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Moltres’ Weaknesses And Tips

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch
  • Moltres is a Fire/Flying dual-type. Consequently they’re weak to Water, Electricity, and especially Rock attacks, which do quadruple damage. If you have any such attacks or TMs, now is the time to use them almost exclusively.
  • Moltres is immune to Ground-type attacks, and takes only half damage from Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass and Fairy attacks.
  • Though it doesn’t damage you, Moltres’ most dangerous attack is Agility, which increases the amount of actions that Moltres can make in a single turn. By using Agility over and over, Moltres can eventually make four attacks for every one you make, more than enough to take you out in a single go. If this happens, immediately start taking countermeasures: confuse, hypnotize or petrify Moltres, and start pouring damage into them at the same time. If given the chance in this state, it’ll wipe your whole team instantly.
  • Moltres’ passive ability is Pressure, which doubles PP use of all your attacks. If you have any low-PP moves or powerful attacks, don’t expect to use them for long, or have a Max Elixir ready to restore them.
  • We recommend moving your team to either side of Moltres, or having one of them close while the other fights from a distance. Being a large enemy, Moltres can hit multiple targets with attacks that normally would only hit a single person. Don’t give them the chance.

How To Recruit Mew In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team Dx

Mew is a valuable Pokemon in Rescue Team DXdue to how flexible it is. Mew is the only Pokemon that can learn every move in the game, allowing it to fill any role you need for your team. Mew could be an all out attacker, utilizing moves that hit the entire room, such as Heat Wave, Blizzard, or Discharge. Alternatively, it can provide support, able to heal your team of status conditions and restore HP. But how do you recruit Mew in Rescue TeamDX?

Before you can find Mew, there are some requirements you have to fulfill. First, you have to beat the main storyline of the game. Second, you need to unlock the Stormy Sea dungeon and then defeat Kyogre on the final floor. The Stormy Sea is a difficult dungeon, which is why I have prepared a detailed guide to help you prepare for the tough journey. After you beat the Stormy Sea, an event will trigger the next day.

You will be told about rumors of a brand new dungeon called the Buried Relic. This is a massive 99 floor dungeon, and the home of Mew. The dungeon is pretty easy to do after the Stormy Sea, but floors 80+ can be deadly. This is mostly because there are Pokemon with multi-hit moves, and there are more monster houses. Even though you have access to Buried Relic, you cannot recruit Mew just yet.

After defeating each boss, you will receive an item. Once you have all three items, Mew can appear in the dungeon.

Sky Tower Pokemon List And Tips

Sky Tower is a difficult final dungeon with two main parts to it. It is recommended you are, at the very least, level 35 before heading here. The first half of Sky Tower consists of 25 intense floors, more than everything in Magma Cavern alone.

Here are the Pokemon you will find along the way in the first 25 floors of Sky Tower.

22-25 Low

Those 25 floors are brutal and have some of the most powerful Pokemon you will have faced to date like Altaria, Aerodactyl, and Flygon. These are all beasts, so be sure to have a full inventory of healing items. Make sure to hold onto any Revive All Orbs, though, as they are useful for later.

Once you beat the first 25 floors, you will have a checkpoint where you can rest and recuperate before Sky Tower Summit.

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How To Evolve Your Pokemon

What you’ll learn as soon as you visit Pokemon Square in the postgame is that the Luminous Cave is a location associated with Pokemon evolution. The cave can be found at Whiscash’s Pond – and when you send a Pokemon inside, if certain requirements are met, that Pokemon will evolve. You can only send one Pokemon into the cave at a time, so therefore you can only evolve Pokemon one at a time.

Keep in mind that if you evolve your starter Pokemon, you’ll lose your unique Rescue Team Scarf. You’ve been warned.

Evolution Requirements

In order to evolve a Pokemon, there are typically two key requirements – and this is massively streamlined from the original version of the game, which required all sorts of evolutionary stones depending on the situation. Here’s the basic requirements:

Eevee Evolution and Wurmple Evolution

There are two species of Pokemon that are different to every other in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: the Eevee family of Pokemon and the Wurmple family of Pokemon. Both actually evolve in slightly different ways, too.

Eevee can evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon – the entire Eevee Evolution family! The good news is unlike other games, like Pokemon Go’s mind-bogglingly random Eevee Evolution, in this game it’s nice and simple: when you evolve an Eevee, you can choose which of its typed evolutions you’d like to get. Nice. It’ll cost you two Evolution Crystals to evolve Eevee.

How To Beat Moltres

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

Moltres dwells on the fifteenth floor of Mt. Blaze with roughly 700 health total, and their high stats means you’ll have to wear them down quickly if you want to survive their barrage of fiery attacks. We’ve listed Moltres’ weaknesses and strengths below, as well as all the best tactics to bring down this overcooked goose.

Joel Franey/USgamer, Spike Chunsoft/Nintendo

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team Dx Evolution: How To Evolve Your Pokemon

Evolution is a staple of the Pokemon series, but it works a little differently in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX on Nintendo Switch…

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon spin-off series is quite different to the main Pokemon games in that rather than playing as a Pokemon trainer, you’re instead actually cast as a Pokemon – and that significantly changes how the game approaches the concept of evolution. This has been the case with the sub-series right back to its Game Boy roots, but things are complicated even more in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX on Nintendo Switch – as this remake changes things up from the original release.

To avoid any confusion, we thought we’d gather together all of the information you need to know on Pokemon Evolution in this specific Nintendo Switch iteration of the franchise – so you can go in nicely informed. So here it all is. Simple.

‘pokmon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team Dx’ Shiny Pokmon: How To Recruit And Where To Find The Friend Bow

The latest Pokémon spin off, Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, is actually a remake but brings Shiny Pokémon to the game for the first time.

Like the main series games, obtaining this rare variant is difficult and time-consuming, but those looking to Shiny Hunt for the close to 30 Pokémon will have their opportunity.

If you’re one of these Shiny Hunters looking to catch all 27 Shiny Pokémon in Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, here are some tips on how to find and recruit them more efficiently.


Finding and recruiting a Shiny Pokémon is relatively simple. With a lot of luck and patience, Shiny Pokémon can be found in various dungeons during the game.

Players will encounter various Pokémon to fight – and sometimes recruit – while exploring dungeons, but some may pop up in their Shiny forms. The easiest way to determine if a Pokémon has a chance to be Shiny is looking for the yellow marker that says “Strong Foe” on the map.

Locate this Pokémon and there’s a small chance that it’ll be in its Shiny form. Players can continuously enter a dungeon if the “strong foe” isn’t a Shiny.

If a player finds a Shiny Pokémon and defeats it, that doesn’t mean it will automatically join your team. There’s only a chance a Pokémon will join your team, Shiny or not, so there may be some excruciating moments where this rare Pokémon is found but doesn’t want to join you.

  • Aipom Solar Cave
  • Zangoose – Western Cave

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Zapdos Moltres And Articuno

The first legendaries you’ll come up against will be the three legendary birds from the original 151. Zapdos can be found at the top of Mt. Thunder, Moltres at Mt. Blaze, and Articuno at Mt. Freeze. None of these fights are too difficult, as long as you select Pokemon with type advantages Ground-type for Zapdos, Water-type for Moltres, and Fire-type for Articuno. Go back and take them down again when you’ve beaten the main story and all three can join your team.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Dx Rank Up Rewards

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Episode 27: Smeargle Campaign

Each time you rank up in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX, youll also get some important bonuses that make your time managing the multiple mechanics in the game much easier.

Ranking up will give you more inventory space, up the number of teams you can edit and have on standby, allow you to put more Pokemon into camps, and let you take on more jobs at once. Basically, ranking up is the main way to make your dungeon dives easier.

Below is each rank, how many points you need to hit that rank, and the non-item reward for hitting that rank. In general, getting to Gold or Platinum Rank will be more than enough to complete the game, but there are more ranks beyond that for those delving into the post-game!

Rookie Rank Starting Rank

  • Number of Editable Teams: 2
  • Toolbox Size: 32
  • Number of Editable Teams: 3
  • Toolbox Size: 32
  • Number of Editable Teams: 5
  • Toolbox Size: 40
  • Number of Editable Teams: 5
  • Toolbox Size: 48

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Where To Get The Friend Bow In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Dx

The most reliable way to get the Friend Bow is through the 20th Floor of the post-game dungeon SolarCave – it’s a drop in here. To get this Dungeon just talk to Whiscash about Stormy Sea and hell also mention Solar Cave. Once inside the dungeon, simply progress through it until you hit the dungeon’s 20th floor. At that point, the friend bow is yours.

The second way of getting this key item is by paying for the friend bow in any of the Kecleon Shops found in the optional Dungeon Joyous Tower. The Bow is a random item that can be found in the shop but by doing this youll have to pay 5000 Poke. Considering the randomness and price, its a much better idea to just go through Solar Cave. If you really need it from the shop, however, keep in mind the shop refreshes every time you enter and exit a dungeon, so that’s a way to force a shop inventory refresh, just like with how you might to get the Invitation to enter the Mystery House.

If you have the Friend Bow, then its in your best interest to also try and have the Friendly Rare Quality. The combination of the two will make it a lot easier to recruit any Pokemon that come your way, and keep you from missing out on Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Dx Rank Tips

  • Make sure to always take on as many jobs as possible in the dungeon youre about to explore. That way, youre always working towards your next rank.
  • Seriously, any and all jobs, even if the point reward is low. Its better to get 50 points for an easy rescue mission than to just go dungeon diving without a mission. Efficiency!
  • Finally, dont go too hard on the missions before completing Mt. Steel, the third dungeon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. You dont retroactively get points for missions you complete before then.
  • Youll hit the max Toolbox inventory space at Silver Rank, and the max Job Limit at Ace Rank.

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Rewards For Defeating Moltres

Not being an official rescue mission, there’s no cash reward or prize to be had for beating Moltres, only the chance to escape further from the Rescue Teams trying to hunt you down. There’ll also be a bit of dialogue in which you promise Moltres to fix the natural disasters, and get some one-on-one time with your buddy. Awww.

How To Unlock Evolution In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Dx

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX Thread

Here’s the rub: you won’t actually be able to evolve your Pokemon until after you complete the main story of the game. This means you’ll fight the ‘final’ boss with your same old starter and partner Pokemon that you started the game with, you’ll see the credits roll… and then you’ll be able to evolve. While you will encounter and can even recruit evolved Pokemon during the story, you won’t be able to trigger an evolution yourself.

Now, that might sound crazy, but it’s actually not. Part of the draw of the dungeon-crawling Mystery Dungeon games is that they have a significant post-game section full of challenging content for players to take on – and that’s when Pokemon Evolution really makes more sense, as you’ll want to evolve to be powerful enough to take on those challenges.

Once the main story is completed, the next time you visit Pokemon Square there’ll be a cutscene where it’s revealed that one of your Pokemon friends accidentally evolved after visiting a specific location. This is a clue – and then you can copy them to evolve yourself…

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Dx Legendaries List

As with every other Pokemon game, there is a long ol Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DXLegendaries list. In this guide, well let you in on the answer to what Legendary Pokemon are in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX? Along with letting you know what Legendary Pokemon are in the game, well also let you in on how to recruit Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. Read on to discover what Legendary Pokemon there are in the game, along with how you can add them all to your Rescue Team.

Sinister Woods Pokemon List And Tips

There are a whopping 12 floors to Sinister Woods, much more than previous dungeons. As such, it can be a little bit tiring so be sure to bring plenty of Apples, Oran Berries, and Reviver Seeds.

We highly recommend that you bring along a third party member like the Magnemite that joined your team first and that your first two Starter Pokemon are at least level 15.

Here are the Pokemon that you encounter in this dungeon.

10-12 Low

Advance through the floors, watching out for powerful Pokemon like Scyther and Exeggutor. At floor 13, you will have another boss battle.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Dx Friend Bow: Where To Get This Important Item

A key facet of gameplay in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is the ability to recruit Pokemon. This coveted item will help speed things along immensely.

Once youve finished the main story, the Friend Bow is one of the first items youre going to want to find. The effects of the bow are in the name – it makes recruiting Pokemon a lot easier. The description also states that it helps you recruit Shiny Pokemon, although its not certain whether the item is necessary to do that.

Actually finding the friend bow in the first place is the real challenge here. Its a rare drop in some of the bigger dungeons, but there are a few guaranteed places to get the item which will make your life much easier.

How To Mega Evolve In Mystery Dungeon Dx

How to get SHINY POKEMON in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

First things first: in order to Mega Evolve a Pokemon, youll need to get your hands on an Empowerment Seed. It is an item that causes the to Awaken AKA itll change its form.

Finding one isnt as easy as it sounds though. Its just a random drop most of the time, though it can be given away as a Mission reward upon completing an objective and returning to the Pelipper Post Office. The item becomes more common once the main story campaign is completed, though it can be found before then if the RNG gods are on your side.

Once a Seed is used on a monster, itll give it a giant stats boost which is something youll want if youre about to face off against a boss or a strong foe. It also makes it so that disadvantageous type matches are nullified, and linked moves always land as critical hits.

As well as giving a huge boost to stats, the Empowerment Seed can also cause a Pokemon to Mega Evolve once eaten though only certain ones have the ability to transform.

The state is only temporary though and only lasts for that specific floor, and will be forcibly removed if affected by status conditions such as Sleep or Paralysis, or if you use a Reset Orb.

Because of this, its recommended that you only force an Evolution if youre about to face a tough boss or if youre in a particularly difficult dungeon its not something youll want to use lightly, especially since the item is so hard to come by.

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