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Pokemon Ash And Serena Married Fanfiction

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Pokmon Journeys: The Series

Before Chloe, who is being sent off by Serena, leaves on the ship, Ash and Goh catch up to her. Serena recognizes Ash as he runs past her, and calls out his name. Ash turns around in surprise, and exclaims her name before asking how she was doing since they last met. Serena follows up by flaunting her new outfit and stating that she was doing good, adding that Pikachu looked good too.

Chloe questions how they knew each other, and Ash takes initiative to inform her on their adventure in Kalos. The ship horn suddenly blows, alerting of its departure. As the ship begins to sail away, they exchange their future plans to each other Ash tells Serena of his goal to become the best battler, and Serena tells him about her goal to become the best performer. They tell each other to do their best, and that they would be cheering for one another.

Serena waves him and the others off until the ship is gone. She wears a look of reminiscence on her face, looking in the direction of the ship, before she and her Sylveon run off. A narration finishes with Ash and Serena are both giving everything they have to try and make their dreams come true. Maybe someday Chloe will find her own dream too.

Pokmon The Series: Xyz

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Ash delirious in Serenas arms

In Battling at Full Volume!, Ash trains Pikachu and Greninja on a river. Serena throws a towel to Ash in the hope of not catching a cold. He catches said towel, assuring her that he will be fine, and sneezes. The next day, Serena asks Bonnie to wake Ash up. He comes out of his tent, and tiredly walks towards Serena. When he gets close to her, Serena feels some romantic tensions, then Ash says Iron Tail, Pikachu! and falls down. Serena checks his forehead, and says to Clemont and Bonnie that he has a fever. Back in Ashs tent, Serena tries to cool his temperature with a washcloth but does little to lower his fever. Clemont and Bonnie go out to find some medicine, leaving her and Pikachu to take care of the young trainer. Meanwhile, another trainer named Jimmy is searching for Ash. Serena borrows Ashs clothes to battle the punk-rock trainer in his place. Midway through the battle, Team Rocket kidnap Ashs Pikachu and Jimmys Pikachu Spike, and blows Serenas cover. A recovered Ash commands Greninja to stop their truck. Jimmy sees Serena as a trainer equal in spirit as Ash.

Serena kissing Ash

Pokmon The Series: Xy

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Serena staring at Ash on TV.

It is not until partway through the season that Serena is introduced. She is seen firstly seen as she slumps to her sofa to watch TV after a Ryhorn racing session with her mother. As she watches, she sees a boy dangling from the top of Lumiose Tower in an attempt to calm a frantic Garchomp. She quickly recognizes it to be Ash and grows excited, but she was unsure whether it was really him or not. Then sets out on a journey to find him.

Upon entering Professor Sycamores lab, Serena asks him about the trainer she saw on TV and he confirms that it is Ash, to which Serena gets more excited.

Serena returning Ashs backpack. The moment when they meet again.

Serena trying to get Ash to remember her

After Ash finally gets his first Kalos medal, the group sets off for Cyllage City. Serena is perplexed and hesitant when Ash asks her what she will do next. In the midst of their doubts, Ash proposes to Serena that they would travel the entire Kalos region together, which she accepts. From there they set off for their next destination in the company of Clemont and Bonnie.

Serena blushed in front of Ash

In the evening of the next day, Serena offers Ash some biscuits for helping her as a child.

Ash and Serena having dinner together

Ash and Serena winning a raffle

Serena impressing Ash with her sensual outfit

Ash and Serena exploring under the sea in a submarine

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Pokmon The Series: Xy Kalos Quest

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Grace bringing Ash and Serena together

Ash praises Serena in A Race for Home!, saying it was thanks to her he learned how to ride a Rhyhorn. They Both find Grace, who hopes that her daughter has had training at the races. Suddenly, wheh Grace is talking to Clemont, she brings Ash and Serena together and they look at each other with embarrassment, maybe because Grace sees them looking cute when they are together.

Ash and Serena in their first date

Ash giving Serena a blue ribbon, which she now wears all the time.

Serena trying to hold Ashs hand

Serena impressing Ash with her new appearance

Serena loses her first Pokémon Showcase in Coumarine City in A Showcase Debut!. She goes off alone regretting her defeat and therefore decides to cut her hair short and completely change her image. Later, when the group sees Serenas new hairstyle for the first time, Ash is the only one who has a positive reaction. Clemont asks what happened and Bonnie complains that she preferred Serenas long hair. Ash comments that the blue ribbon he gave Serena in the previous episode looked great on her.

Serena sitting next to Ash

Ash and Serena riding in a Mamoswine

Pokemon Ash And Ursula Fanfiction Lemon

Road To Master (Amourshipping)

Since pokemon is copyrighted, I doubt you will find any official transformation stories with Pokemon or more professional writers wanting to invest time in such a thing. Have you tried actual pokemon forums like serebii and smogon? Click to expand Sylver Active Member. I wish you luck in your travels, for the path is dark and full of terrors. TLDR I read furry porn at age 12 and it scarred me.

Stratelier Well-Known Member. Sylver said:. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 6, It’s been a while since I’ve gone on an adventure across the internet in search of stories, but I am afraid I cannot aid you on these travels, for there be evil there that does not rest. Stratadrake said:. Or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but that series removes the Trainer element entirely in favor of a setting inhabited by Pokemon exclusively.

I skim the Transformation genre setting on FA sometimes, but I can’t point to specific stories because 1 half of them aren’t posted in Web-readable format and 2 the other half are a waste of time anyway. I remember skimming one that saw a Trainer getting turned into, I think it was a Braixen, while his Pokemon was turned into a human, but it was a one-shot, and a lemon there’s a reason I said “skim”, not “read”.

No redeeming value there, sorry.

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Hai Bisogno Di Assumere Un Freelance Per Un Lavoro

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Pokmon’s Ash And Serena Kiss While Saying Goodbye

Thanks to a fan translation shared on Reddit, Pokémon fans were able to learn more about the emotional end to the Pokémon XY& Z anime, and the moment that Serena says goodbye to Ash and Pikachu. As Serena prepares to leave Kalos, she tells Ash that she wants to be more like him, before stepping onto the escalator in farewell. However, she turns and dashes back up the steps as viewers get a slow-motion scene of Ash and Serena’s feet as she goes up on her toes. When she pulls away, she is blushing, and Ash looks awestruck, while Clemont seems embarrassed in the background. After translating an interview in AnimeStyle magazine with Yajima Tetsuo, a director of Pokémon XY& Z, it is revealed that a kiss implied to happen during the scene.

While Serena hasn’t returned in recent seasons, there is hope within the Pokémon fandom that the relationship between herself and Ash will be revisited in future episodes of the anime, or movies. It’s hard to say what the future could be for Ash and Serena, as the Pokémon anime doesn’t usually age the main characters, or cover what happens when they grow up. However there is always a chance that Pokémon fans will have a chance to see Serena again in future cameo appearances, and hopefully add to the relationship between herself and Ash.

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Ash X Serena Fanfiction Wedding

Ash X Serena Fanfiction Wedding. Ash ketchum. a young trainer. accidentally signs up to be in the reality show and ridiculously enough. allot of his old friends signed up for it too. May 3 c1 1 raise257.

As ash moaned quite silently. serena let out a small giggle before stopping. as ash let out a big groan. Serena was looking down at ash from the pokemon center while thinking. Ash and serena smiled at each other as their favorite part of the ceremony came up.


He was going to propose today. 1 hour later ash walks into the room.


Pikachu use thunderbolt said ash with a lazy expression. Academy ash x reader manga pokemon x reader.


Ash remember there first kiss under a full moon. Right now. theyre living at ashs moms house.


Sungyeah said the post is fine as long as theres a traceback to him. The stage was still there but as queen grace didnt really want someone like ash messing up the ceremony. shed sent him back to the dungeon for 24 hours.


Ash went out to the stone emporium. and bought a wedding ring. 8 years. after the kalos league. ash and serena are living in a house in pallet town. together.


May 3 c1 1 raise257. Dawn. got pikachu and returned it to ash at the beginning of the sinnoh region.


Sungyeah said the post is fine as long as theres a traceback to him. Serena. for being to weak for you. i know iâm not perfect.

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Pokemon Eevee Transformation Fanfictionlavori

You shouldn’t try to count on the transformation theme of FA to find you a serious story of the concept I was looking for since most of them are either one-shots or the sequentials being more about turning more people. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 7, You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.


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Pokemon Reunites Ash And Serena With One Emotional Reunion: Watch

    Pokemon has finally brought Ash Ketchum and Serena back together for a reunion with the newest episode of Pokemon Journeys, and definitely hit fans right in the chest with how it all shook out! The newest iteration of the franchise has been bringing Ash face to face with a number of friends and foes from the past throughout the series thus far, but there were still many characters left on the list that fans wanted to see again. The one at the top for many was Serena, who is at the top of many fans’ lists as a favorite traveling companion.

    Pokemon Journeys has been bringing back these older characters while providing updates on how they have lived their lives since last seen in the series, and that’s why fans were especially excited to see Serena making her comeback. Returning to the anime after six long years since fans saw her traveling to the Hoenn region at the end of the X and Y series, Serena and Ash actually got to have a long awaited reunion as well. But it’s definitely not the ones fans expected, and probably heartbreaking in just how short it actually is! Check it out below as spotted by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter:

    The Ash and Serena scene with the visuals, the dialogue, the aesthetics, the background score. Could watch it forever and not get bored. Literal perfection.#Anipoke

    Anipoke Fandom

    Do Pokmon’s Ash And Serena Ever Get Married

    Pokémon’s protagonist Ash Ketchum may finally find love with Serena thanks to the events of the anime XY& Z, leaving room for a future relationship.

    While there have been many characters and relationships presented in the Pokémon anime, events in XY& Z may have been a game-changer for Pokémon’s charismatic hero, Ash Ketchum. During the events of XY& Z, Ash travels with Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena as they explore the Kalos region. However, Ash’s relationship with Serena takes a romantic turn as she struggles with her crush on him, and Ash slowly becomes interested in Serena beyond friendship.

    Ash and Serena’s relationship starts out primarily one-sided. Serena remembers Ash from their first encounter as children at professor Oak’s Pokémon camp, where he lends her his handkerchief to protect her knee after she has fallen down. Serena keeps the handkerchief for years after, hoping for a chance to return it to him. When she sees him on TV one night at the start of the Pokémon XY anime, she sets out to meet with him, not knowing how it will alter the course of either of their lives.

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    Ash And Serena Fanfiction Married Lemon

    Amourshipping Pregnant With Twins

    I’m putting this thread here because I’m looking for more than just fanfics with this concept, I’m also looking for comics, videos, and any other sort of media that uses this concept. Also, I put it in this discussion because I feel like this could be the most appropriate place for it since I’m looking for more than just fanfics.

    Bonus points if the Trainer and the afflicted could talk to each other during their adventure. The good news is that the story is done so you can read it at your leisure if you’re interested.

    But its sequel isn’t though. Charcole: A Fancomic on DA and on another website, that’s about a teenager of a scientist who accidently turned himself into a Charmander by his Father’s teleporter and then he gets caught by a newbie trainer.

    The comic is still ongoing.

    It’s on FA and Fanfiction. The story is about the growing friendship between the titular characters though at one point they ended up being fused together with Kevin turning into a Buizel while his Buizel is sent to his former trainer’s mind. I think they separate at one point but I don’t know how as I didn’t read it. And those are the three stories that I know that uses this concept. I want to know if any of you know more stories that uses this concept, it can be a fanfic, fancomic, fanvideo, or even a fangame.

    Anyway kind of media is fine even if it’s finished or incompleted. Maugryph Member.

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