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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour June 2021

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Pokemon Go: Every Spotlight Hour In June 2021


Pokemon GO players were excited to find out that the mobile game will host five Spotlight Hour events in June 2021. Now, they just want to know the details and featured Pokemon for each event.

Niantic has implemented a Spotlight Hour event every Tuesday for years. Yet fans of POGO are still impatiently anticipating what the next featured Pokemon will be. The developers don’t always make the most popular choices. However, this time around, things are looking up.

Here is every Spotlight Hour in June 2021, including the details, featured Pokemon, and dates for each event.

Excited about the upcoming #PokemonGOCommunityDay featuring Gible? Heres some information on what you can expect during the event.

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Spotlight Hour Spawn Rate & Shiny Rate

The spawn rate is boosted for 60 minutes, which means you will have plenty of opportunities to catch each species. It means the spawn rate of each Shiny variation is increased as well.

Niantic has introduced new;Pokedex classifications;to display your Shiny, Lucky, Event, and more Pokemon variants.

This is what we know about the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours for July 2021.

When Do Pokmon Go Bonus Hours Usually Take Place

Mystery Bonus Hours were originally held on Thursday evenings every week and lasted for 1 hour, from 6pm to 7pm in your local timezone, although Niantic combined both events into one and began announcing the bonuses in advance.

As of March 2021, Niantic is testing separate Bonus Hour events on Thursday evenings once again . These new events involve other aspects of the game rather than simply doubling standard bonuses check the bottom of this page for a full list of past bonuses featured in this ‘new’ style of Bonus Hour.

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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule For June Has Been Released And The Players Can Check Out The Dates Time Featured Pokemon And More Here


Pokemon Go is known for the events it holds in the game. One of the events that are very popular and is held every week is the Spotlight Hour. The Spotlight Hour allows the player to acquire a huge number of featured Pokemon and they can also earn some special bonus rewards while they are at it. The Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour also helps the players to get their hands on Shiny Pokemon in the game. Many players would like to learn more about Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour for June.

What Time Is The Pokemon Go July 2021 Spotlight Hour

Shroomish Spotlight Hour Stardust Surprise!

Spotlight Hours are from 6-7 PM in your local time, meaning theres always the chance to catch something rare at that time.

Of course, Spotlight Hours dont happen every single day. They are often a weekly event that takes place on a certain day. Niantic hasnt yet revealed what day the July hours will land on, but this article will be updated with the new information as it becomes known.

With the time being the same no matter the time zone, it means players wont have to go out at the crack of dawn to take advantage of the event. 6-7 PM should hopefully be a good hour for the majority of players.

We can go off June 2021s Spotlight Hours as a good guess for when theyll happen in July. They happen every Tuesday, usually with a different Pokemon as the focus. In that hour, theyre pretty much the only thing youll encounter in the world, which makes it the perfect time to catch loads and boost for Candies.

We dont know for certain which Pokemon will appear in Spotlight Hours in July. However, Niantic labeled July as the month of Bidoof. You can almost guarantee that the adorable Normal-type Pokemon will appear in one of the Spotlight Hours. Other Pokemon that got the spotlight in June included Dwebble, Abra, and Slowpoke. You can expect other relatively common Pokemon to crop up and once again, dont rule out a Bidoof takeover.

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What Time Is Pokmon Go Spotlight Hour

So we know that the Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour takes place every Tuesday, but what time does it start? Luckily, there is no working out time zones here, as it is always between 6pm and 7pm in your local time which means we get to finish work and then indulge in some Pokéfun.

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Shiny Pokemon Spotlight Hours Go Psychic In June

The Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour for Pokemon of several sorts appearing in June of 2021 are here. They include Aipom, Slowpoke, Dwebble, Abra, and Swinub. Each of these Pokemon will appear with availability of a Shiny version, which, combined with their far-more-common availability during said event, means youll have a far greater chance of filling up your Shiny Pokedex.

On June 1, 2021, the Dwebble Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour will take place. This events bonus is 2x Catch XP. That means that during the hour starting at 6PM on Tuesday, June 1, youll get twice the experience points youd normally get for capturing a Pokemon.

On June 8, therell be a Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO for Abra. This is one of the original 150 Pokemon and a Pokemon that can be particularly helpful as it evolves into its ultimate self. This Spotlight Hour will include 2x Catch Candy! That means itll be EXTRA easy to not only capture a Shiny Abra, but evolve said Shiny Pokemon into Alakazam!

Therell be a June 15 Spotlight Hour with Slowpoke. Youll want to save all your transfers until this event, as this events bonus is 2x Transfer Candy! Every Pokemon you transfer out during this event will give you TWICE the candy youd normally get!

On June 22 therell be a Spotlight Hour for Swinub, and on June 29 youll find a Spotlight Hour for Aipom. The Swinub event will feature 2x Evolution XP, and the Aipom event will feature 2x Catch Stardust.

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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour September 2021 Schedule

The event that is always held on a Tuesday, known as Spotlight Hour, is one of the most favorite events in Pokemon GO. This month, September 2021, we will have a chance to participate in four Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour events, so lets take a look at when these events will be taking place. We also added the featured Pokemon and the bonuses.

Spotlight Hour allows Trainers to earn 2x Stardust, 2x XP, 2x Candy for catching Pokemon, and 2x Transfer Candy.

Since there are four or five Tuesdays per month, we have four or five different Pokemon that are chosen to be in the spotlight by appearing more often in the wild. Every month there are different Pokemon, and here is the schedule for all Spotlight Hour events in September 2021.

Pokmon Go Spotlight Hour Times And Bonus Hour Times: This Week’s Featured Pokmon And Mystery Bonus

pokemon go spotlight hour of June 2021 full detail
  • 0

Since April 2020, Niantic has combined the Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour and Pokémon GO Mystery Bonus Hour into a single weekly event that takes place on Tuesday evenings. Separate Bonus Hours were tested briefly in

It’s also worth noting that Niantic has temporarily altered some elements of Pokémon GO gameplay in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Different countries and regions have their own precautionary measures in place, so please remember to stay safe, avoid contact with others and abide by local directives.

The Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour and Mystery Bonus Hour events were first introduced to the game in February 2020. Every week for one hour only a specific surprise Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild and a Mystery Bonus will activate. This gives you a chance to catch as many of the featured Pokémon as possible, evolve it with candy, and possibly encounter a Shiny version.

The Spotlight Hour and Mystery Bonus Hour events occur at the same local time across time zones. They originally took place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings respectively before being combined into a single event, although Niantic briefly reintroduced a separate Bonus Hour on Thursdays in March 2021 .

In this regularly updated guide well let you know which Pokémon will be featured in Spotlight Hour on Tuesdays and what Bonus you can expect on Tuesdays .

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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule For September 2021

The Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour schedule for September 2021 has been announced by Niantic. Theres a lot to look forward to, with Spoink, Baltoy, and Skitty all making cameos.

The Spotlight Hour is a weekly event hosted by Niantic in Pokemon Go. Each week, a different Pokemon will be featured, with significantly increased spawn rates and a unique double bonus.

Below is everything you need to know about the next September Spotlight Hour schedule.

Pokemon Go Promo Codes For September 2021

How To Prepare For Natu Spotlight Hour In Pokemon Go

There are a few things you can prepare in order to make sure you use your time effectively:

  • Make sure you have enough;Poke Balls;to catch multiple Spotlight Hour Pokemon.
  • Make sure you have enough;Berries;to get double Candy or make catching easier.
  • Clear out your;Pokemon Storage Box;to make room for all the mon youll catch.
  • Save up your Pokecoins and purchase at least two;Incense;for the event.

Moreover, Spotlight Hours are the perfect opportunity to use items like Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces to increase the XP.

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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour June : Full List Guide

| Jun 8, 2021

Pokemon GO’s Spotlight Hour in June 2021 features new exciting Pokemon encounters and special rewards. Whether you’re looking to gain more Rare Candy, or catch a Psychic-type Pokemon, Spotlight Hour lets fans enjoy Pokemon GO with rare prizes.

Pokemon GO’s Spotlight Hour occurs on Tuesdays from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time. Here’s a list of featured Pokemon and special rewards for these events:

A Very Slow Discovery has started in areas around the world, Trainers! We encourage you all to take inspiration from Slowpoke and enjoy this event at your own pace!

â Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule For July 2021

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour June 29th

Niantic has revealed their Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour schedule for July 2021. With Charmander, Squirtle, and Natu all making boosted appearances, theres plenty to look forward to.

The Spotlight Hour is one of the weekly events that Niantic hosts in Pokemon Go. Each week, a different Pokemon will get a turn in the limelight, offering highly boosted spawn rates and a special double bonus.

For one hour, trainers will get the chance to catch as many of that specific species as they can, offering the perfect opportunity to fill out their Pokedex and earn enough Candy to evolve and power up that Pokemon.

Alongside these Spotlight Hours, there was also a Community Day event on July 3, 2021. All of these events are designed to give trainers more opportunities to catch, evolve, and battle with the community.

Heres everything you need to know about the July Spotlight Hour schedule.

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Pokmon Go Spotlight Hour Pokmon For August 2021

Here is a list of Pokémon GO Spotlight Hours for August 2021:

6pm 7 pm local time Skwovet
Magnemite Double catch Stardust

The focus of this weeks Spotlight Hour on August 24 is Skwovet! As a part of the event, Skwovets spawn rates will be boosted tonight from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM!

In addition to boosted spawn rates of the Spotlight Pokémon, youll also have the possibility of the following bonuses:;

  • Double catch XP
  • Double catch Stardust
  • An increased chance of finding a shiny

Remember, the Spotlight Hour only lasts that one hour on Tuesday! If you miss out, you might have to wait a while before this Pokémon becomes easily accessible again, so get out there and get catching! Oh, but please remember to observe all local health and safety mandates! A safe Spotlight Hour is a happy Spotlight Hour!

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour September 2021

Now it is September and one of the things that you are waiting for may be Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour. If you want to join this event, of course you need to know the schedule for this in September 2021.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule in September 2021

The Spotlight Hour is one of the events which are hosted by Niantic in Pokemon Go. This event takes place once a week. There is a different Pokemon which will appear each week where it offers boosted spawn rates and special double bonus.

In this event, you will have a chance to catch a lot of species for one hour so that you can fill out your Pokedex and get enough Candy to evolve and power up that Pokemon.

In the list below, you are able to see the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour for September 2021.

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm

Spotlight Pokemon: Spoink

Spotlight Bonus: 2x Catch Stardust

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm

Spotlight Pokemon: Baltoy

Spotlight Bonus: 2x Catch XP

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm

Spotlight Pokemon: Skitty

Spotlight Bonus: 2x Catch Candy

Time: 6 pm to 7 pm

Spotlight Pokemon: Alolan Meowth

Spotlight Bonus: 2x Transfer Candy

It is important for you to know that the spawn rate of each Spotlight Hour Pokemon is boosted for 60 minutes during the events. It means that you have a lot of chances to be able to catch each species. Not only that, the spawn rate of each Shiny variation is boosted as well.

The Things to Expect from Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours and Bonus Hours

The Things to Prepare for Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours

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Which Pokemon And Bonuses Will Be Included In June 2021 Spotlight Hours

Each of the following Spotlight Hour events will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time on their respective dates.

The featured Pokemon for the first Spotlight Hour in June 2021 will be none other than the Rock/Bug-type, Dwebble. Fans aren’t exceptionally thrilled about this pick, though Dwebble does get a lot stronger once it evolves into Crustle. Players will get to take advantage of a double XP bonus for every Pokemon caught during the event.

The second Spotlight Hour in June will star the Psychic-type Pokemon, Abra. Trainers were particularly excited about this choice as Abra, and its evolutions are highly sought after in the mobile game. In addition, players will get a chance to rack up their Abra candies because the bonus will be a 2X candy reward for each Pocket Monster caught.

Slowpoke, the dual Water/Psychic-type, will be the highlight of this hour-long event. The Kanto region native has been well-received by players of the game, so fans will be pleased to learn that they’ll have plenty of encounters with Slowpoke on June 15th. Every Pokemon transferred during this Spotlight Hour will garner a trainer twice the amount of candy as usual.

The fourth Spotlight Hour event of the month will focus on Swinub, the first evolution of Mamoswine. Trainers that haven’t managed to get a Mamoswine on their team will have a great opportunity to rack up the necessary Swinub candy during this event. Every Pokemon evolved during the event will earn players double XP.

Previous Pokmon Go Mystery Bonus Hours

JUNE 2021 Event Breakdown In Pokémon GO! | Research, Raids, Spotlight Hours, Community Day & MORE!

Although Mystery Bonus hour has merged with Spotlight Hour, here’s a list of all the bonuses that took place during this mini-event from its debut in February 2020. This will give you an idea of what bonuses to expect in the future:

Good luck with your Spotlight Hour endeavours!

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Latest Pokmon Go Spotlight Hour Times: Tuesday 28th September 2021 6pm

  • The next Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour will be on Tuesday 28th September 2021 at 6pm – 7pm in your local time-zone
  • The chosen Pokémon is Alolan Meowth
  • The chosen Pokémon will appear more frequently in the wild for the duration of the event
  • The featured bonus for the hour of the event is 2x Transfer Candy

Niantic has announced the upcoming Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour monsters for the month of October:

  • Tuesday, October 5, 2021: Drifloon will be in the spotlight, and youll earn twice the XP for evolving Pokémon.
  • Tuesday, October 12, 2021: Gastly will be in the spotlight, and youll earn twice the Stardust for catching Pokémon.
  • Tuesday, October 19, 2021: Gothita will be in the spotlight, and youll earn twice the XP for catching Pokémon.
  • Tuesday, October 26, 2021: Murkrow will be in the spotlight, and youll earn twice the XP for evolving Pokémon.

Spotlight Hour Schedule For July 2021

Below are all four of the Spotlight Hour events for July 2021 in Pokémon GO. Starting off with the first three starter Pokémon, the month seems to be all about celebrating the whole franchise and Pokémon GO itself. The mobile hit released five years ago and Pokémon as a whole is now 25 years old. So it makes sense to revisit Gen 1, and with so many shiny chances players will surely want to jump on for the hour.

Featured Pokémon: Bulbasaur Special Bonus: 2x Catch XP Can Bulbasaur be shiny Yes

Featured Pokémon: Charmander Special Bonus: 2x Catch Candy Can Charmander be shiny Yes

Featured Pokémon: Squirtle Special Bonus: 2x Transfer Candy Can Squirtle be shiny Yes

Featured Pokémon: Natu Special Bonus: 2x Evolution XP Can Natu be shiny Yes

Four weeks of events and four chances to catch shiny Pokémon. So while you get to have your Gen 1 nostalgia you also get to enjoy the big bonuses. Of course, theres a ton more going on in July for this game, including GO Fest 2021. Watch for more info on all of those events and more, but for now just bookmark this Spotlight Hour schedule for July 2021 in Pokémon GO and come back before each event to prepare.


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