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Kanto Event Pokemon Go 2021

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‘pokmon Go’ Tour: Kanto Start Time Research Tasks And Everything You Need To Know

Kanto Event Celebration 2021 Pokemon Go

The biggest event of Pokémon Go‘s 2021, so far, is the Kanto Tour event which will bring every Shiny Pokémon from the Kanto region to the mobile game.

Like other ticketed events in Pokémon Go, the Kanto Tour will benefit non-ticketed players, too. There are plenty of bonuses and exclusives that will give those who pony up some money. However, for this event are two different ticketsRed and Green.

Depending on which ticket you purchase/choose, the variety of Pokémon and Shiny Pokémon that you’ll encounter on Saturday will change.

Pokmon Go Kanto Tour Make

I wanna be the very best!

It’s almost time to head back to where it all began! The Kanto Tour Event is nearly here.

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of Pokémon and the 5th anniversary of Pokémon Go, so we were prepared for a slew of celebrations!

And it looks like our wishes have been answered, with Pokémon Gos biggest ticketed event yet!

Heres everything you need to know about the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto event.

Pokmon Go Version Exclusives

Players can still purchase a Kanto Tour ticket, but trainers will have to choose their version before the event begins on Saturday. To select your event version, following these instructions:

  • Open your Item Bag.
  • Tap your Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto ticket to bring up the selection pop-up.
  • This selection pop-up will prompt you to tap either Choose Red or Choose Green.
  • After selecting your version, you’ll be asked to tap YES to confirm.
  • If you need a refresher on which version gives you encounters with which Pokémon, read on below.

    • Red VersionExclusive Pokémon: Ekans, Oddish, Mankey, Growlithe, Scyther, and Electabuzz will be attracted to Incense.
    • You’ll have an increased chance of encountering these Shiny Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pidgey, Ekans, Pikachu, Nidoran, Oddish, Diglett, Mankey, Growlithe, Ponyta, Shellder, Drowzee, Krabby, Hitmonlee, Lickitung, Scyther, Electabuzz, Eevee, Kabuto, and Dratini.
    • Green VersionExclusive Pokémon: Sandshrew, Vulpix, Meowth, Bellsprout, Magmar, and Pinsir will be attracted to Incense.
    • You’ll have an increased chance of encountering these Shiny Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pidgey, Pikachu, Sandshrew, Nidoran, Vulpix, Meowth, Psyduck, Bellsprout, Geodude, Exeggcute, Hitmonchan, Koffing, Tangela, Horsea, Magmar, Pinsir, Eevee, Omanyte, and Dratini.

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    Pokemon Go 2021 Kanto Celebration Event: Everything You Need To Know

    The fun doesn’t stop after Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto ends.

    The Pokemon Go: Tour Kanto event will take place on February 20 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time. But Pokemon Gos celebration of the Kanto universe wont stop there, because a new Kanto Celebration event will kick off the next day!

    The Kanto Celebration event will run from February 21 at 10 a.m. local time until February 27 at 8 p.m. local time.

    During that time, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Weedle, Pikachu, Geodude, Clefairy, Psyduck, Slowpoke, Gastly, Voltorb, Magikarp, and more Pokemon from the Kanto region will appear more frequently than normal in the wild, and Caterpie, Pidgey, Spearow, Poliwag, Abra, Seel, Machop, Krabby, Exeggcute, Horsea, Goldeen, and others will be attracted to Incense.

    Oddish, Bellsprout, Tangela, Dratini, Pichu, Elekid, Magby, and other Pokemon will have the chance to hatch from 5 km Eggs that are collected during this event. Plus, players will be able to complete event-themed Field Research tasks for the chance to receive Stardust, as well as encounters with Pokemon like Doduo, Magnemite, Diglett, Omanute, Kabuto, Snorlax, Jigglypuff, Clefairy, and others.

    Pokemon from the Kanto region will also appear in Raids during this event. Heres the breakdown:

    • Tier-1 Raids – Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Magikarp, and Dratini
    • Tier-3 Raids – Scyther, Pinsir, Machoke, Kadabra, Haunter, Graveler, and Lapras
    • Tier-5 Raids – Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo

    What Didn’t Work In This Pokmon Go Event

    Pokemon GO Kanto Event Guide
    • Glitches: The only real downside of Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto was the glitches. On the one hand, the server issues seen during GO Fest 2020 were far less here. There was some freezing and some difficulty sending gifts a couple of hours into the event, but compared to the game being inaccessible for two full hours I’ll take it. The major issue I had was the raid pass glitch, which was plaguing everyone in the multiple raid chats in which I was involved. We previously reported on the raid pass glitch, which invites trainers to enter into a remote raid with their Daily Free Raid Pass. This is, of course, impossible and makes it so that the player cannot enter the raid until they restart. I missed out on many raids due to this, and it certainly seems like something that should have been fixed before the event. I will say, though, with so many things going right in this event, it’s easier to get past this specific glitch.

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    Pokemon Go To Offer Make Up Event For Kanto Tour Mishap

    Pokemon GOs highly anticipated Kanto Tour did not run smoothly. The ticked event, devised to celebrate all things in the Kanto Region, apparently let players in without paying. As a result, Niantic announced a make-up event at a future date for those who had paid for the event.

    Trainers, Thanks for your patience while we looked into the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto ticket issues. We will be hosting a bonus event for all paid ticket holders at a later date. Please stay tuned for details.

    Niantic Support

    Pokemon Go: Kanto Tour Details

    The Pokemon GO: Kanto Tour offered players a chance at two different ticket options: Red or Green. These were the first two versions ever available in the Pokemon franchise both had their own unique Pokemon available to catch in each. All 151 were up for grabs. Players would trade with someone who bought the opposite ticket in order receive version exclusives. The event ran on Feb. 20 and cost approximately $11.99 USD. Purchasing a ticket before certain dates also gave players free access to bonus research stories during the community days that led up to the event. Players were given until Feb. 28 to complete the event. However, as Niantic quickly realized, many players didnt pay to participate.

    The Kanto Tour also had exclusive missions, rewards and collection challenges. Legendary Pokemon would also learn exclusive moves unique to the event itself. Those who participated took to Twitter to express their frustrations. Many also claimed that they werent impressed with the amount of shiny Pokemon caught during the event.

    Although Niantic has announced a bonus event, there is no set date for when it will take place as of yet. Since ticketed players will get a second chance at this event, the idea is that this make up event will smooth over the mishap. It will also allow disappointed players another shot at shiny hunting. Moving forward, Niantic aims to iron out the bugs that allowed un-paid players into their event.

    • Posted in

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    All Collection Challenge Themes

    Red or Red

    Green or Green


    9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.: Pallet Town

    10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.: Pewter City

    11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.: Cerulean City

    12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.: Fuchsia City

    1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.: Pokémon League

    2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.: Pallet Town

    3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: Pewter City

    4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.: Cerulean City

    5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.: Fuchsia City

    6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.: Pokémon League

    7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.: Pokémon from all previous hours

    “If you dont manage to collect the first 150 Pokémon originally discovered in Kanto during the event, dont worry! All these Collection Challenges will be available until Sunday, February 28, 2021, at 7:59 p.m in your local time zone. You can use this extra time to trade Pokémon, evolve Pokémon, battle in raids, and encounter Pokémon after completing research tasks to finish your collection and claim the rewards!”

    Throughout the day players will have two different opportunities to play during each of the hour-long biomes and then there will be two hours at the end featuring all the spawns that appeared throughout the day as a last opportunity to catch up and grab anything that was missed earlier. Those last two hours would also be an ideal time for players to take care of any trading that they need to do to gather the Pokemon from the opposite color version .

    Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

    Collection Challenge Introduced In Event

    Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Event 2021 (Pokémon Go)
    GO Tour: Kanto – Red
    Ultra Ball * 20
    Incense * 1
    Stardust * 1510
    Lucky Egg * 1
    Silver Pinap Berry * 1
    15100 XP
    1510 XP
    Ditto Encounter
    Silver Pinap Berry * 3
    Fast TM * 1
    Snorlax Encounter
    Charged TM * 1
    Stardust * 151
    Spearow Encounter
    Poke Ball * 30
    Stardust * 151
    Paras Encounter
    Great Ball * 20
    Stardust * 151
    Goldeen Encounter
    Great Ball * 20
    Stardust * 151
    Venonat Encounter
    Great Ball * 20
    Stardust * 151
    Dratini Encounter
    Great Ball * 20

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    Everything You Need To Know Before Pokmon Go Tour: Kanto


    Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto is almost here! To help you prepare, weve put together some tips on how to make the most out of your event experience.

    Ticket holders, heres what you need to know.

    No ticket? No worries!

    All Trainers will be able to enjoy the following during the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto event.

    • Featured Trainer characters will be appearing as GO Tour Challengers during the event. Find and battle them at PokéStops to complete event-exclusive Timed Research and earn rewards!
    • Evolve certain Pokémon during the event to get a Pokémon that knows an exclusive attack.
    • Evolve Ivysaurthe Evolution of Bulbasaurto get a Venusaur that knows Frenzy Plant.
    • Evolve Wartortlethe Evolution of Squirtleto get a Blastoise that knows Hydro Cannon.
    • Evolve Charmeleonthe Evolution of Charmanderto get a Charizard that knows Blast Burn.
    • Event hours themed after locations from the Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green games will be occurring during the event. Check out the schedule here.
    • Turn up that audio! Each location-themed hour will feature music inspired by Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green, created by those games original composer, Junichi Masuda!

    How ‘pokmon Go Tour: Kanto Bonus Event’ Works In Pokmon Go

    Research quests, which allow players to complete challenges for rewards, were released in March 2018 and are divided into a number of categories, including masterwork and timed.

    Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Bonus Event is a timed special research quest running from Friday, 5th March at 10am to Monday, 5th April at 10am .

    This quest should only be available to players who brought a ticket to Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto.

    The Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Bonus Event is a timed research quest, which means if it’s not completed by the deadline, then you won’t be able to collect all of the rewards. Thankfully, it’s a relatively short quest, only containing three quest steps, which consists of three individual challenges, and you’ll be able to earn a variety of useful items by completing each one.

    This research quest was meant to be a make-up event for players who brought a ticket for the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto event last month after a technical issue allowed certain non-paying players to access the event. According to reports on The SilphRoad subreddit, however, a number of non-ticked players have gained access to this research quest.

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    Pokmon Go: Kanto Tour Event 2021 Research Tasks And Rewards

    The much-anticipated Pokémon Go Kanto Tour event has finally begun. Moltres, Mewtwo, Zapdos, and Articuno have arrived in Raids, and theres plenty of creatures to catch and add to your stacked roster. Here youll find all the Pokémon Go Kanto Tour event 2021 research tasks and rewards including the timed research tasks and rewards so you can complete everything on offer.

    Know that the ticketed event lasts until 21:00 local time on February 21st, but that there will then be a Celebration event. In addition, there will also be plenty to look forward to next month in March such as the Shiny Fletchling Community Day.

    While the Celebration occasion will begin tomorrow, below youll find all the Pokémon Go Kanto Tour event 2021 research tasks and rewards.

    • POKÉMON GO:Red and green Kanto Tour differences explained

    Get ready for #PokemonGOTour by updating your profile photo! Here are some downloadable version-themed frames that you can use with your photos. Now available on Facebook.

    Rewards: 150 XP, three Incense, and Charmander or Balbasaur

    Ripout Game | Official Trailer

    • Use Incense 50 Poké Balls
    • Take a snapshot of Charmander one Poffin
    • Catch 30 Pokémon Tangela Encounter

    Rewards: 50 Poké Balls, 25 Charmander/Bulbasaur Candy, Chansey Encounter

    Step three:

    • Earn three Hearts with your Buddy 300 Stardust
    • Catch 30 Pokémon 500 XP
    • Evolve a Charmander 25 Charmander/Bulbasaur Candy

    Rewards: 25 Ultra Ball s, two Incense, Cubone Encounter

    Step four:

    Step five:

    Step six:

    ‘pokmon Go Tour: Kanto Bonus Event’ Quest Tasks And Rewards In Pokmon Go Explained

    Pokemon Go 2021 Kanto Celebration Event: Everything You ...

    Below you’ll find all three quest steps, including each individual challenge and reward for Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Bonus Event in Pokémon Go.

    Don’t forget – you have until Monday, 5th April at 10am to complete this research quest and, if you don’t, you won’t be able to collect the rewards.

    Thank you to Amiibofan101 from reddit for help with this information!

    ‘Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Bonus Event’ Step 1 of 3

    Rewards: 500 Stardust, 500 XP and a Lure Module

    ‘Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Bonus Event’ Step 2 of 3

    • Power up Pokémon 3 times – 1 Poffin
    • Earn 3 hearts with your buddy – 1 Super Incubator
    • Evolve a Pokémon – 1 Lucky Egg

    Rewards: 15 Ultra Balls, a Charged TM and a Fast TM

    ‘Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Bonus Event’ Step 3 of 3

    • Catch 10 different species of a Pokémon – 1000 XP
    • Make 10 Great Throws – 3 Silver Pinap Berries
    • Complete 10 Field Research tasks – 1 Star Piece

    Rewards: 100 Mew Candy, an Elite Charged TM and an Elite Fast TM

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    Pokmon Go Kanto Event : Red Vs Green Differences Explained

    The red vs green differences for the Pokémon Go Kanto Tour event 2021 are exclusive creatures.

    You need to know the differences when choosing either red or green for the Pokémon Go Kanto Tour event 2021 as you can only choose between the two colours once.

    Below youll find the exclusive creatures and Shiny increased spawn rates for each version:

    Red exclusive creatures:

    Pokmon Go Tour: Kanto Collection Challenges And Rewards Explained

    There are a total of 10 Collection Challenges for you to complete during the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto. It’s important to note that these challenges will only be available to players who purchase a Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto ticket.

    All 10 Collection Challenges will be available from Saturday, 20th February at 9am to Sunday, 28th February 7:59pm , giving you ample time to complete them.

    It’s important to note, however, that neither Pokémon hatched from eggs or Shadow Pokémon will count towards these challenges.

    Here are all the Collection Challenges you can complete throughout Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto:

    The first two challenges – Incense and Trade – are dependent on which version of Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto you’re playing.

    For the Incense Collection Challenge, you’ll need to catch the Pokémon which are exclusively attracted to Incense in your version of the event. Red version players, for example, will have to catch Growlithe, Oddish and Mankey, among others.

    The Trade Collection Challenge, however, will involve trading Pokémon with a player using the opposite version to yours – Red to Green and vice versa – to collect the Pokémon which are not available in your version of Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto.

    Thankfully, the trade range will be increased to 40km during the event, so, as long as you have a friend playing the opposite version to yourself, you’ll be able to complete this Collection Challenge safely.

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    Pokmon Go Tour: Kanto Schedule Explained: What Time Does Tour Kanto Start

    The main Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto event occurs on Saturday, 20th February, starting at 9am and ending at 9pm .

    The event itself is then broken down into hourly blocks, with each focusing upon a specific part of the Kanto region and having the spawn rate for Pokémon associated with this location boosted.

    This schedule will help you complete the Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto Collection Challenges and research quests, because, rather than forcing you to focus on the game all day, you can target specific hours to ensure you catch the Pokémon you need.

    The schedule for Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto is:

    • 5pm to 6pm – Fuchsia City
    • 6pm to 7pm – Pokémon League
    • 7pm to 9pm – Pokémon from all previous hours

    It’s important to note that all of the Collection Challenges released as Pokémon Go Tour: Kanto will be available till Sunday, 28th February at 7:59pm and, with the Kanto Celebration event running throughout the week, you still have the opportunity to complete them all.

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