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Pokemon Center Vulpix Plush

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Gal’s Shiny Treasures Christmas Alolan Vulpix Plush

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Christmas Alolan Vulpix Plush

Seasonal plushies are a thing in the Pokemon Center stores, and Christmas 2017 is no exception! This was also the year of the Alolan madness, so Alolan Pokemon joined Pikachu in the line up. This is the super cute Alolan Vulpix!

I always liked Vulpix, but as cute as they are, for me they alway lacked something and I couldnt quite put my finger on what it was. Maybe it was the colour, because the moment Alolan Vulpix was revealed, I fell hard!

This little girl is full of adorable details. For starters, she is a faithful representation of the tag illustration, but then theres so much more! The front bow and its bell are both real:

The sound the bell makes is faint, but very musical and cute.

Her hood works for real – you can tuck her ears in it. I recommend to tuck the top of her hair as well so that the Santa-hat-shaped hood sticks out better:

The hood also has two little stars embroidered on its left side – it is a very nice surprise:

Her cape is completely lined with the same paid pattern in red and green from the illustration, plus some shiny golden thread. It looks very luxurious!

Her body is very well stuffed. Look at her fluffy, full tails!:

The mistletoe on her head is the only detail that I think could have been better – it is completely flat, which makes it look more like just a mistletoe-shaped decoration:

But nevermind, shes so cute > w<

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    Gorgeous Vulpixs Crystal Season Merchandise Heading To Pokemon Center

    If youre a fan of Vulpix and Alola Vulpix, its time to rejoice! The Pokemon Company has announced a new lineup of Pokemon Center Original merchandise called Vulpixs Crystal Season, featuring Vulpix and Alola Vulpix.

    Lets take a look at some of the highlights of Vulpixs Crystal Season.

    First up are two fluffy plushies of Vulpix and Alola Vulpix. They are fluffier than your average Pokemon Center plush!

    The mascot keychain plush version may be smaller, but it comes with its very own special charm.

    Snow Globes are rarely sold at the Pokemon Center, so if you love both Snow Globes and Vulpix, this may be for you!

    Looking for something more practical? How about a multi smartphone case, which fits generally most smartphones?

    Vulpixs Crystal Season is scheduled to launch at Pokemon Centers in Japan on October 21, 2017. If youre living outside Japan, you can pre-order it on the same day from Amazon Japan. Well post a heads up once pre-orders go live.

    Product list and gallery can be found below.

    Items marked withwill be released on Amazon Japan, which are eligible for international shipping.

    All prices exclusive of 8% sales tax

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    The Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle arrives as part of an ongoing Halloween campaign inviting families to explore the spookier side of Pokémon with activations and merchandise across the franchise. In celebration of this release, The Pokémon Company International has launched a new interactive website at, providing Trainers with themed entertainment and products across the Pokémon brand, as well as seasonal activities for fans to include Pokémon in their celebrations.

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