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Pokemon Lets Go Shiny Hunting

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How To Find Rare Pokmon

How to get EASY SHINY POKEMON in Lets Go Pikachu And Eevee – Best Shiny Hunting Guide

You’ll likely notice your Catch Combos are coaxing rarePokémon into appearing before you observe any of the other bonuses. Almostevery area has a Pokémon that will ordinarily be very rare, but will becomemore common as your Catch Combo grows. Many of these Pokémon were onlyavailable once in the original PokémonYellow: Special Pikachu Edition, but with a little work you can get as manyas you want in Pokémon: Let’s Go,Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go,Eevee!


Pokemon Lets Go Shiny Pokemon List

Everything you need to know about Shiny Pokemon in Lets Go

  • Shiny Pokes will appear a different;color only after you enter the encounter.
  • When seen in the wild they will have a Shiny/Glittering Particle;Effect.

To better help you spot these out if the particle effect isnt enough to catch your attention or maybe you just curious below we have a list of All Shiny Pokemon for Pokemon Lets Go.

It is still unknown at the moment whether;there is a Stat or any other;difference between regular and shiny variants of the same species;of pokemon. As soon as there is more information available;this page will be updated.

Not sure who evolves from what? Have a look at our Evolution Chart.

How To Keep You Pokemon Catch Combo Going

If you aim to keep your combo as high as possible while you are hunting for shinies or want to reap the benefits of EXP multipliers, there are a few things to look out for.

1. Catch combos only increase if you keep catching the same Pokemon over and over again. If you are chaining Ponytas, for instance, and you decide to catch its evolution Rapidash, the chain is broken.

2. If a Pokemon runs away before you can catch it the chain is broken. One of the most frustrating things to see is a Pokemon dash away just when you were about to hit a massive catch combo. At the same time, if you decide to run away from the encounter, you will not lose your combo.

3. You will lose the combo if you turn off the game or your Nintendo Switchs battery dies on you. Putting your console into sleep mode or dipping into the main menu will not affect you catch combo.

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Dynamax Adventures: Fun But Time Consuming

2020’s Crown Tundra DLC for PokemonSword & Shield allows Trainers to go on Dynamax Adventures. These adventures consist of four Trainers running a gauntlet of Dynamax Pokemon before encountering a Legendary Pokemon at the end.

These adventures require trainers to use rented Pokemon, and they can be tough if Trainers don’t have the right strategy. However, with great challenge comes great rewards. Any Pokemon caught in a Dynamax Adventure, Legendary and excellent non-Legendary alike, have shiny odds of 1 in 300 , which is the best available in Sword & Shield.

The Journey Doesnt End There

Pokémon Let

So, 400 hours deep and every shiny Pokémon caught, whats next? Well, my plan right now is to train every one of them up to level 100, use candy and bottle caps to sort their stats, sort their moves, and defeat every one of the games Master Trainers with a shiny version of their prized pokemon. As you do.

Im not sure how I feel now that my quest is over. Im relieved that Im past the stages that invoked sunk cost fallacy and deterred me from playing other games. But there are a lot of mixed feelings. Accomplishment and pride, tinged with a strange sense of loss, unsure quite what can fill this gap in my gaming schedule. I feel excitement and curiosity wondering about if Ill ever manage to do this in another Pokémon game one day. I have the urge to get a tattoo to celebrate, but of what design Im not certain.

One thing does seem pretty clear. I may have played 400 hours of the most casual Pokémon RPG, but my quest to be the very best has only just begun.

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Fleeing Pokemon Breaks Your Combo

Yes, I know I mentioned it before, but seriously, it’s ridiculously frustrating when a Pokemon flees the battle and that counts as breaking your combo. To ensure that you’re going to have the best chance of that not happening, I would stock up with Ultra Balls, make sure you’ve got a pocket full of Razz Berries and never linger too long between Poke Ball throws. It’s also worth remembering, as I’ve mentioned in our Pokemon Let’s Go tips, that a Pokemon can flee at any point during the catching process, whether that’s post berry feeding or mid-throw. It’s worth noting that the higher your combo, the easier the Pokemon is to catch – green rings rather than red – meaning you can drop down to cheaper balls as you go up the combo scale.;

Pokemon Lets Go Shiny Guide

You may have entire teams of Level 100, max IV monsters in Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee, but are they shiny? If not, why not?

Shiny Pokemon are just like their regular counterparts except theyre, well, shiny. Rather than taking on a metallic glint, these special Pokemon are color-swapped. For instance, a shiny Cubone is green. Green isnt exactly shiny, but green Cubone is still shiny Cubone. These creatures are rarer – and so far more coveted.

Anyway, Pokemon Lets Go has completely reinvented shiny hunting because the game actually addresses it as a thing. The Shiny Charm that the Game Director in Celadon City gives you after you complete the Pokedex attests to this – it is designed to increase your chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon in the wild.

While shinies have always been available, Nintendo has finally decided to come out and say, Heres a thing for you shiny hunters. However, the Shiny Charm isnt the only thing you can use to better your chances of encountering shinies.

Here are some of the best techniques for catching shinies in Pokemon Lets Go:

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The Shiny Charm: An Essential Tool

Introduced in the Generation V games, Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, the Shiny Charm is the most important item for any aspiring shiny hunter. Once a Trainer is given this item, every time they encounter a wild Pokemon, the game will roll the shiny odds three extra times. This effectively gives starting odds of 1 in 1365.

To obtain this item, Trainers have to;catch ’em all:;completing the largest Pokedex of that particular;game unlocks the Shiny Charm . After obtaining it, shiny odds will be improved for any other additional method Trainers wish to use.

Shiny Hunting In Let Go Pikachu/eevee

Top 10 *BEST SHINY HUNTING LOCATIONS* in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu!

General Information

LGPE are the first main series titles to make an appearance on the Nintendo Switch. Instead of encountering Pokémon in the grass, LGPE have the wild Pokémon running loose on the Overworld! Wild Pokémon spawn out of the grass/water or in the sky and will remain on the Overworld for roughly 20-25 seconds before despawning. Some lower-leveled common Pokémon will stay for about 1-2 minutes, but I wouldnt test your luck. LGPE does the shiny roll differently than the other games. Instead of rolling as you encounter a Pokémon, the game does the roll a few seconds before the Pokémon spawns.

If you get a shiny roll, the shiny will appear on the Overworld in their shiny colors and surrounded by a set of shiny sparkles. These sparkles are different from the red and blue auras that will surround large and small Pokémon that give you a catch bonus when captured. Please keep in mind that a Pokémon can be shiny and also have a size aura around it, thus hiding the sparkles a bit. Shiny Pokémon still have the same despawn time as every other Pokémon in the game. If youre not careful, you could lose yourself a shiny.

Getting Supplies Ready

This last part is completely optional. The Player 2 option in the game lets you play with someone else while catching Pokémon. If you both throw a Pokéball in sync, you have an increased catch rate. You can control both joycons yourself to catch Pokémon for that boost.

Shiny Hunting Methods

1. Just Waiting Around

3. Route Resetting

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Keep That Catch Combo Going

Catching wild Pokémon has never been more fun than it is in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, and with theright strategy, catching Pokémon can be more productive than ever, too. Whenyou catch Pokémon of the same species consecutively, you’ll start to build a CatchCombo. Your Catch Combo will continue to grow as you catch more and more of thesame Pokémon, increasing the odds that rare Pokémon will appear and that thePokémon you’re catching will have high stats. You might even find a ShinyPokémon!

Building a Catch Combo is the best way to catch fantasticPokémon, and the best way to earn lots of Candy and Exp. Points, too. Read onfor some tips to get the most out of building Catch Combos in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

Building Catch Combos To Boost Shiny Encounter Rates

Catch combos are a new feature in Pokemon Lets Go that reward you for monotonously catching the same Pokemon over and over again. For instance, if you catch 10 lovely Magikarps in a row, youll have a 10 Magikarp combo. The good thing about this is that catch combos actually serve a purpose. We’ve got a full page all about catch combos and how they work.

The odds of encountering a shiny increase at combos of 11x, 21x, and 31x, with the last one increasing the odds of encountering a shiny to roughly 1 in 273 if used with the methods mentioned above. Lots of people are going for catch combos of 150+, but thats a bit pointless, really, because the odds increase caps at 31x.

I could send you on your way now that you have the information required for maximum shiny odds, but Im going to provide an example I used last night that netted me two shinies within four minutes of achieving max odds. Any combo works for all Pokemon. What I mean is, if youre on a 31x catch combo of Pidgeys, you still have a 1 in 273 chance of encountering a shiny Dragonite. With that in mind, dont waste a million Ultra Balls on things that are hard to catch.

Combos only reset if the Pokemon runs away, you catch a different Pokemon, or you turn the game off . Running into other Pokemon is fine once you dont catch them and you can leave the map as often as you like. Trainer battles also have no impact on the combo, so battle to your hearts content.

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Pok Radar: Rustling Grass Hides Shinies

Available in both the fourth and sixth generations, the Poké Radar is the shiny hunting method that requires the most focus. When activated while standing in a patch of grass, four patches of grass will rustle. If a player enters one of these rustling patches, they will;encounter a Pokemon and start a chain. If they defeat that Pokemon in battle, the grass will rustle again. The patch that was rustling the most will usually lead to an;encounter with the same species.

This requires watching the grass carefully and the streak can be easily ruined;if players aren’t paying attention. However, the reward can be great: the chain maxes out at 40 encounters, with shiny odds of 1 in 200.

Closing Thoughts And Info

Shiny Hunting Ponyta! Pokemon Lets Go Eevee and Pikachu ...

Due to spawning restrictions and Rare Pokémon tables in place, only one Charmander can spawn in the overworld at once. This is why the ladder method is used. Due to this, it may seem to take longer to find a shiny Charmander than other Pokémon, as others can spawn multiple in the world at once, but keep hunting and you will find the Shiny eventually!

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How To Get Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Let’s Go: Maximizing Your Chances

The first way you can obtain yourself a shiny Pokemon or two in Pokemon Let’s Go is simply to, well, keep catching Pokemon. As we said back in the opening, there’s a 1 in 4096 chance you’ll find a shiny naturally, so there’s that. You’re really not going to want to have to deal with that chance all the time, however – that’d lead to you making thousands of Pokemon catches with fingers crossed – so we’ve got a few tips for increasing your chance of catching a shiny.

First off, remember that these methods all stack – so for your highest possible chance of getting a shiny you’ll want to combine a few of these bonuses. Remember that your rate;of finding a shiny doesn’t really increase with each non-shiny Pokemon you see: so if your encounter chance is 1 in 4096, it’s always;that with every new encounter – if you were to encounter 4095 non-shiny Pokemon in a row, there’s;no guarantee that;4096th encounter would be shiny. You can turn the odds more in your favor, however, by employing these methods. Here they are:

  • These numbers are base numbers,;before;using a Lure and;without the shiny charm. Theoretically, they could move a little higher still.
  • If you’re careful with this method, you can totally build up a;shiny chain – encountering shiny after shiny repeatedly.
  • These numbers are according to our calculations based on in-game experiences and the hard work of Let’s Go data-miners – we’ll update it with more absolute, concrete numbers if they emerge.
  • Catch Combos: Gotta Catch The Same One Over And Over

    The seventh generation remakes of the Generation One games, Pokemon;Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee, added the beloved feature of Pokemon walking around in the overworld. This made encountering the Pokemon players want much easier.

    If gamers catch the same Pokemon consecutively, they;start a catch combo, which the game helpfully displays. Get this combo to 31 or higher and the reward is;severely boosted shiny odds. These range from 1 in 340 to 1 in 270 if lures and the Shiny Charm are both used used. The best thing about this method is that once the chain is at 31, players don’t have to do anything other than sit and wait for the shiny to appear. Shiny hunting is one big draw of the post-game in Let’s Go, after all.

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    Catch Combos Heighten Your Chances Of Encountering A Shiny Pokemon

    If you catch the same species of Pokemon in a row, you’ll start racking up a catch combo. The higher your catch combo, the more likely you are to see a shiny of the same species spawn on the map. Keep it going by making sure that you don’t catch anything else, and ensuring that your intended target doesn’t flee, because unfortunately – despite the fact that often these things are out of our control – that will also break your combo.;

    It is looking very likely that the shiny catch combo is locked at 31. Without any kind of catch combo, it seems that you have a 1:4900 chance of catching a shiny, but if you get anything above a maximum catch combo of 31, that chance goes up to 3.9/4900, which still isn’t great, but better odds than before. But what it does mean is that 31 catch combo is the maximum, so you could catch 500 or 31 and it would still offer the same chance of catching a shiny.;

    That means that racking up combos doesn’t guarantee a shiny appearing, it just increases your odds. This is coming from someone who spent an entire evening trying to get a shiny Zubat and got to 307 catch combo before throwing in the towel.;

    Every Trade Tells A Story

    Ultimate Pokemon Shiny Hunting Guide – Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee

    One thing I started to notice as my journey progressed and I passed the 60 shiny mark, was that I could really tell a lot about the kind of trainer who had sent me a Pokémon by the nickname they had given it.

    Shiny Pokémon are rare, and as such, seeing them with nicknames is pretty common. You cant rename a Pokémon traded to you so youre stuck with whatever nickname its previous owner has given it. I honestly love that; it tells a story about the kind of person who found it.

    Warm Hugs the Ninetails and Jelly Belly the Snorlax were both unexpected finds, from players less invested in shiny hunting. Their names show that they were loved catches, caught by trainers who were excited to stumble upon them and had named them with affection.

    Comparatively, I received a Horsea named T-S-Horsea and a Seadra called T-S-Horsea2 from a trainer with a much more methodical and clinical naming system. I figured out that the T stands for timid, the best nature for a Horsea . S stands for shiny, and Horsea2 shows that Seadra was caught as a Horsea and evolved later. Its a naming system that says a lot about the serious way its owner played the game.

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    Your Buddy Can’t Be Shiny

    Although it’s possible to find a shiny Pikachu or Eevee in the world, it has been confirmed that your actual Buddy Pikachu for Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, and your Buddy Eevee in Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, can’t spawn as a shiny. That’s right, your Partner Pokemon cannot be shiny, regardless of the number of times you reset the game. Sorry folks. However, it is worth resetting the game a few times if you’re looking for a female version of Pikachu and Eevee as they’re rarer than the male ones.;

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