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What Pokemon Type Am I

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Which Pokemon Type Are You

What Pokemon Type am I?

Instructions: just answer the questions below about yourself and it will give you a result at the end. Try to answer them honestly and dont just try and get your favorite type. There are also social sharing buttons at the very end so that you can share your result with your friends.

  • Analytical
  • I am a bit weird
  • I can sometimes be a bit sensitive
  • I find it hard to connect with a lot of other people
  • I am usually the loudest person in the room
  • I can sometimes be pessimistic
  • I feel like my life is boring
  • I like to do things at my own pace
  • I sometimes take things too seriously
  • I can be stubborn
  • I like to play Devils Advocate in arguments
  • I try to put a positive spin on everything and it sometimes annoys people
  • I sometimes care about facts instead of feelings
  • I can sometimes be a bit selfish
  • I have a short-temper
  • I find it hard to open up to people
  • I am easily offended
  • I am very self critical
  • I can’t help but point out people’s flaws
  • Celebrity or Politician
  • Anything where I can work with my hands
  • Fisherman or Marine biologist
  • Life coach or inspirational speaker
  • Project Manager or Business Analyst
  • Comedian or Comedy writer

The Year Of The Monkey: Steel

Initially, you would assume that being born in the year of the monkey would make you cheeky and excitable, but that isn’t the case, hence why steel-type is a perfect choice.

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People born in the year of the Monkey are typically rather sly and resourceful but can certainly be versatile. This is exactly the same as the steel-type Pokémon. Many of them are resourceful and can most certainly be sly when needed.

Quiz: What Pokmon Type Are You

Pokémon is a Japanese media franchise founded in 1995 with shares currently split among three companies; Game Freak, Creatures and Nintendo. The franchise revolves around fictional characters known as Pokémon, which gamers catch and train to battle each other for entertainment and sport. Each type has specific weaknesses and strengths concerning different attacks. What Pokémon type are you? Take our super easy Pokémon quiz to find out.

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What Type Are You

Find out what Pokémon type you are in just three questions!

Before you balk at the idea of a personality test with only three questions, note that there are exactly eighteen ways to answer these three questions, and there are exactly eighteen Pokémon types. That’s the point: everyone with the same type as you answered these questions in exactly the same way, which may actually tell you more about them than a more traditional personality test result.

If you find part of you wants to answer something one way and part of you leans towards another, you’re probably a dual-type – do both, and you have traits of both results.

  • Super Effective
  • I care about the truth, and I strive to keep the information on this website accurate and up-to-date. For instance, where possible, I have taken pains to personally test claims about the video games before making them. However, doing so is not always feasible, occasionally I manage to be wrong even when I think I’ve confirmed something, and with a website of this size, it’s difficult to keep track of every single piece of information anywhere on it that might need to be changed or updated. Thus, if you spot any errors, mistakes or out-of-date tidbits – or even just typos – I’d be thrilled if you would report them via this form.

    How Many Species Of Pokmon Exist

    What type of Pokemon am I?

    As of Sword and Shield, there are 893 distinct species of Pokémon in the official list. But counting regional forms, such as in Alola, as well as Mega Evolutions, the number of Pokémon grows to 980.Billions of individual Pokémon exist in this world, from the Pelippers and Pidgeys that soar across the skies, to the Buneary and Wurmples of the lush forests and fields, to city-dwelling critters like Trubbish, and even mythical beings like Giratina and Celebi.

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    Which Pokmon Are You

    Here is a look into various strengths and weaknesses to help you understand our ‘what Pokémon are you quiz’ better. ATK stands for Attack. It includes all the characters which a Pokémon can effectively damage. DMG, on the other hand, stands for Damage. It includes those characters against which a particular Pokémon is weak and prone to damage.

    • Bug: ATK Grass, Dark, Psychic. DMG Fire, Flying and Rock
    • Dark: ATK Psychic, Ghost. DMG Fighting, Fairy and Bug
    • Dragon: ATK Dragon. DMG Dragon, Fairy and Ice
    • Electric: ATK Flying, Water. DMG Ground
    • Fairy: ATK Fighting, Dark, Dragon. DMG Poison, Steel
    • Fighting: ATK Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel. DMG Fairy, Flying, Psychic
    • Fire: ATK Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel. DMG Ground, Rock, Water
    • Flying: ATK Bug, Fighting, Grass. DMG Electric, Ice, Rock
    • Ghost: ATK Ghost, Psychic. DMG Dark, Ghost
    • Grass: ATK Ground, Rock, Water. DMG Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
    • Ground: ATK Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel DMG Grass, Ice, Water
    • Ice: ATK Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground. DMG Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
    • Normal: DMG Fighting
    • Poison: ATK Fairy, Grass. DMG Ground, Psychic
    • Psychic: ATK Fighting, Poison, Bug. DMG Dark, Ghost
    • Rock: ATK Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice. DMG Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
    • Steel: ATK Fairy, Ice, Rock. DMG Fighting, Fire, Ground
    • Water: ATK Fire, Ground, Rock. DMG Electric, Grass

    Besides the super effective and Weak vs column, there are two additional columns that describe particular strengths and weaknesses. These are:

    The Year Of The Goat: Fairy

    In the anime, many Fairy-type Pokémon are ungrateful, which is a personality trait that it shares with the people born in this year. However, they are also particularly popular and sociable people who make the best of any situation.

    As a Pokémon type, fairy is particularly popular and quickly become fan favorites one you give them a chance.;Both people born in the year of the goat and fairy-type Pokémon can be wonderful additions to anyone’s life.

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    The Year Of The Rabbit: Grass

    Without analyzing the personality traits, the rabbit’s home is within the grass and it is at its best among the grass, therefore it is already perfect.

    Nevertheless, just like Bulbasaur, those born in the year of the Rabbit are kind, wise and like Torterra, often rather docile. They can also be rather moody and possessive, closely resembling many different grass-type Pokémon.

    The Year Of The Dog: Fighting

    What Pokemon Type Am I ?

    Just like a dog, the people born in these years are loyal and persistent, always working to achieve what they want, and with the help of the fighting-types, they’ll have no problem with it.

    Both those born in the year of the dog and the fighting-type Pokémon are particularly stubborn but love to win and succeed. When playing the games, with a fighting type by your side, you’ll definitely succeed.

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    What Pokmon Are You

    Hearing the name Pokémon would bring back many memories of your childhood. It was one of the most popular and amusing video games and TV series and still has a global audience.

    Pokémon are small, funny imaginary creatures with unique abilities. Thus, these creatures have many fans, and children or sometimes adults think of themselves as one of these characters. If you are one of these fans, we can ask What Pokémon Are you?

    You may look for each characters personalities to find the answer, but this is a bit difficult. But if you want to find a simple way to answer your question, read this article.

    Ever Wondered Where You Truly Belong Among Pokemon You Have A Favorite Type But What Are You As A Trainer Go Ahead And Take The Test See Who You Really Are In The Pokemon World And What Your Secondary Type Should Be As Well

    How do you enjoy your weather in degrees?

    Steak with a Side of Bacon

    Chicken with Steamed Veggies

    Select the place where you live

    Somewhere Hot

    Where do you want to live?

    Somewhere Hot

    If you could have any of these jobs forever, what would you have?


    Volunteer: Fire Fighter/ Police Officer

    Measure yourself on the productive scale.

    Never Keeping Still

    Final Question: What type do you think you are, or should be?




    You are a burning light among stars! You never quit, never stop, and you spread your light among others. You have a temper, but who doesn’t? Standing up for what you think is right might make you frustrated now and again when things don’t go your way. You work hard, sometimes for more that your worth. You are dedicated, and you work for what you love, and are passionate about.If you have a fire with no reason, you’re setting yourself up to burn down the whole world. The same goes for someone with a lot of fight. If you don’t stand for anything, then you die out like a heart that’s stopped beating. So as a trainer, be both Fire and Fighting, because as a person, you sure do shine bright!















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    How Many Pokmon Types Are There

    Pokémon can have any combination of 18 Types. These can range from elements like Fire, Water, Grass, Rock, Ground, Ice and Lightning, as well as combat-related Types like Poison, Fighting, Steel, to more supernatural energies like Ghost, Dark, and Fairy, not to mention the absurdly potent Psychic and Dragon types. The other types include Normal, Bug, and Flying.

    Pokemon Type Personality Quiz

    What kind of pokemon am I?

    So after combing the internet for a good personality quiz to determine what type is most like me , I was extremely disappointed to find that there were few type-based quizzes of any substance. Quizzes were filled with “Do you like volcanoes, beaches, or forests” and “What’s your favorite color”-based questions, which really ruin the mystery to me. Plus, those aren’t akin to personality traits at all! So, without further ado, I give you…..my completely unofficial type personality quiz!

    The quiz is very short , and focuses on questions regarding social and philosophical perceptions. At the end, you receive the percentages of each type, with a brief description of each result. I looked at the movesets, abilities, and the few type-based personality assessments I could find for each type in order to determine the results.

    If you have a moment, give it a try! I’d love to hear feedback, results, or discussion of these kinds of quizzes in general! Cheers, and Bug-types represent! 🙂

    note: this is just a quiz for fun to determine types. Not trying to violate rule 4 here, I get no viewcount or publicity out of this.

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    The Year Of The Ox: Ground

    The Ox is calm, loyal, and down to earth just like most ground-type Pokémon. It is a perfect match since the Ox is so intertwined with the ground beneath it.

    Similar to Camerupt and Piloswine, people who were born in the year of the ox are particularly stubborn but when it comes down to it they will use their loyalty to pull through and do what’s right.

    Which Pokemon Type Are You Take Our Quiz To Find Out

    As the Nov. 15 release date of Sword and Shield draws near its a good time to get back into the swing of all things Pokemon. Play a little Pokemon Go, watch the anime, and of course take this type quiz.

    Finally, after over two decades of being a Pokefanatic youll have your long-awaited answer of which Pokemon type you are. Maybe this will help you pick your next starter, or maybe youll discover a new favorite creature.

    Either way, make sure to share your results with your friends, family, and most importantly with everyone else in the comments. The first type that displays is your main one that decides your personality.

    The second one is just residual and doesnt have any impact on who you are as a person. Make sure to let us know if you get any unusual type combinations.

    If we go on any longer, then you wont get to finish this quiz before Sword and Shield come out. Without any further ado, lets get into the fun.

    Featured Image Source: Pokemon Wiki Fandom

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    The Year Of The Snake: Poison

    When thinking of a snake it is easy to jump to either psychic-type or poison. However, when looking into the personality traits that come with being born in the year of the snake, poison is the obvious choice.

    People born in these years are often rather subtle and insightful, but just like a snake, it can be rather manipulative if they want to be just like Arbok and most poison-type Pokémon.

    Take This Test And We’ll Tell You Which Pokemon You Are


    Pokemon has been a meteoric and beloved success ever since it first debuted back in the mid 1990s. Since then, it has only grown more diverse and expansive compared to the original 151 Pokemon in the first generation of the game series. Take a look for instance at the 2016 worldwide phenomenon of Pokemon Go on mobile devices. That game changed the entertainment industry by proving that attaching a successful IP to an established game mechanic can be the perfect recipe for success. With that being said, the game was not without its problems, from widespread network issues to the fact that the game failed to live up to its original promises of things like PvP trainer battles and Pokemon trading, elements of the game that are still missing over a year later.

    A few missteps on the digital front were not enough to deter the onslaught of new Pokemon games and content seeing as 2017 will see the release of a new Pokemon film in theatres that reimagines the original story of the anime with some noticeable differences .

    One of the best things about the Pokemon series is how relatable the characters are, and how their struggles are amplified in battle and out. If you had the opportunity to be your favorite Pokemon, who do you think youd be? The quiz you have before you is designed to analyze your responses and give you the most accurate Pokemon! Be sure to share this quiz and stay tuned to TheQuiz for all your entertainment needs.

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    What Kind Of Pokmon Are You

    First of all, a crucial question… Which starter do you choose?

    Badges are more than just a symbol of success, they are signs of honor. Which one is your favorite among these 4?

    Your personality can change with time and experience. Where are you in your personal evolution?

    The secret to a long and happy life is…

    It’s time to choose your team!

    It’s finally the weekend! What are you doing?

    With which animal do you feel most connected?

    Which of the 4 elements attracts you the most?

    If you were to be described in one word, which of these 5 would it be?

    You never go out without…

    What kind of trainer would you be?

    What’s your favorite food?

    Go On With More Quizzes About Pokémon

    Which Eeveelution Are You?

    Quickfun Pokemon Personality Quiz : D The Answer Will Probably Make You Feel Happy About Yourself Comment Down Below Which Pokemon Are Youi’d Like To See Your Results

    Where would you most likely live?

    In a forest

    How would you like the weather to be?

    Snow all day long!

    HOT like the beach dayss

    Not too cold,not too warm

    Pretty cold I love the windy dayss but NO SNOW iI hate it

    Any I don’t really care :/

    I know this is really common but favorite food?

    Cheese burger

    What job would yo like?


    How would you describe yourself as?


    What type do you think you are?




    Finally….You find someone who’s gonna give you 1 million dollars if you give them what they desire the most…souls…your family….what would you do?

    OMYGOSH don’t accept it!!!

    Take them! MONNEYYY $$$

    Trick them into giving the money to me but then hiding my family forever ;(

    I would surely be dumb at that moment and accept it even tough i don’t want to! D:

    Psychic type pokemon. Mew means that you’re smart,sociable and you have a pure heart :3~My personal favorite~



    Electric type. Pikachu means you’re cute but at the same time you have a power that no one would expect :3



    Ghost type pokemon. You are shy and you can scare people easily but at the same time you can be funny! You have 85% humor!! Fantastic~!



    Fire type pokemon. Vulpix means you’re just like a fox. You can be friendly and sociable but if you see what you want you will get it no matter what!



    Water type pokemon. Gyrados means first you are a little innocent fishy but as you grow you become a majestic dragon with fantastic strategies!

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    List Of The Best Grass Type Trainers

    Here is a list of some of the strongest trainers who specialize in using Grass Pokemon.

    • Erika, who is the Gym Leader from Celadon City. She gives out the Rainbow badge to any trainer that is able to beat her in battle.
    • Gardenia, who is the Gym Leader from Eterna City. She gives out the Forest badge to any trainer that is able to beat her in battle.
    • Cilan, who is one of the three Gym Leaders;from;Striaton City. Along with his two brothers, he gives out the Trio Badge to any trainer that is able to beat him in battle.
    • Ramos, who is the Gym Leader from Coumarine City. He gives out the Plant badge to any trainer that is able to beat him in battle.
    • Milo, who is the Gym Leader from Turffield City. He gives out the Grass badge to any trainer that is able to beat him in battle.

    So, what grass type Pokemon are you? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to also share this with your friends to compare your answers. We would also love to know who you think is the best Grass Starter Pokemon from any generation.

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