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Pokemon Go April Community Day

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Research Snivy In The Sunshine

Pokémon Go April Community Day! SNIVY 3x Catch Stardust!

This has mostly been an over-costed bad buy in the past, but it’s only a buck, so many players will purchase it anyway. Also note that this will not award an in-game badge. Research does not need to be completed before the end of Community Day, though it is beneficial to do so for the increased shiny odds and for the exclusive move. Only base encounters can be shiny.

During Community Day, Field Research Tasks are changed to Catch 3 of the featured Pokemon with the following possible rewards

  • 500 Stardust
  • 1 Golden Razzberry
  • Snivy encounter

There will also be a timed research that rewards Sinnoh Stones, so make sure to check out all three research tabs throughout the event!

Exclusive Special Research Story

A special Research Story Snivy in the Sunshine will go live during the Community Day. This Community Day exclusive Special Research will be available for US $1, or local equivalent. The tasks and their corresponding rewards for this event are:

  • Power Up Pokemon 10 times: x10 PokeBall
  • Catch 15 Fletchling: Fletchling

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Taking a more thorough look at Serperiors PvP prowess, we find it to be a very consistent Pokemon providing consistent damage and rely less on baiting shields than other Pokemon. Now, coming to the Leagues, it becomes quite obvious that Serperior is made for Great and Ultra League only. This is because of its low CP cap which barely crosses the 2500 mark at Level 50.

In Great League, Serperior actually performs pretty good by putting up a META defying performance, by taking on the likes Galarian Stunfisk, Azumarill, Deoxys and Swampert! While, Serperior is decent enough in Ultra League, its more like a makeshift Grass Type Attacker. Even though Serperior puts up a good fight in the Ultra League against Swampert, Cresselia and Poliwrath, its average stats just keeps dragging it down.

Pokmon Go Community Day Date And Pokmon For June 2021

The March 2021 Community Day event.

Image via Niantic

Each month, the Community Day event celebrates a particular Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Theres a six-hour event where the Pokémon spawns throughout the world, and players can easily catch it with an increased chance of it being a shiny version. If players evolve it into its final form, the Pokémon learns an exclusive move it otherwise could not. These moves are typically better than the original moveset it could acquire, giving it more variety for battling in raids and against other players.

This is what we know about the Pokémon Go Community Day for June 2021. Gibble has been confirmed to be June 2021s Community Day Pokémon. Niantic made the announcement several weeks before the official release.

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Pokemon Go: Shiny Snivy Community Day April 2021

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Shiny Snivy Pokemon GO Community Day.

By Sam Woods

Were almost at that time of the month in which all Pokemon GO players focus shifts towards a single species.

Community Day is one of the most popular reoccurring events within Niantics AR hit, as players have the opportunity to nab themselves a bucket load of shiny Pokemon.

This time out, following Fletchling, Roselia and Machop this year, is none other than the Grass Snake Pokemon, Snivy.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Shiny Snivy Pokemon GO Community Day for April 2021.

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Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

Snivy Is The Focus Of The April 2021 Pokmon Go Community Day

Pokemon GO April 2021 Snivy Community Day Guide


Go happy catching the Grass-type Generation V Pokémon Snivy for this mont’s Community Day. Here’s what you need to know about the latest Pokémon GO event.

Niantic has announced the star of April’s Pokémon GO Community Day.

The Grass-type Snivy will be available in greater numbers, and can even be caught in Shiny form!

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What Is Snivys Exclusive Move During Community Day

Evolving Snivy into Servine and then into Serperior will yield a Pokémon that knows Frenzy Plant as their Charged Attack. This extremely powerful exclusive move is perfect for both raids and PvP battls, so make sure you evolve a few while you can. As usual, you have two extra hours beyond the Community Day event to complete the evolution, so make sure you finish them by 7pm on Sunday, April 11th.

When Does The Pokemon Go April Community Day Start And End

Each month sees a Pokemon GO Community Day, showcasing a certain Pokemon and increasing its encounter rate.

A wide variety of Pokemon have been given a Community Day appearance. This time around, for April 2021, Pokemon GO is ving a trainers a whole lot of the Grass Snake Pokemon, Snivy.

Snivy will pop up all over the place during its Community Day event. Pokemon GO trainers can take part in a Special Research mission, earn a ton of bonuses, and perhaps catch a couple Shiny Snivy.

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Increased Odds Of Encountering A Shiny Version Of The Featured Pokmon

Image: Niantic / The Pokémon Company

Driving fans mad with anticipation and frustration in equal measure, the featured Pokémon is a lot more likely to be shiny when it spawns during Community Day. In the wider context of the Pokémon series, GO actually presents one of the most time-efficient and least tedious ways of catching Shiny Pokémon. Lucky players can net several shiny versions during the event but theres always the chance that youll come away empty handed.

One key piece of advice for newcomers Shiny Pokémon do not appear Shiny on the Pokémon GO map. You have to tap on them and enter catching mode to see if they are shiny or not.

The January 2022 Pokmon Go Community Day Will Star Spheal

Snivy April Community Day | Pokémon GO

Get out and play together in your local community parks on Pokémon GO Community Day. For just a few hours each month, you can encounter a special Pokémon in the wild. During these hours, there’s a chance to learn a previously unavailable move for that Pokémon or its Evolution, as well as earn some Community Day bonuses. Celebrate what it means to be a part of the Pokémon GO community and make new friends along the way!

Note: Fast TMs and Charged TMs will not grant exclusive moves during Community Day. To learn the exclusive move, you must catch or evolve the featured Pokémon during Community Day hours.

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Pokemon Go Snivy In The Sunshine Community Day Ticket

Snivys Community Day officially kicks off on Sunday, at 11:00 AM and runs until 5:00 PM local time. The paid ticket for the bonus Research is already live for purchase in Pokemon Gos Shop. Players can get access to the content for $0.99.

While the purchasable content does not guarantee Trainers a Shiny version of Snivy, it does ensure several encounters with it. Essentially, it will give fans more chances of running into the rare alternate version.

As of 2021, the mons third evolution, Serperior, is not the best pick for Gos Battle League. However, those who evolve Snivy during the Community Day will get the special move Frenzy Plant, which makes it much more viable in the PVP mode.

Bonus Catch Stardust And Increased Incense Duration

Players will get upto 3x extra Stardust per catch. This is viable for those who want to give their Serperior an extra move . This bonus is available for catching any Pokemon during the community day, and not exclusively Snivy. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to stock up some Stardust. Also, any incense used duration during the Community Day will last up to 3 hours.

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When Do Pokmon Go Community Days Usually Take Place

Community Days are always held on a Saturday or Sunday every month and originally lasted for 3 hours . They are typically held from 11am to 2pm or 4pm to 7pm in your local timezone

Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way of predicting exactly when the next Pokémon GO Community Day will fall. Looking back at past dates, we can say that community days are:

  • More commonly held on a Saturday rather than a Sunday
  • More commonly held in the second or third weekend of the month

However, Niantic appears to schedule the event to both avoid and complement other events in their calendar. Expect Community Days to be announced anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks ahead of the event.

How To Evolve Kadabra

Pokemon GO April Community Day 2019 Details Announced ...

As usual, you can evolve Abra into Kadabra and Alakazam by feeding it enough Abra Candy, but there’s a second way you can obtain the Pokemon’s final form: the recently introduced trade evolution method. Just as in the mainline series, some Pokemon can now evolve via trading. If you trade an eligible Pokemon with another player, its Candy requirement will be completely removed, letting you evolve it essentially for free.

Kadabra is one of the Pokemon that can evolve using this new method. If you receive a Kadabra in a trade, you’ll be able to evolve it into Alakazam without having to feed it any Candy. Since trading in Pokemon Go can only be performed locally, you’ll need to have a friend willing to trade a Kadabra with you ahead of or during this month’s Community Day, but this is a quicker way to obtain Alakazam than the usual evolution method.

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How Can I Prepare For Pokmon Go Community Day

Assuming the headlining monster is one youre interested in, its a good idea to start stockpiling useful items a week or two ahead of Community Day. You should get:

  • Enough Pokéballs and Pinap Berries to catch and evolve your Pokémon, :
  • At bare minimum you need 32 Pokéballs to catch and evolve a single three-stage Pokémon from scratch
  • Obviously, we recommend going into Community Day with two to three times the above numbers to be safe and watch out for featured Pokémon with higher candy requirements/split evolutions
  • Keep some Ultra Balls and Razz Berries in reserve for any hard to catch Shinies
  • Lures the 3 hour duration perk means Community Days are great time for trying the 200 PokéCoin Glacial, Mossy and Magnetic Lures
  • Lucky Eggs, Star Pieces and Super Incubators Their effects stack with whichever of the XP, Stardust and Egg hatching perks Niantic has planned for the event
  • Community Day And Covid

    This is the first Community Day taking place while a majority of the world is on lockdown from the global pandemic of the Coronavirus. Because of this, Niantic has added additional elements to make the event more enjoyable for those impacted by widespread lockdowns. Please use safety and common sense while playing in this event. For other Community Day related tips, check out February’s Community Day Guide. For additional Coronavirus considerations, check out our article on that subject as well.

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    Learn All About Aprils Events Here


    We hope youre prepared for a month of exciting Pokémon encounters and bonuses!

    Save Shadow Zapdos from Giovanni

    This month, Giovanni will have Shadow Zapdos in his grasp! If you havent already, complete the latest Team GO Rocket Special Research, The Higher They Fly…, to earn a Super Rocket Radar. This will help you track down the Team GO Rocket Boss and save Shadow Zapdos! You can also receive a Super Rocket Radar from Timed Research thatll be available during the first week of April.

    Team GO Rocket never rests, Trainers, and neither can we! For more information, please see this help center article.

    From Thursday, April 1, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. to Saturday, May 1, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. PDT , youll encounter male Frillish in Research Breakthrough encounters.

    Featured Pokémon in five-star raids and Mega Raids

    The following Legendary Pokémon will be appearing in five-star raids throughout April.

    In addition, the following Mega-Evolved Pokémon will be appearing in Mega Raids.

    Every Wednesday in April will feature a Raid Hour event from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time. Raid Hours will feature the Pokémon appearing in five-star raids that week. As a reminder, youll gain extra XP for completing five-star raids throughout the Season of Legends!

    Stay tuned for the May events blog for more details on the excellent Pokémon thatll be featured in raids after April concludes!

    Pokémon Spotlight Hours

    Upcoming new events

    Stay tuned for details about these upcoming events.

    What Didn’t Work For This Pokmon Go Event:

    BEEP BEEP SHINY MAREEP!!! Pokemon GO Community Day | April 2018
    • The Timed Research and the Community Day Box: Now, the Community Day Boxes have never been worth it. They are consistently among the worst deals in the shop. However, the ticked Community Day Special Researches used to offer more to trainers in Pokémon GO. While they’re still technically a good deal compared to the individual cost of the items they’re offering, the consistent nerfing of worth without lowering the price is a bad and noticeable habit that Niantic seems to lean further and further into as time goes on.
    • Unova Week: This makes Niantic’s decision to release Shiny Snivy during a random event earlier this year in Pokémon GO seem even worse. If they’d have only waited, this already great Community Day would’ve been even better. Note, though, that this isn’t a point against Snivy Community Day as an event but rather Niantic’s poor planning as a whole.

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    General Event Tips And Tricks

    • Wear a good pair of walking shoes. You will be doing a ton of walking to hatch as many eggs as possible.
    • Get to your favorite local catching spots early.
    • Be patient there will be errors and bugs at the start of the event, dont worry.
    • Ensure that you have Lures up the entire duration
    • Catch everything you see!
    • Use Incense to attract even more Pokémon to you while youre out hunting.
    • Make sure that you keep your Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces active the entire duration to maximize your XP and Stardust gains.
    • Chat with your fellow Trainers and grow your local Pokémon Go community.
    • Promote the new Pokémon Go features and events to Trainers who are just starting their adventure or havent been playing for a while.
    • Most importantly, have fun!

    The results from Community Day 3 are in, and Instinct made a HUGE impression this time. Does this mark a changing of the guard?

    P.S. Community Day 3 was an incredible event. Click here to see photos shared from the Pokemon Go Community around the world, and make sure you snap a picture or two to submit for the April Photo Atlas!

    What Didnt Work For This Pokmon Go Event:

    • The Timed Research and the Community Day Box: Now, the Community Day Boxes have never been worth it. They are consistently among the worst deals in the shop. However, the ticked Community Day Special Researches used to offer more to trainers in Pokémon GO. While theyre still technically a good deal compared to the individual cost of the items theyre offering, the consistent nerfing of worth without lowering the price is a bad and noticeable habit that Niantic seems to lean further and further into as time goes on.
    • Unova Week: This makes Niantics decision to release Shiny Snivy during a random event earlier this year in Pokémon GO seem even worse. If theyd have only waited, this already great Community Day wouldve been even better. Note, though, that this isnt a point against Snivy Community Day as an event but rather Niantics poor planning as a whole.

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    Pokmon Go April Community Day Stars Shiny Snivy Date Announced

    Niantic has announced Community Days date in April for Pokémon GO, which features possible Shiny Snivy and Serperior that knows Frenzy Plant.

    Snivy will be the star for April 2021s Pokémon GO Community Day, and as always there will be other bonuses players can enjoy for the day. , the Tiny Robin Pokémon, which evolves into Fletchinder and Talonflame. Players that caught the Normal/Flying-type on March 6 could catch a possible shiny and, if evolved into Talonflame, could learn Incinerate.

    In addition to the shiny Fletchling, players were encouraged to take snapshots, which gives a chance to encounter special Pokémon, a special Community Day Box, and a special research story, The Bravest Bird. Pokémon GO has continued to add new and varied content for its players to engage in since its launch in 2016. Now, players can battle other trainers, engage in storyline events, Mega Evolve certain Pokémon, and more.

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    Pokemon Go April 2021 Upcoming Events Community Day Raid Bosses And What Else

    Pokémon GO April Community Day gestartet

    Heres what we know and what we can guess will be coming to POGO in April.

    March has almost certainly been one of the most stacked months since Pokemon GO launched five years ago.

    The Season of Legends kicked off, and with it, a whole bunch of new events and more.

    We had the Searching for Legends, Charge Up and Weather Week events to name a few and thats not even including all the raid boss shake-ups and more. The sheer abundance of activities has left fans wondering what events are coming to Pokemon GO in April 2021.

    Here is everything we know so far.

    • WEATHER WEEK Water/Flying Event Start Time, Research, Rewards and Bonuses

    Get ready for more legendary appearances during the Season of Legends!

    Rayquaza, the Sky High Pokémon, will be appearing in raids during the Weather Week event!

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