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Mew Plush Pokemon Center

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Iso Grail 2006/2007 Pokemon Center Fuzzy Mew

Pokemon Center Japan 2015 Christmas Goods Mew Dragonair Plush Kuttari Plushies & MORE

As the title says, I have been in search of this plush for a long time… It’s probably one of my biggest grails.According to ShiningMew, there are a few versions of this plush. I would happy with any version, but my favorite is the pinker version pictured on the right. Ideally I want one MWT but I would be happy with one that’s TTO. I don’t have a particular price in mind. Please let me know if you have/see one for sale!I hope everyone stays safe & healthy!!Update : I FINALLY FOUND ONE!!!!

  • Hi guys~ back again! I’m still looking for a Saiko Soda pikachu plush. I recently found one but unfortunately it didn’t come with tags so I’m

Pokemon Center Japan Announces A Line


Pokemon fans can soon look forward to grabbing some adorable new friends!

Pokemon Center Japan has announced a new line-up of easily washable Pokemon plushies, which will feature Pikachu, Eevee, Mew, Piplup, Popplio, and Sobble! Fans will be able to grab these new stuffed toys at Japanese Pokemon Center stores from 23 July 2022 onward.

Youll also be able to grab these goods from when pre-orders open a few days later. In the meantime, check out teaser images below:

  • Pikachu plush1,430

Pokemon Center 2017 Mew Plush Toy

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Pokemon Center 2017 Mew plush toy. It was only available at the Pokemon Centers in Japan in January, 2017, for a very short time and in very limited quantity. This is very similar to the 2015 version but has a new style tag and it was made in the Philippines, not China. Made of soft material . NOTE: The way that this plush toy is made, it is difficult to get it to stand up on its own. It will stand, but takes some very careful balancing.

Manufacturer: Pokemon Center

Height: 7.25″ from feet to top of headLength: 10.25″ from front to tip of tailWidth: 6.75″ at widest part Condition: Brand new. Never been played with. Smoke-free environment. Tag attached.

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