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Pokemon How To Evolve Onix

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HOW TO Evolve Onix into Steelix in Pokémon Sword and Shield

The Metal Coat item can be used in conjunction with a set amount of candies to evolve specific Pokemon. Thats right, its an evolution item.

And as you might have guessed from the name, its used in evolutions that make the Pokemon in question become a steel-type!

So what evolutions is the Metal Coat item needed for, exactly?

  • Scyther > Scizor
  • Onix > Steelix

Steelix and Szicor are both quite popular Pokemon, so you may want to hang on to those Metal Coats a little longer if you have some already, because youll be needing them for those two.

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How To Evolve Onix And Scyther

Evolving Onix to Steelix requires you to have 1 Metal Coat and 50 Onix Candy. Steelix is a Steel and Ground-type Pokemon. Steelix is a very powerful Pokemon. It is strong against several types such as ice, fairy, and rock Pokemon. Similar to Steelix, Scizor requires you to have 1 metal coat and 50 Scyther Candy. Scizor is quite a powerful Pokemon. It is a Bug and Steel-type Pokemon. Being a Steel-type it does get strength against the same types as that of Steelix but be wary of the Fire-type. Because Scizor is a Bug and Steel Pokemon it is very weak against Fire-type Pokemon, as Fire is very effective against both of these types.

That sums up everything about Metal Coat and these evolutions. Check out our guide on which is the better Pokemon Slowbro or Slowking to get a better type advantage when playing Pokemon GO.

How To Evolve Scyther Into Scizor In Pokmon Go

Back in the main series of Pokémon games, Scyther’s evolution into Scizor was somewhat awkward, requiring not only the Metal Coat held item but a friend to trade with too.

In Pokémon Go things are a little easier. You’ll still need to find yourself a Metal Coat, but instead of any kind of trading required, you’ll just need another 50 Candy to evolve your Scyther into Scizor, which can be done from the same in-game menu as you would for evolving any other Pokémon with the standard Candy method so far.

Note that the Metal Coat will be consumed in the process though, just like your Candy is when evolving as usual, so be sure this is the one you want to evolve!

  • Scyther to Scizor Evolution cost – 1 Metal Coat and 50 Scyther Candy

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How To Catch All Pokmon In Hoopas Arrival Collection Challenge In Pokmon Go All Rewards

The Hoopas Arrival event in Pokémon Go is all about revealing the tasks for the Season of Mischief Special Research project, Misunderstood Mischief, where players have the chance to capture Hoopa for the first time. This Mythical Pokémon will only be available for this task. During the Hoopas Arrival event, Psychic, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokémon will appear more frequently while your character uses incense. They will be appearing every hour and have a strict rotation of Pokémon. There will also be a Collection Challenge available that all players can complete during the event, from 11 AM to 5 PM in your local time zone. This guide breaks down all of the Pokémon you need to catch to complete Hoopas Arrival Collection Challenge.

Pokemon Go: How To Evolve Scyther Into Scizor Onix Into Steelix Using Metal Coat


Use the same method to get these Gen 2 pokemon in Pokemon Go.

To get Steelix and Scizor in Pokemon Go you just need to follow this simple process. It’s pretty much the same for both Pokemon so just wat ch the video above for a visual guide, while we break it down for you below

First up, you’re going to need Metal Coat. Let’s start with that…

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How Do I Get Unova Stone 2020

Much like the Sinnoh Stone, you can get a Pokemon Go Unova Stone by completing seven days worth of field research. Those are the tasks you get from spinning Pokestops; complete one each day until youve filled in all the stamps, then claim your reward and theres a chance you might get an Unova Stone.

Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Onix Weakness

Onix is a Rock and Ground Type pokemon. This will cause Onix to take More Damage from Fighting, Ground, Steel, Ice, Water, Grass Type Moves and Less Damage from Normal, Flying, Fire, Rock, Electric, Poison Type moves.


What pokemon is Onix Weak Against?


What pokemon is Onix Strong Against?


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Where To Catch Onix In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Everybody loves Onix, the Pokemon made out of stacked up rocks… You can find Onix in Pokemon Sword and Shield out in the open in the Wild Area. Its quite an easy creature to spot given its build, and its usually one of the first youll spot on your first trip to Sword and Shields open-world area. Given that its a Rock and Ground type you want to look out for the Intense Sun or Sandstorm weather effects when youre hunting Onix. In the early game you can grab one in East Lake Axwell, with more powerful versions found in Giants Seat and Motostoke Riverbank.

What Are Evolution Items In Pokmon Go

Roblox Pokemon Brick Bronze:How To Evolve Onix Into Steelix

Even the very first Pokémon games featured a handful of special case Pokémon who could only evolve with Evolution Items or other special methods. Even the most recognizable Pokémon out there, Pikachu requires an Evolution Item in the core Pokémon games. Pokémon Go has far fewer Evolution Items and special cases for Evolution than the core games, but there are a few.

The Evolution Items currently available in Pokémon Go:

If and when you get one, it’ll show up in your Items list alongside your Poké Balls, Potions, Lucky Eggs, etc.

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The Metal Coat Dilemma

Say you were lucky enough to get a Metal Coat after your fingers have gone sore from spinning countless PokéStops. Who do you use it on? What does it do?

A Metal Coat is a special evolution item that turns a Scyther into a Scizor, and an Onix into a Steelix. If you only have one special evolution item, which one do you use it on?

Let me help you make that decision. First, lets take a look at both Pokémon and see which one would be more beneficial to your team.

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Metal Coat In Pokemon Go Other Pokemon Go Evolution Items

Alongside the Metal Coat in;Pokemon Go;are some other evolution items that you can get in the exact same way. Spinning PokeStops and completing Weekly Streaks will allow you to gain access to all kinds of evolution items, some of which can be incredibly valuable.

Whereas the Sinnoh Stone used to be a guaranteed reward for a Weekly Streak, players can now get other evolution items from spinning PokeStops for seven days in a row. However, players who have been playing for a long time already have plenty of Up-Grades and Kings Rocks; what people really want is the coveted Sinnoh Stone, which evolves Pokemon like Sneasel and Electabuzz into their Gen 4 evolved forms. Check out our guide on the best Pokemon to use a Sinnoh Stone on to make sure that you use yours wisely, as it could be quite some time before you find yourself another one. In the meantime, if youre looking for a Scizor or a Steelix, get out there and start spinning PokeStops!

  • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X09-10-2021
  • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X10-07-2021
  • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X10-12-2021
  • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X11-05-2021
  • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X12-07-2021

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Cool And Where Do You Get Onix In Pokmon Quest

Onix is not tricky to get at all. The best recipe is Stone Coup a la Cubewhich has a whopping 64% acquisition rate. There are many different recipe combinations that you can do, but Ill give you two basic ones:;

Onix recipe #1 in Pokémon Go:;

  • 2 Apricorns;

Onix recipe #2 in Pokémon Go;

  • 2 Fossils;
  • 1 Balm Mushroom;

And thats it! Since theres a 2/3 chance of getting Onix, even when the recipe requirements are not the simplest, you should rack up the perfect Onix of your choice in no time.;

So, all in all, when does Onix level up in Pokémon Quest? It doesnt. But its okay because, with its powerful access to monotype Rock attacks, your Onix will, for sure, power through quests with ease.;

While youre here, check out my other guides on all things Pokémon Quest, from best movesets and bingo bonuses to how to evolve many other Pokémon!

How To Evolve Scyther To Scizor In Pokmon Go

How to evolve Onix in

In the main series, it took some work to get a Scyther, as you needed a Metal Coat and a friend to trade the Pokémon. However, in Pokémon Go the evolution method is a little easier. You still need a Metal Coat, but instead of having to trade, you simply need 50 Candy to evolve Scyther into a Scizor, which you can do via the usual menu.

However, keep in mind that you will lose Metal Coat after evolving Scyther, so be sure that this is the Pokémon you want to evolve!

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Metal Coat Farming And Rng

Many Pokemon GO players will surely try their best to get as many Metal Coats as they can. This is understandable since this item is still new and rare in the game. For now the only way to get them is by way of Pokestops, according to gamerant.

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO players have no way of knowing if they can get the Metal Coat until they spin the wheel. The usual yields are potions or even Pokemon eggs but a metal coat will turn up sooner or later. The key to obtaining them boils down to patience, visiting as many Pokestops as possible and of course, RNG.

Pokemon Go Guide: How To Evolve Onix Into Steelix

Pokemon Go just added in over 80 new Pokemon with Gen 2. Not only are there brand new characters to be caught, some of your old favorites have a new evolution form that you can change them into. Onix is one of these, and the change couldnt have come soon enough, as hes one of the tougher Pokemon to find, yet his CP range is relatively weak. Now you can evolve him into Steelix though, but it takes some extra effort. Heres our guide on how to evolve Onix into Steelix in Pokemon Go.

First off, you still need a bunch of Onix candy. To evolve Onix into Steelix you still need a full 50 Onix candies. You can get these, of course, by catching Onix in the wild, though eggs will give you the largest amount. This is random though, so focus on catching and hatching as many Onix as possible until you have the 50 Onix candy required to evolve.

Added onto this requirement is the need for a Metal Coat. This new Gen 2 item was added to Pokemon Go in the latest update. We have a guide on how to get these and all other upgrade items right here. The short answer is Pokestops. You cant buy Metal Coats in the shop, and theres pretty much no other way to get items in Pokemon Go, so you need to hit all the Pokestops that you can. Check out the guide for more tips, though its all focused on Pokestops for now.


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Metal Coat In Pokemon Go How To Evolve Scyther Into Scizor

Getting a Metal Coat in;Pokemon Go;also presents you with the opportunity to evolve Scyther into Scizor, the powerful Bug/Steel hybrid that has been meta in mainline Pokemon games ever since it was added. The same rules apply for this evolution; youll need a Metal Coat as well as 50 Scyther Candy in order to evolve Scyther. Once you pick your strongest one, youll be able to evolve it by spending the Metal Coat and 50 Scyther Candy. Scizor is one of the most powerful Bug-types ever, so this is a Pokemon you should really keep your eye on.

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Onix Moves In Pokemon Diamond And Pearl

How to evolve Onix in Pokemon Brick Bronze | Part One | PBB | Roblox

List of Moves Onix can learn by reaching higher levels in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Digs underground on first turn, attacks on second. Can also escape from caves.
40 Creates a sandstorm for 5 turns.
Damages opponent switching into battle.
28 Traps opponent, damaging them for 4-5 turns.
PP: 10StatusGhosts lose 50% of max HP and curse the opponent; Non-Ghosts raise Attack, Defense and lower Speed.
Makes Flying-type Pokémon vulnerable to Ground moves.
1 Traps opponent, damaging them for 4-5 turns.

List of Moves Onix can learn using Technical Machine Items.

Hits multiple opponents and lowers their attack.
98 PP: 10PhysicalDriven by frustration, the user attacks the target. If the user’s previous move has failed, the power of this move doubles.
97 The user swings its body around violently to inflict damage on everything in its vicinity.
Power increases if teammates use it in the same turn.
57 Power doubles if the user was attacked first.
54 Hits 2-5 times in one turn.
49 Traps opponent, damaging them for 4-5 turns.
Power doubles if user is burned, poisoned, or paralyzed.
34 Makes it sunny for 5 turns.
32 Creates a sandstorm for 5 turns.
31 If opponent is the opposite gender, it’s less likely to attack.
Protects the user, but may fail if used consecutively.
24 Can only be used if asleep. May cause flinching.
User sleeps for 2 turns, but user is fully healed.
Digs underground on first turn, attacks on second. Can also escape from caves.

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Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Onix

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Onix is a Rock and Ground Type Rock Snake Pokémon, with a 5.9% Chance To Catch with a regular PokeBall. Onix has a Medium Fast growth rate with a 1 Defense EV Yield, and Total of 385 combine Stats.

1. Rock Head2. SturdyWeak Armor
EV Yield
Egg Groups

How Do I Get A Metal Coat

For those players who dont have any Metal Coats already, you can find more of them by spinning Pokestops at random, though the chance is quite small.

That said, you should be spinning plenty of Pokestops as part of simply playing the game, so youll likely stumble on to a few of these sooner or later.

If your luck just isnt giving you the item you want specifically, you can check your research tasks special research sometimes gives fixed evolution items. Otherwise, try opening gifts if you can.

There are very few fixed ways to get Evolution items in the game check your available research rewards and simply keep trying is the best advice I can give if you cant find one so far.

Thats about everything there is to know about the Metal Coat item in Pokemon Go.

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How Can You Get A Metal Coat In Pokmon Go

Just like other consumables in the game, youll be able to get a Metal Coat from spinning;PokéStops. Due to the low drop rate of the item,;around;one percent, it may take approximately 500 spins before you find your first Metal Coat on an unlucky day. The main reason behind the high spin number is that the Metal Coat shares a similar drop rate with other evolutionary items. Youll need to get lucky twiceonce to get an evolutionary item off a PokéStop and one more time for it to be a Metal Coat.

You can use the;daily bonus system;to increase the number of items you can get from a PokéStop, increasing your chances of getting a Metal Coat even by a slight margin. If you visit a PokéStop for seven days in a row, youll receive more items each day, and the bonus will reach its maximum potential on the seven-day mark.

If you enjoy the games PvP aspect, you can also try competing in the Go Battle League for a mystery item. Though the drop rate of Metal Coats from the mystery item reward is unknown, its expected to be as low as its availability from PokéStops.

Pokmon Go: How To Get And Use Evolution Items And Other Special Case Evolutions

Onix pre evo by HappyHippowdon on DeviantArt

In Pokémon Go, you can catch a lot of great Pokémon in the wild or in Raids, but evolution is necessary to get many of the most powerful Pokémon in the game. For most Pokémon, evolution just requires Candy earned from catching, transfering, and walking with a Pokémon. However, a select few species need specific Evolution items or other special methods in addition to the usual set number of candies, and Niantic just added a few new ones. Fortunately, we’re here to walk you through how to obtain and use these unique items, and be sure to check out our best Pokémon Go accessories so you’re fully equiped on your Pokémon Journey!

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