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Pokemon Go How To Make An Excellent Throw

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What About An Excellent Curve Throw

EXCELLENT THROWS EVERY TIME! Pokemon Go Learn how to throw like an expert

You get extra XP and a greater catch percentage with a Curveball, and you get extra XP and a higher catch percentage with an Excellent Throw, so naturally, you’re going to want to combine the two, right? You totally can! Excellent Curve Throws are a solid way of scoring a huge XP boost per catch, and it gets you just about as close as you can get to a guaranteed catch with most creatures. Here’s our best tip for nailing this move!

  • Touch and hold the Poké Ball until the target circle shrinks down to Excellent size.
  • Wait until the Pokémon starts to attack.
  • Spin the Poké Ball so you can curve it.
  • As the Pokémon gets to about 3/4 through its attack, throw the curve ball as close to dead center as you can.
  • The target circle will remain the same size you set, so if you hit it correctly, you’ll score the Excellent throw and associated bonus.

    Whats The Deal With Sirfetchd

    Galarian Farfetchd is a regional variant version of Gen Is Farfetchd. Instead of a Normal and Flying type, Galarian Farfetchd is a Fighting type and its evolution, Sirfetchd is one of the top Fighting types in Pokémon Go. In the core games, Sirfetchd requires a particularly unique method of evolution. It must make three critical hits in a single battle. This really wouldnt translate well into Pokémon Go, so instead, to evolve Galarian Farfetchd, you have to set it as your Buddy Pokémonand make ten Excellent Throws.

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    How Do You Get 3 Excellent Throws In A Row

    Hatching and evolving Pokémon doesnt count towards catching tasks, you have to physically catch them in the wild or from Raid or mystery Pokémon encounters. You can indeed work towards two quests at once so landing a Great Throw on a Pidgey will both count towards Catch 3 Pidgey and Make 3 Great Throws quests.

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    Make A Nice Throw In Pokemon Go Guide

    • Target the ring:
    • Every Pokémon has a different target ring in a different place. Some of them are closer to the face, others closer to the centre of the body. So, you need to try focussing on the ring and not the Pokemon because hitting the centre of the ring is the goal. This will help you score better.
  • Start with Pokémon which are bigger and closer:
  • To make a Nice Throw, you need to know that the bigger Pokemon like Snorlax, Pidgey, and Rattata will provide a greater chance of hitting a Nice throw. Attack them when they are closer.
  • Practice:
  • To master any skill, you need to practice, consistent efforts bring fruitful results. If you try to catch every Pokémon you come across, you will get better at landing Excellent Throws.
  • How To Get Excellent Throw

    How to Make Excellent Pokémon Go Throw

    USER GUIDE | Submitted by BroTaiTom

    In the world of Pokémon GO, every ounce of XP matters, whether its from getting that bonus 100 XP you gain from your 100th Pokémon, all the way to the 50 XP you gain from turning a Poke Stop. But do Nice, Great, Excellent and Curve Ball really matter?

    I am usually a guy who uses Great Throw, and in no way an expert at this art form of throwing, but I do spend awfully a lot of time in with some of the best Excellent throwers. Not sure if theyre really the best, but when you spend in excess of 100 hours playing the same game with the same people, cognitive bias tends to happen. Even further, the community I play with, holds an playing Excellent Throw competitionon a nightly basis.

    The winner of the competition is usually the first person to 10 Excellent Throws . Occasionally teams are formed and the true game then begins. I myself have entered into these competitions, but to no avail: not because I suck but because these guys I play with are so good.

    So, I did a bit of math and right from the outset you can immediately see that gaining a catch with a Curve ball and Excellent Throw gives you an additional 110 XP. Thats an incredible 110% of bonus XP per catch. It may not seem like a lot, but in an hour grind session when you put on a Lucky Egg, youre running into some serious power leveling XP.

    Heres the guide to getting curve ball excellent throws every time.

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    How Do You Guarantee Excellent Throws

    What about an Excellent Curve Throw?

  • Touch and hold the Poké Ball until the target circle shrinks down to Excellent size.
  • Wait until the Pokémon starts to attack.
  • Spin the Poké Ball so you can curve it.
  • As the Pokémon gets to about 3/4 through its attack, throw the curve ball as close to deceased center as you can.
  • Cheat Your Way To A Perfect Curve Ball

    Theres one other way to throw Curve Balls if youre on an iPhone or iPad: The cheaters way. If you use Apples Accessibility features, you can record a Curve Ball and throw gesture to play back at any time including, yes, while catching a Pokémon.

  • Visit the Settings app and tap General > Accessibility.
  • Under the Interaction header, tap AssistiveTouch.
  • Turn AssistiveTouch On. Youll see a small glowing circle appear in the corner of your screen.

  • Tap Create New Gesture.
  • Inside the New Gesture box, perform the Curve Ball with the same speed you would inside the game, then give it a name.
  • Return to the Pokémon Go app.
  • When you encounter a Pokémon, tap the AssistiveTouch glowing circle.

  • Tap the Custom star.
  • Choose the custom gesture.
  • Move the targeting circle to properly start on your Poké Ball. When you release, the gesture will execute.
  • Note: You may have to try recording a couple of different variations on the gesture to execute it perfectly.

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    What Are Pokmon Go Excellent Throws

    So, what exactly are pokémon go excellent throws? Well, compared to how players caught pokémon in the main Pokémon game series starting with Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow until the Pokémon Sword and Shield generations, Pokémon Go does things differently. Every pokémon game has its own mechanics on how to weaken and catch a pokémon. Rather than weakening enemy pokémon, chucking Ultra Balls at it, and praying for successful shake checks, Pokémon Go has a more interactive way to increase your chances of capturing a pokémon.

    That way is through making curveballs and nice, great, and excellent throws when tossing different types of pokéballs at the wild pokémon. These types of throws give a statistic multiplier to your chances of catching a pokémon with nice, great, and excellent throws. Here are the bonuses youll get for nailing each type of throw.

    • Nice Throw = 1.15x Bonus
    • Great Throw = 1.5x Bonus
    • Excellent Throw = 1.85x bonus

    Aside from the rating of the throw, you can also spin your pokéball to create a curveball that gives an additional 1.0 multiplier, aside from the rating. Along with the multiplier, getting the different rated throws and throwing a curveball also give more experience points than the usual, something you would need to save up on if you plan to go on raids and gym battles.

    Do note that the capture multiplier does not do anything to increase or decrease an encountered pokémons individual value or effort value .

    How To Get Excellent Throws More Consistently In Pokmon Go


    Practice and patience are key to making the best throw.

    Trainers can make different types of throws in Pokémon Go when trying to capture a Pokémon. Each type of throw grants the player extra XP after catching the Pokémon, so you should aim for the best type there isa Curved Excellent throw.

    The type of throw depends on the size of the circle when throwing a Poké Ball, ranging from Nice, Great, and Excellent. When touching a Poké Ball, a circle will start to move in front of the Pokémon youre trying to catch.

    Practice will help you determine what size the circle has to be to get an Excellent throw. The circle must be at its smallest for an Excellent throw. Otherwise, youll get a Nice or Great throw. To curve the ball, just make circles when holding the Poké Ball and it will start spinning.

    An Excellent throw will give you 100 XP, while a Curved ball will grant you 10 XP. So if youre having a hard time making the throw, try making a straight throw since you wont get much extra XP with Curved balls.

    Always aim for the Pokémons face. Thats where the center of the circle will be. And remember, be patient. Each Pokémon has a different action, such as moving around, attacking, or jumping. Wait for it to be calm and then throw the Poké Ball.

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    Question: How To Throw An Excellent Pokeball In Pokemon Go

    Touch and hold the Poké Ball until the target circle shrinks down to Excellent size. Wait until the Pokémon starts to attack. Spin the Poké Ball so you can curve it. As the Pokémon gets to about 3/4 through its attack, throw the curve ball as close to dead center as you can.

    Dont Let The Ring Trick You

    The target ring always gets smaller and smaller until you release the Pokéball. Once you throw the ball the target ring will freeze in place until the ball lands. The trick is to throw the Pokéball before the ring so that it will land when the ring is at the right size. When the ball lands right, you have an excellent throw.

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    Catch Bonuses In A Nutshell

    When you try to catch a Pokémon, the goal is to toss your ball inside the shrinking ring around them. But there are special catch bonuses that can help improve your chances of keeping that Pokémon locked inside that Poké Ball rather than breaking free.

    There are four catch bonuses: Nice, Great, Excellent, and Curve.

    Nice is when the ball lands at the moment the radar circle is at its widest, and gives you 10XP.

    Great is when the ball lands in the middle of the radar circle when its half-size, and gives you 50XP.

    Excellent is when the ball lands in the smallest radar circle and gives you 100XP.

    Curve is when your ball curves, and gives you 10XP and a better chance of catching the Pokémon.

    Whatever bonus youre going for, remember to tap and hold on the Poké Ball to start the ring cycle so that you can wait to toss your ball until the ring is at the correct point.

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    Do Curveballs Increase Catch Rate


    Curveballs surely increase the catch rate. The combination was of excellent throw and curveball gets you the best rewards and the best catch rate. Excellent Curve Throws are the best way to score huge XPs on every catch. For this, the Pokemon Go excellent curveball throw hack can be the most effective way to make the most catches and get the most points for each catch. For Pokemon Go excellent curve throw hack, keep in mind the following tips:

    • Wait until the target circle shrinks down to Excellent size before you release the Pokeball.
    • Wait for the Pokémon to start attacking.
    • Spin the Pokéball to get the curve.
    • As the Pokémon gets around 75% of its attack, throw in the curveball as close to the center as possible.

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    Other Tips To Catch Pokemon Easily

    • Turn off the AR mode. It will save the phone’s battery, and your Pokemon will remain fixed in a position that makes it easier to throw balls at.
    • Use your index finger and flick it to throw the ball at the left or right edge of your screen. Once it reaches the edge, twist your arc back to the Pokemon at the last second to catch it.
    • This method is also called the L and J throw.

    What Are Foil Cards

    Foil cardscardscardsfoilfoil cards

    Every Pokémon card has a collector card number. Common cards have a black circle. Uncommon cards have a black diamond. Rare cards have a black star. Rare Holo cards have a black star and a shiny illustration.

    Likewise, are foil Magic cards worth more? Foil cards will still have the coloured symbol from the rarity of the non-foil version. But all foil cards have a good chance of being valuable, so treat them all as rare.

    Besides, whats the point of foil cards steam?

    Steam Foil Trading cards can be crafted into foil badges, similar to how you can craft normal badges from normal trading cards. Other than that, it is useless, but everyone thinks they need one. They are essentially rarer trading cards. They are found the same way normal trading cards are.

    Are Pokemon ex cards rare?

    1 Full Art EX Cards: $37These Full Art EX Pokémon cards are undoubtedly the lowest-value cards weve talked about in this article. They sell for a maximum of $37, which is a pittance compared to the thousands of dollars you can get for other cards. However, that doesnt mean that these cards arent rare!

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    How To Make An Excellent Throw In Pokemon Go

    By far the hardest throw to land in Pokemon Go, the Excellent Throw requires players to toss the Pokeball when the inner circle is as small as it can be. While this is definitely a challenge, some tips will help you consistently land those shots with ease:

    • Before throwing the ball, hold it and wait for the circle to reach its smallest radius
    • Let go of the ball, but dont touch it until youre ready to catch the Pokemon. This allows you to take your time with the throw and ensure youre ready before going for an attempt
    • Use a Curveball to increase your chances of catching a Pokemon before they attempt a throw. If successful, a star animation will surround the PokeBall

    Try To Get 3 Excellent Throw In A Row

    ULTIMATE Excellent Throw Guide/Tutorial In Pokémon GO! (2020) | BEST F2P XP Method Towards Level 40

    When you get one excellent throw, heres what you need to do to improve the success of getting a strike of 3 excellent throws in a row.

  • Turn your mobile data on again as soon as you hit the first excellent throw
  • In case you miss the excellent throw, close the app, turn on the mobile data, and restart the app
  • This is not patched and should work on all devices to help you get an excellent throw.

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    Rewards From 3 Excellent Throws:

    • Make 3 Great Throws, and you will get Gastly, Lileep, or Anorith encounter along with 200 stardust, 3 Razz Berries, 1 Pinap Berry, or 5 Poke Balls
    • Make 3 Great Throws in a row will earn you Onix encounter, 1000 stardust, 1 rare candy, 9 Razz Berries, 3 Pinap Berries, 10 Poke Balls, or 5 Ultra Balls
    • Make an Excellent Throw will give rewards of 500 stardust, 2 Pinap Berries, 5 Great Balls, or 2 Ultra Balls
    • Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row will give you Larvitar Encounter

    What Is An Excellent Throw

    Before knowing how to make an excellent throw in Pokemon GO, we will know about Excellent throw in brief. It will help you in knowing this topic in more detail.

    In order to catch a Pokemon in the game, you throw a Pokeball on that Pokemon. When you become ready to throw the ball, a target ring appears on that Pokemon. This ring helps you in aiming for you perfectly. When you will throw the Pokeball inside the ring, you will see a complement on the screen for your throw. They are Nice, Great, and Excellent Throw.

    You will receive 1.15x Bonus on a Nice throw. In the case of a Great Throw, you will get 1.5x Bonus. While for each Excellent Throw, you will be rewarded 1.85x Bonus in the game.

    Here are some tips that you can follow to learn how to make an Excellent Throw in Pokemon GO.

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    Nice Great And Excellent Throws In Pokemon Go: How They Work

    Once you see a Pokemon you want out in the wild in Pokemon Go, you’ll need to tap it to enter an encounter. Unlike the ‘traditional’ Pokemon games where an encounter takes the form of a Pokemon Battle, in Pokemon Go it’s more a battle of endurance and skill – you’ll need to use berries and Pokeballs skillfully in order to capture the Pokemon without fighting.

    The first thing you’ll notice in the Pokemon Catching interface is how the Pokemon you’re facing has a rapidly-closing circle around them. This circle depicts the ‘ideal’ time to toss a Pokeball – and in order to get a bonus, you’ll want to land the thrown Pokeball inside the circle when it’s closing in to its smallest stages.

    If you land inside the colored circle with your Pokeball throw you’ll have a greater chance of catching the Pokemon – and this also determines the bonus you get. Specifically, a ‘Nice’ throw is one that lands inside the circle at its largest. ‘Great’ throws will be those that land correctly when the circle is at around half-size. Finally, an Excellent throw is when the circle is very small, close to the middle of the interface.

    In addition to this the different throw types carry experience bonuses to help raise your trainer level – a Nice Throw that catches a Pokemon earns 10 bonus XP. A successful Great Throw will earn you 50 XP if it catches. An excellent throw that catches a Pokemon nets a sound 100 bonus XP.

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