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What To Name Eevee To Get Sylveon

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Pokemon Go Sylveon: When Is It Coming

How to Evolve Eevee into Sylveon in Pokemon GO // How good is it // Sylveon Name Trick

Sylveon is much awaited in Pokemon GO, and fans cannot wait for the creatures arrival on the platform, especially as it is the debut of the Fairy-type Eevee, which currently has seven in the AR Game. This includes the OGs from Gen. 1 with Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon, followed by other creatures like Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, and Espeon.

According to Pokemon GOs Twitter account, Sylveon is here and is lurking in the evolution of Eevee as it debuts in the game. Most Eevee-lutions are random. Still, it was initially theorized that giving it the appropriate nickname would guarantee a type of Eevee to appear after evolving.

In the case of Sylveon, there is still no nickname to use, meaning that the evolution will be random, and users would have to get lucky for a Sylveon to spawn after evolving. Sylveons arrival came with the Luminous Legends Y Event, which has started its festivities last May 18, and to last until May 31.

Sylveon, the Intertwining Pokémon, is making its Pokémon GO debut during the upcoming Luminous Legends Y event! Youll be able to evolve your own Eevee into Sylveon by earning hearts when its your buddy.

The Best Counters Against Arlo Cliff And Sierra In September 2021

While Giovanni may be taking September 2021 off, or at least the first part of it, the Team GO Rocket Leaders Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra will still be around in Pokémon GO. Players will be able to do battle against these dastardly foes all month long. We havent heard of any major shakeups just yet, but dont be surprised if they happen. So be prepared by checking out how to beat Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra in Pokémon GO for September 2021.

Whats Good Against Water Pokemon

Battling against water Pokemon can be tricky because there are so many of them in fact, there are more water type Pokemon than any other type! That makes for a lot of different battle strategies!

And, water typing has now been paired with every other type which further complicates their weaknesses and resistances.

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Using The Pokemon Rankings

In the top-level rankings, youll see a score for each Pokemon. This score is an overall performance number from 0 to 100, where 100 is the best Pokemon in that league and category. It is derived from simulating every possible matchup, with each Pokemons most used moveset . Use this score to compare overall performance between Pokemon for example, the difference between the #1 and #50 Pokemon may not be the same as the difference between the #50 and #100 Pokemon. This score also allows you to see the parity in different leagues and categories.

Trainer Battles feature a wide variety of scenarios, especially involving shields. In order to give a fuller picture, our overall rankings are derived from additional sets of rankings, where battles are simulated with different roles in mind. You can explore rankings for each of the following categories:

Different Pokemon may succeed in different scenarios, so use these categories to help determine when a particular Pokemon would be the most valuable.

Within each ranking, youll see four separate detail sections:

  • Fast Moves Which Fast Moves the Pokemon uses most in the league and category.
  • Charged Moves Which Charged Moves the Pokemon uses most in the league and category.
  • Key Wins Which battles the Pokemon performs best in, weighed by the opponents overall score.
  • Key Counters Which significant opponents perform best against the Pokemon.

What Moves Will Pokmon Unite Sylveon Have

Pokemon Go

If were running with the idea that Sylveon is a ranged attacker with a support focus that uses hinderances to help the team survive, we can expect the Pokémon Unite Sylveon moveset to look a little something like this:

  • Basic Attack

This speculative moveset uses data from past Pokémon games to guess which moves Sylveon will have in Pokémon Unite. Assuming it starts off as an Eevee at level one, we suspect itll learn Swift as a ranged attack similar to Vensusaurs Razor Leaf. Baby-Doll Eyes will come in as the other starting option, giving Eevee the Fairy-type move it traditionally needs to evolve into Sylveon. Itll also help give players get to grips with being a more support-oriented Ranged Attacker on the bottom lane, charming opponents in place.

After it evolves we expect Sylveon to learn either Draining Kiss or Disarming Voice. The first will prep Sylveon for a melee-focused approach to battle like Venusaurs Giga Drain, giving it some serious self-sustain. Disarming Voice, on the other hand, will retain its ability to stun targets in place just like Baby-Doll Eyes. This is probably what was shown affecting Ludicolo in the reveal trailer.

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Pokmon Mystery Dungeon Series

Evolution does not occur automatically instead, it must be manually triggered. Evolution is explained in Story Mode as an effect of the world being in a state of danger. The ability of Pokémon to evolve must be unlocked through the course of Story Mode rel=nofollow> Rayquaza must be defeated, while in Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, the Wigglytuffs Guild must be defeated). Similarly, in both Gates to Infinity and Super PMD players can evolve after both completing the game and reuniting the main character and partner. In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue/Red Rescue Team evolution does not instantly make a Pokémon stronger, unlike in the core series games however, as of Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky, evolution does immediately increase stats.

Starting with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Enemy Pokémon will also be able to evolve, and will do so if they defeat one of the players party Pokémon. This is actually a very old feature that has been present in non-Pokémon entries in the Mystery Dungeon franchise for a very long time . The sound effect that is used for Enemy Pokémon evolving after defeating a party Pokémon is the exact same one used in other Mystery Dungeon games for the aforementioned long-standing equivalent mechanic.

Super Pokémon Mystery Dungeon was the first Generation VI game in the series and thus features Mega Evolution. It is achieved by attaching an Awakening Emera on to a Looplet.

Evolution locations


Holographic First Edition Machamp: $6000

The Kanto starters and legendaries arent the only original Pokemon to boast high-value shadowless holographic cards. Nearly any holographic first edition rare card from the original set can grow immensely in price compared to other rare Pokemon cards, but since they arent as actively hunted, their prices can vary far more wildly based on their quality.

Machamp is one of these. According to PSA Cards range of auction prices based on the cards quality classification, perfect mint condition Machamps of this kind can land between $800 and $6000, while dropping just one rating down will result in prices around $200 and $900. This card in particular truly proves how important it is to keep your trading cards safe through the years, as you never know just what will become valuable twenty years later.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Galarian Corsola

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Corsola is a Ghost Type, which makes it weak against Ghost, Dark type moves. You can find and catch Galarian Corsola using our guide below on How To Obtain this pokemon. The Max IV Stats of Galarian Corsola are 60 HP, 55 Attack, 65 SP Attack, 100 Defense, 100 SP Defense, and 30 Speed.

1 Defense Point1 Sp. Defense PointGalarian Form1 Sp. Defense Point
Ev Yield

List of Galarian Corsola Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

Speed 30

Based on this pokemons stats we consider the best nature for Galarian Corsola to have is Sassy, this will increase its Sp. Def and decrease its Speed stats.

Galarian Corsola Abilities

What To Do After Beating The Game
Ranked Battle Tier List

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Dragon Tail Garchomp With Sand Tomb And Earth Power

How to Get SYLVEON in POKÃMON GO (For Real) Name Trick How to Earn Hearts with Your Buddy Eevee

The combination of the newest moves in Garchomps arsenal .

In the Open Master League, with Dragon Tail paired with Earth Power and Sand Tomb, Garchomp has a 90.4% win rate:

With the above moveset of Dragon Tail paired with Earth Power and Sand Tomb, Garchomp gains the following wins in the Open Master League:

  • Beats Excadrill in and

This moveset gives another stellar performance with a lower reliance on beating the Flying types but Chompy gains a strong standing against the Steel types. Earth power is cheaper in terms of energy when compared to Outrage and it gives Garchomp a pseudo Steel killer status. Undeniably, it takes Garchomps viability to an amazing level.

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How To Evolve Eevee Into Espeon And Umbreon

Espeon and Umbreon do have a secondary means of securing their evolutions, though it takes a little more effort than a simple name change or purchasing a Lure Module.

This method is probably the most involved of all but if your heart is set then itll be worth it. For these Generation 2 evolutions, you have to set your Eevee as your buddy and have it walk with you for 10km in order to earn two candies .

Once thats done, you can evolve your Eevee, but the time of day shown in-game will determine which of the evolutions you get. Evolve Eevee during the day and youll get the Psychic-type Espeon. At night, on the other hand, youll get the Dark-type Umbreon.

This trick can be somewhat finicky, so do make sure that Eevee is still your buddy when you evolve it and ensure that you have GPS signal so that the game has the time of day absolutely right where you are. Fortunately, this isnt limited like the nicknames so you can do it as often as you like .

How To Catch Snorlax In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Snorlax is a Pokémon known for falling asleep in inconvenient locations and creating an obstacle for players. It was introduced in Gen 1, and its one of the very first Pokémon that players could interact with on the overworld. It used to be a rare Pokémon, but in Pokémon Sword and Shield, Snorlax is much easier to acquire, and it commonly holds a place on players teams.

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How To Get Shiny Mew In Pokemon Go

To get the chance to encounter Shiny Mew, players will first need to purchase a ticket for the Kanto event from the in-game store. They can then take part in a Special Research story on the day of the event, which leads to an encounter with Shiny Ditto.

Once the first Special Research story is complete, players will be able to access a new kind of research called Masterwork Research, in which a long and challenging journey will lead to the discovery of Shiny Mew.

Below we will cover the steps to getting the Shiny Mythical creature in Pokemon Go.

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What Are The Eevee Nicknames In Pokmon Go

Pokemon Go Sylveon Eeveelution Debut, Fairy

Eevee has eight different evolutions , broken up into groups that evolve in different ways. In addition to these proper means of evolution, you can also guarantee an Eevee will evolve in a particular way by giving it a certain nickname. Those nicknames are:

  • Vaporeon: Rainer
  • Glaceon: Rea
  • Sylveon: Kira

If you give an Eevee one of these names, then give it enough Candy to evolve, itll evolve into the form the name is associated with. Remember, though, these nicknames can only be used once per evolution. If you name two Eevees Pyro, only one is guaranteed to evolve into a Flareon.

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Leaders Have Strong Pokemon

Team Leaders will have extremely strong Pokemon in their party when you challenge them to a fight. Remember to power up your Pokemon and put them in your party before challenging them to fights!

Rescue the Shadow Pokemon

Team GO Rocket Leaders will also have Shadow Pokemon, which you can rescue after you beat them. These special Pokemon may possess special abilities that normal Pokemon do not have!

When Does Sylveon Come Out In Pokemon Go

| May 18, 2021

Pokemon GO is going to debut Sylveon during the Luminous Legends Y event, and players can anticipate this Fairy-type Pokemon arriving on their phone screens later this month.

The first part of the Luminous Legends Y event will begin on May 18 and end on May 24. In the second part of the event, which begins on May 25 and ends on May 31, will feature Sylveon.

â Pokémon GO May 11, 2021

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When Is Sylveon Coming To Pokmon Go

Friendship needs to be a little bit higher.

Its been a long time coming, but Sylveon now has a clear release date in Pokémon Go. It will be arriving in the Luminous Legends Y event, which kicks off May 18. However, Sylveon wont be making its appearance the second part, on May 25. The first part of the Luminous Legends Y event will have players hunting down several Dark-type Pokémon as Yveltal makes its debut to the mobile game.

Its been revealed that how players evolve Eevee into Sylveon will earn hearts when Eevee is your buddy. This tracks pretty closely with the standard game as an Eevee had enough friendship points to evolve into Sylveon. Although, other Eevee evolutions also require this step, which means there will be a bit more well have to do when Sylveon does release. Well be learning more about it on May 25.

Sylveon is the Fairy-type evolution for Eevee. This is the final Eevee evolution that many players have been waiting for. Following the Luminous Legends Y event, youll still be able to evolve any Eevee you capture into a Sylveon, so long as you follow the exact steps. Alternatively, Sylveon will have an evolution name trick, which means if you give an Eevee this name, it will evolve into a Sylveon, but you can only do it once.

How To Get Vaporeon Jolteon And Flareon In Pokemon Go


The first Eeveelutions, Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon are relatively easy to obtain in Pokemon Go. To evolve Eevee into them, trainers simply have to feed it 25 Eevee candy. However, there is no guarantee which of the three Eevee will evolve to once youve used the nickname trick. Itll be a game of chance, but with the low candy requirement trainers will have plenty of chances to get all three.

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What Weather To Watch For

Given his dual typing of Fire and Flying Ho-Oh will be boosted by both Sunny and Windy weather. If you want an extra challenge with a better reward of a stronger Ho-Oh waiting at the end then you can watch for either of these to catch the powered up Pokémon. However, if you want an easier time in your legendary raid you can wait for Partly Cloudy weather, which will boost the Rock type Pokémon youll be using to counter Ho-Oh.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Corsola

Pokemon Sword and Shield Corsola is a Water and Rock Type Coral Pokémon, which makes it weak against Electric, Fighting, Ground, Grass type moves. You can find and catch Corsola in Giants Mirror with a 5% chance to appear during Overcast weather. The Max IV Stats of Corsola are 65 HP, 55 Attack, 65 SP Attack, 95 Defense, 95 SP Defense, and 35 Speed.

List of Corsola Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

Speed 35

Based on this pokemons stats we consider the best nature for Corsola to have is Sassy, this will increase its Sp. Def and decrease its Speed stats.

Corsola Abilities

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How To Get Sylveon During Community Day

Sylveon is arguably going to be the most popular Eevee evolution this Community Day.

While its power and performance in the meta is one reason, Sylveon has also been made a lot easier to get over the course of the weekend.

Rather than earning the usual 70 hearts with Eevee as a buddy in order to get Sylveon, theyll only need 10% of that, with 7 hearts being enough for Sylveon.

For those who have yet to do it, Kira is the name for Sylveons naming trick.

Is Vaporeon Better Than Espeon

Espeon Name Trick Pokemon Go

I would go for Vaporeon as it has much broader use: good defender, tanky neutral attacker, fair type specific-atttacker, whereas Espeon has a very narrow use: Machamp raids. Then again, the importance of Machamp raids will vary. In my area, they are obsolete after weather boost, with easy access to high level Machops.

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Pokemon Go: Sylveon Nickname Evolution Trick Revealed

Pokemon Go fans have already cracked the code on how to guarantee their Eevee evolves into a Sylveon. Pokemon Go players are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Sylveon, the final Eevee evolution yet to be added to the game. Because of Sylveon’s appearance on the current loading screen, most players expect that the Pokemon will arrive in the near future, likely in conjunction with the game’s upcoming Friendship Day event later in April. While Sylveon isn’t live yet, players have already discovered how to guarantee to make an Eevee evolve into Sylveon. When players name their Eevee “Kira,” Sylveon’s silhouette will appear on the Evolve button. While trying to evolve a Kira-nicknamed Eevee currently results in an error, it seems likely that this is the newest “nickname” trick needed to guarantee that you have at least one Sylveon in your collection.

The Eevee nickname trick is one of Pokemon Go‘s oldest easter eggs. While evolving Eevee usually results in either a random result or requires some additional requirement, the developers added a way to guarantee that your Eevee will evolve into a certain evolved form exactly one time. When players nickname an Eevee a certain way, they can bypass the usual evolution requirements and automatically evolve Eevee into whichever form they choose. However, each nickname can only be used one time.

The other Eevee nicknames are as follows:

  • Vaporeon: Rainer

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