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Eevee Into Sylveon Pokemon Go

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How To Get Glaceon And Leafeon During Community Day

How to Evolve Eevee into Sylveon in Pokemon GO // How good is it // Sylveon Name Trick

Eevees Leaf and Ice-type evolutions both have their standard methods of evolutions during the event.

Players will need to use a Mossy Lure Module on a Pokestop and evolve Eevee within the radius to get a Leafeon or repeat the trick with a Glacial Lure Module to get a Glaceon.

While these items do cost, Niantic has confirmed that there will be some Research during Community Day that rewards a Mossy Lure Module and a Glacial Lure Module.

Leafeon and Glaceons naming trick is Linnea or Rea .

Which of these Pokémon hatching during the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space event have you hatched? Let us know below!

Pokémon GO

Evolve Sylveon Using The Buddy System

This method can be used as many times as you like. To evolve Sylveon the ‘normal’ way, follow these instructions:

  • Choose Eevee as a Pokémon Buddy
  • Earn 70 hearts with your Eevee — do this by playing with it, walking with it, giving it berries.and so on
  • When you have earned these hearts, you should see the silhouette on the Evolve button switch to Sylveon
  • Evolve your Eevee using 25 Candy.

How To Use The Eevee Evolution Nickname Trick In Pokemon Go

First off, make sure that youve got an Eevee and the 25 Candy that youll need to evolve it. Once you do, simply tap on it from your list of Pokemon and then tap the pencil icon just next to its name. You can now nickname your Eevee whatever you want.

As great as an Eevee called Jebediah would be, wed suggest using one of the above nicknames to net yourself the Eevee evolution you want. Once youve done that, simply tap the Evolve option when viewing that particular mon. After the evolution cutscene has finished, you should be left staring at the Eevee evolution that you wanted.

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How Do I Evolve Eevee With A Nickname

Eevee has;eight different forms of evolution, which include Vaporeon,;Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Sylveon. After acquiring 25 candy, you can evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon at random.

But how do you take the random element out of it and, instead, force Eevee to take each of the individual forms? Well, its a simple process of changing Eevees name before you evolve them.

Its worth noting that this method only allows you to get each different;evolution Eevee a single time. Once youve performed it on your account, you will no longer be able to get that particular form of Eevee using this method on that account.

Here are the different names youll need to use to get each different Pokémon Go Eevee evolution:

  • Vaporeon:;Rainer
  • Glaceon:;Rea
  • Sylveon: Kira

Make sure the silhouette of the evolution you want shows up on the evolve button, otherwise the nickname trick wont work.

How To Play With And Feed Your Buddy In Pokmon Go

ã?How toã Guarantee Sylveon Pokemon Go

Lets start with the basics. To play with your Buddy in Pokémon Go, make sure youre first Trainer Level 2 and have a Buddy assigned, then tap the Buddy icon in the lower left corner of the screen, next to your Trainer Profile.

Next, press the Play! button. Your phone camera will then activate. If you are in AR mode, you must find a flat surface. Point towards it until yellow footprints appear, then tap.

If it then says you are too close to your Buddy, back away a step or two, and it should appear.

If youre struggling, remember you can disable AR mode in the Settings, so the Pokémon will simply appear on the screen.

With the Pokémon visible, you can play by rubbing it. You can also feed it by tapping the Berry icon.

Unlike during the catch phase where berries are simply tapped, on the Buddy screen they must be thrown like a Poké Ball to your Buddys mouth. You dont lose your Berry if you miss however, so keep trying!

Once they are fully fed, they will join you on an Adventure, where they can start earning Hearts for that day

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Where To Find & Catch Sylveon In Wild In Pokemon Go

If you are thinking of directly finding and catching a Sylveon by encountering it in the wild in Pokemon Go, I have got some bad news for you. Sylveon is not available in the wild in Pokemon Go. You can only obtain it by evolving your Eevee into a Sylveon. There is no other way to find it in the wild or during raid battles.

Niantic hasnt made it available in that way yet. Hopefully, theyll change this in the future. It will definitely make finding a shiny or perfect IVs Sylevon easier.

How To Capture Eevee In Pokmon Go

The first thing we have to say about Pokémon #133 of the National Pokédex is that it is an original species of Kanto, Generation I. It was there that its first three evolutions of Electric, Water and Fire type were introduced to, in Generation II, introduce its Psychic and Sinister type variants . Hence, a jump to Generation IV with the Grass and Ice type options to finally welcome the last member of the family, Fairy-type , in Generation VI. Its capture ratio is 40% under normal conditions. The eight evolutions are now available in Pokémon GO.

To capture Eevee in the wild we have two options: or find it in the wild or through the hatching of a 5 km egg .

En Pokémon GO, Eevee keep type Normal, so it is weak to Fighting type and resistant to Ghost type. To evolve they are always necessary 25 candies; regardless of the conditions. We believe it is necessary to emphasize this because the candies are mandatory to start the process of evolution. His base stats are 104 ATK, 114 DEF, and 146 Stamina, quite modest characteristics and not worth maintaining. Therefore, evolving to this species is highly recommended if we want to use it in the GO Fighting League or in a Raid.

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How To Evolve Eevee Into Sylveon In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go currently has Pokemon from several generations and the most recent Eevee Evolution added to the game is Sylveon, a Pokemon added in generation 6. In the main Pokemon games, Sylveon evolves based off your Affection and Friendship stats, which maps to the Pokemon Buddy Feature that Pokemon Go has.

First of all, the nickname trick continues to work with Sylveon. To get it first, take an Eevee and rename it to Kira then evolve it. The first time you do this, youll get a Sylveon. After this, however, youll have to evolve into Sylveon in the traditional way, as this is a one-time trick per eeveelution.

For further chances to evolve Eevee to Sylveon, youll need to get 70 Buddy Hearts with an Eevee which puts your relationship with that Pokemon at the Great Buddy level. After this, you simply need to evolve that Eevee with 25 Eevee candy, and youll get the fairy-type Sylveon in return.

All of these work with the Flower Crown Eevee or Shiny Eevee so you can use these tricks to get yourself a Shiny Sylveon or a Flower Crown Sylveon.

How To Get Leafeon And Glaceon In Pokemon Go


Leafeon and Glaceon are obtained using two in-game items. Evolving your Eevee at a Pokestop that has the Mossy Lure applied to it will give trainers a Leafeon. Evolving at a PokeStop where theres a Glacial Lure will give trainers access to Glaceon. These items can be purchased from the in-game store for 200 coins each, and they work like normal lures, except they attract Pokemon of specific types.

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Pokemon Go August Community Day Makes It Much Easier To Get Sylveon

Pokemon Gos August Community Day will be a two-day celebration, developer Niantic has announced. The event is scheduled to take place August 14-15 and will feature Eevee, giving you another chance to get some Shiny Eevee evolutions.

As the featured Pokemon, Eevee will be appearing more frequently in the wild than usual throughout the entire weekend, meaning youll also have an increased chance of finding a Shiny. Any Shiny Eevee that you evolve will retain its Shiny coloration, making this a good opportunity to add some Shiny Eevee evolutions to your collection.

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Additionally, Niantic is making it easier to get Sylveon. Typically, you need to earn 70 hearts when Eevee is set as your buddy in order to evolve it into Sylveon. For Augusts Community Day, however, Niantic is reducing the number of buddy hearts you need to earn to only seven.

Eevee will also learn a different Community Day-exclusive move depending on which form you evolve it into. Any Eevee that you evolve between August 13-16 will automatically know the following attacks:

  • Vaporeon: Scald
  • Glaceon: Water Pulse
  • Sylveon: Psyshock
  • 50 Ultra Balls

Location To Find Sylveon In Other Pokemon Games

In the core games also, Sylveon is not available in the wild. To obtain it, you must catch an Eevee and evolve it into a Sylveon. Eevee is available in multiple locations in every Pokemon Game. You can also breed it to get a better moveset.

The process to evolve your Eevee into a Sylveon in the core Pokemon games involves earning two affection hearts in Pokemon Amie while the Eevee knows a Fairy-type move. Once you meet the requirements, you can level it by battling or giving it a rare candy.

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Pokemon Go Sylveon Evolution Method Will Be Easier This Weekend

It will be much easier to evolve Eevee into Sylveon in Pokemon GO this weekend, as the Eevee Community Day weekend will relax the evolution method for this Eeveelution. Between August 13-16, 2021, the heart requirement to evolve the character will be drastically reduced. As for the Eevees, those will only be more common during certain hours on August 14, 2021 and August 15, 2021.

Normally the evolution method to evolve Eevee into Sylveon in Pokemon GO requires you to earn hearts via Buddy interactions. You make an Eevee your buddy and do things like feed it, take pictures with it, battle with it, and visit new places together to accrue hearts. When you have a total of 70, you can evolve it. Between August 13-16, 2021, you will only need seven hearts total.

Though, if you havent gotten one yet, there is another, even easier evolution method to use to evolve Eevee into Sylveon in Pokemon GO. All of the Eeveelutions have a name trick in the game. If you give the character that name, then choose to evolve it, it will essentially be forced to evolve into that character instead of a mystery one. If you name an Eevee Kira, then the status screen will show the Sylveon silhouette and let you evolve it to that character. This trick works once.

There is another bonus happening during the entire weekend. All Eevee evolutions can learn special attacks. Heres the full list from Niantics announcement. Also, Eevees caught during this period will know Last Resort.

  • Vaporeon: Scald

Eevee Community Day Is Backwith Special Attacks For Each Of Eevees Evolutions

Pokemon Go Sylveon Name Trick Leaked?!


Were excited to announce that Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon, will be featured during Augusts Community Day eventwhich will span two days instead of just one! And thats not all: when you evolve Eevee into any of its Evolutions from Friday, August 13, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Monday, August 16, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. PDT , that Pokémon will know a special attack! During this time, evolving Eevee into Sylveon will also require fewer hearts than usual.

In celebration of Eevee Community Day, stickers inspired by Eevee and its Evolutions will be available throughout August! You can get stickers inspired by Eevee by spinning PokéStops, opening Gifts, and purchasing them from the in-game shop, while stickers inspired by Eevees Evolutions will be available exclusively from the shop.

Features and bonuses available throughout the weekend

The following bonuses will be active from Friday, August 13, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Monday, August 16, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. PDT .

  • When you evolve Eevee into any of its Evolutions, that Pokémon will know a special attack!
  • Vaporeon: Scald
  • Eevee caught or hatched during this time will know Last Resort.
  • Evolving Eevee into Sylveon will require only seven hearts instead of the usual 70.
  • There will be special Timed Research available that rewards a Mossy Lure Module and a Glacial Lure Module.
  • Features and bonuses available during Community Day hours only

    The Pokémon GO team

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    How Do You Evolve More Umbreon Or Espeon In Pokmon Go

    If you’ve already used the nickname trick, and want to get another Umbreon or Espeon, these two Eeveelutions can also be controlled in Pokémon Go. If you just hit the Evolve button, you will get either Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon completely at random. To get Umbreon or Espeon, you need to raise your Buddy Pokémon’s Friendship level:

  • Make the Eevee you want to evolve your Buddy.
  • Walk with your Eevee Buddy for at least 10 KM and earn two Eevee candy.
  • While that Eevee is still your Buddy, hit the Evolve button during the day to get Espeon, or at night to get Umbreon.
  • You can swap out Eevee for another Buddy, but you’ll have to swap Eevee back to being your Buddy before you try to evolve Umbreon or Espeon.

    Pokmon Go Eevee Evolution Name Guide: How To Evolve Sylveon Espeon And More

    Eevee is quite possibly the most well known evolution up-and-comers in Pokémon Go Eevee Evolution Name Guide, and for good explanation. This lovable beast can advance into an incredible eight distinct structures hell, it even has its own Tamagotchi! Here well walk you through how to advance Eevee into each structure in the portable game.

    Whoa! It looks like Trainers have figured out a pattern: Mossy Lure + Eevee = Leafeon

    Pokémon GO May 20, 2019

    In the exemplary Pokémon Go Eevee Evolution Name Guide can advance into various composing assortments alluded to as Eeveelutions by fans in light of the utilization of unique things, its bliss level, moves it has accessible and surprisingly the hour of day.

    Eevee is a standout amongst other Pokémon you can get in Pokémon Go in light of the fact that as well as being lovable, it has genuine reach. Before any irate Jigglypuffs reach out, when we say range we mean according to its evolutions.

    This guide portrays how to develop each Eevee structure in Pokémon GO, including Eevee name stunts and customary evolution strategies. Figure out how to get Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon in .

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    Pokemon Go Eevee Community Day Perks

    Aside from the usual increase in spawns and the higher rate of finding a Shiny, this weekends Pokemon Go Eevee Community Day event will give trainers even more perks. From Friday, August 13 at 1 p.m. EDT to Monday, August 16 at 1 p.m. EDT, when Eevee evolves into its many evolutions they will learn an exclusive move. Below are the Pokemon-exclusive moves that will be learned during Community Day:;

    • Vaporeon: Scald
    • Sylveon: Psyshock
    • Eevee caught or hatched during this time will know Last Resort.

    Also, evolving Sylveon will be much easier during the two-day event. More information on Sylveons evolution method is below, but obtaining the Fairy-type will only require seven friendship hearts instead of the usual 70.;

    How To Rename Eevee To Evolve Into Sylveon Leafeon Glaceon Umbreon Espeon Vaporeon Jolteon And Flareon


    Evolving Eevee using the required 25 Eevee candy will produce a random evolution. However, you can control which type it turns into by renaming the monster beforehand:

    • Rename “Kira” to evolve into Fairy-type Sylveon
    • Rename “Linnea” to evolve into Grass-type Leafeon
    • Rename “Rea” to evolve into Ice-type Glaceon
    • Rename “Sakura” to evolve into Psychic-type Espeon
    • Rename “Tamao” to evolve into Dark-type Umbreon
    • Rename “Rainer” to evolve into Water-type Vaporeon
    • Rename “Sparky” to evolve into Electric-type Jolteon
    • Rename “Pyro” to evolve into Fire-type Flareon

    There are some caveats here. This only works one time per evolution, so if you plan to use your Eeveelution in battle, make sure you’ve chosen an Eevee with favourable stats. The naming trick is currently the only guaranteed way to evolve Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon – once you’ve done it once, it’ll be up to random chance if you get another, regardless of what you’ve named it.

    There are tricks to reliably evolving the other Eevee varieties more than once, though…

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    Party Hat Pokmon In Pokmon Go

    If you have one event costume Pokémon in Pokémon Go, then theres a large chance that it happens to be wearing a party hat.

    With over ten party hat Pokémon already released at the time of writing, and more on the way, the party hat is the most commonly occurring costume in Pokémon Go.

    There are also a variety of party hat designs, including red with yellow spots and a mixture of dark and light purple.

    Below youll find every party hat Pokémon that has been released so far into Pokémon Go, along with their first appearance:

    Adventure Sync Hatchathon 2km eggs

    Evolve Your Eevee Into Flareon Vaporeon Or Jolteon

    • To Evolve your Eevee into a Flareon: Rename your Eevee to Pyro and evolve it by giving 25 Eevee candy. It is the fire-type evolution of Eevee.
    • To Evolve your Eevee into a Vaporeon: Rename your Eevee to Rainer and evolve it by giving 25 Eevee candy. It is the water-type evolution of Eevee.
    • To Evolve your Eevee into a Jolteon: Rename your Eevee to Sparky and evolve it by giving 25 Eevee candy. It is the electric-type evolution of Eevee.
    • Evolve your Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon

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