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Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom Hack

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Complete Walkthrough Of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom:

WHAT A STARTER! Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 8bitbros Version (3DS ROM HACK) Episode 1

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Gameplay is truly awesome, the Pokemon graphics are now more vibrant and beautiful. It have included some Pokemon which was Not Included in Pokemon Ruby Rom & Pokemon Sapphire Rom like Pokemon Smoochum Pokemon Munchlax. Pokemon Smoochum has very high Sp.Attack and Speed just like How Pikachu was in Pokemon Yellows Cartridge . In this game you will be having a blue backpack instead of red one. And also New battle theme is available for this game .

This new game changed the position of the Starters: Before it was Mudkip, Torchic and Treecko Now it is Rowlet, Litten and Popplio

How To Play Pokmon Rutile Ruby And Star Sapphire

Its worth mentioning that you need to have the original copy of the game to be able to play these ROM hacks. If you plan to play the game on the Nintendo 3DS, you also need to download Luma3DS version 7.0 or higher. Its easy to install and you can do it with any 3DS. Emulating the game on Citra is a slightly different story, though, if only for the different keybindings. Of course, you can change these keybindings to provide a more comfortable experience while playing. The installation process is pretty much the same, though, and this ROM download shouldnt give you trouble!

After downloading the ROM hack, simply launching Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire will show you the modified versions of the game Pokémon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire. You can check this by simply looking at the logo displayed on the title screen.

How Many Legendary Pokemo Nn Characters Are There

There are total 5 Legendary Pokemo nn Characters: Lugia Groudon Kyogre Pokemon Deoxys Pokemon Rayquaza

This Game has some new Pokemon too, Pokemon Crustle Pokemon Shelgon Pokemon Altaria Pokemon Darkrai Pokemon Manaphy & Pokemon Jirachi. It also consists of all the features which were present in Pokemon Emerald game and it was last version before the generation 4 was launched! Yes so we can say that this is best Generation 3 game ever!

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Pokemon Nova Sun And Umbra Moon

Pokémon Nova Sun and Umbra Moon are mods for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Their main purpose is to provide a more challenging game experience while not artificially limiting the player. The premier feature of Nova Sun and Umbra Moon is the ground-up redesign of Pokémon Trainers in the world to increase the games challenge. Every trainer in the game has been edited, and the level curve expects use of the Experience Share, which means that the player levels up very quickly. Every Pokémon in Trainers teams has a hold item and a proper moveset. The end-game of the main story features trainers with Levels in the mid-nineties

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Download

Pokémon Gbalpha Sapphire Hack ROM Nintendo 3ds

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is a Superb 3DS Game which is made by GamesFreak. It is basically a remake of Pokemon Sapphire Rom. Having some new pokemon available for the gameplay. The story was Awesome and full of Anticipation, but there are some problems with new Pokemon available for this game. GamesFreak have removed all old Pokemon from this game to make space for New Pokemon. So it may disappoint you if your favorite Pokemon isnt included in the game.

Explore and Download the Game Quickly

Wow! Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is having some new Pokemon:

Pokemon Smoochum

  • Game Name: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Developers: Game Freak
  • Original Version: Pokemon Sapphire

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Pokemon Rising Ruby And Sinking Sapphire

Weve got a lot to thank Omega Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for, not least of all the creation of Rising Ruby and Sinking Sapphire.

Not only can you play through the main Omega and Alpha titles, but you can also grab and use all 721 Pokemon up to this point.

The game is much more difficult too, with a Pokemon League that seriously takes some beating.

Because there are so many Pokemon in this game, you cant exactly rely on getting the same Pokemon in the same place in the same time either. Its one for the patient explorers who have a lot of time on their hands and not the quick bathroom breakers looking to make a few shocking discovers with Pikachu on the potty.

That last sentence ruined my article readability, but it was so worth it.

Some Important Characters In The Game:

Wally: This Pokemon character is Pokemon one of the most important characters in this game who will surely help you to get all badges and he was not available in previous generation.

Cheryl & Riley: But now its been revealed that they are new Gym Leaders of Hoenn Region , according to previous reports these two people were just some trainers but now its clear that these trainers have become gym leaders because they both had a lot of strong pokemon and if players want to battle with them then they should be prepare for hard work because both have different types of Pokémon .

Battle Frontier: As I said before that there are many places for battling including Battle Frontier too which is best place for training Pokémon so that Pokémon will be more stronger and ready for battling against Elite Fours Trainers.

Game Corner: This Game has a same feature which was Ho-Oh & Celebi then here youre going to find Mewtwo too now! You can get your hands on this Legendary pokemon only if you have enough coins.

May/Brendan : These Characters are also very important in the game . They both are boy and girl who helps players while playing the game . One of them is May/Brendan and another is Brendan/May . If one of them will show up as an opponent in Battle then it means he or she wants to battle with you.

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Pokemon Rutile Ruby And Star Sapphire

Pokémon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire are ROM hacks of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Their main purpose is to provide a more challenging game experience while not artificially limiting the player. The premier feature of Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire is the ground-up redesign of Pokémon Trainers in the world to increase the games challenge. Every trainer in the game has been edited, and the level curve expects use of the Experience Share, which means that you level up very quickly. You should be hitting Level 100 by the time you get to the Elite Four.

The secondary focus of RR/SS is to function as a sort of 20XX Hack Pack where everything obtainable is 100% legal for real online battles, and some features are designed to make preparing competitive teams much less of a hassle.


If you have a CFW and .cia of the game you can follow the installation instructions in the official release thread.

New Methods Of Evolution

Such Disappointment Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 8bitbros Version (3DS ROM HACK) Episode 16

Some Pokémon which usually evolve through trading are now able to evolve through other methods. These methods usually involve the Pokémon holding a certain item, sometimes during a certain time of day. Other methods include the Pokémon simply reaching a certain level, or learning certain moves. Players who preferred the trading method, though, still have it available to them.

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Directory Help: Rom Hack Using Same Save Location

Issue:Hello, Earthlings! Im playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and Ive run into a problem with the file directories. I have a ROM hack of Alpha Sapphire called Sinking Sapphire, which has some slightly altered game mechanics. My issue is that Sink Sapph uses the same file location as Alpha Sapph to save game data, so saving one game will overwrite the second. How can I separate the two games into two distinct file trees so that I can save them separately?

System Information

  • CPU: Not relevant
  • GPU: Not relevant
  • Citra Version : Citra Nightly 1629
  • Game: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Sinking Sapphire
  • Screenshot of Issue : For the pictures Ive attached, right-click > Open Save Data Location for both games takes you to the same place in the file system.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Since the bot is asking for it, Ill mention, I didnt attach a log because my problem isnt a functional one with the games.

Yea Citra doesnt see a difference between the two. If you want to keep and play both save files at the same time, youd probably have to set up a portable citra version. That way, you can keep 2 citras with 2 configurations.

Now you can use the normal citra for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and the portable citra version for your romhack.

Why Play Rom Hacks

There are many reasons to play ROM hacks. Some of them are:

  • Fresh New Gameplay If you love a game and wish you could experience more of it, playing a ROM hack is for you. ROM Hacks usually add new content, worlds, and features to a game.
  • Translations Many games are released in Japanese before theyre released in English or any other language. In most cases, theyre released in Japanese years before theyre localized. Sometimes they dont get localized at all and never see the light of day outside of Japan.
  • Improvements Sometimes a game mechanic is not implemented well in a game, or the UI is not so good. ROM Hacks can help improve the games features, user interface, and more without necessarily altering the actual story or levels.

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Legendaries Groudon & Kyogre:

These two legendaries are the most important Pokemon in it.

Groudon Pokemon was created by ancient Pokemon fans GamesFreak. Groudons used to live in Hoenn region. It is one of the strongest Pokemon in the whole Pokemon Universe thats why it is chosen as a legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire rom. To catch Groudon you need to get 5 or 6 Masterballs and you can tame it easily with them.

Kyogre Pokemon used to live in Sea Regions, Kyogre was also created by ancient Pokemon fans gamesfreak, it was Green Version mascot back in 2004 . In this game we will be having new boss battle against Kyogre & Groudon both at the same time. And you will be having new Pokemon called Pokemon Laporeon which was not included in Pokemon Ruby Rom or Pokemon Sapphire Rom . This Pokemon looks awesome and has a power of both Water and Electric Pokemon, so its attack is very strong.

Pokemon Rising Sun And Waning Moon

Pokémon Sapphire Randomizer #01 O início!!! (Rom modificado)rom hack ...

The results are in, and Pokemon Rising Sun and Waning Moon are officially the best Pokemon Nintendo 3DS ROM hacks of all time!

As well as making things much more difficult, there are some neat little changes to the original games that make these hacks the ultimate Pokemon 3DS titles.

From messing around with the game music to finding and accessing hidden abilities within your Pokemon, the whole journey just feels more immersive and customisable from the get-go.

Youll be pushed to work harder and think on your feet as you play, working with your Pokemon to come up with solutions to the new challenged youre posed along the way.

Dont worry though its not as if youre just thrown in at the deep end and are drowning from start to finish. The game does a great job of preparing you so that you dont feel like youre running before walking.

Or in this case, flying on a Charizard before youre walking with a Charmander or something like that.

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Pokemon Eternal X And Wilting Y

The third spot in our best Pokemon Nintendo 3DS ROM hacks list goes to Pokemon Eternal X and Wilting Y, another set of hacks that allow users to catch all 721 Pokemon.

Thats all the critters from every game. And to be honest, youll need them if youre hoping to tackle this mammoth title.

As you might expect after reading the last two ROM hacks, Eternal and Wilting are more difficult than the original X and Y titles. They come in three different types: Legal, Rebalanced, and Insanity.

Legal mode adds some some extra abilities and special moves that are all still legal in competitive battles online, while Rebalanced makes weaker Pokemon more exciting to use by giving them some kick-ass stats.

Finally, a monster Caterpie that can take on the big leagues.

Insanity mode is basically the Rebalanced mode with even more difficult scenarios thrown into the mix. Its for the tough trainers out there that seek to pull their hair out.

Pokmon Rising Ruby And Sinking Sapphire

Rising Ruby and Sinking Sapphire are modifications of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that allow you to play through the main game with all 721 Pokémon obtainable. They go through the challenge of a significantly stronger Pokémon League. A huge emphasis has been placed on Pokémon availability, with most areas in the game offering 10 or 11 species that havent been seen before that point. The mostly equal chance of encountering any of the Pokémon in an area also mean youre unlikely to get the same thing twice on the first encounter, making the game lend itself well to Nuzlocke runs .

For instructions read the readme file in the .zip archive linked above.

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How Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Looks Like:

Pokèmon Alpha Sapphire is available in English, Spanish and French. Its gameplay is much similar to Pokemon X & Pokemon Y. It has a new battle theme which we used to listen In Pokemon Emerald . Pokemon Ruby Rom & Pokemon Sapphire Rom was first released in 2003 its about 14 year old Game now its super awesome game for us. This video will help you if youre stuck at any level of the game or cant complete any mission in it Also, try,

How To Play Pokemon Alpha Sapphires Tips For Beginners :

Champion Time! Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 8bitbros Version (3DS ROM HACK) Episode 50

If youre playing this game for the first time then just take control of your starter pokemon i.e Pokemon Rowlet/Litten/Popplio to proceed with the story. You should make some Pokedex entries for Pokemon in order to capture them easily. It includes some Pokemon which were not included in Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire.

You should be careful while choosing your team mates, because this game is a single player game and you cant change your Pokemon team every time you want to. Make sure that you have at least 2 Pokemon for each type when capturing Legendary Pokemon just like how I did with Groudon & Kyogre . The main purpose for catching Pokemon is to complete the pokedex entries so that they will become powerful during battles and easy to capture legendary Pokemon such as:

Pokemon Regice Pokemon Registeel Pokemon Regigigas Pokemon Cresselia and much more

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The Delta Episode Side Quests

These side quests are only available in the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire remakes. They involve the protagonist working with some new characters to prevent a meteor from crashing onto their planet. This, of course, requires the involvement of a legendary Pokémon it wouldnt be a Pokémon game if every problem wasnt somehow solved with their help. The Pokémon in question is Rayquaza, and the team ventures out to find it to save their planet from a grim fate.

Pok Mart And Item Changes

  • Poké Mart lists have been consolidated to replace redundant items!
  • Sacred Ash is available in standard Poké Marts, and Revives have had a drastic price increase to discourage their use in battles. Sacred Ash functions as a Max Revive for the entire party, but can only be used outside of battle.
  • Competitive consumables, such as Focus Sash or Air Balloon, are available in standard Poké Marts!
  • Slateport Market is now the go-to place to purchase competitive hold items like Leftovers or Life Orb.
  • All Poké Balls and Repels cost 90% less.
  • All Vitamins cost P125.
  • Revive now costs P20,000. This is so that using Revives outside of battle is perfectly fine, but using a Revive in battle to cheese a fight is something with a serious cost attached to it.
  • Full Restore now costs P7,000. The reasoning behind this is the same as behind the Revive. Unless youre using it in battle, theres no reason to use it over a Max Potion and a Full Heal.

Detailed Item/Mart Change Information

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Rom Hack Pokmon Alpha Sapphire Rndm Version

POKÉMON ALPHA SAPPHIRE RNDM VERSION· What it is, what it isnt· Random list

  • Starter Pokémon
  • Wild encounter: all 721 Pokémon available and increased level
  • Trainer: better AI, higher level and 6 Pokémon for important battles and sometimes they will give you an item
  • Moves: level up moves, egg moves and learnable ones
  • Stats: ±25% of deviation from the original ones
  • Pokémon that evolve with a trade, now evolve by level or holding a specific item and leveling up
  • Some evolution items can be bought at certain market
  • The game has a new title screen banner and a new icon
  • If you chose May, your rival will be no more called Brendan, but Onion dont ask me why maybe because of his hat
  • I used the Bust May Mod by Reisyukaku, dont judge me! If you dont like it, delete from the downloaded archive a\0\2\1 and a\1\3\3 before starting anything.

· How to use it· Credits and thanks

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