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Pokemon Gold Vs Silver Vs Crystal

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Crystal Vs Gold Pokemon

Pokémon HeartGold vs. Crystal [Episode 1]

Difference Between Crystal And; Gold Pokemon

Pokemon is a kind of game that has gained a lot of popularity between people of all age groups; in the past decade. Gold pokemon is a predecessor of Crystal pokemon or rather crystal pokemon is a higher level or version of the gold pokemon game.

Althouh there are no differences as regards the story in both the pokemon games, the difference lies in the features as well as the players. As for example there is a presence of a girl who is a hero in case of crystal pokemon, a feature that is absent in case of the gold pokemon. This means that the player has an option of playing with multiple heroes in case of crystal pokemon while in case of gold pokemon, he has to be content with a single pokemon only.

The puzzles that exist between the two types of pokemon also show certain differences. An added feature in the crystal pokemn is the popping up of secret messages in an unknown ancient language, which once deciphered opens up or unlocks passages for the players, that lead them to the secret items, that are required for the completion of the game.

Another important feature that has been added to the crystal pokemon is the city guide feature that helps one to know the city he/she has entered and also the route that he is following- a feature that is ot there in case of the gold pokemon game.


1. Gold Pokémon is a lower version of crystal Pokémon.

The Concept Of An Energy Point

Interestingly, early concepts introduced in Pokemon Adventures;often made their way into game mechanics much further down the line. It does make sense, considering the creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Taijiri, said in an interview that this manga is the closest representation to how he imagined the Pokemon universe to be.

One such example is GSaC’s introduction of the concept of each Pokemon having an Energy Point, where Pokeballs would have the best chance of working on a Pokemon. Then, seventeen years later, Pokemon Go came out and hinted at a similar concept in their catching mechanics. Who knows what age-old ideas will pop up in the upcoming Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Gym Leaders Who Hated Their Job

Oh boy. Who’s supposed to be the regulating body over the Pokémon League? I mean, it should be the League itself right? That’s literally the definition of a league. Does it have a commissioner? Isn’t that the job of the Champion and the Elite Four?

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I watch a sporting event, I expect a win to be a win, and a loss to be a loss. Doesn’t matter whether you won by pure skill or by fluke. But two of the Johto Gym Leaders didn’t seem to get that memo. I mean Whitney does give it to you eventually, after she finishes her little temper tantrum. Claire however, refuses to acknowledge your victory. I didn’t realize that was an option, and I watch professional wrestling!

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Pokemon Gold Silver And Crystal: The Best Sequel Ever Made

by Ben Magnet | Sep 16, 2019 | 1990s, 2000s, Console/PC/Handheld |

What makes a sequel truly great? ;In my opinion its when the sequel to a game takes everything that was great about the original and cranks it up to 11 while still improving on what was there. ;There have been many sequels to games that have done this and many that have not. ;However I feel that the second generation of Pokemon games did this the best. ;The debate on whether or not GSC deserves to be one of the best sequels ever remains to be had, however, there is no doubt in my mind that GSC is the best Pokemon sequel, and the best Pokemon game, ever made.

Ben is an all around nerd. When he isnt doing his podcast hes either reading comics, watching movies or playing video games. His favorite eras in gaming are the Console Wars between SEGA and Nintendo, the early 2000s, and the mid 80s when he wasnt even born yet.

Special Australian Rev A Revision

Pokémon Crystal vs. Pokémon Gold and Silver

Circa 2019-, it was documented that a variation of Pokémon Crystal Version exists for Australia with a different ROM and this was overlooked, even by ROM scene groups. This version is based on Rev A . It made some subtle changes to Game Corner texts and an undocumented Mobile System GB coding change for Mobile Stadium, without actually removing the slot machines, unlike what became of international HeartGold and SoulSilver; where the slot machines were replaced with Voltorb Flip.

ChickasaurusGL Evie

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The Origin Of The Name Team Rocket

The Team Rocket organization had a lot more bite in the manga series, where they’re a lot more dangerous. However, the manga does one hilariously corny;thing;to take;this villainous team down a notch. It gives their name an absurdly stupid origin.

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In the GSaC section, Lt. Surge tries to get through to some brainwashed Rocket goons by talking about how they got their name. Apparently, Giovanni likened their organization and its members to tusks, which would be used as tools of evil for his own goals. Hence the phrase “Raid On The City, Knock Out…Evil Tusks” was born. It’s never been confirmed if this is the canonical background of the name, but its hilariously nonsensical all the same.

Pokmon Storage System Layout

International Korea

In the Japanese and Korean versions, the Pokémon in the Pokémon Storage System’s layout is enclosed in a text box frame and the Pokémon list appears in the background. In the other localizations, there is no frame surrounding the Pokémon, but the Pokémon list appears in a text box frame.

Also, the Japanese text box frames positions are one pixel higher and the Pokémon level number is one pixel lower than those in the Korean version.

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The Gym Leader Exhibition Match

One of the most exciting events in the GSaC section is the Gym Leader exhibition match. The Pokemon Federation sets up this exhibition match of Kanto vs. Johto gym leaders.

Ultimately, it was a way for Oak and his Pokedex Holders to identify the Mask of Ice antagonist of the section, who was known to be one of these gym leaders. It’s an awesome event that would have been incredible to see in the games, especially in an already underrated entry like;Pokemon Crystal.

Defeat The Karate Master

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Final Battle vs Red – The 16Bit Hero [CC]

As you make your way through Mt. Mortar, don’t miss theopportunity to brawl with the talented Karate Master, who will come at you witha Hitmonlee and a Hitmonchan. If you’re able to beat this Trainer and you have an open spot in your party,he’ll hand over a Tyrogue. Tyrogue is special in that it can evolve at Lv. 20into Hitmonlee if its Attack is higher than its Defense, or Hitmonchan if itsDefense is higher than its Attack, or Hitmontop if the stats are equal. It’s theonly way to get any of these Pokémonin Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver, so don’t miss Tyrogueand plan your Evolution accordingly.

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Catch One Morelegendary Pokmon

The Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh or Lugia can be caught in Pokémon Gold or Pokémon Silver, respectively, before taking on the Elite Four. Butit isn’t until much later in the game that Trainers can have a shot at catchingthe other Legendary Pokémon in theirgame. Once your travels take you all the way to Pewter City in Kanto, look foran older gentleman who will hand over an item that lets you encounter theopposite Pokémon of the one you caught: he’ll give you a Silver Wing if you’re playingPokémon Gold, and a Rainbow Wing if you’replaying Pokémon Silver. What anincredible gift to cap off your epic journey!

Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver are overflowing with great moments aroundevery turn. After you discover these 10 activities, keep exploring the amazingJohto and Kanto regions for more interesting events. Good luck, Trainers!

Aesthetic And Gameplay Changes In Crystal

The;Pokemon;series makes changes in every generation;and in the case of;Pokemon Crystal,;further changes were made to generation two. One of the major additions in;Crystal;is the ability for players to play as a female, which is a feature that would go on to be a series staple. Some locations received updated color palettes and layouts, marking minor changes from;Gold;and;Silver.;Pokemon sprites received short animations as well, which many gamers consider being a small but significant aesthetic update.

The;Crystal;version features a new subplot involving the mysterious Unown Pokemon. This side quest rewards players with some extra lore related to the origins of the enigmatic pocket monsters. Kurt, the Poke Ball maker, can also make several balls at once. This was seen as a huge quality of life improvement by players frustrated with only being able to have one crafted at a time. Another small yet significant change in;Crystal;relates to trainers. The trainers who contact the player now inform them of rare items in their possession, and uncommon Pokemon in their area.

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More Glitches And Bugs And The Problem With Stats

Good news! There’s no more “old man glitch!” Now you can duplicate Pokémon and items with ease instead, turn the first Pokémon in your party into any Pokémon, with any stats you want, you can even make it shiny if you want!

Most people used the item duplication and Pokémon cloning glitch. They’re really the same glitch, only difference being whether the Pokémon you’re cloning is holding an item. Fun Fact: If you transfer a box of thirty cloned Ho-ohs into Pokémon Bank from the Virtual Console versions of Gold and Silver, it will recognize them all as different Pokémon and assign them different ID numbers and stat assignments, making all of them perfectly legal to use.

As I said, most people are familiar with cloning and duplication, but there’s also what’s become known as the “coin case bug.” Basically, you can utilize the names of your PC Boxes in the game to inject arbitrary code. If you have a coin case, a certain Pokémon, and know what to put into the PC Box titles for a desired effect, it’s like having an Action Replay built right into the game! You can edit your inventory, or even change the species or stats of your Pokémon! And because gender and whether your Pokémon is shiny or not is linked to stats, you can also make your Pokémon shiny!

Other bugs in the game include:

Time to collect eight more badges and almost nothing else!

“Pokémon Gold” Game Freak

Difference Between Crystal And Gold Pokemon

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Categorized under Entertainment,Miscellaneous | Difference Between Crystal and Gold Pokemon

Crystal vs Gold Pokemon

Crystal and gold pokemon are games that are enjoyed by people of all ages. Crystal pokemon is an updated version of gold Pokemon.

Though the story and plot of the game are the same in both the pokemons, crystal pokemon comes with added features. One of the main differences that can be noticed between crystal and gold pokemon is that the former has now added a girl hero. Players could only play with a single hero or boy hero in the gold pokemon.

Another difference that is seen is the puzzles. Unlike the gold pokemon, one can come across messages in crystal pokemon. There are messages written in some unknown language and once these messages are deciphered, a player will be able to unlock the passage to the sectret items.

In gold pokemon, the city or the route was not specified when one enters a city or changes the route. On the other hand, the crystal pokemon comes with a sign that tells the city or the route that one has entered.

Gligar and Skarmory could be caught only in exclusive gold pokemon versions. This has changed in crystal pokemon where they can be caught at any game. While Sneasel in crystal pokemon appears in Ice Path, it does not appear until one reaches Mt Silver in Gold pokemon.


1. Crystal pokemon is an updated version of gold Pokemon.

3. Unlike the gold pokemon, one can come across messages in crystal pokemon.

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Ten Cant Miss Activities In Johto And Beyond

The launch of PokémonGold and Pokémon Silver onVirtual Console has given us the chance to take a second look at some of thoseclassics’ most iconic, fun, and memorable events. Covering both the Johto andKanto regions, these sprawling games have no shortage of stuff to dobut we’venarrowed down our list to 10 activities you simply shouldn’t miss. Also, besure to check out our visitor’s guide to Johto, a roundup of even moretips, activities, and moments of interest to new players and returning Trainersalike.

Pokemon Crystal On Nintendo 3ds Is A Must

Its a well-known phenomenon that the release of new Pokemon;games typically coincides with massive upticks in handheld sales for Nintendo, and theres a good reason for that. Pokemon;is a tightly designed experience that undergoes minor refinements to a formula that was near perfect from the very beginning. ROMs for the original games are also far and away the most pirated of any game across any platform on the internet. But if you are the type that likes your games legal, Nintendo has just re-released Pokemon;Crystal;and it brings a sense of nostalgia unlike anything.

I never played Pokemon;Crystal when it came out back in 2001, as I was moving into high school and a little pixelated RPG about capturing cute monsters and making them battle wasnt what cool kids were into. Plus I had already played through both Gold and Silver extensively just two years earlier and thought, how different could Crystal be? On the outside looking in, it didnt have the same allure that Yellow had from Red and Blue with trying to stick closer to the anime, so I passed on the experience. Naturally, it wasnt long before I got over that, and the heavy gravitational pull surrounding the Pokemon;world eventually roped me back in, but by then, several generations had passed, and Crystal was long outdated.

A copy of this game was provided to App Trigger for the purpose of this piece.

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Silvers Past With Pryce Giovanni & Green

Silver is a much more likable character in the manga compared to his game incarnation. For example, the version of Silver in the manga was kidnapped by Pryce, made into a slave along with Green, and escaped. He eventually started working with the ex-Pokemon Champion Lance, and eventually got his own Pokedex.

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The game iteration doesnt have this same background. This is likely because Pryce isnt nearly the same character in the games, and Green was sadly not around as a character this early in the franchise. That said, both versions of the character are still the son of Team Rockets leader, Giovanni.

Location And Story Changes In Pokemon Crystal

Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal Wi-Fi Battle #33 [“NU”] vs Schogux: High Risk, High Reward

A few of the locations were given upgrades in Pokemon Crystal, and a few story mechanics have been upgraded.;

  • The Ruins of the Alph has a new subplot, revealing more about the ancient Unown‘s background, and has more puzzles and more common Unown.
  • The Ice Path now has more ice, and the puzzles were altered.;
  • A new character who’s searching for Suicune now appears.;
  • Trainers who call your phone after battling;now have distinct personalities.;
  • You’ll be able to obtain a Dratini with ExtremeSpeed after receiving the Rising Badge and answering the questions to a new quiz correctly in the Dragon’s Den.
  • The first Battle Tower ever to appear in a Pokemon game is accessible north of Route 40.;

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Pok Mart And Pokmon Center Signs

Japanese/Korean French/Spanish German/Italian

In the Japanese and Korean versions, the signs of Pokémon Centers in Johto have a Poké Ball drawing with the letters PC next to it. In the localizations, the sign was changed back to the one used in Red, Green, Blue and Yellow, due to “PC” being more commonly used in the west as an abbreviation of “personal computer”. The Pokémon Center signs in Kanto use the old design in all versions.

Gold Turns His Bike Into A Scooter

Gold is like the perfect encapsulation of a 90s kid. He wears a backward hat, skateboards around, has goggles, and doesnt listen to authority. So when he ends up facing Whitney, the Goldenrod City gym leader, in a bike race, hes going to go about it his own way.

Instead of using the bikes the franchise is so iconically known for, Gold instead takes the bike apart. He combines them into a scooter, a method of transport that was an icon of the 90s. Sadly, it wasn’t an option in the games.

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The Gym Leaders & Their Legendary Beasts

The three Legendary Beasts have a different purpose in the Adventures manga than they do in the games. All three roam the world in the manga, battling gym leaders to see if theyre worthy of wielding them. Over the course of the story, Suicune ends up;beating most of the Johto Gym Leaders.

Its not until he comes across Misty that Suicune finds someone he wouldnt mind lending his power to.;A few;chapters later, Entei ends up healing and working with Cinnabar Island’s Blaine. Raikou lends his power to the one and only Lt. Surge. Its a neat story element, but it doesnt at all match the events of the games.

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