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Pokemon Sun And Moon Olivia

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Viable Types For This Battle

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Ground is a good option as it avoids getting paralyzed by Nosepass and can hit for super-effective damage.

Fighting is also good as it resists Rock and deals super-effective damage to it, in addition to access to the Fightinium Z, and maybe also the useful move Double Kick that hits twice, bypassing Sturdy.

Water and Grass deal super-effective damage and have access to Waterium Z and Grassium Z respectively.

Steel is also good as it resists Rock and can deal super-effective damage to it.

Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

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Hala is the kahuna of Melemele Island. In order to go to Akala Island, the player character must defeat Totem Gumshoos/Alolan Raticate and then battle Hala. Once the player character defeats Hala, Hala registers Tauros to the player’s ride pager.

Later, Hala’s grandson, Hau, teams up with Tapu Koko to battle an Ultra Beast on Melemele Island when they are released on the world by Necrozma.

Unlike Pokémon Sun and Moon, Hala does not become an Elite Four member, with Molayne taking his place.

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Official Artwork And Details For Two New Pokemon Sun And Moon Characters Olivia And Ilima

The recently-announced Olivia is the kahuna of Akala Island, the second island you visit across your island challenge. She is extraordinarily skilled and has served as a kahuna since a young age. Although highly skilled, she insists that she is just a normal girl.

A graduate of the Trainers school and an expert in Normal-type Pokémon, Captain Ilima is considered a hero by the students of his former school.

Elite Four And Champion


During the course of the game, Professor Kukui wishes for the Alola region to have it’s own Pokémon League after seeing and challenging Kanto’s Pokémon League. The Alola League is completed right after the player completes all the trials of the four islands. The Elite Four can be battled in any order like previous games. The Elite Four members are Hala ” rel=”nofollow”> Fighting)SM/Molayne ” rel=”nofollow”> Steel)USUM, Olivia ” rel=”nofollow”> Rock), Acerola ” rel=”nofollow”> Ghost), and Kahili ” rel=”nofollow”> Flying). As the Pokémon League was just founded, it doesn’t have a reigning Champion. Instead the player battles Professor KukuiSM/HauUSUM instead.

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Pokmon The Series: Sun & Moon

Olivia and Kukui greeted the class, and they went to the stables. There, everyone chose a Stoutland to ride to find a treasure and return it to Olivia for examination. Lana chose a Stoutland, which Olivia warned it was stubborn and just a new Ride Pokémon. Lana was nevertheless interested in riding it. After everyone chose their Stoutland, Olivia explained she would evaluate the things, which they must bring after the second alarm goes off. Everyone but Lana and Lillie rode off, for Lana was having trouble with her Stoutland. Olivia claimed she was brave, while Lillie was unable to touch Stoutland. After the first alarm went off, Olivia examined the items and explained what the class had brought, giving Ash 15, Mallow 20 and Kiawe 100 points, while the rest had 0 points. While the others went searching, Olivia and Kukui continued encouraging Lillie to go atop Stoutland. After the second alarm was off, everyone waited for Lana, who came late. Olivia examined the items her final evaluation had Ash have 20, Mallow 95, Sophocles 150 and Kiawe 300 points. She and Kukui also showed Lillie could mount on Stoutland, which pleased her friends for her progress. Coming to Lana, Olivia was thrilled that she found a Sparkling Stone, and told she could craft a Z-Ring for her, and gave her 500 points. Everyone was happy that Lana and Lillie made a big progress that day.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Trainer Battles

One of the central gameplay mechanics of Pokemon is battling other trainers. This mechanic has been a part of every game since the series inception. Like every Pokemon before it, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon features a number of trainer battles. These battles take place on each island and involve fighting some of the strongest trainers in Alola. Below are all important Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon trainer battles.


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Pokmon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

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Pokémon Ultra Sun
Pokémon Ultra Sun’s boxart, featuring Dusk Mane Necrozma
Pokémon Ultra Moon
Pokémon Ultra Moon’s boxart, featuring Dawn Wings Necrozma
Pokémon Ultra Sun Japanese boxart
Pokémon Ultra Moon Japanese boxart

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon are the second paired versions of Generation VII and are the upper games of Pokémon Sun and Moon, respectively, featuring an alternate storyline. The games are available on the Nintendo 3DS.

The games were announced worldwide on June 6, 2017, at 11 pm JST through Nintendo Direct. The paired versions were released worldwide on November 17, 2017. All copies of the game are playable in nine languages: Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

The games feature Pokémon that did not appear in Pokémon Sun and Moon, including, as a series first, entirely new Pokémon introduced in the midst of a generation.

Viable Pokmon For This Battle

Pokemon Sun and Moon || My Mega Pokemons and Their Z Move || 1 hit kill || #shorts ||

Alolan Dugtrio is a great option as both of its types are advantageous against Rock and its Attack/Speed stats make it a useful Pokémon overall that can also outspeed Olivias Pokémon and hit hard. However, almost all available Pokémon of advantageous typing are viable here.

As for the starter Pokémon, at this point in the game you might or might not have the fully evolved form .

Dartrix and handle this battle differently compared to each other because of the different typing Dartrix, being still Flying-type, has to be careful of Rock-type attacks while Decidueye hits harder and doesnt mind Rock-type attacks as much, but needs to be careful of Lycanrocs Bite .

Torracat and Incineroar are at an inherent disadvantage because of their typing. Incineroar should fare better because of better stats and resistance to Bite, but in any case you may want to use some other more favorable Pokémon in your team for this battle.

Brionne and Primarina only need to be careful of Nosepass Spark. Primarina obviously hits harder and doesnt mind Bite as much too.

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‘pokemon Sun And Moon’ Guide: How To Date Olivia And Get 4 Heart Scales For Dating Her

Players have discovered a new cut scene in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” and it allows trainers to date one of the Grand Trial master, Olivia. However players must do specific things and finish quest first before they can activate the cut scene. So this article will be the player’s guide how to get the cut scene and even get 4 Heart Scales for dating Olivia.

Finish Grand Trial # 2 by Olivia

Trainers must first complete all three island trails in the second island of “Pokemon Sun and Moon”, Akala Island. Then head to Lillie so she can lead the trainer to the Ruins of Hope where a battle with Olivia will start. She is the second Grand Trial Master that trainers will encounter and she specializes with Rock Pokemon.

All her Pokemon is approximately in level 26 to 27 so its best if players use higher level Pokemon or at least one that’s effective against rock-type Pokemon. After defeating Olivia, players will have their passport stamped and will have access to Pokemon trading of up to level 50 and of course the Rockium Z for the trainer’s rock Pokemon.

Head to Konikoni City

The next step is to go to Konikoni City and look for Olivia’s house. Her house should be right next to a restaurant which is the place where players get to date her in “Pokemon Sun and Moon”. Go inside the restaurant and talk to the receptionist. Trainers must order the special Z meal set, regardless if they have enough money, in order to trigger the cut scene.

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