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My Hero Academia As Pokemon

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My Hero Academia Class 1a Pokmon Partners

My Hero Academia Pokemon Theme Battle! Ft. Original151

A couple months ago, I have a strange thought thinking about what would be the Pokémon parters of Class 1A?

For this list, Ill be going through each student by seat number and go from there.

These are my ideas and opinions.

#1 Yuga Aoyama

The idea here is that both Starmie and Aoyama both can shoot attacks from their chests through some kind of gem or belt.

Plus Starmie is a star and Aoyama main thing is twinkling.

#2 Mina Ashido

At first, I looked to Pokémon that knew the move Acid but none of those one fit Mina. So then I picked a Pokémon that is similar. Sliggoo releases slime from its body similar to Mina when she uses her quirk. Plus its kinda pink which screams MINA!

#3 Tsuyu Asui

Now there are plenty of frog Pokémon. The two main contenders were Politoed and Greninja. Since Tsuyu has a similar tongue, stance and ability to climb on surfaces, Greninja was the better choice.

#4 Tenya Iida

Best Boy!

Now when most speedy, usually its Legendary or Electric Type, which doesnt really suit Iida. In my search for speedy Pokémon I came across Accelgor, whos speed increases after its shell was removed. I think Iida would love a Pokémon partner that could keep up with him.

#5 Ochako Uraraka

#6 Mashirao Ojiro

Ambipom seems like a great Pokémon for Ojiro. With both their tails, they would get some awesome training sessions. Plus, Ojiro can use his tail to hang on to structures like a monkey.

#7 Denki Kaminari

#8 Ejiro Kirishima

#9 Koji Koda

#10 Rikido Sato

#11 Mezo Shoji

Could Defeat: Groudon

Groudon is a massive dinosaur-like legendary Pokémon with armored skin, but it also has the ability to summon droughts and cause volcanic eruptions that are powerful enough to create and expand landmasses.

Throughout My Hero Academia, viewers have seen how powerful One For All can be. Therefore, it would only be a matter of time before Midoriya breaks through Groudon’s armor, and the eruptions would just give Izuku more terrain to launch attacks from. In its primal form, Groudon is larger and far more powerful, but Izuku can still win, even though he’ll probably suffer serious injuries in the process.

Would Lose To: Dialga

Dialga served as the official mascot of Pokémon Diamond, and like every dragon-type Pokémon, it can use a variety of elemental attacks. However, that is not what makes it a formidable opponent for Midoriya.

In the Pokémon universe, Dialga is basically the god of time. It can slow time or speed it up, and if it wants, it can even stop time altogether. Dialga can still move around even if it stops time completely, which means that it can still attack a defenseless Izuku.

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Fairly Close To The Source Material

No compilation list is ever truly complete without the inclusion of the classic “Netflix Adaptation” meme. This meme has incredible versatility value and can work with just about any favorite character resulting in a hilarious outcome. This is the classic’s take on Ochako and what fans apparently predict Netflix’s version of bubbly hero to be Uravity would look like.

Kirby must be difficult to cast, so perhaps a Netflix adaptation of My Hero Academia wouldn’t be all bad in the end. After all, Kirby definitely matches Ochako’s level of cuteness.

Momo Yayoruzu The Clever Trainer

My Hero Academia X Pokémon lol

As the class vice representative, Momo Yayoruzu has to be a strong and reliable classmate, almost a role model to them. yet she is also misunderstood and often underestimated because she was one of the few students to have been accepted on a recommendation. Her Quirk allows her to create any objects she wants from any points on her body as long as her skin is exposed. Coupled with her intellect, Momo is a strong student who shows great promise.

Her party is a combination of both wise and intelligent pokemon such as Noarfang and Marowak as well as tough-skinned pokemon such as Steelix.

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How Far Would Ash And His Pokmon Fare In My Hero Academia

Rule: the MHA characters will attack only Ash’s Pokémon, not the boy himself. The characters can attack Ash only if every single pokémon was knocked out.

And that’s NOT an all-out Ash vs. the verse, Ash’s Pokémon will face each character of MHA individually.

If Ash defeat X character, his pokémon are healed for the next fight

Ash got this team:

* Pikachu

* Greninja

* Charizard

Ash doesn’t have any Mega itself in the anime, but Ash-Greninja is “sort of” a Mega and already fought some Megas . I believe you can scale Ash-Greninja as a Mega in firepower and brute strenght, and why not Ash’s Pikachu and his LOL feats which are above a lot of Mega’s.

: I mean 10,000,000 Volt TB seems to have oneshot lusamine merged with Nihelgo so that alone should oneshot any MHA character.

Ash clears his pokemon can compete with legendaries like ash’s charizard beat articuno

Articuno can freeze parts of the ocean and scales to lugia who accidently causes massive storms

then you have his really high up feats which I am not going to go into

Ash clears his pokemon can compete with legendaries like ash’s charizard beat articuno

Articuno can freeze parts of the ocean and scales to lugia who accidently causes massive storms

then you have his really high up feats which I am not going to go into

Pokedex entries are irrelevent self contradictory bs

My Hero Academia Characters Reimagined As Pokmon Trainers

My Hero Academia and Pokémon is a crossover many might’ve not saw coming. But it works on so many levels!

Among the franchises that are universally known, is, of course, Pokemon. This multi-platform franchise has transcended generations and is loved by the now-grown ’90s kids who were around when the anime first aired and the first game was realized as well as all the new generation that came after. Naturally, there had to be someone out there who would mix those two worlds which is exactly what ZeaW90 did and turned the students of Class 1-A into Pokemon Trainers:

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What If My Hero Academia Class 1

Pokémon is a series of video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company under the Pokémon media franchise

Pokémon , abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon the Series , is an anime television series, part of The Pokémon Company’s Pokémon media franchise, which has running for over 24 years now with 1150+ episodes.

On the Other Hand,

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Khei Horikoshi. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without superpowers in a world where they have become commonplace, but who still dreams of becoming a superhero himself.

Both the animes Quite successful in their own ways!!!

What would have happened if The My Hero Academia Students had Pokemon as their partners?

Let’s talk about My Hero Academia class 1-A and their possible Pokemon Partner!!

20.Minoru Mineta!!!

Mineta’s quirk is Pop-off.And has a pervy personality.

Based on this a Lickilicki can be the perfect partner for someone like Mineta!!!

19.Toru Hagakure!!!

Her quirk is visibility.Based on that Inteleon can be her perfect partner Pokemon!!!

They can work together well!!!

18.Koji Koda!!!

His quirk allows him to communicate with animals and make them do things for him!!!

That’s all.In this case a wise Pokemon like Shiftry can be the suitable for him!!

17.Yuga Aoyama!!!His quirk is Navel Laser.And his pokemon partner is Metang:

16.Kyoka Jiro!!

Tenya Iida’s Speed Attack

My Hero Academia Pokemon Team If Pokemon Trainers

Tenya Iida comes from a family of heroes and is eager to prove himself. He is reliable and level-headed yet he can also be stubborn and will never stop fighting. Thanks to his Quirk, Engine, Iida is able to run at superspeed and use this to bring take his opponents by surprise.

His party is composed of fast, fearless and strong pokemon that match both his personality and his Quirk, making them an unstoppable team. Well, except Snorlax, but he’s a strong pokemon too and full of surprises, much like Iida so he fits right in.

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The Two Sides Of Izuku Midoriya

Midoriya is a very complex character. He is a very sensitive character who is shown crying on many occasions, he is attentive and cares about others while being selfless and strong at the same time. His Quirk makes him powerful in close combat and he can use his super strength to knock out an enemy.

His party shows off his complex personality perfectly. Caterpie and Heracross are both insect pokemon and have proven themselves to be soft-hearted and still have a strong heart while Pinsir and Hitmonchan are both fighters.

Ochako Uraraka’s Fairy Team

Whether one likes her or not, it is undeniable that Uravity, AKA Ochaco Uraraka, is the sweetest, cutest, most wholesome character in the series. She’s a ray of sunshine and a constant reminder that there is always a reason to be optimistic and hopeful in life.

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ZeaW90 saw her as a Fairy-Type Trainer and it’s hard to argue against it. Fairy type pokemon are resourceful, more powerful than they appear at first glance, and so darn cute. Uraraka would be a great trainer and she would fool anyone into thinking she’s armless when in fact, she is one of the smartest and strongest trainers out there.

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My Hero Academia: Why Star And Stripe Might Lose To Shigaraki

My Hero Academiamight be on hiatus when it comes to its anime, with the sixth season already confirmed, but the manga is still continuing to pump out new chapters which take place after the finale of the War Arc and sees the villain Shigaraki taking on America’s number one hero, Star And Stripe. While Star And Stripe’s Quirk is one of the most powerful that we’ve seen to date in the Shonen franchise that introduced us to UA Academy, there is a specific reason as to why Shigaraki might have this current fight in the bag.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia’s manga, Chapter 330, you might want to steer clear as we’ll be diving into spoiler territory.

Since gaining the powers of the Quirk known as All For One, the villain of the same name has been slowly taking over the mind and body of Shigaraki, his young ward. With Star and Stripe’s power allowing her to take control of anything that she touches as long as she says the name of the object and/or person, Shigaraki is able to evade this power thanks to the fact that Tomura Shigaraki might not be the villain’s current name.

The other reason as to why Star and Stripe’s power is ineffective is because All For One has bonded with Shigaraki, creating a new being, which the powerful antagonist explains:

“No longer All For One nor Tomura Shigaraki, we now meld into a new person altogether!”

Toru Hagakure’s Specter Party

Pin by Wes Hall on Fan Art

The invisible girl, Toru Hagakura is always the life of the party in class 1-A. She is a cheery girl full of energy with a great sense of humor. Her Quirk makes her body completely invisible which gives her an advantage against her enemies who can rarely see what’s coming for them.

It only makes sense for her party to be composed of tricksters and legendary pokemon. Ghastly, Haunter and Gangar are known to be tricksters who love to turn invisible to scare people. Mew is the ultimate prankster who rarely reveals himself. This team could very well be unbeatable.

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Katsuki Bakugo’s Ultimate Fight Team

Bakugo has very early own claimed and earned his title of class bad boy and let’s be real, he actually is a bad boy. One could also wonder if he’s not a villain disguised as a hero in training. His explosive Quirk makes him a dangerous opponent and serious threat to whoever gets on his bad side, which, given his horrendous temper, is pretty much everyone that crosses his path.

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No wonder his party is full of super stubborn, explosive pokemon with a very bad temper. Primeape has Bakugo’s legendary bad temper and seems to be perpetually angry. Arcanine and Cyndaquil are fire-type pokemon to match Bakugo’s fiery personality and Electrode possesses the same explosive attacks as Bakugo.

Fumikage Tokoyami: Master Of Darkness

Starting with everyone’s favorite bird student, Fumikage Tokoyami. His Quirk, called Dark Shadow, enables him to use his own shadow as a weapon. He has proven himself to be one of the strongest students in class 1-A and no doubt will make a great hero someday. However, he sometimes has trouble controlling his dark alter-ego.

It makes all the sense in the world that Tokoyami would specialize in psychic, flying and dark types pokemon to match his own Quirk. The color palette in this art matches Tokoyami’s style and Quirk perfectly and makes him look like an anime version of Batman.

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Could Defeat: Hitmonchan

When a Tyrogue’s attack is higher than its defense, it will evolve into Hitmonlee conversely, when the stats are reversed, it will always evolve into Hitmonchan, a Pokémon who specializes in punches. It is even said that a Hitmonchan’s punches are as fast as a bullet train.

Hitmonchan punches may be fast but they’re strong as well, which means that Midoriya may get a few scratches and bruises if he fought one. That said, if the entire fight revolves around punches, One For All will win every time since Midoriya has more strength in one finger than Hitmonchan has in both of its arms combined.

Could Defeat: Genesect

My Hero Academia, Eri’s Pokémon team.

In the Pokémon universe, Genesect lived 300 million years ago, and if it were not for Team Plasma, this mythical bug/steel Pokémon would still be extinct. Genesect possesses a heavily-armored metal exoskeleton, and thanks to Plasma’s experiments, they are now equipped with a cannon that shoots elemental beams.

Genesect was considered the fiercest hunter of its time, which means that Midoriya could in fact lose if he is caught off guard. however, in a straight-up fight, Izuku would be able to easily dodge the beams, and he would eventually crush Genesect’s metallic frame. Fighting multiple Genesects would be annoying, but Izuku is more than capable of hitting multiple targets.

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Would Lose To: Mewtwo

Mewtwo may be a genetically engineered clone of Mew, but it is one of the most powerful Pokémon alive, and it was specifically designed to not feel any compassion while simultaneously striking fear into everyone it meets.

In a physical fight, Midoriya would win with ease, but thanks to Mewtwo’s psychic powers, All Might’s successor would never be able to lay a finger on him. Mewtwo can use telekinesis or mind control to stop Deku dead in his tracks. If Izuku gets caught by either ability, Mewtwo can hit him with a devastating psychic blast.

Todoroki Shoto’s Dual Team

Todoroki Shoto has the rare and unique ability to have a double Quirk: he can manipulate both ice and fire. His father is the numero 2 hero and has always had an unhealthy obsession with power and, seeing as it seems he would never be number one, he chose a wife with a strong Quirk that matched his in the hope that their future children would get the best of both Quirks and would one day rise above everyone else.

Todoroki is a gifted student and he would no doubt be a talented trainer. Unsurprisingly, his party is composed of powerful pokemon that match both his ice-cold and fire side.

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My Hero Academia: 5 Pokmon Izuku Midoriya Could Defeat

With One for All, Izuku Midoriya is among My Hero Academia’s most potentially strong heroes, but how would Deku fare against these 10 Pokémon?

In 1996, the original Pokémon games were released in Japan however, the franchise did not become a global juggernaut until the anime debuted the following year, and since then, the number of known Pokémon has exploded from 151 to almost 900. Every Pokémon is capable of using physical or elemental attacks, and although certain Pokémon are extremely weak, every single one is capable of incapacitating a human.

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My Hero Academia is another anime series that focuses on Izuku Midoriya, a teenager who is trying to become the world’s top superhero. Midoriya possesses the One For All quirk, which gives him superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability, but he can also focus an insane amount of power into specific body parts. If Izuku lived in the Pokémon universe, he would be able to defeat most of the Pokémon, but there are a few that even he wouldn’t be able to beat.

Everyone Can Appreciate The Honesty

BHNA Pokemon

This hilarious meme of a Twitter interaction between Uravity and the U.A. High School Twitter paints a rather accurate portrait of Ochako’s main source of motivation. Although it may sound a bit blunt, Ochako did in fact mention that her main motivation for becoming a pro hero was for money.

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Some may foolishly assume that Ochako means she wants more disposable income and may be a greedy or materialistic person, but that’s far from the truth.

This meme may be hilarious, but it’s important to remember that Ochako’s blunt response came from her generous desire to earn a steady income to support and spoil her family.

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