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Pokemon Lets Go Silph Co

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Pokmon Let’s Go: Silph Co Entrance Floor

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee Silph Co Building Guide

Here’s a breakdown of everything we found on every floor of Silph Co., starting with 1F, so you can navigate it freely. Remember that, once you’re ready to go to the top and clear out Giovanni, the solution’s in the section just above.

Entrance Floor – 1F

Battle Blue when you first enter and then go heal up. There’s one item to collect here, before you head into the proper maze of floors above.

Available Items


Catching A Wild Lapras

In addition to receiving Lapras as a gift, you will also have the chance to catch one in the wild. Lapras can be found in the following locations.

  • Route 19
  • Route 20

These two routes are waterways, meaning that you can find this pokemon in the water. If you catch Lapras, it will be between levels 37 and 44.

Lapras is a rare spawn in these locations; you will need to spend a while on these routes if you are set on capturing one.

That’s everywhere you can find Lapras in Pokemon Let’s Go. Overall, the easiest way to get this rare pokemon is from the man in Silph Co. His location isn’t too far out of the way, and it’s hard to complain about getting a free pokemon!

What Order To Use The Teleporters In The Silph Co Building In Pokemon Lets Go

Theres plenty of items you can grab hidden around the Silph co. Building, but were going to show you the shortest way to get to Giovanni on the 11th Floor. To do so, you must first return head down to the 3rd floor.;Once on the 3rd floor, go down into the corridor and unlock the door on the left and use the only teleporter in this room.

You will be teleported to a room containing Archer. This time around your rival will show up and hold Archer off so you can continue ahead. Take the bottom teleporter, and youll be taken to the 11th-floor corridor outside the presidents office.

Youll then run into Jessie and James who will fight you in a double battle. They only have one Pokemon each, a level 36 Arbok and a level 36 Weezing.

After you take out Jesse and James , you can go into the presidents office to take on Giovanni. He has the following team:

  • Persian Level 39
  • Rhyhorn Level 39
  • Nidoqueen Level 39

After you defeat him, Team Rocket will leave the Silph Co. Building, and the president will reward you with the Master Ball.

Once you have the Master Ball, make sure to go back down to the 7th floor and talk to the man in the picture above. Hell give you a Lapras completley free of charge.

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Pokmon Let’s Go: Silph Co Explained: Fastest Solution And How To Find And Beat Giovanni

Outside Silph Co, you’ll spot Jessie and James forcing their way in – now’s your chance to follow them, but make sure you’ve healed up at the Pokémon Center first! More battles lie ahead.

Inside, both your rival and the famous trainer Blue will show up – Blue lays out the plan and then challenges you to a battle to check you’re strong enough. It’s a fairly tricky battle, so be prepared! Heal up again once you’ve beaten him, and then prepare to dive in properly!

Silph Co. explained

Silph Co. itself is huge. There are eleven floors in total and, barring the initital entrance level, they each have a set of teleporter warp pads, locked doors and closed off areas for you to worry about too. You can access all of the floors via the elevator and stairs, but because of those locked doors and walled off areas, you won’t be able to clear out Team Rocket and find Giovanni using the stairs and elevator alone. You’re going to need to use those warp pads.

:: Pokémon Sword and Shield walkthrough and guide

Silph Co. solution – the fastest route to Giovanni

  • Take the lift to 5F and walk left in the hallway for a double battle with your Rival, against Team Rocket Admin Archer and a Grunt, who drops the Card Key.
  • Go down to 3F via the lift, and use that Card Key to get to the central locked room with the Scientist and Grunt.
  • From that central locked room on 3F, use the warp pad to teleport to the walled off area on 7F, for another encounter with Archer – but this time your Rival holds him off.
  • Navigate The Building Quickly

    Pokemon Lets Go Silph Co Walkthrough

    The;quickest way to navigate the building;is to take the elevator to 5F and battle a grunt that drops the Key Card. Once obtained, take the elevator to 3F and use the card to open a locked door; from there, use the warp pad in the room to teleport to 7F and then use another teleporter to get to Silp Co.’s 11F. Now, prepare to battle Giovanni.

    Navigating the building quickly isn’t essential, however, it does save time and removes the headache of not knowing;which teleport pads to take.

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    Where To Find Tea In Pokemon Lets Go

    As aforementioned, you can run into the thirsty guard as soon as youve beaten Misty and left Cerulean City. But you dont gain access to the connecting tunnels quite yet – if you did, youd be able to access gym leaders and trainers much more powerful than yourself.

    To get Tea for the Guard, you need to continue on to Celadon City. This will be familiar to veterans of the OG Gameboy games, where you had to grab a drink from the vending machine on the roof, but its a little easier in Pokemon Lets Go. All you need to do when you reach Celadon is find your old friend Brock in the west of the city, near the Poliwrath.

    Hell give you the tea that you need to get past the guard.

    First you need to get the chop down ability from the SS Anne and clear Vermillion City, before heading back up to Cerulean and through the Rock Tunnel. From Lavender Town on the other side head west, past all of the trainers, and through the second Underground Pass.

    Pokmon: Let’s Go Pikachu Und Evoli Komplettlsung

    Von der Arena begeben wir uns gleich zum Spieleparadies. Dort sitzen die Team-Rocket-Schurken Jessie und James an einer Maschine und reden darüber, wie man in das Rocket Versteck hineinkommt. Ein Schalter versteckt sich hinter dem Poster, auf dem eine Rakete zu sehen ist. Bevor wir uns aber den Schalter vornehmen, finden wir einige versteckte Items, die zufallsgeneriert sind. Die Suche nach dem Poster dauert nicht lange, da ein Team-Rocket-Rüpel. Wir bekämpfen ihn und sein Rattikarl . Danach drücken wir den Schalter und offenbaren links neben dem Tresen eine Treppe nach unten.

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    Take On The Master Trainers

    Once you’ve enteredthe Hall of Fame, you will start to notice new Trainers throughout the Kantoregion. These are Master Trainers, dedicated Trainers that have devoted theirlives to training a particular species of Pokémon. Master Trainers can be foundanywhere, so you’ll want to retrace your steps through every route, tunnel, andbuilding to find them all.

    Most MasterTrainers will challenge you to a one-on-one battle. The rest want you toimpress them with your training skills by showing them their favorite Pokémonwith an exceptionally high CP. You’ll want to raise these Pokémon to Lv. 100and feed them ample Candy to get their stats high enough to win these MasterTrainers’ favor.

    If you do go up againstMaster Trainers, the fight can be very difficult. The catch is that you canonly use their Pokémon of choice during the battle, and no items! Most of theirPokémon will be between Lv. 65 and Lv. 80, so make sure your Pokémon are atleast comparable. If you need to build up your team, head to Cerulean Cave andbuild up a large Catch Combo by catching multiple Chansey. It provides a ton ofExp. Points when caught, so it’s a great way to level up your Pokémon. Be sureto boost your Pokémon’s stats by feeding them Candy, as wellyour opponentshave done the same.

    Silph Co In Saffron City

    Pokemon Let’s Go – Silph Co Fast Guide (How To Reach Boss)

    As you journey through the Kanto region, you will eventually come across Saffron City. Prior to going into the gym, you need to make your way through Silph Co. This is a tall building that can be quite difficult to navigate, so we have some tips to help you move through Silph Co.

    To get Lapras in Silph Co, all you need to do is talk to head to the seventh floor and speak to a man sitting on a couch. He will give you a free Lapras as a reward for helping get rid of Team Rocket. You do not need to trade another pokemon for Lapras.

    Below, you can find the route to the man if you are struggling to find him.

  • Enter Silph Co. and take the elevator up to the fifth floor.
  • Once you are on the fifth floor, head to the left and defeat the Team Rocket members in a double battle. After being defeated, they will drop a keycard.
  • Head down to the third floor and use the keycard on the locked door.
  • Go through the teleporter in this room. Doing so will place you on the seventh floor.
  • The man with Lapras will be sitting on a red couch behind a locked door. Go through this door to get your free Lapras!
  • This is very easy to miss, especially if you are trying to make it to the top quickly. Be sure to pick up your Lapras here though, it will be very helpful as you continue your way through Silph Co and eventually battle Giovanni.

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    Where To Get The Master Ball In Pokemon: Let’s Go

    Find out where to get the rarest type of Poke Ball in Pokemon: Let’s Go.

    In Pokemon: Lets Go, there are different types of Poke Ball including one known as the Master Ball. The Master Ball is the rarest type of Poke Ball as it has a 100% catch rate.

    This comes in handy after you beat the Elite Four, as theres a Pokemon hidden in Cerulean Cave that requires a Master Ball for capture.

    To help you prepare, weve put together a guide on where you can get the one and only Master Ball in Pokemon: Lets Go!

    Legendary Pokmon Take Flight

    To be fair, threeof the four Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon:Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’sGo, Eevee!Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltrescan be encountered before becomingthe Pokémon League Champion. But you need to decide whether you want to attemptto catch them before or after taking on the EliteFour. Unlike most wild Pokémon encounters in these games, you will have tobattle the Legendary Pokémon before attempting to catch them. Holding off onyour attempts gives your Pokémon team time to level up more, potentially makingthe battles easier. On the other hand, if you do manage to catch them beforearriving at the Indigo Plateau, you can bring them into your battles againstthe Elite Four.

    Articuno can befound deep within the cave in the Seafoam Islands, which is located on Route 20along the southern edge of the Kanto region. This Ice- and Flying-type Pokémonhas a double weakness to Rock-type moves, but Fire-, Electric-, and Steel-type moveswill prove useful as well.

    Zapdos hangs out atthe Power Plant, which can only be reached by using Sea Skim on Route 10 to reach the out-of-the-way facility. As anElectric- and Flying-type Pokémon, Zapdos is weak against Ice- and Rock-typemoves. Ground-type Pokémon won’t take damage from the Legendary Pokémon’sElectric-type moves, but at the same time, remember that Zapdos isn’t affectedby Ground-type moves.

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    Silph Co Walkthrough Guide In Pokemon Lets Go

    Silph Co is one of the many locations youll stumble across in Pokemon Lets Go. This building is home to some of the most brilliant inventions in all of Kanto, which is why its always a big target for Team Rocket. The building is comprised of multiple floors and its pretty easy to get lost. If youre having trouble getting your way around, heres a Silph Co Walkthrough to help you reach Giovanni in Pokemon Lets Go.

    If Pokmon Faint Talk To The Nurse On 9f To Heal Them Up

    Guide to the Silph Co. Building in Pokémon: Let

    There is a nurse on the 9th floor of the building that will completely heal up the player’s Pokémon;party as many times as they need it. This person seems to appreciate the help that the player is giving the building and its employees.

    As Silph Co. takes quite a while to get through, this nurse can be a lifesaver, especially since she is found so late in the building’s run.

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    Team Rocket Jessie And James

    • Body Slam
    • Crunch

    After Giovanni is defeated, he relinquishes the his strangle hold on the Silph Co. operation, and takes his leave.

    Make sure to talk to the Silph Co. President before you leave and he will thank you with the Master Ball!

    The best way to catch a Pokémon in the game, the Master Ball has a 100% success rate. We recommend using it on the mighty Mewtwo.

    Prepare For A Battle With Jessie & James

    Like the previous battles against Jessie and James in;Let’s Go,;this fight will be just as challenging. Players can expect them to sport the same Pokémon;they have been using throughout the game, albeit at higher levels.

    Although this won’t be as difficult as the fight with Blue or Giovanni, it will still be a difficult one that players should prepare for. As Weezing and Arbok share the same weaknesses, a Ground or Psychic Pokémon will go a long way in making quick work of Jessie and James. If necessary, players should also make sure that they have potions so that they are at their best when fighting this duo.

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    Get Ready For A Difficult Fight With Giovanni

    While this is not the final fight with Giovanni, it;is still a very challenging one. It’s worth bringing only the strongest Pokémon to this battle because he will not be a foe to go down easily. Giovanni has a Persian, Rhyhorn, and a Nidoqueen, all of which are level 39.

    While a diverse team is a must for this battle, the party should ideally include a Ghost-type to counter Persian and a Water-type for both Nidoqueen and Rhyhorn.

    Go On A Shopping Spree

    Silph Co. Walkthrough in Saffron City | Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu & Eevee

    After facing allthose Trainers, you probably have some extra cash burning a hole in yourpocket. You’ll certainly spend some of it on Potions and Ultra Balls, but whynot take this opportunity to pick up a few things that you might not have beenable to afford at the start of your journey?

    Your partner Pokémon can be a true king of bling with this Crown, but it’ll cost you!

    The CeladonDepartment Store in Celadon City is a great place to drop a little coin.Inside, you’ll find vendors selling powerful TMs and the previously mentionedEvolution items. There are also stands where you can purchase a wide variety ofaccessories to make your partner Pokémon look its finest. Hats, bows, glasses,and more are all available to deck out your Pikachu or Eevee in the latestfashion. Want to prove you’re a real big spender? Deck out your partner in theglamourous Crownit’ll only cost you a whopping 999,999 in cash.

    Be sure to swing bythe Pokémon League to talk to the Mega Stone Seller as well. He’s got a goodselection of Mega Stones that you’ll need to help select Pokémon reach theirfull potential in battle.

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    Pokemon Lets Go Silph Co

    Once you arrive at Saffron City, you will notice that the entire city is under the control of Team Rocket. In order to be able to free the city, you need to go to the Silph Co Headquarters where Team Rocket is stationed and take them all out so that the city can be free again.

    Silph Co building is located if you head to the street right above the Pokemon Center. You will get to meet Jessie and James from Team Rocket when you are close to the building. They will be trying to force themselves into the building. Lets go ahead and take a look at what you need to do once you are inside the building.

    Stock Up On Potions And Revives

    Stocking up on items such as potions and revives are a must. This is important so that players don’t get sent all the way back to the Pokémon Center and have to traverse the tower all over again.

    Revives and hyper potions don’t cost too much compared to what the player should have been earning throughout the game by defeating trainers, so it’s worth picking up at least a few before heading into this building.

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    Pokemon Lets Go Story Items

    If youve curiously searched for any of the items listed on this page, but are wary of spoilers, just know that youll eventually get each of them as you progress through the main story of Pokemon Lets Go.

    So if for instance youre wondering how to get tea for the gate guard as soon as youve left Cerulean City, just know that youll find it eventually during your adventure and head off into the Underground Pass.

    But if youre stuck and after more specific help, do read on!

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