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Pokemon The Ties That Bind

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Cutting The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind – Pokemon Reborn Nuzlocke (#74)

Ash has arrived at Metallica Island, home of the Battle Palace. He’s ready for battle, but Sceptile isn’tits attack moves still aren’t working and it runs away in frustration. When Ash follows, they’re attacked by a swarm of Beedrill and fall into a river, losing Sceptile’s Poké Ball along the way! Pikachu is washed away, but Ash manages to grab Sceptile. Scott finds Ash’s friends and tells them this is the time of year when the island’s Kakuna evolve, so the Beedrill are extra vigilanteveryone had better grab some Repel and find Ash fast.

Elsewhere in the forest, a kind old man and his Venusaur rescue Pikachu and take care of it at their campsite. Scott finds the campsite and introduces Ash’s friends to Spenser, head of the Battle Palace! Spenser encourages everyone to take a rest before they resume looking for Ash.

S09e18 Cutting The Ties That Bind Summary

Ash and friends have finally arrived on Metallica Island, the location of the Battle Palace. Before challenging the Frontier Brain, Ash does a little training hoping to boost Sceptile’s confidence. However, Sceptile still cant muster the strength needed to use attacks and runs into the woods frustrated. Ash and Pikachu quickly run after Sceptile, but once the get on the woods, they are attacked but a swarm of Beedrill and are knocked into the river! Ash manages to save Sceptile, but Pikachu is swept away! Ash and Sceptile manage to get of the river and take a rest for the night, and Pikachu also manages to get out of the river. An old man finds Pikachu and helps to heal him. When Scott appears at the Pokémon Center, he reveals to the others that this is the time of year when the Kakuna evolve and Beedrill will attack anything to protect them! Can Ash manage to find Pikachu, boost Sceptiles confidence, and get out of the woods without being stung?

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Why It Rocks

  • This episode was a decent way to start the Ash vs. Gary Two-Parter Arc.
  • The plot is well-done, with the tension of the battle between Ash and Gary heating up as we get to the exciting battle.
  • The beginning picks up where the last episode left off, where Ash and Gary argue as usual for their upcoming full battle.
  • The music is amazing, and fits really well with the episode, as usual.
  • The moment where Ash reflects on how he lost to Gary before was nice, and got his confidence that he will beat him during the full battle with him.
  • Ash was doing some studying with Brocks help to figure out a way to beat Gary.
  • Great animation in its time, especially for early 2000 standards as usual.
  • Many hilarious moments in the episode, like when during the flashback, Ash got slapped in the face with the Magikarp, and when he got Flamethrowered by Charizard as he returned, as its way of saying hello.
  • Ash was talking with Misty and Brock about how to assemble his team against Gary, since Gary can be unpredictable with his Pokémon.
  • Such as when Ash was thinking about his team, Charizard came back, and it was awesome, as Brock revealed he called Liza, the Charizard trainer, and told her to have him it come over to help Ash in his battle against Gary.
  • It was sweet that Professor Oak and Delia came to Johto Stadium to cheer on both Ash and Gary.
  • Ash and Harrison had a nice talk, and Harrison wished Ash luck on beating Gary, and they promised each other they would battle in the next round.

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