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Pokemon Sword And Shield Codes

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Alolan Diglett Sidequest Rewards


In the Isle of Armor , there’s a side-quest about finding 150 Alolan Diglett scattered throughout.As you find them and they go back to the Hiker who first lost them, he gives you certain Pokémon as rewards, most of which cannot normally be obtained in-game, otherwise . Each of these Pokémon will have 3 perfect IVs , and all will have their Hidden Abilities.

Find 100 Alolan Diglett
8. Litten Find 100 Alolan Diglett
8. Popplio Find 100 Alolan Diglett
9. Alolan Diglett

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The Promo Codes Are Playersch01cepc And Pjcs2020champ

Pokemon Sword and Shield promo codes are a fact of life. No matter what the occasion, Game Freak and Nintendo find a way to get people to log in and type in mystery gift codes: even if its been months since people have played. Its the sirens song of free stuff. This weekend the powers that be are running a dual promotion, with a free Torkoal and a Gold Bottle Cap.

To grab the former, youll use the code PJCS2020CHAMP. To get the latter cap, youll enter PLAYERSCH01CEPC. The Torkoal will be holding a Sitrus Berry, and will come with the moves burning jealousy, body press, yawn, and protect.

As Serebii.net reports, these Pokemon Sword and Shield promo codes are from the Japan National Championship streams. The catch is that theyll actually expire on July 19, which is tomorrow!

If you want to watch the Japan National Championship for yourself, The Pokemon Company has the event on YouTube.

So whats next for Pokemon? Well, Unite comes out on July 21, followed by the Diamond and Pearl remakes later this year, and the Legends line kickoff, which could potentially reinvent the series, is launching in 2022.

Claiming Mystery Gift Codes

The Mystery Gift Codes are nice incentives from Nintendo. They give out a batch of codes from the Ball Guy. The Ball Guy appears at every stadium where you talk to him and he gives you items.

Nowadays, he can give you Mystery Gift Codes that you can input to claim rewards. The Codes can be claimed for item rewards that you can use. Remember, you can get the Mystery Gift Codes from the Ball Guy or you can check other websites that have a list of the codes.

One other thing is that the Codes can expire so you cant claim the old ones, but the newer ones are available.

Here is how you can claim the codes after you have them already.

  • Step 1 Open the Main Menu
  • Step 2 Select the Mystery Gift option
  • Step 3 Open the Get a Mystery Gift option
  • Step 4 Select the Get with Code/Password option
  • Step 5 Input the code and youll get your rewards

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Capturing Charmander And Pikachu

When you want to get Charmander can be easy. Once you beat the game and the credits roll, youll be back in your room.

Head outside and go to Hops house, go upstairs and head to the room on the right. Youll find a Poke Ball on the floor and thats where youll get Charmander.

You can get Pikachu by trading it from Lets Go Eevee or Pikachu. However, there is a way to get it without trading. Go to Route 4 and find the yellow grasses where Pikachu will pop up.

It is very rare so you need to make sure to catch it when you can. It is advisable to use Normal-type moves to ensure that it doesnt get killed right away.

Pokmon Sword And Shield Codes: Full List Of Mystery Gift Codes

Pokémon Sword And Shield Codes: Full List Of Mystery Gift ...
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If you’ve played through the main game in Pokémon Sword and Shield, one character you should remember is the Ball Guy who appears at every stadium in the game and gives you unique Poké Balls every time you see him.

Well, last year he began giving out codes on social media for Mystery Gifts that gift you rare Poké Balls and other free goodies simply by typing in a code. The Pokémon Company is also distributing codes via other means.

Below you’ll find a full list of all the Pokémon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes currently available, plus instructions on how to input them and claim your rewards. A big thanks to Serebii.net who keeps a close eye on these things – follow them for up-to-the-minute info on everything Pokémon-related.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Mystery Gift Codes Expired

These codes are already expired:

  • K0UN1NMASC0T Mystery gift Code or password: 1x Level Ball, 1x Moon Ball, and also 1x Fast Ball
  • 1YAHAYA Mystery gift Code or password: 1x Heavy Ball, 1x Lure Ball, and also 1x Beast Ball
  • 0KUGAFUKA1B0RU Mystery gift Code or password: 1x Love Ball, 1x Friend Ball, and also 1x Dream Ball
  • PRESENT Mystery gift Code or password: 10x Luxury Balls
  • G1GANTAMAX Mystery gift Code or password: 20 Battle Points
  • 0T0SH1DAMA Mystery gift Code or password: Gives 10 Dive Balls
  • KAMPFTEAM Mystery gift Code or password: 20 Battle Points
  • GALAR Mystery gift Code or password: 1x Bottle Cap
  • AREAS1LVESTRE Mystery gift Code or password: 10x Premier Balls
  • G1GAGRANF1NALE Mystery gift Code or password: 10x Heal Balls
  • SUPEREFF1CACE Mystery gift Code or password: 20 Battle Points
  • C0MPET1T10N Mystery gift Code or password: 1 Bottle Cap
  • PUNKR0CK Mystery gift Code or password: 3x TR94 High Horsepower
  • TRA1NERSCUP Mystery gift Code or password: Shiny Amoonguss
  • PJCS2019CHAMP Mystery gift Code or password: Gastrodon
  • PKMNPLAYERSCUP Mystery gift Code or password: Porygon2
  • K2020CHAMP10NS Mystery gift Code or password: Kings Rock

Rom Hack Pokemon Sword And Shield Cheats/hacks/pkhex

Title ID & Build ID :WELCOME!

  • Please ensure you have AUTO-SAVE TURNED OFFto ensure you do not accidentially save changes to your game when using new cheats that have not been throughly tested by the community.


  • Copy & Paste the file onto your CFW Nintendo Switch’s microSD card.

  • Open the “Cheats” sub-section via the Homebrew menu
  • Atmosphere

  • If you copied your cheats to the microSD without ejecting your, power cycle your CFW Nintendo Switch.
  • Launch the game!

    • Current Version ONLY:


    • 2019 Game Card Cheat Google Doc:
    • 2020 Game Card Cheats Codes:


  • Open Checkpoint.
  • Check Checkpoint to ensure your Switch Profile is correct
  • Select the game you would like to Back-Up
  • Press the buttons as directed on screen to Back-Up your save.
  • One to Edit with programs like PKHeX
  • Another in the event you corrupt your save as a back-up to the back-up.

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    Pokmon Sword & Shield’s Camping Compared To Bdsp’s Secret Bases

    Like Pokéblock crafting and Poffin cooking in previous Pokémon entries, Sword and Shield introduced a new way for players to cook and bond with their teams. At any time when traveling through the Wild Area or a route, players can take a pause and set up a campsite. Unlike previous Pokémon snacks, which were designed to boost stats for Pokémon Contests, cooking curry is a way for players to raise friendship levels and restore the health of their companions. This is especially important when traveling through the Wild Area, as flying or running back to a Pokémon center can be a hassle.

    The curry mechanic in Sword and Shield is one of the most extensive cooking mini-games present in the Pokémon series. With a long list of ingredients that can be found, bought, or gifted, as well as an impressive list of berries shaken from trees, players can craft curry ranging in quality, texture, and taste. Each Pokémon has a different pallet, making certain curries more appealing to different team members. While players can’t customize their campsites, the ability to cook and interact with a team is both useful to the overall gameplay and cathartic for those weary from trainer battles and wild encounters.

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    Use These Steps Along With Your Code To Receive Your Shiny Zamazenta In Pokmon Sword And Shiny Zacian In Pokmon Shield

    • Launch your Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield game.
    • Select Mystery Gift on the X menu.
    • Select Get a Mystery Gift.
    • Select Get with Code/Password to connect to the internet.*
    • Enter your code.
    • Watch as the gift arrives in your game.
    • Be sure to save your game.

    For more information, visit Pokemon.co.uk/ShinyZacianZamazenta.

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    Bulbasaur And Squirtle With Gigantamax Factor


    Following the recent Pokemon Home update, Bulbasaur and Squirtle with the Gigantamax Factor are available for redemption via Mystery Gift!

    No end date has been announced yet, but best redeem it as soon as you can!

    Mystery Gifts

    Virtual Concert on Pokemon Day

    You can watch the virtual concert on February 27th for free! Just tune in to Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary website, the official Pokémon YouTube channel, or the official Pokémon Twitch channel starting at 12:00 a.m. GMT.

    Capturing A Perfect Iv Ditto

    Ditto is used for breeding purposes and a lot of players acknowledge that a Ditto with Max IV stats is the best for breeding. The question now is where can you find a Ditto with Max IV stats.

    One area you can get a Ditto with Max IV stats is in the Lake of Outrage. You need to finish the game first before you can catch such a Ditto. The encounter rate can be around 2% to 10% and you may not even get a Max IV Ditto.

    Dont worry as there is another method, and thats by doing Max Raids. To find a Max IV Ditto in Max Raids, head to the northern area of the Nursery. Youll find an area called the Stony Wilderness.

    Head to the eastern border wall and youll find grass with a Raid Den behind it. Just do the Raid and you can get a Ditto with Max IV stats. Use that Ditto and start breeding it away.

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    How To Set Up A Link Trade

    Setting it up is easy. All you need to do is:

  • Push Y to get to the trade menu.
  • Make sure youre connected to the internet, which can be done by making sure the word Internet is written in the top-right hand corner of the trade menu.
  • Click Link Trade.
  • Click Set Link Code.
  • Enter the corresponding code and click ok, then select Yes.
  • From there, youll be taken back to the game. Depending on the code used, youll probably find a match pretty soon, when you do youll receive the following message: A trade partner has been found! Time for a trade!

    If it ends up taking a little longer, dont worry, youll be matched whenever someone else is using the same code as you.

    Once this is done, a new screen will pop up, showing your Pokemon storage. There, you can select the species you agreed to make a trade with. Youll be able to see all the details of the Pokemon youre sending, too, in the event that you have lots of duplicates.

    After you confirm your selection, youll be able to see which Pokemon theyre sending before you confirm the trade. This will allow you to get the species you want without having to sacrifice a potentially lucrative Pokemon. However, you wont be able to see anything about it other than what Pokemon it is.

    Life Orb Vs A Choice Item


    When building offensive Pokemon, it is a common question on which item it should hold to maximize its attacking capabilities. Life Orb and or are the usual candidates for offense-boosting items.

    Both of these items have advantages and disadvantages, and the better choice will boil down on what you want to achieve with your Pokemon’s moveset.


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    What Is Pokemon Sword And Shield Mystery Gift Codes

    Mystery Gift is a item that are free to receive and download in a limited period. It can be Pokemon, items, or more. Also, you can get some rare Poké Balls to help you catch Pokemon. The gifts are usually from events. For the case of Pokemon, are not usually obtainable after the event, unless you get it from a trade.

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    The copyright of the contents on this site is on the Owwya.com and Owwya Youtube Channel. Owwya.com. All rights reserved.

    Complete List Of Expired Mystery Gift Codes

    Unfortunately, these codes are no longer available. So stop trying.

    • 1STPTCCHAMP: redeem this code and get Porygon-Z
    • V1CT0RYENG1NE25: redeem this code and get Coalossal
    • PLAYERSCH01CEPC: redeem this code and get Beast Ball
    • SPR1NGPA0R1: redeem this code and get Life Orb (expired on May 16th, 2021
    • WPF1NALSPC3: redeem this code and get the rewards
    • DREAMB1GPC3: redeem this code and get Dream Ball
    • KAMPFTEAM: 20 BP
    • AREAS1LVESTRE: 10 Premier Balls

    Bonus: If youre searching for Amazon coupons, look no further! Try using Coupert, an auto coupon finder that tells you if there are coupons available when youre shopping on Amazon.

    This guide is for both Veteran and New Pokemon Trainers alike. It helps introduce you to the Galar Region and keep you informed through your journey with helpful tips. For players whove already finished the story, this guide is also worth your investment. As every map in the game including the wild area has a beautiful aerial view with important points of interest and youll definitely love it!

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    Isle Of Armor Pokedex Completion Rewards

    Speak with the scientist at the train station at the Isle of Armor to receive these rewards when you’ve caught all of the Pokemon in the Pokedex.

    Diploma Complete the Isle of Armor Pokedex
    Gold emblem on your Trainer Card Complete the Isle of Armor Pokedex
    Complete the Isle of Armor Pokedex
    Replica Gold Crown Complete the Isle of Armor Pokedex

    Pokemon Sword & Shield Mystery Gift Codes

    NEW MYSTERY GIFT CODE! Free Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Code for February 2021!

    Trainers outside of Asia can now claim their own glittering Celebi and Dada Zarude Mystery Gift voucher starting in November.

    A code will be emailed to everybody who signed up for the Pokémon Trainer Club Newsletter by September 25, 2021.

    Shiny Zacian or Zamazenta Mystery Gifts can also be redeemed by trainers. Those in the United States who want to claim Zacian can do so at GameStop from October 22, 2021, to November 11, 2021, with Zamazenta following on November 12, 2021, until November 26, 2021.

    In the UK, the GAME website and stores are also selling codes for the shiny Pokemon. From October 22, 2021, until November 18, 2021, simply go to the internet site, submit your email, or visit them in-store to get the codes.

    Leonardos Charizard

    Keep checking back because well let you know if anything changes. Expired codes can be found below.

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    Features Unlocked Via Other Games’ Save Data

    If you have save data on your Switch for a few other Pokémon games, this will allow you to unlock a few customization features and receive a couple of gifts, in-game.

    Unlockable How to Unlock
    1. Pikachu with the Gigantamax Factor Have Let’s Go Pikachu save data, talk to the girl in the Train Station in the Meetup Spot
    2. Eevee with the Gigantamax Factor Have Let’s Go Eevee save data, talk to the boy in the Train Station in the Meetup Spot
    3. Special background and frame for the League Card Have Let’s Go Pikachu save data
    4. Special background and frame for the League Card Have Let’s Go Eevee save data
    5. Special background and frame for the League Card Have Pokémon Quest save data

    Stopping Wild Ditto In Max Raid Battles From Transforming Into A Dynamaxed/gigantamaxed Pokmon

    Normally, in Ditto Max Raid Battles, the Wild Ditto transforms into a Pokémon the participants are using at random, but in its Dynamax Form, making the battle more challenging and take longer to complete however, this process can be stopped if all participants use Pokémon that cannot Dynamax, therefore the Ditto cannot transform into a Dynamax version of them, meaning it keeps its very low Stats and cannot even attack, making the Max Raid Battle much easier and quicker to complete these Pokémon are Zacian, Zamazenta and Eternatus.

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