in many ways like sending a gift, fighting together on a raid, starting a battle, trading, or inviting your friend to an Ex Raid.

    Raids – Raids with friends can become more manageable. Depending on the level of friendship with your friends, you’ll deal more damage. Another cool thing is that you’ll also get more Honor balls, making the catching of that pokemon more easy to do.

    In conclusion, using this trainer code list is a great way to make friends around the world, level up faster, and send each together daily gifts.

    © 2020 All rights reserved.

    We are in no way affiliated with Niantic or Pokemon.


    Where To Find New Friend Codes For Pokemon Go

    One way to find new Friend Codes is to visit a dedicated subreddit like r/PokemonGoFriends. Here, youll be able to find plenty of working codes and share your own Friend Code with other Trainers.

    There are also subreddits for specific activities, such as r/PokemonGoRaids which allows you to find Friend Codes specifically for Raids. Be aware that Trainers will often remove you once a Raid is over. Its not personal!

    Always use caution when adding Friends in Pokemon Go. Make sure you dont have any personal information in your username or profile and avoid sharing Gifts with people you dont know.

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    Trainers Can Now Add Friends Directly From Their Devices Contacts List


    You can now add friends in Pokémon GO directly from your devices contacts list! Whether youre looking to find friends who are already active Trainers, or perhaps invite others to start their Pokémon GO journeys, connecting with people you know is now easier than ever before.

    How to add friends in Pokémon GO from your devices contacts list

  • Go to the Add Friends screen and tap Add Friends from Contacts.
  • Tap on the button to find and add friends from your contacts list.
  • Once your contacts have been synced, you can browse them within Pokémon GO and either add individuals to your Friend List by tapping Send Friend Request or refer them to play Pokémon GO by tapping Invite to Play.
  • Note: Your discoverability and contacts list sync permissions can always be changed later in the games settings.

    If you invite someone to play whos new to Pokémon GO or hasnt played in a while, by entering your referral code theyll receive rewards like Pokémon encounters, Rare Candy, Incubators, and more as they hit milestones on their adventureand so will you! Learn more about adding friends from your contacts list in this help center article. You can also learn more about our referral program here.

    Discovering the world and playing Pokémon GO is always better with friends. Lets GO on this journeytogether!

    The Pokémon GO team

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    Pokemon GO – Official Buddy Adventures Feature Trailer

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    How To Add Friends In Pokemon Go

    Once you have found Pokemon Go codes for friends, you can add them to your network in the following way:

  • Firstly, just launch Pokemon Go and tap on your avatar from the bottom panel.
  • As your account settings would be opened, go to the âFriendsâ option from the top.
  • Here, you can view players who are already added to your account. To make new friends in Pokemon Go, tap on the âAdd Friendâ option.
  • Now, you can enter their unique Pokemon friend code that would send them an add request. You can also view your Pokemon Go trainer code from here and share it with others.
  • What Are Pokemon Go Friend Codes

    Pokemon Go friend codes given in this website are Pokemon Go trainer codes used in Niantic augmented reality game Pokemon Go. Each Pokemon Go Friend code consists of 12 numeric digits. This Pokemon Go friend code is used to identity each Pokemon Go player in Pokemon Go game. The Pokemon Go friend code for each Pokemon Go player or trainer is generated uniquely.

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    Are There Any Limits

    While the idea of being able to send out an unlimited number of presents to an unlimited number of players all around the world is appealing, sadly, there are some limits. Currently, the limits are:

    • You can have a maximum of 200 Friends.
    • You can hold up to 10 presents a day.
    • You can send out 20 presents a day.
    • You can collect 20 presents a day.

    Keep in mind that during some events, the limits on the presents you can hold, gift, and receive are temporarily raised.

    Referral Program For Pokmon Go Explained

    PGA Trainer Code Centre

    The Referral Program for Pokémon Go is available to both new and returning players, with the latter being people who havent played the game in over 90 days.

    As of Wednesday, 31st March, the Referral Program is available worldwide after completing the trail in Australia.

    Giving a player your Referral Code will allow them to access the Referral Program rewards which will reward both of you as the referred player completes specific feats in Pokémon Go.

    If you want access to the Referral Program rewards, however, you must ensure that both you and the referred player, or vice versa as may be the case, are in-game Friends and stay this way until youve unlocked all of the Referral Program rewards. If you dont, then these quests and the Referral Program rewards will not be available to you.

    The Friends Cap in Pokémon was increased to 400 on Tuesday, 6th April, which is great for players whove previously filled their Friends List. You can also open 30 Gifts per day.

    Trainers, were happy to share that weve increased the maximum number of friends you can have in Pokémon GO to 400!

    Niantic Support

    Finally, there is also a new medal dedicated to the Referral Program, titled the Friend Finder.

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    Pokemon Go: Hisuian Voltorb Debut All Details

    In the new game Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Hisuian form Pokémon were introduced to the franchise. There are a total of 18 new Pokémon forms in Pokémon Legends: Arceus and they may be around the Hisui region.

    Despite the fact that Hisui is in the same region as Sinnoh, the plot of Pokémon Legends: Arceus takes place long before the Sinnoh fans are familiar with Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and their recent remakes.READ MORE HERE

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