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What Are The Starter Pokemon

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Pokmon Black 2 And White 2 Animated Trailer

Creating New Starter Pokemon 2

In the Black 2 and White 2 Animated Trailer, Nate is shown to have picked a Tepig, which appears as an Emboar throughout the trailer. Following the game’s logic, Hugh is seen with a Samurott, which has a type advantage over Emboar. In the extended version of the trailer, Rosa is also seen using Serperior to battle Cheren‘s Stoutland.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team Dx: Best Starter Pokemon

We talk about which starting Pokemon you should choose and explain the quiz at the beginning of the game.

Guideby Joel Franey, Guides Writer

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, like practically every Pokemon game before it, has you choose your starting Pokemon when the game begins. We’ll show you which starter you should pick and what their different strengths are.

On this page:

Looking For Your Starter Pokemon You’ll Get It Here

Have you recently developed a fondness for Pokemon? Are you confused about which one to begin with for your Pokémon journey This quiz will help you find your starter Pokemon out of the real starter pokemon and some others that could be starters. The quiz is created out of fun and our love for the Pokemon series. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it!

  • Which of these is your favourite region?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Do you prefer using special attacks or physical attacks?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Are you a boy or a girl?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Do you like to fight?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Only, when I need to

  • 5.;
  • Do you like the “heavy tank” pokemon or the “light and quick” pokemon?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Light

  • 7.;If you were a pokemon, where would be your favorite place to live if you could live there?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Which is your favourite season?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Do you prefer to run or walk?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Do you like defensive pokemon or offensive pokemon?
  • A.&nbsp
  • If you saw a fire, what would you do?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Try to put it out

  • C.&nbsp

    Try to save anyone hurt

  • D.&nbsp
  • Which of these is your favourite?
  • A.&nbsp
  • Your pokemon would stand on…
  • A.&nbsp
  • What is your favourite food?
  • A.&nbsp
  • You come across a plant that you’ve never seen before. What do you do?
  • A.&nbsp
    • Sample QuestionWhat kind of superpower would you rather have?Mind control

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    Pokmon Sword And Shield Starter Pokmon Sobble: Evolutions Base Stats And Movesets

    Sobble is the Water-type starter for Sword and Shield, and is the seventh Pokémon in the Pokémon Sword and Shield Regional Pokédex.

    Sobble evolves into Drizzile at Level 16 and, finally, Inteleon at Level 35.

    Each one knows the ability Torrent, which will make their water-type moves stronger, the lower their HP falls.

    :: Pokémon Sword and Shield walkthrough and guide

    Sobble has the highest Special Attack base stat out of all the starter Pokémon and this continues as it evolves. When you reach its final evolution, Inteleon, it will also have the highest Speed base stat.

    This makes up for Inteleon’s relatively low HP and Defence base stat, allowing it to deal some very powerful moves. Inteleon may not be able to stay in the Pokémon battle for very long, but, while its there, it can certainly cause a lot of damage.

    Below you’ll find the base stats for Sobble and it’s evolutions.

    Thank you to AnonBB21 from reddit for the help with this information.

    Sobble, Drizzile and Inteleon’s Base Stats:


    Pokemon Sword And Shield Starters: Who Should You Pick And What Are Their Evolutions

    Starter Pokemon by shadwgrl on DeviantArt

    If you’re heading into Galar for the first time this Christmas, you’re going to want to know which Pokemon Sword and Shield starter to choose. But despite the fact that they’re all adorable, you’re going to have to pick one. Don’t fret though, budding Galarian trainer, we’re here to help. Although you could argue that technically there is no ‘best’, because they’re all wonderful, but there are a few in-game elements that may make you influence your initial decisions – not just including how cool each of the Pokemon Sword and Shield starter evolutions is.;

    But first, a brief rundown of the three Pokemon Sword and Shield starters, their type and the official description straight from Champion Leon who actually offers you your very first Pokemon in the new games, and the pros and cons of choosing each.

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    How To Pick Starters

    As the game begins for the first time, you’ll be given a personality test to determine which Pokemon is right for you, giving you eight hypothetical questions and deciding what kind of person/Pokemon you are as a result. Don’t worry if you don’t like the final result, as the game allows you to choose for yourself after revealing its own suggestion. Still, you need to be very sure that you won’t both these two Pokemon – they’ll be your team for the majority of the game.

    Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

    Gen : Chikorita / Cyndaquil / Totodile

    Generation 2s Pokémon starters, like generation 1, are a mix of water, fire, and water-type Pokémon but the early gym battles are much different.

    Cyndaquil is a powerhouse against Bugsy in Azalea Town but struggles against Falkners flying-types and their Sand Attack. Totodile is much easier Pokémon to work with early in the game but struggles later on when you battle Chuck, Jasmine, and Pryce. Chikorita is probably the hardest generation 2 starter with very little edge in battle against most of the games gym leaders.

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    Best Starter Pokemon Of All Time

    There’s always been one core component of all Pokemon games throughout the series’ legacy: the starter Pokemon. As your loyal companion throughout the game, starter Pokemon are with you from the very beginning of your adventure until the day you complete the game. But with so many legendary starter Pokemon, and the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, how do you know which starter Pokemon is the best?

    Here are the six best starter Pokemon of all time:

    Best Starter Pokmon In Sword And Shield

    The Starter Pokémon Tier List

    PokémonSword and Shield are the most recent iterations in the Pokémon video game franchise. These two games introduced us with Generation VIII and were long-awaited additions to the franchise, more so as they became big hits for the Nintendo Switch console. Pokémon, which is short for;Pocket Monsters, is a media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori back in 1995. It is a fantasy franchise set in a world where humans live together with creatures called Pokémon, who take on different shapes and sizes. It started off as a series of video games for the Game Boy console, but soon expanded to other media. In todays article, we at Fiction Horizon are going to be discussing the starter Pokémon of Sword and Shield.

    In todays article, we at Fiction Horizon are going to talk about the starter Pokémon of Sword and Shield, the most recent iterations in the video game franchise. We are going to introduce you to each of the three starters, tell you something about them and then give a final verdict on which one of them is you best pick for the game. Let us begin!

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    What Are The Starter Pokmon In Sword And Shield

    At the beginning of their quest, Trainers are given a starter Pokémon or first partner Pokémon, which follows them throughout their journey. This is a concept introduced in the Generation I games, where the player could choose between three Pokémon. These Pokémon are always of the Fire-, Grass-, and Water-types, although recent generations have introduced some dual types for the starters evolutions. The three starter Pokémon from Generation VIII are:

    Which Starter Pokemon Should You Choose In Sword & Shield

    There’s something important to note and define right off the bat here – you really shouldn’t sweat your choice of starter Pokemon too much. If you’re a more casual player, any of the three is good enough to help carry you through your adventures through Galar Region’s gym challenge. All have good moves, and all will make a great starting anchor for any Pokemon team. If you’re looking to approach Sword & Shield from a more competitive angle, we likewise would advise not fretting, but for very different reasons – none of the three starters are particularly stand-out in their stats, and therefore are unlikely to become player-vs-player competitive staples.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that it appears that it’s not possible for a shiny Pokemon to spawn as part of the starter set – if you want a shiny version of one of the starters, the only way is likely going to be through the Pokemon daycare and breeding mechanic.

    Whatever starter Pokemon you don’t pick will go two ways – the one your Pokemon is strong against will go to your direct rival and best friend, while the other will be kept by Champion Leon. There won’t be a chance to catch another starter breed in the main story, but you can obtain them through trading and the like. With all that noted, you no doubt want to make an informed decision – so here’s all the information you need on the starters and their evolutions:

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    Pokmon Sword And Shield Starter Pokmon Scorbunny: Evolutions Base Stats And Moveset

    Scorbunny is the Fire-type starter for Pokémon Sword and Shield, occupying the fourth slot in the Sword and Shield Regional Pokédex.

    Scorbunny evolves into Raboot at Level 16, which evolves into Cinderace at Level 35.

    Each one knows the ability, Blaze, which powers up fire-type moves when this Pokémon’s HP is low.

    Cinderace has the highest Special Defence base stat out of all the final evolutions for the starter Pokémon, which allows it to survive some of the more dangerous moves you might encounter during your Pokémon journey.

    Cinderace is also a powerful attacker as well, thanks to its high Attack and Speed base stat. This combination gives Cinderace a better chance of being able to use its strong fire-type moves first in any round of a Pokémon battle, making this Pokémon incredibly deadly to any opponents who is especially weak to fire-type, such as grass-type Pokémon.

    Below you’ll find the base stats for Scorbunny and each of its evolutions.

    Thank you to AnonBB21 from reddit for the help with this information.

    Scorbunny, Raboot and Cinderace’s Base Stats:


    Gen : Grookey / Scorbunny / Sobble

    Pokemon Starters by Fyreglyphs on DeviantArt

    Generation VIII gets back to the basics with a full roster of gym leaders to conquer in battle and puts your Pokémon starters to the test early. The first three gyms, in order, feature grass, water, and then fire-type Pokémon.

    If you want to quickly blast through the first gym battle, then Scorbunny is the obvious choice. Grookey is the other popular Pokémon for early progression, since you can always build out your team later in the game to balance your starters weaknesses. Scobble makes early advancement more challenging, but his later evolutions are helpful in the Girchester and Hammerlocke gyms.

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    Almost 4000 People Have Ranked Their Top Starter Pokmon

    • 0

    Do we ever face a more important, challenging question in life than ‘Which Starter Pokémon would you like?’ That age-old conundrum has been giving new Pokémon Trainers a headache for decades, with the start of any main series adventure having you choose between a new Grass-, Fire-, or Water-type buddy to kickstart your journey.

    With eight generations of Pokémon out there in the wild, a whopping 24 Starter Pokémon now exist. We imagine most Poké-fans have their favourites or least favourites of the bunch, and it just so happens that almost 4,000 people have jumped at the chance to rank their personal favourites online over at Tiermaker.

    At the time of writing, 3,942 tier lists have been submitted. The cumulative average rankings from each and every voter have been displayed in the chart below do you agree with this order?

    As you can see, it appears that the original set Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle are still very much the most adored Starter Pokémon on the planet. We hear people like Mudkip, too.

    We actually ran our very own set of polls just over a year ago, asking Nintendo Life readers to vote for their favourite Starter Pokémon of each different type. The results show a similar story, with the original Kanto monsters being super-popular across the board.

    How would you rank the Starter Pokémon? Do you have a top and least favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

    Starter Pokemon And Evolutions

    This page includes the 3 starters in Pokemon Sword and Shield: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobbleplus the official, confirmed starter evolutions.

    Similar to its predecessors, players are presented with three different Pokemon Sword and Shield starters. The player has the option to choose between the following three Starter Pokemon: Starter Pokemon are always either Grass, Fire, or Water-types. This way, regardless of which starter you choose, it will be strong against one, but weak to the other.


    Continue below for additional info on each of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Pokemon. If you’d like more detailed information, you can click on the Pokemon‘s name to be taken to their individual wiki page.

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    Pokemon Starters Ranked From Charmander To Turtwig And Beyond

    Which starter Pokemon is the best to have in your squad?

    We’ve nearly lost count of how many Pokemon games there have been over the 20 years since the series launched back with;Pokemon Red and Blue – even though we’ve played them all.;

    But the question on everyone’s lips is which of the Starter Pokemon are the best?;

    We’ve evaluated all 19 of them and put them in their place.;

    19. Tepig – Pokemon Black & White

    We’re not quite sure how the Pokemon company came up with Tepig. He’s a fire pig for one, which doesn’t quite sound right to us. But hey, it’s Pokemon. It’s just a bit of a shame that Tepig is so far down this list, but he doesn’t get really powerful until his final evolution Emboar.

    18. Chespin Pokemon X & Y

    Okay, so Chespin might not be one of the most memorable Pokemon, but he’s certainly adorable. This so-called spiny-nut Pokemon can wield ground and grass moves, and even steel-type moves as he levels up. ;

    17. Fennekin Pokemon X & Y

    We’re all for a fire Pokemon that looks like a fox, but it’s been done before. Come on, Pokemon Company, don’t you remember Vulpix and Ninetails from the original 150? If you’re familiar with those two, you’ll know why Fennekin is a poor imitation. Thankfully, its evolved forms are powerful enough to get you through a number of gyms.;

    16. Chickorita Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal

    15. Froakie Pokemon X & Y

    14. Snivy Pokemon Black & White

    13. Chimchar Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

    12. Turtwig Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

    The Electric Tale Of Pikachu

    Creating New Starter Pokemon

    In The Electric Tale of Pikachu, unlike the anime from which the manga was based on, new Pokémon Trainers do not appear to be given any sort of starter Pokémon. Professor Oak is not shown residing at his laboratory handing out starter Pokémon to new Trainers, as in the anime, rather, he travels the Kanto region conducting research, often accompanied by Bill. Trainers in The Electric Tale of Pikachu must obtain a license before they can purchase Poké Balls or otherwise capture and train Pokémon. Ash found Pikachu under the floorboards of his home, keeping it as his first Pokémon. It is not currently known what Gary Oak‘s first Pokémon was in the manga.

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    Pokmon Sword And Shield Starter Pokmon Grookey: Evolutions Base Stats And Movesets

    Grookey is the Grass-type starter for Pokémon Sword and Shield, taking the number one slot in the Pokémon Sword and Shield Regional Pokédex, as the Grass-type starters always do.

    Grookey evolves into Thwackey at Level 16, which will then evolve into Rillaboom at Level 35.

    Each one knows the ability, Overgrow. This ability powers up grass-type moves when the Pokémon using them has a low HP.

    If you’re looking for a powerful physical attacker with a high amount of HP to keep it in the fight, then Grooky is your starter of choice.

    Once you reach Grooky’s final evolution, Rillaboom, it will have the highest HP base stat out of all three starter Pokémon. This means that Rillaboom can survive some powerful hits from your opponents Pokémon. Match this with its high Attack base stat and you’ve got a Pokémon that can both survive deadly moves and deal them out.

    Below you’ll find the base stats for Grookey and each of its evolutions if you want to know more.

    Thank you to AnonBB21 from reddit for the help with this information.

    Grookey, Thwackey and Rillaboom’s Base Stats:


    Best Starter Pokemon And All Starters

    Mamoswine and Sylveon: release date TBD

    This page is a guide to all Starters in Pokemon UNITE, and which among the starter Pokemon licenses to unlock and use first. Read on to learn why these Pokemon licenses are the best choice for the first Unite License to choose at the start of the game.

    List of Contents

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    Gen : Treecko / Torchic / Mudkip

    Generation 3s starters are more whimsical in nature but still pack a wallop!

    As with generation 1, youll be facing rock types in the very first gym, making Mudkip the obvious choice if youre looking to power through without catching many Pokémon. Treecko stacks up well against Roxannes rock types, but struggles more against Brawly. Torchic is the most balanced of these starters early on in your quest.

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