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Pikachu Most Expensive Pokemon Card

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Pokemon Japanese Promo Daisuki Club 7200 Points Holo Umbreon

GOLD PIKACHU CARD: The MOST expensive Pokemon card in the world!

Sold in June, 2021 for $18,100

The Pokemon Daisuki Club started in 2004 and provided many benefits to its members, such as mini-games, contests, and special offers.

One of those cards was this holographic Umbreon card, and to earn it, the player needed to acquire 7,200 action points, which was no easy task.

Umbreon is one of eight different characters into which Eevee, a normal-type Pokemon, can evolve when leveled up with high friendship during the night in certain areas.

Its red eyes and the yellow markings on its slender black body give the dark-type Umbreon an unmistakable appearance giving this card tremendous eye appeal.

In Fact You Could Probably Find One On The Ground At A Pokmon Convention

Trading card game's latest set, 'shining fates' If you had 1kg, then it would cost $38,610 aud or $29,330 usd. It is worth noting that many of these secret rare cards will not really hold that much value beyond collecting. These two were the most popular back in the days, charizard because it is a charizard and raichu because it was a secret card. Unlike battle styles , chilling reign's top #10. If you are a rookie who is considering getting into the world of pokémon card game and if your aim is to open packs, you should know how rare these cards are in case you aim to sell them or trade them later. Combine that with a popular character such as charizard and cool designs like rainbow holographics, and these are the perfect ingredients for a valuable card. This is the basic way to tell the rarity of a card. The foil ones are worth more, but the normal cards can still go for anywhere between $10 and $30. 1999 jungle pikachu cards most damage one attack: They are purely designed for collection purposes and most will be fairly weak cards that won't have that much value in the game. The shining charizard card is a rare one to find and an important one in pokémon's history. Not all cards are worth something.

Pokemon Trainer Deck B Blastoise

Sold in March, 2021 for $20,000

This Blastoise card is one of the rarest in existence that was originally part of the Trainer Deck B or “Misty’s Deck” given out as a promotional piece to Pokemon League members ahead of the official launch of the Pokemon TCG in North America.

The Trainer Deck B theme deck contained sixty base set cards in all, with the most desirable of them being Blastoise.

Had Charizard been included in the Trainer Deck B set, it would have been the most desirable, but that’s beside the point.

An easy way to recognize a Trainer Deck B Blastoise is that it is the only non-holographic base set Blastoise.

And, if you’re still not 100% sure, you can flip the card over and you’ll see that the card’s reverse is printed with a distinct red border and “Misty’s Deck” verbiage.

Standard Deck

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Tropical Mega Battle Tropical Wind Promo

  • Release Date: 1999
  • Grading: PSA Gem Mint 10
  • Pokemon card value at auction: $65,100

While not the most flashy Pokemon card on the list, the Tropical Mega Battle promo is an absolute holy grail for Psyduck fans. It doesnt get more adorable than seeing the Water-type mon playing the ukulele while chilling in a hammock with Jigglypuff.

Long before The Pokemon Company solidified the TCG competitive scene into the World Championships in 2004, one of Japans earlier iterations of the contest was known as the Tropical Mega Battle. In 1999, the tournament was held in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Only 50 players from various countries around the world were invited to compete against one another. Because various Trophy Pokemon cards were given out at the event, the Tropical Wind iteration is incredibly unique. The collectible resurfaced in a PWCC auction in October 2020 and sold for a mouth-watering $65,100.

Tropical Wind Promo Card

Worlds most expensive Pokémon TCG card sold for £44,000 ...

According to PSA, the;Pokemon Tropical Mega Battle tournament annually took place at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, Hawaii from 1999 to 2001. The invite-only event pitted the best 50 players from Canada, Latin America, Europe, Japan, and the United States against each other in competition.

One PWCC listing confirms that various cards were awarded throughout the event, including the Tropical Wind and Trainer Trophy cards.;The No.2 Trainer card, one of many editions of Pokemon Trophy cards, represents a runner-up placement at the tournament. These Trainer cards featured a holographic Exeggutor on the front. PWCC sold an authentic No.2 Tropical Battle Trainer card for $50,300 on their marketplace. PSA reported only assessing five of these cards and observing nearly no record of them on auction.

Tropical Wind, one of the player participant trophy cards, also made waves as one of the most coveted promo cards on the market. Tropical Wind depicts a Psyduck holding a ukelele as it sleeps next to Jigglypuff on a hammock. PWCC auctioned a gem mint copy of the card for $65,100 on eBay.

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Kangaskhan Family Event Trophy Card

Estimated Average Market Value $100,000
Estimated Copies Worldwide 50

The scarcity of this card is due to it only being given out to competitors at a specific Pokemon tournament.;

This particular Japanese tournament was held in the spring of 1998 and is unique in that it encouraged and allowed both parents and children to participate together.

Hence why Kangaskhan was chosen as the featured Pokemon for this promotional card as the art shows off both parent and child Kangaskhans.

These cards rarely hit the open market, but when they do, buyers are often willing to pay more than $100,000 for a mint condition card.;

The card features the earlier Pocket Monsters Trading Card Game logo that the company was forced to abandon due to copyright issues.;

All of the above factors contribute to the astronomical prices that some collectors are willing to pay for this card and live listings for this card can be seen for over $200,000!

Backless Blastoise 1998 Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Holo 009/165r Cgc 85


The Backless Blastoise may appear to look a lot like the Blastoise from the original Base Set, and that is because it is a Wizards of the Coast prototype from when they were tasked with producing the first-ever English language Pokémon set. This card was printed in 1998, one year before the Base Set hit the United States, and was printed without any artwork or logo on the back of the card, hence the name, Backless Blastoise. The card was never meant for the public, but no one could predict in 1998 that Pokémon would take off in the way that it has. In January 2021 this rare Pokémon card sold for $360,000 making it the third most expensive Pokémon card ever.

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Topsun Charizard Blue Back No Number Error

Sold in January, 2021 for $493,230

As with the other Topsun cards mentioned earlier on this list, Top-Seika didn’t distribute them until 1997, even though their copyright date reads 1995.

And since they weren’t part of the official Pokemon Trading Card Game, they are considered more in the realm of novelty collectible cards.

Still, an early Pokemon card is an early Pokemon card…

And, whether you’re talking about the prism holos, green-backs, or blue-backs, collectors are willing to pay thousands of dollars for several of the Topsun cards when graded in PSA 10 condition.

But a price tag of thousands of dollars turned out to be quite an understatement in January 2021 when Goldin Auctions sold the most desirable of them all, the only “no number error” blue-back Charizard on record in a PSA 10 holder, for a whopping $493,230.

The blue-back checklist contains 150 numbered cards in total, but for some reason, about 50 of the characters were also printed with no number on them by mistake.

So, while the standard blue-back Charizard should contain a “006” on it in the upper-left of the front of the card, the “no number error” will be blank.

If you can find one and are lucky enough to have it graded PSA 10, you could be looking at life-changing money.

First Edition Item Finder

Most EXPENSIVE Pokemon Card EVER?! – Pikachu Illustrator Japanese Promo $250,000 Record Sale

Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $750

The intent of the Item Finder is exactly as it sounds: it aids players in locating items.

While its name and how it helps players find items greatly changed in later Pokémon games, the first edition card merely instructs the player to discard two cards from his or her hand and replace them with a trainer card.

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The Most Valuable First Edition Pokmon Cards Of All

Its amazing to think that a set that is barely 20 years old will sell for millions if youre looking at a complete collection of pristine graded cards.;

The original 1999 release is definitely the pinnacle for now, and they look unlikely to be beaten anytime soon.;

There are a couple of decent options from 2000 onwards, but they just cant compete with the popularity of the original 151.

The Charizard was always the chase card, but its still insane to think that it could be bought for less than $10,000 back in 2016. What will the value be in 2026?

St Edition Charizard Holo Shadowless

Perhaps the most well-known, “rare” Pokémon card is the 1st Edition Charizard Holo. First released in 1999, the sought after card is still one of the most expensive as well. The initial release of the card featured a printing error, which was quickly corrected and reprinted. As such, the misprinted “shadowless” version is extremely rare.

Only 95 cards in circulation have been rated as Gem Mint 10, further increasing the typical auction price. In October 2020, a “shadowless” 1st Edition Charizard Holo sold for a record-breaking $220,574 to the former rapper-turned-YouTuber Logic.

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Pokemon Japanese Neo Summer Battle Number 2 Trainer

Sold in November, 2020 for $20,105

Just a bit ago, we had a look at the number 3 trainer card from the 2001 Neo Summer Battle Road Tournament.

And now we are looking at the card that contestants would receive for finishing in second place in that tournament.

The card has pretty much the same look and feel as the third-place card, but Chancey and Doduo have joined Pikachu and Growlithe in posing with Ash Ketchum, as he holds a silver medal.

Even in a PSA 7 holder, this card will sell for thousands of dollars to give you an idea of just how coveted these trophy cards are.

Pokemon Japanese Tropical Mega Battle Number 2 Trainer

Pikachu Illustrator Card The Most Expensive Card Fridge ...

Sold in October, 2020 for $50,300

Held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village from 1999 to 2001, the Pokemon Tropical Mega Battle gave the best players from the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe the chance to test their skills against each other.

To be invited, players had to first win a local tournament in their respective regions.

During the final match of the Tropical Mega Battle, each player received the same 90 cards that they would use to make their own 40-card deck to battle for the championship.

If a player were fortunate enough to make it far enough through the competition to finish in second place overall, he or she would receive this number two trainer card.

Sticking with the tropical theme for the cover art, an image of Exeggutor, a dual-type grass/psychic Pokemon that resembles a palm tree, sits in the middle of the card with text below it that reads:

The Pokémon Card Game Official Tournament’s runner-up winner is recognized here, and this honor is praised.”

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Not Worth Much: Pikachu Legendary Treasures: Radiant Collection

Though the “look at the shiny thing” tactic might suggest importance, this card is quite cheap. Yes, it is labeled uncommon, and yes, there are fewer listings than usual, but;$7;for a card like this is underwhelming,

You might be able to trick your friends into believing you got it for some exorbitant price, but we all know deep down inside that you didn’t.

Japanese Promo Card Tamamushi University Magikarp Trophy

Card sale date: February 2021

Card selling price: $66,100

What makes it special: Another promotional card, this was only awarded during a single 2-day event held in Japan. To enter the competition, people had to complete a test called the Tamamushi University Hyper Test.;After entries were received, 1,000 participants were selected to participate in the tournament, and those who won a battle got this card.

Magikarp normally cant learn Dragon Rage, a move it has on this card, but those who scored well on the first rendition of the test were given this Magikarp with Dragon Rage in their Pokémon video game as well.

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Not Worth Much: Pikachu Latios Trainer Kit

There is nothing visually compelling about this card. It doesn’t even have descriptions for either of the moves. It just exists, and that’s really all we can say about it.

The lowest you can obtain this card is;$2. Unlike other cards, there are really no price inconsistencies. What you see is what you get.

Charizard 1999 Pokmon Base Set Unlimited Print 4/102 Psa 10

smpratte – Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator Card PSA 9 Mint – The Most Valuable Pokemon Card


To the untrained eye, the Charizard Base Set Unlimited Print 4/102 may look identical to the most expensive and rarest Pokémon card on this list, but there are many key differences. This edition of the original English language Base Set Charizard card features the same artwork by Mitsuhiro Arita, but it lacks the 1st Edition stamp and also features a drop shadow to the right of the art panel. This card was part of the Unlimited print run of the 1999 Pokémon Base Set meaning its 1st Edition counterpart is a much more rare Pokémon card. The original publisher of the English Pokémon card game was Wizards of the Coast, and after their initial print runs of the Pokémon Base Set, they received some criticism that the card design was too boring. To combat these complaints they added a shadow effect to the right side of the art panel. While the shadow may have made the card look more aesthetically pleasing back in the day, today it does carry a more affordable price tag. A Charizard Base Set Unlimited Print 4/102 PSA 10 sold for as high as $8,100 on StockX making it the second most expensive Pokémon card to sell on StockX.

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Unique Pokmon Card Designs:

  • Holo rare cards that have a shimmery, shiny effect to the image
  • Reverse holo cards are shiny and shimmery everywhere except on the image
  • Ultra-rare cards have the greatest Pokémon characters and are called EX, GX, V, Half Art or Half Body
  • Full Art or Full Body cards have a picture that covers the entire card, with words overlapping the image
  • Each card has a number, but Secret Rare cards have special numbers, like 113/115
  • Rainbow Rare cards are part of Pokémons Sun and Moon series
  • Promo cards are exclusively available at Pokémon events

Poliwrath No Rarity Base Set

  • Release Date: 1996
  • Grading: PSA Gem Mint 10
  • Pokemon card value at auction: $25,015

Rounding out the top 21 of the most expensive Pokemon cards list is Poliwrath from the Japanese version of the Base Set. While the Water-type mon has traditionally been one of the weaker valued cards from the 1996 and 1999 releases, this item is actually special.

Similar to the English version having a 1st Edition run, the very first print of the Japanese set featured no markings at all. Due to there being extremely limited amounts even printed, barely any of them survived three decades later.

Consider this THE earliest version of the iconic card, and you can see why its value has skyrocketed in recent years. In 2020, one appeared in a PWCC auction selling for $25,015. If you think that is a lot, we are only getting started!

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Not Worth Much: Burger King Gold Plated Card

Whilst many different fans loved getting hold of a gold-plated Pokémon card, they are unfortunately pretty useless when it comes to selling with it only costing $20 to buy. Nevertheless, they’re still a cool card to own!

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The main reason this card doesn’t make much money is that it was so common and popular. Everyone who got one had the sense to keep it and make some money off it. The more common the card the less it’s worth.

Not Worth Much: Pikachu Furious Fists

The 25 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards of All Time // ONE37pm

It’s always great to frolic in the flowers, and Pikachu seems to be enjoying itself. You’ll note, however, that Pikachu is pacifistic, resorting to a bland Thunder Shock if any conflict arises. Not very furious at all.

This card is sometimes sold for as low as;$0.50. That is absolutely nothing compared to our other Pikachus.

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Pokmon Cards That Are Worth Way More Than You Think

If you really got caught up in the wave of late-1990s Pokémania, you might even have some of these very valuable Pokémon cards yourself!

If you grew up in the 1990s or in the early 2000s, you know very well that the Pokémon;series is one of the best things that was ever created. There were not many kids of this generation who did not spend several hours of their days playing Pokémon;Red and Blue on the;Game Boy.

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Many fans also played the Pokémon Trading Card Game,;which was arguably one of the most entertaining card games for a generation that had a whole bunch of amazing ones to choose from.;Surprisingly,;a lot of the cards we used to play with when we were little actually became unbelievably rare items that go for thousands of dollars these days. Here are just a few that are going to blow your mind.

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