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How To Hatch Eggs In Pokemon Go Without Walking

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How To Hatch Pokmon Go Eggs Without Walking

5 Tricks about How to Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go without Walking on iPhone

If you are back into Pokémon Go with the latest update, you need to check out this easy Pokémon Go hack that gamers are using to hatch Pokémon Go eggs without walking. This is a feature, not a Pokémon Go problem.

Yes, the point of the game is to get up and walk to hatch eggs, but jobs, school, and life can get in the way. Instead of walking, you can use this trick to hatch Pokémon Go eggs while you sit still. Its the perfect way to get an edge while you do other things.

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There is a renewed interest in Pokémon Go thanks to an update that added 80 new Pokémon to the mix. Unlike most Pokémon Go hacks and cheats, you dont need to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android phone to use this. appears that the GPS in Pokémon Go is actually worse than it was in previous updates.

What Is Pokmon Go Gps Drift

This allows you to use GPS Drift to hatch Pokémon Go eggs without walking. You just need to allow the game to move you around with less than accurate GPS.

The app then translates this into walking. You can do this to hatch eggs and to find nearby Pokémon that you would otherwise be too far away from to catch.

GPS drift in Pokémon GO is amplified when you are in a building or an area where GPS signals are tougher to get and maintain.

One user on Reddit reports, Im at work right now with my phone next to me. The GPS drift is so intense here that I can easily hatch tons if eggs. Jackeynator goes on to say, just drifted about 500 meters to the east and got to catch a Dunsparce which I didnt have yet.

This trick works much better on the Galaxy S7 and Android phones than on the iPhone according to players. One user reports that with the iPhone even short walks dont register due to efforts to curb GPS drift.

Update: Preview Eggs In Pokmon Go

As of April 2021, players can now see the possible contents of each Egg they pick up. By tapping on an Egg in your Egg Storage, it will display the possible contents before you place the Egg in an Incubator. This doesn’t change the contents of the Eggs. Just like before, the contents are determined when you pick up an Egg, but now you can see the pool of potential Pokémon from when you picked it up.

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Pokemon Go Egg Hatching Exploit Uncovered

The games subreddit is one of the most popular on the internet, with hundreds of thousands of posts locked into the page discussing everything from application updates to ongoing events.

On September 6, a user posted their latest way to crack open eggs without pulling in the mileage.

They said: Im on the 34th floor and it bugs out my Pokémon Go and makes it think I am wandering all over the city from my living room. If I sit on my couch I can hatch a 2k egg in less than 10 min. How beautiful.

So I recently moved into a high rise building from pokemongo

Does It Matter What Type Of Incubator You Use For Every Kind Of Egg

How To Hatch Eggs In Pokémon GO Without Walking

Any Incubator can be used to hatch any Pokémon Egg. That said, if you want the most from your Incubators:

  • Put 2 KM eggs in your unlimited use Incubator first.
  • Put 10 KM eggs in your three-use Incubators first.
  • If you have Super Incubators, use your 10 KM eggs on those first.
  • Look at it this way: If you have a 3-use Incubator and you use it for 2 km eggs, it’ll disappear after 6 km. If you use it for 10 km eggs, you’ll get 30 km out of it, or 5x the distance for your money.

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    Way : Play Pokemon Go When Riding

    How to hatch pokemon go eggs without walking?’

    This is probably one of the oldest tricks to hatch eggs pokemon go without walking. Just strap the smartphone on your bike and over the required distance to hatch an egg.

    Surely, you have to go out of your house for this, still you wont have to walk for it.

    Best Pokemon Go Cheats And Hacks

    Here we have got you over ten Pokemon Go hacks and cheats that can help you hatch eggs faster than ever without much efforts.

    Do you have a lot of eggs to hatch in Pokémon GO and finding it hard to hatch them? Here I have found the 8 best hacks, cheats, tricks, and tips to help you quickly hatch eggs in Pokémon GO without walking. And dont forget to check number 7 on the list, its the best eggs hatching trick.

    In the Pokémon GO game, there are only two ways to find rare and powerful Pokémon. You either go out of your house to walk around the neighborhood to hunt for any wild Pokémon or else hatch those Pokémon GO eggs that usually gives you rare and legendary Pokémon depending on the egg type you have.

    The problem with the latter is you need to walk a lot to hatch those eggs. The eggs are found in 3 types, 2KM, 5KM, and 10KM. For example, if you have a 5KM egg then you need to walk 5KM in order to hatch it.

    That is exactly when the game becomes challenging. However, you dont need to worry as here I have listed the Pokémon GO eggs hatching hacks, cheats, tricks, and tips to help you hatch eggs without walking including that 2KM, 5KM, and 10KM ones too.

    Following are the some best hacks, cheats, and tricks you can use to hatch eggs in Pokémon GO without walking:

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    How Do You Get A Pokmon Egg

    Pokémon Eggs are different than the Lucky Eggs you get when you reach a significant new level or buy at the Shop. You can’t buy Pokémon Eggs at all. You have to collect them at PokéStops, receive them in Gifts from friends, or earn them as rewards for meeting Weekly Fitness goals. Spin a stop when you have space for an egg, and there’s a roughly 20% chance you’ll get a Pokémon Egg along with the more common PokéBalls, potions, and revives.

    That doesn’t mean you’ll get one egg every five stops, though. Random is random, which means you could get five eggs in a row or none at all. If you keep visiting and spinning Pokéstops, though, you’ll eventually get Pokémon Eggs.

    7 KM eggs are not available at Pokéstops. Instead, you get them by opening Gifts send to you by friends. Be sure to open lots of Gifts if you’re after Pokémon found in 7 KM eggs, though if you’re tired of the same Pokémon over and over, you may want to either hold off on opening Gifts for a while or make sure your Eggs are full before you open them.

    As of October 12, 2020, Players can now earn 12 KM Strange Eggs. These are rewarded for defeating the Team GO Rocket Leaders and contain only Dark type and Poison type Pokémon, or Pokémon that evolve into one of those types. It is not yet known if these Strange Eggs will eventually include other types.

    The Hack Of Pokmon Go To Hatch Eggs Without Moving

    Pokemon Go: How to Hatch Eggs Faster Without Walking – (Pokemon Go Hatch Eggs Faster)

    Matt MillsGaming, Tips and Tricks0

    If there is a Pokémon GO trick that users have tried to use ad nauseam, it is to hatch eggs in the game without having to walk tens of kilometers. Niantic has tried to put an end to these cheer up ways of using their game, but a coach has found an unusual way to hatch these eggs without walking.

    Since the Nintendo game for mobile phones was first announced, the company in charge of developing the game influenced the idea of moving to promote a healthy life and improve the physical condition of its players. The idea turned out to be a success, emerging different games using the same system and causing millions of users to come out of their homes to hunt these little monsters.

    However, hatching eggs requires a lot of walking . There are a ton of different eggs to hatch in the game, from 2km to 10km, and even more bizarre ones from time to time that require traveling long distances. With many players having full-time jobs or attending class, there is not much time available to walk miles and miles.

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    Pokemon Go: How To Hatch Eggs And Earn Candy Without Walking Part 2

    Hello dear Trainers. Today will be the day where fellow fans of Pokemon GO have found a device which will make hatching Eggs quite easy if we might say.

    A TikTok user going by the name couponbro has posted a video on the app in which he explains the newest hack to get more steps, which will result in an easier way of getting candies from your buddy and hatching the Eggs faster.

    couponbro posted the video 5 days ago, in which he ordered a device from Amazon, called Orzero step, which is classified as a pedometer.

    You might know this or not, but a pedometer is a device that counts your steps. It is made out of plastic and all you have to do is assemble it and then plug it into a USB port, and push the moveable part of the device. Then the bearing is pushed gently and starts swinging.

    To test if this is true, the user secured his phone to the bearing with a rubber band and opened Pokemon GO. He started off with 13 candies with his Buddy and left it like that overnight. The next morning, he had 18 candies, which was around 15km walked . To top this off, his Egg hatched. We have to admit, this is a quite useful trick. To get even more candies, some users in the comments suggested turning on Adventure Sync, which, according to them will get you even more steps.

    How Long You Need To Walk To Hatch An Egg In Pokemon

    In Pokemon go obtaining eggs is not enough. You will need to hatch it. Being a Pokemon lover, you may know that it is not an easy task to hatch eggs. There are different types of Pokemon eggs that you will need to hatch by walking up to a certain distance.

    • To catch the most accessible eggs, you will need to walk around 3 miles or 2 kilometers on the streets.
    • Some eggs will need a walk of 3.1 miles or 5 kilometers to hatch them.
    • You will also need to walk about 4.3 miles or 7 kilometers to hatch an egg of your choice.
    • For hatching the most challenging eggs, you will need to walk for 6.2 miles or 10 kilometers.

    Yes, it will take a lot of energy to hatch eggs in the game. But, there is shortcut ways or smart ways to hatch Pokemon Go eggs without moving. Take a look at them!

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    Curveballs May Double Your Catch Chances

    In the past you could use Great or Ultra balls to increase your chances of catching Pokémon. A great ball increases the chances by 1.5x and an Ultra ball by 2.0x.

    Great Excellent throws further increased your chances by 1.3x and 1.5x respectively and Razz Berries proved very useful in this regard as well.

    The problem is that these resources can often be very difficult to find, but there are easier ways to increase your chances.

    Curveballs can give you a 1.7x bonus and you can pull them off by spinning a Poké ball before throwing it.

    Try To Purchase More Incubators With Pokecoins

    9 Greatest Ways to Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go without Walking

    If you are an enthusiastic Pokemon Go player, you know how incubators work. While the incubator lets you hatch a limited number of eggs, this trick will help you in hatching more eggs in parallel. As a result, the process of obtaining more Pokemon speeds up.

    With the help of Pokecoins, feel free to buy more incubators. The purchase process for the same is extremely simple. You just need to follow the following three steps:

    Step 1: First, you will need to visit the Pokemon Go cash shop.

    Step 2: At Poke shop spends about150 Pokecoins for purchasing the three-packs of incubators.

    Step 3: At last, just add a Pokemon egg in the incubator, and you are good to go!

    Please note that free incubators can also be availed thrice when you level up.

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    Way : Use A Location Spoofer

    One of the best ways to hatch pokémon go eggs without walking is to use a location spoofer. A lot of players use these typo s apps to mask their actual locations.

    Unfortunately, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has a strict policy against using such measures. But there are a few good apps that can help to spoof your location undetected.

    Just use them and make the game believe that you have actually covered the said distance by foot.

    There are several spoofer app like iSpoofer, iTools, PokeGo etc.

    Way : Create A Model Railroad

    If already own a model train set, then you will have no trouble to hatch eggs on Pokemon Go without walking. We suggest users to use this method if they already have a model train set. As these things are pretty expensive.

    All you have to do is to strap the smartphone on the train and lets it run. Make sure that your device is protected and regulate the speed of the train. If the train is too fast, then there is a chance of detection. So, slow it down a bit.

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    Automated/robotic Floor Vacuum Cleaner

    You must have already heard about robotic vacuum cleaners, which are completely autonomous and vacuums the flooring of your house or office using the intelligent programming system to keep the area clean all the time without any input from your side.

    No doubt, these are the awesome invention. And if you are tech enthusiast then you must have one of these at your home. And here, we will be using this robotic vacuum cleaner to hatch Pokémon GO eggs.

    You will ask, how?

    Open Pokémon GO on your phone and then place your phone on the robotic vacuum cleaner and let it move around your house cleaning those floors. And in the process, those moves will be counted as walking and will bring you closer to hatching eggs without any effort from your side.

    Son using vacuum cleaner robot to help hatch Pokemon egg

    John O’Reilly #BlackLivesMatter

    This eggs hatching trick is most effective when used in a large area because the vacuum cleaner will need to move around the bigger space.

    Features Of Drfone Virtual Location

    Pokemon Go – How To Hatch Eggs And Earn Buddy Candies WITHOUT Walking! (ANDROID)

    Mentioned below are the features associated with dr.Fone Virtual Location .

    • It has a dedicated simulation feature to control the speed of your walking movements. You can simulate the speed either from one spot to another or across multiple locations.
    • It gives you the opportunity to enter the number of times you wish to move. Also, it allows you to move virtually from and to specific locations.
    • It has an option to select the speed as well. As a result, you can pretend as if you are driving, walking, or cycling. This option will eliminate unusual speeds and prevent your account from getting a ban.
    • It gives you the option to change the locations and movements without any limitations.
    • Dr.Fone Virtual Location doesnt require you to jailbreak the device.

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    Use A Turntable To Cover Kilometers

    To fool the game that you have covered kilometers, you can use a turntable at home. This helps you hatch eggs without moving in Pokemon Go.

    The turntable produces circular motion to trick your phone’s internal sensors that you are moving. Therefore, the game allows you to hatch eggs when you cover a particular distance while sitting at home. For this, you will only need a turntable. The following are the steps to follow to use the table to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without walking.

    Step 1: Take a turntable and put your phone on it on the outer side so that it can rotate completely.

    Step 2: Now, start your turntable so that it starts the spin.

    Step 3: Do this for some time and check how many kilometers you have covered in the game. Do spinning until to hatch the eggs.

    This is a very interesting method to fool the game and to hatch the eggs fast without moving.

    Time For Some Sky Hatching

    Pokemon Go has been a staple of the mobile gaming community for the last several years, gaining immense popularity for its unique mechanics and systems within the Pokemon franchise. Recently, a Pokemon Go player discovered a strange glitch that allowed players to hatch eggs without moving when high up in the air. This exploit has now been spread across social media and more players have mentioned their experience of having this occur to themselves.

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    Hatch Eggs Without Walking In Pokmon Go

    So youve been out and about all day long hunting for wild Pokémon and hatching eggs and your feet hurt and you just want to lay in bed. But not without playing Pokémon Go, right? Well if you just found a 10 km egg but youre just not up to yet another lengthy walk heres the thing: you can hatch eggs without walking in Pokémon Go!

    Technically, this is a cheat and the general rule is you can get banned for any cheat but for now you should be safe doing the techniques Ill mention below.

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