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Pokemon X And Y Exclusives

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Pokemon X And Y: Exclusive Pokemon List

Pokemon X And Y – 3DS – Pokemon Exclusives Between The Two Games!

    With every generation of Pokemon games there has always been two released at the beginning which each have their own distinct selection of exclusive Pokemon.

    From Ekans and Arbok only being available in Pokemon Red in Generation I to Houndour and Houndoom being available in Gen IV on Pokemon Pearl only, the Pokemon games have always made sure to have some differentiation between the games.

    With Pokemon X & Y hitting the shelves on Oct. 12th, there are still those who are unsure of which Pokemon are available in X but not in Y, and vice-versa. For your information, and to help you decide which version is right for you, you can find the full list of Pokemon exclusive to either X or Y below.

    Pokemon X

    Exclusive To Let’s Go Eevee

    Pokemon X Or Y: Which One To Choose

    It’s a time honored tradition going back to the very set of Pokemon games: which version do I choose? Red or Green? Diamond or Pearl? Or in this case, X or Y?

    which version do I choose

    X has Xerneas , Y has Yveltal

    X has Clauncher , Y has Skrelp

    Mega Charizard X , Mega Charizard Y

    Mega Mewtwo X , Mega Mewtwo Y

    Don’t forget to read our review of Pokemon X & Y.

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      Pokemon XXX

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    Pokmon X Mega Evolutions

    So, while Pokémon X and Y technically has every single Pokémon since the series inception, it only has a handful of Mega Evolutions. However, since the mechanic has now been introduced, its safe to assume subsequent installments in the franchise will build upon the new evolution mechanic. It would probably be best to evolve em all this time around, so you can fill out your Pokédex now and not have to worry about it in later installments.

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    Pokemon X And Y Trailer Reveals Some Version Exclusives

    ¿Pokemon X o Pokemon Y, cuál es mejor?  Guía y Trucos

    Pokemon X and Ys latest trailer also reveals the new evil organization in the upcoming RPG: Team Flare.

    The latest Pokemon X and Y trailer from the Pokemon company summarizes a bunch of new information weve had trickled to us over the week new Pokemon , the new evil organization and the new professor. First up, the previously revealed Clauncher is exclusive to Pokemon X while its counterpart Skrelp is exclusive to Pokemon Y. New reveals Swirlix, the while cotton candy-like Pokemon is a Pokemon X exclusive, while Spritzee, the pink bird-beaked Pokemon will only appear in Pokemon Y. Both of these new Pokemon are of the new Fairy type.

    Other new Pokemon revealed this week were Pangoro, the evolution of Pancham, a Panda-like fighting/dark Pokemon that would make Jack Black proud, as well as Inkay and its evolution Malamar, which are squid-like dark/psychic Pokemon. The new evil organization will be called Team Flare, and the new professor is the rather suave looking Professor Sycamore.

    Also revealed was the games StreetPass and SpotPass feature: the Holo Caster. You can get reports about the people you have passed by using StreetPass on your Holo Caster, and you can also receive SpotPass news bulletins about Pokemon X and Y, such as information on upcoming competitions.

    Lastly, the game will feature Photo Spots, which will allow players to take screenshots in some specific locations with the ingame camera and upload them to their Pokemon Global Link webpage.

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    Pokemon X And Pokemon Y Version Exclusives

    Now that both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are available in stores, its time to decide which version to buy.

    Just like in every other Pokemon game released on the handheld, each of the available versions have their own exclusive Pokemon that one person can get. Since there are tons of Pokemon to catch in Kalos region, Pokemon trainers looking forward to complete that PokeDex for Professor Sycamour will most likely have to trade with someone who has the other version.

    Are you wondering what Pokemon are exclusive to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y? Read the list below!

    There Are Different Legendary Pokemon

    Xerneas and Yveltal are your new legendary Pokemon, their the Pokemon of life and destruction. Xerneas which is the deer looking Pokemon on your left is pronounced ZURR-nee-us and is a Fairy type Pokemon. Yes Fairy, its the new type of Pokemon in X and Y.

    Yveltal, prounounced ee-VELL-tawl is a Dark/Flying type. Despite the two Pokemon looking quite different theyre about the same weight, thats even with Yveltal being twice as tall.

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    Pokmon That Appear In These Games But Not Yellow

    • Weedle, a Bug/Poison-type Pokémon, is present in Red, Blue & Green, but not in Yellow.
    • Kakuna, a Bug/Poison-type Pokémon, is present in Red, Blue & Green, but not in Yellow.
    • Beedrill, a Bug/Poison-type Pokémon, is present in Red, Blue & Green, but not in Yellow.
    • Raichu, an Electric-type Pokémon, is present in Red, Blue & Green, but not in Yellow.
    • Koffing, a Poison-type Pokémon, is present in Red, Blue & Green, but not in Yellow.
    • Weezing, a Poison-type Pokémon, is present in Red, Blue & Green, but not in Yellow.
    • Jynx, an Ice/Psychic-type Pokémon, is present in Red, Blue & Green, but not in Yellow.

    Pokemon X Y Exclusives

    Pokemon X and Y: Where the Mega Stone for Manectric/Houndoom are located (Version Exclusives)

    The Pokemon Y variants, for their part, retain their original typing, but gain unique abilities and stat increases of their own. Mega Mewtwo X, meanwhile, gains a unique Psychic/Fighting typing. In Pokemon X, Charizard becomes a Dragon/Fire Pokemon with the ability Tough Claws, which raises its attack whenever it makes physical contact with a foe. Each version has an exclusive Mega Evolution for Charizard and Mewtwo-two staples of the original Red and Blue. Pokemon X and Y do have one last trick up their sleeves. With that, Pokemon X and Y mostly boils down to whether your prefer a story featuring Xerneas or Yveltal. Since then, Pokemon games have had exclusive monsters and even exclusive gym leaders, but nothing really as far-reaching as Ruby and Sapphire.

    Like most legendaries though, both Pokemon are more than capable of doing serious damage against high level trainers in the storyline. Both potentially have interesting applications in a legendary tier with an inordinate number of Psychic and Dragon-types, but being a Flying-type may hurt Yveltal more than help it, since it takes 25 percent damage from Stealth Rock upon switching in while being vulnerable to Kyogre’s Ice Beam attack. X has Xerneas , Y has Yveltal s a matter of personal taste, Xerneas’ stag-like appearance is more in line with classical Pokemon, while Yveltal has more of the over-designed look associated with later generations.

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    Exclusive To Only Green

    • Vulpix, a Fire-type Pokémon, is exclusive to Green, but is present in both Red & Blue.
    • Ninetales, a Fire-type Pokémon, is exclusive to Green, but is present in both Red & Blue.
    • Bellsprout, a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon, is exclusive to Green, but is present in both Red & Blue.
    • Weepinbell, a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon, is exclusive to Green, but is present in both Red & Blue.
    • Victreebel, a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon, is exclusive to Green, but is present in both Red & Blue.
    • Magmar, a Fire-type Pokémon, is exclusive to Green, but is present in both Red & Blue.

    Pokemon X And Y Version Exclusive Pokemon

    Pokemon introduced a lot with Gen 6 and like every installment in the series it made Pokemon X and Y different enough that it could be noticed but overall, they were the same. As is with its predecessors this was primarily accomplished through the Pokemon that are available in each game. This is a trend that has been seen in every generation of Pokemon and continues even into Gen 8 and its Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra expansions.

    In Pokemon X and Y version exclusive Pokemon are found in a couple of different ways: Pokemon that can only be obtained in a specified version of the game or Fossil Pokemon available in a specified version. There were a few Pokemon that were version exclusive during the main story but were also obtainable in the Friend Safari regardless of which game the player had.

    Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon X were:

    • Staryu and its evolution Starmie.
    • Houndour and its evolution Houndoom.
    • Aron and its evolutionary line which includes Lairon as well as Aggron.
    • Clauncher and its evolution Clawitzer.
    • Xerneas, the Legendary Pokemon and mascot for Pokemon X is exclusive to that game.

    While the Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Y were:

    • Electrike and its evolution Manectric.
    • Skrelp and its evolution Dragalge. Dragalge is also the first dual-type Poison and Dragon Pokemon.
    • Yveltal, the Legendary Pokemon and mascot for Pokemon Y is exclusive to the game.
    • Pinsir
    • Poochyena and its evolution Mightyena.
    • Sawk
    • Swirlix and its evolution Slurpuff.

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    Pokmon That Appear In These Games But Not Crystal

    • Mankey, a Fighting-type Pokémon, is present in Gold, but not Crystal.
    • Primeape, a Fighting-type Pokémon, is present in Gold, but not Crystal.
    • , an Electric-type Pokémon, is present in Gold & Silver, but not Crystal.
    • Flaaffy, an Electric-type Pokémon, is present in Gold & Silver, but not Crystal.
    • Ampharos, an Electric-type Pokémon, is present in Gold & Silver, but not Crystal.
    • Girafarig, a Ground/Flying-type Pokémon, is present in Gold, but not Crystal.
    • Remoraid, a Water-type Pokémon, is present in Gold & Silver, but not Crystal.
    • , a Water-type Pokémon, is present in Gold & Silver, but not Crystal.

    There Are Exclusive Mega Evolutions

    Pokemon X and Y Version Exclusive Pokemon list

    The new Mega Evolutions are sure to change the way Pokemon battles take place, however if youre after certain Mega Evolution you better be sure to buy the right version of the game. Some evolutions are exclusive to one version, some Mega Evolutions take place across both games. Heres what we know so far.

    Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y

    Mega Charizard X Type: Fire/Dragon & Mega Charizard Y Type: Fire/Flying

    Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y

    Mega Mewtwo X Psychic/Fighting & Mega Mewtwo Y Psychic

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    Pokemon X And Y Version Exclusive Pokemon List

    Behold Pokemon fans everywhere, Pokemon X and Y is now available in stores worldwide and were guessing our readers already have their hands on the game. For those who are still starting out or those who are still not sure which version they want to buy should check out this list of version exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y.

    Critics and fans everywhere are loving Pokemon X and Y so far. In X and Y players will explore the region of Kalos, a region based loosely on France, in full 3D environments which is a first for a mainline Pokemon game. Along with its own set of new Pokemon, Kalos also houses many Pokemon from other regions too, which is perfect in my opinion to bring old players back into the games.

    Like every Pokemon game released before Pokemon X and Y are two separate games i.e Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Both X and Y have their exclusive Pokemon which arent catchable in the other version. Check out our Pokemon X and Y Version Exclusive Pokemon list below:

    Pokmon X And Y: How To Get Every Mega Evolution

    There aren’t that many Mega Evolutions in Pokémon X and Y, but there are probably more than you think, making it even more difficult to catch em all.

    In order for a Pokémon to undergo a Mega Evolution, it needs to be holding a Mega Stone appropriate to its type, and the trainer needs to be wearing the Mega Ring. If both conditions are met and the Pokémon is able to mega evolve, then you can select the option from within a battle to trigger the Mega Evolution.

    Only one Pokémon can mega evolve during a battle, but that isnt too bad of a limit considering the games random encounters run rampant, and triggering a Link Battle is easy enough. Each available Mega Evolution is listed below along with its corresponding Mega Stone location.

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    Pokemon X And Y New Features And Minigames

    Pokemon X and Pokemon Y also took advantage of the 3DSs hardware to incorporate things like Sky Battles, Horde Encounters, Pokemon-Amie, Super Training, and the Player Search System. The Player Search System was just a replacement for C-Gear and used the 3DSs hardware capabilities to search for players locally and on the internet. While this allowed players to be connected and facilitated battles and trades it was not entirely unique.

    Sky Battles and Horde Encounters on the other hand were unique Pokemon battles that had their limitations and requirements. Sky Battles were accessible only to certain Flying-type Pokemon and Pokemon that had the ability Levitate. They also prevented certain moves from being used. Pokemon that could participate but didnt know any appropriate moves would default to using Struggle in Sky Battles.

    Horde Encounters were encounters with wild Pokemon that would have players battle against five wild Pokemon at once. Pokemon in Horde Encounters were often under-level compared to other Pokemon in the area and hordes would consist primarily of one Pokemon species. While it was possible for there to be two species of Pokemon it was always four of one species and one of another in the horde. Horde Encounters were not available everywhere but where they were they had a one in twenty chance of being initiated.

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    Mega Charizard X And Y

    All Legendary Pokemon and Forms w/ Signature Moves! | Pokemon X and Y & PokeBank Exclusives

    Mega Charizard X excels in self-buffing, sweeping through the enemy team in one go while sustaining itself through Roost. Meanwhile, Mega Charizard Y specializes in taking advantage of its Drought ability to pierce even the most solid of enemy defenses with either a super-powered Fire Blast or a no-charge-needed Solar Beam.

    However, between the two, Mega Charizard X holds a slight advantage. Its design is far cooler, and its change from being a Fire and Flying-type to being a Fire and Dragon-type is quite handy in battle.

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    Exclusive To Let’s Go Pikachu

    Pokemon X And Y Impact On The Series

    Pokemon X and Pokemon Y might not make up many fans favorite generation of Pokemon games but their importance in the franchise cannot be understated. Many firsts happened in Gen 6 that set the stage for what the games are like today. The launch into 3D provided customization options and upgraded graphics. Mega Evolution has led into Galars Dynamax and Gigantimax mechanics, while different approaches to transportation have allowed Pokemon to shed the need for HM moves. While it might not be the most beloved generation Gen 6 could turn out to be the most important for the franchises future.

    Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are available now for the Nintendo 3DS.

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