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How Do You Restart Pokemon Sun

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How To Start A New Game In Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

how to restart pokemon sun and moon(EASY)

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, your save data is precious, especially if youve spent hundreds of hours trying to fill up your Pokedex or creating a competitive team. For this reason, the games make it quite difficult to delete your save data. Unlike the old Pokemon games, you cannot just start a new game and save over it. This is likely to stop your young family members accidentally wiping your best Pokemon from existence. But if youve picked up a pre-owned version of the game, youre going to want to erase the previous owners data so that you can start your own adventure.

If youre certain that you want to restart your game, here is how to do it. At the title screen, hold up on the D-pad, then press B + X at the same time. The game will ask would you like to delete all saved data? Select yes. It will then ask Is it really OK to delete this saved data? This is your last chance to back out. If youre completely sure, select yes. This will restore the game to the state that it was in after leaving the factory, and youll be good to begin a brand new journey in Alola.

Be sure to check out more Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon guides right here on Twinfinite. Also please check with your older brother first before deleting his progress. You do not want to make that mistake. Trust me.

How To Find New Pokemons To Level

Adding friends in Pokemon Go is not enough as you need to have some powerful Pokemon to win battles. Since going out and looking for Pokemons is not that feasible, consider using Dr.Fone â Virtual Location . Using this trusted application, you can easily spoof your iPhone location to catch tons of Pokemons.

  • You can just connect your iPhone to the application and use its Teleport Mode to spoof your location.
  • Users can just enter an address or the coordinates of the target location and further adjust the pin on the map.
  • You can also simulate the movement of your iPhone between multiple spots at a preferred speed.
  • The interface will include a GPS joystick, letting your move on the map naturally.
  • Using Dr.Fone â Virtual Location is extremely simple and it does not need any jailbreak access as well.

Now when you know how to make new friends in Pokemon Go, you can easily expand your network. As you can see, you can find Pokemon Go friend codes from Reddit, Facebook, Discord, and several other social platforms. Though, to win more battles and level-up in the game, you can consider using Dr.Fone â Virtual Location . It is a 100% trusted application that would let you spoof your iPhone location so that you can catch your favorite Pokemons remotely.

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How To Start A New Game In Pokmon Ultra Sun And Moon

Youve completed the Pokédex, completed the main quest, collected every TM, and proved you are a true Pokémon Master. You have nothing left to prove or perhaps, you want to start your adventure over again with a different starting Pokémon. What are you going to do?

Reset the game and strive to catch em all, all over again thats what.

If you are new to Pokémon games or have picked up a preowned copy of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, then you might have realized that Pokémon games only have one save file, meaning that if you want to start a new adventure, you either have to buy another copy or wipe off all the data on the current cartridge.

Starting a new game, however, and resetting the game to factory settings isnt really spelled out to the player at all. A New Game option does not exist on the main menu and it can sometimes feel like you are just stuck with what you have.

There is a way to start a new game, however, but it will wipe everything you have done in the game thus far. If you have grown attached to some Pokémon then be sure to trade them over to a friend before restarting, otherwise there will be no way to get them back.

With that in mind, heres everything you need to do to reset your copy of Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon.

Step One: Boot up your game so that the opening cutscene plays. Do not go into the main menu.

Step Two: Hold the X, B, and the Up directional buttons on the D-pad. A menu will load asking you if you want to reset your game.

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Pokemon Go: How To Gain Xp Fast Guide

Welcome to the Pokemon Go: How To Gain XP Fast Guide. On this page well show you a Experience Points Boost Guide, which explains how to get to higher levels fast in Pokemon Go with the right equipment to gain your max level in the mobile game.

Finding out how to earn more XP lets you rank up faster now that levels 41 to 50 have been added to Pokemon Go. The trick? Turn on a lucky egg for double XP, then play during a double XP event , to get 1.000 XP times 4 is 4.000 XP per Excellent throw. Simply use a Nanab Berry to stop a Pokemon from moving, and practice throwing Excellent curveball throw on every Pokemon to catch them on the first throw, to get a much higher 4680 XP reward.

  • Pokemon Caught: 400 XP

How To Reset Pokemon X And Pokemon Y On Nintendo 3ds


Theres nothing worse than not knowing how to save a game on a Nintendo 3DS. All of the time you spend beating levels wont matter when you have to start over the next time you play.

Sometimes, you might want to restart your Pokemon game or delete it completely from your play history. When youre ready to reset Pokemon X or save your gameplay, youll find the steps to follow in this article.

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Is Soft Resetting Bad For Your 3ds

Soft Reset

This is a quick way to reload your Pokémon game without having to power down your whole system. This will not erase or negatively harm your data unless you do so while in the middle of saving your game. On Nintendo 3DS Pokémon games, press L + R + Start or L + R + Select to soft reset your game.

Get Sun Stone Pokemon Go 2020

The Sun Stone is a very rare evolution item and it can be used for only very few Pokemons. The Sun Stone can be used to evolve Gloom into Bellossom.

  • The Sun Stone is used to evolve Sunkern into Sunflora.

  • Used;to evolve Cotonee into Whimsicott

  • Used to evolve Petilil into Lilligant.

In all these evolution processes the Sun Stone plays an important role. But the players also need 50 Candy to complete the process.;;

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Change My Gps Location

Change My GPS Location is one of the best spoofing Pokemon GO apps that still work for mainstream iOS devices. As its name implies, it enables its users to change GPS location to anywhere in the world and send a fake location to friends on Whatsapp or Facebook. It works well in apps but turns off after you do something else on the phone, according to feedback.

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How To Get A Sun Stone In Pokmon Go


Evolution items in Pokémon Go can be difficult to come by in the mobile game. Youre not going to find them too often when exploring the game. Youll need to use these items to evolve certain Pokémon, and the Sun Stone is one youll need.

If youre on the hunt for a Sun Stone, your best bet is to try farming it from any nearby Pokéstops. Your next best alternative will be to complete special research or timed research tasks from weekly events. These are the most common ways to acquire the Sun Stone item.

Not every weekly timed or special research contains these evolution items. Typically, theyre given as a reward when that item has something to do with a particular Pokémon is featured. This normally happens if a Pokémon has their shiny version release, or theyre going to be one of the increased spawns players can capture throughout the week.

When youre still having trouble acquiring a Sun Stone, you have the chance to receive one by completing the weekly field research tasks. You can do this by finishing a field research task every day for seven days in a row. By the end of the streak, youll have a chance to capture the monthly breakthrough research Pokémon and several items. One of them can be an evolution item. Its not guaranteed to be a Sun Stone or any of the others, but theres a small chance of it happening.

While its not the best chance to receive one, these are the many ways to receive a Sun Stone and the other evolution items in Pokémon Go.

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How To Restart Pokemon Sun And Moon

Looking to restart Pokemon Sun and Moon? Theres plenty of reasons why someone would want to scrap their save file early on. Maybe you want a new character and name, or maybe youre trying for a starter with a perfect nature. In any case, heres what you need to do.

First, because Pokemon Sun and Moon only allows you to have one active save file at a time, youll need to delete your current game progress. Boot up your game so that youre at the menu screen, and then press X, B, and Up . This will bring up a prompt asking if you wish to delete your file. Say yes, and whoosh, its gone permanently.

Now that youve cast aside your old life, youll head back to the main menu and be able to start a new game and a new adventure in the Alola region. If you ever need to restart Pokemon Sun and Moon again, just repeat this process.

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Ultimate Guide to Sun and Moon filled with everything you need to know.

How To Obtain And Use The Item Kings Rock

Trainers who want to get Slowking or Politoed in Pokemon GO wont be able to do so unless they have a Kings Rock.

This item debuted in Generation II, where it was discovered on the bottom floor of the Slowpoke Well. Slowpoke and Poliwhirl had to be traded with the Kings Rock in order to evolve in the main series games. Thankfully, this mechanic does not exist in Pokemon GO; however, this item is extremely difficult to locate. How do players get Politoed and Slowking in Pokemon GO?

The most common way to obtain Kings Rock in Pokemon GO is to spin PokeStops. Along with the rewards from a spin, there is a chance of picking up one of the evolution items, such as Kings Rock. The problem is that the chances of getting a Kings Rock from spinning a PokeStop are less than 1%. This method is nearly completely unreliable, so no trainer should waste their time using it.

Fortunately, there is wy to void this problem. Some plyers my be fmilir with the rewrds tht come with 7-dy streks of spinning PokeStops . If you complete the entire 7-dy chllenge, you will receive gurnteed evolution item.

Keep in mind tht its one of the evolution items thts rewrded, not Kings Rock specificlly. In Pokemon GO, there re four other evolutionry items, nd the rewrd only ensures tht you get one of them. This mens tht finding the Kings Rock could tke few weeks.

However, every evolutionry item is extremely vluble.

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Best Scizor Counters In Pokemon Go

Reshiram is by far the best bet for a Scizor takedown, but, failing that, there are others that you can choose including Chandelure, Blaziken and Moltres. So take your pick!

But essentially, any Pokemon that can handle itself in a fight and is equipped with Fighting, Fairy, Ground, Bug, Steel, Water or Grass moves should give this one a run for its money.

Fake Gps Location Gps Joystick

Reset pokemon sun.

You can overwrite the real-time location of your smartphone to make location-based Apps like Pokemon Go that you are in a particular location. This App comes with a joystick feature that allows you to instantly teleport your smartphones GPS location in no time.

Pros of; Fake GPS Location GPS JoyStick

  • Has three customized joystick modes.
  • FREE to download

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What Are Foil Cards

Foil cardscardscardsfoilfoil cards

Every Pokémon card has a collector card number. Common cards have a black circle. Uncommon cards have a black diamond. Rare cards have a black star. Rare Holo cards have a black star and a shiny illustration.

Likewise, are foil Magic cards worth more? Foil cards will still have the coloured symbol from the rarity of the non-foil version. But all foil cards have a good chance of being valuable, so treat them all as rare.

Besides, whats the point of foil cards steam?

Steam Foil Trading cards can be crafted into foil badges, similar to how you can craft normal badges from normal trading cards. Other than that, it is useless, but everyone thinks they need one. They are essentially rarer trading cards. They are found the same way normal trading cards are.

Are Pokemon ex cards rare?

1 Full Art EX Cards: $37These Full Art EX Pokémon cards are undoubtedly the lowest-value cards weve talked about in this article. They sell for a maximum of $37, which is a pittance compared to the thousands of dollars you can get for other cards. However, that doesnt mean that these cards arent rare!

Other Ways To Earn Coins In Pokemon Go

Niantic have previously trailed splitting up the way of earning coins between Gym combat and completing daily research tasks similar to those we have currently.

An article from May 2020 can be found about it on the PokemonGoLive website here, and the summary of it seems to be a 30 coin cap on defending gym coins, while 20 were earned from tasks.

Personally, splitting up the 50 cap into two smaller caps seems silly to me, and likely to lower player earnings overall. If either one could contribute repeatedly up to the cap of 50 that would be a nice change.

Interestingly, the Pokemon Go wiki still lists this change as being tested, so its possible its still in the works in some Countries.

Thats about everything to know about earning Pokecoins trainers, good luck amassing a horde of treasure for yourself if you can avoid spending it first!

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How To Reset Omega Ruby

Pokemon Omega Ruby is a fun game, but sometimes you may want to reset it. You might want to be a new character or re-read the directions at the beginning. There arent a lot of steps to reset your Pokemon game.

  • Go to the main menu
  • Press Up, X, and B on the controller
  • Select Yes
  • Youre now back at the beginning and can choose a new character or restart with the old one.

    Not Happy With Some Of The Choices You’ve Made Join The Club Here’s How To Restart Pokemon Sword And Shield If You Want A Fresh Do

    How To Reset Pokemon Sun and Moon Tutorial

    by Ginny Woo

    Maybe the starter that you’ve picked has soured on you and you can’t stand that your Pokemon Sword and Shield rival has the critter that you want. I mean, Hop has no damn idea how type match-ups even work so why would he deserve the perfect ‘mon? While you can acquire all the starters eventually thanks to trading, maybe you can’t envision yourself even finishing the game with a subpar choice. Well, here’s how to restart Pokemon Sword and Shield for those who are truly desperate.;

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    How To Add Friends In Pokemon Go

    To add friends in Pokemon GO, you first have to ask the trainer you want to add for their Trainer Code. Once they give you the code, you can then invite them to be your friend. All you have to do is to type in their code and send them the request. Youll be able to see them in your Friends List once/if they accept your request.

    When you become friends with somebody, you can then interact with them in different ways. This includes going to raids together, giving you extra damage in battle, and trading Pokemon. You can level up the friendship to Good, Great, Ultra, and Best Friend. The higher your friendship level, the more stuff you can do with the trainer in question. Which brings us to our next segment.

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    Holographic Shadowless Blastoise: $2475

    Out of the three final-evolution Kanto starters, its Blastoise who has the least valuable Shadowless holographic card, reaching heights of $2475 on Pokemon Prices. We say least valuable, but thats still a lot of money for just the one card, and its hardly far behind its sibling Venusaur.

    Thats if Blastoise is still in mint condition, of course, which is a big ask considering these cards are over 20 years old. Carrying the powerful Water-type move Hydro Pump, this version of Blastoise was a pretty impressive card to carry in your deck back in the day, but at this point its still a solid collectible card.

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