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How To Get Zarude Pokemon Sword

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How To Get Dada Zarude And Shiny Celebi In Pokemon Sword And Shield

AVAILABLE NOW! How to get ZARUDE in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Its shaping up to be a big day for Pokemon fans. Not only did we catch wind of a new update heading to Pokemon Unite, but The Pokemon Company has also revealed the premiere date for the next Pokemon movie. In addition to that, it seems some rare mythical Pokemon will soon be obtainable in Pokemon Sword and Shield, though there are some steps you need to take in order to unlock them.

Kicking off todays slate of announcements was the reveal that Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle will be debuting on Netflix on October 8th, 2021. The movie will feature the mythical Pokemon Zarude, which was first revealed last year. The movie centers around a human, Koko, who has been raised by a Pokemon called Dada Zarude and eventually meets Ash and Pikachu on their journey.

You can check out a new trailer for the movie embedded above, but theres another thing youll want to do if youre a Pokemon Sword and Shield player. Those who sign up for the Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter by September 25th, 2021, will receive two different codes to redeem in-game. One of those codes grants Dada Zarude from Secrets of the Jungle, while the other grants a shiny Celebi.

Get Dada Zarude From Pokemon The Movie: Coco

The Official YouTube Channel of Pokemon Japan released an announcement on November 13th that a new form of Zarude is going to be distributed in the celebration of Pokemon the Movie: Coco . This version of Zarude is the same as the Zarude in the movie, which is wearing a pink scarf around the neck with Celebi’s Pokedex number.

The movie is currently only available in Japan. But we have good news! It will also be released for international audiences in 2021 with an English title Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. And maybe a Zarude event will be available, as well!

Dada Zarude Availability Period

Starting December 25, 2020Ending Date: March 31, 2021

Everyone who sees the movie in theaters will obtain Dada Zarude. Fans will receive the serial code for Dada Zarude upon entering the movie theater. This means that unfortunately, buying the ticket is not enough to get Dada Zarude. Also, the code is for single-use only, so sharing it with anyone will not work unless it is unused.

Moveset and Nature of Dada Zarude from Coco Movie


How To Get Mythical Pokmon Zarude In Sword And Shield

Nintendo has shared the offer on their official Pokémon website. All you need to do is go here and then sign up for the newsletter using the button. Make sure you opt-in for email marketing and do this all before November 20 in order to get a download code for Zarude that can be redeemed in the game.

Zarude wont be available immediately. Nintendo will email the codes to add the Pokémon later in December but this offer is only applicable if the player sign-ups for the newsletter by November 20. Nintendo might email these codes by December 11 so keep your eyes peeled for them.

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Pokemon The Movie: Coco Ticket Pre

Pre-purchase Period Starting August 7th, 2020Ending December 24, 2020

By pre-purchasing a ticket for Pokemon the Movie: Coco, you can get Zarude and a shinyCelebi in celebration of the movie. You can receive the two Pokemon regardless of whether you have purchased the Expansion Pass DLC. However, the availability period to get the preorder tickets for the Coco movie is now over, but you can still redeem them until March 31, 2021.

Zarude Availability Period

Starting August 7thEnding March 31, 2021

Zarude is obtainable via a Nintendo eShop serial code included with the pre-purchase ticket. After pre-purchase tickets went on sale starting on August 7th, players became able to receive Zarude, along with a Shiny Celebi, via the serial code on the same day.

  • Note that you can only receive this Pokemon within the time period.
  • You can only use a serial code once, so be careful.

How to Order Tickets for Pokemon the Movie: Coco

Tickets for the film are available starting on August 7th via the following link! Although the website is entirely in Japanese, it is still possible to purchase the tickets from abroad.

This Pokemon currently has no moves learned in this way.

How To Get Dada Zarude

How to get Zarude in Pokemon Sword &  Shield

To get Dada Zarude in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you have one simple task to do sign up for the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter and opt in to email marketing before

Once youve done that, you then just have to wait for a code to be emailed to you. Use this code in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and youll receive Dada Zarude.

This method will also grant you a code for a shiny Celebi too.

Youll have to wait a little longer to watch Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Junglebut Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi can soon join your #PokemonSwordShield adventure!

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What Are Zarudes Abilities And Moves

Zarude is a Dark/Grass type Pokémon which has the special ability Leaf Guard, preventing the Pokémon from being affected by non-volatile status conditions and Yawn under sunny weather.

Zarude will be distributed at level 60 with the below moves.

  • Close Combat
  • Swagger
  • Snarl

At level 90, Zarude will learn signature move Jungle Healing, which restores HP of the user and allies, while also healing any status conditions they may have.

How To Get Zarude In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Players will need to sign up for the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter and opt in to email marketing by September 25. After this deadline, players will receive a special email with a passcode to claim Zarude in their game.

After receiving the code, players can boot up Pokémon Sword & Shield and head over to the pause menu. Players can select the Mystery Gift tab and enter the code from the email there. Players will be treated to a small animation of Zarude making an appearance, and players will have successfully added this Pokémon to their collection.

Players will also be able to collect a special Shiny Celebi in the same way. This mythical Pokémon functions as the guardian of the forest in the film and was previously only available in Pokémon Go. Players should make sure to collect both creatures before the deadline.

Pokemon Sword & Shield is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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New Way To Get Zarude

Due to the fact that some coaches and trainers have encountered problems to be able to get their own Zarude through the methods that we explain to you , the company has decided to extend until next Friday, December 18, the opportunity to get one. To do this, we must register for the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter and accept that notifications reach us. When doing so, we should receive an email containing the code to obtain Zarude within Pokémon Sword and Shield.

How To Get Your Free Zarude Code From Gamestop

How to get ZARUDE in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Some trainers get their free Zarude code from GameStop. This offer can be availed by fans all over the world but you will need to use a VPN and switch your IP to Germany. You can try it now by follow steps.

  • Step 1:Switch your location to any of the German server, make sure you select the fasted server available for best performance.
  • Step 2: Open GameStop in your browser.
  • Step 3: Submit your working email address.
  • Step 4:Check all three boxes and look in your spam/promo mail box.
  • Step 5: Get your code and enjoy.

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How To Get Zarude If He’s Not Available In Your Region In Pokemon: Sword & Shield

This is mainly pointed at the US fans who were too late, and the UK fans that don’t fancy waiting around for GAME to provide codes online.

Some impatient fans have found that, by using a VPN, they can easily sign up for a code on the GameMania website. All you need to do is set your VPN to the Netherlands or Belgium and sign up on the site. Many fans have reported that they’ve been able to receive codes immediately.

If you’re an EU resident this code will work just fine for you, however, if you’re in the US or anywhere else, things are a little bit more difficult.

  • To transfer this Pokemon to your account you will want to make an EU account on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Start a save file on that account, and then redeem Zarude to it.
  • Find someone you trust, and trade them the Zarude from your EU account, and then have them trade it back to you on your normal account.

Using this method you will be able to get Zarude, even if you’re in Japan or the US and missed your first chance. Good luck Pokemon hunters.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Players To Receive Dada Zarude And Shiny Celebi For Free

Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle is coming to our screens on October 8th through Netflix, and the latest trailer was published a few hours ago.

Instead of this being a post dedicated to the movie, it will be for the people that still play through Pokemon Sword and Shield. These players will have two surprises waiting for them, and it is just one click away. If you decide to before September 25th, you will be getting a few Dada Zarude and a Shiny Celebi. When Secrets of the Jungle launches, the ones that sign up for the newsletter will get two codes. One code will unlock Dada Zarude in both versions of the game, while the other will give you a Shiny Celebi in Sword or Shield.

There is so much happening these next few months in the Pokemon community, with the latest movie being the 23rd film in the franchise. Judging from the trailer, we will see Ash and Pikachu exploring the mysterious jungle of the Okoya Region and stumbling upon a child that is being raised by the Zarude. The next big event for the Pokemon franchise is the remake of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and next in line is Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which will be coming in January 2022.

Have you signed up for the newsletter? If not, will you be signing up? Tell us in the comments.

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Game Offers A Zarude Download Code For Pokmon Sword And Shield Which We Can Get At No Cost Until December 13

For years, in GAME they have a tradition of giving Pokémon creatures to any trainer who comes with their Nintendo console to a physical store in a certain period of time. However, due to recent changes to adapt to the policies and security measures indicated to combat the spread of COVID-19, the method of obtaining these Pokémon has changed. This time, Zarude, a creature introduced in the eighth generation, is available for Pokémon Sword and Shield, which can also be obtained in LATAM and through an alternative method. We tell you everything below and remember that we have an extensive complete guide to the game in which we detail how to get, evolve and more to many Pokémon from the latest installment of the GameFreak saga.

Pokmon Sword And Shield: How To Get Mythical Pokmon Zarude

Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Zarude

Nintendo is offering fans a chance to get the mythical Pokémon Zarude for Pokémon Sword and Shield. This is a limited time offer so dont miss out on it.

Zarude is a mythical Pokémon that was previously only available in Japan. Nintendo has now announced a special offer for all Pokémon Sword and Shield users which allows them to get the Zarude Pokémon in their game.

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Zarude is the same type as Shiftry. It is a grass/dark Pokémon that belongs to the 8th generation. It was previously obtainable only in Japan as part of a promotion for the new Pokémon movie, but that has changed now with this new offer by Nintendo.

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How To Sign Up For Pokemon Trainers Club Newsletter

Signing up to the Pokemon Trainers Club newsletter is pretty straightforward. Players will need to go to the official Pokemon website and register. Be sure to opt in to email marketing or you won’t receive the newsletter. Once the code has been received, players can claim their free Pokemon by opening the Mystery Gift menu in-game and selecting ‘Get with a Code/Password.’

The newsletter containing the download codes will be sent out on Oct. 7. Both Pokemon offered play an important role in Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle and can’t be found in Sword and Shield in any other capacity. Be sure to grab your code while you can if you don’t want to miss out.

A Pokemon GO crossover event is also on the table for the upcoming movie release. As of yet, no further information has been given.

How To Get Zarude In Pokmon Sword And Shield

Here’s how you can add Zarude and Dada Zarude to your Pokémon Sword and Shield party

Trainers, prepare your Pokédexes, for Zarude the mythical Rogue Monkey Pokémon will soon be swinging into Pokémon Sword and Shield. Thats right, the Pokémon Company has finally announced that Zarude will be made available for trainers outside of Japan for the first time in an upcoming distribution.

While Japanese Pokéfans who had already pre-booked tickets for the new anime movie, Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, could snag the mythical monkey back in August 2020, the rest of the world had to wait patiently. Fortunately, for trainers in parts of Europe for now anyway, the distribution for the Dark/Grass-type has just started, while US-based trainers can expect Zarude to slide into their Mystery Gifts very soon.

As well as being able to get standard Zarude, you can also now obtain Dada Zarude in Pokémon Sword and Shield. This version of the mythical Pokémon comes draped in the pink cloak it wears in the Secrets of the Jungle movie. This promo is to celebrate the movie being released in English on Netflix on October 8, 2021.

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How To Get Shiny Celebi In Pokemon Sword & Shield

To celebrate the Secrets of the Jungle movie, Trainers will also be able to get their hands on a Shiny Celebi, a very rare version of the Gen 2 Mythical that made its debut back in Gold and Silvers Johto region.

Getting a Shiny Celebi is pretty easy, as you simply need to follow the same instructions for Dada Zarude above, and youll be given a download code to claim both Mythical creatures.

How To Get Zarude

How to Get Zarude in Pokémon Sword & Shield and Crown Tundra!

Originally, standard Zarude could be obtained in Pokémon Sword and Shield via a code received from participating retail stores, as reported by Serebii. Some of these stores are currently closed due to COVID-19, but online methods are also available.

  • US, Canada, Australia, & Latin America: Pokémon Trainers Club
  • UK, Spain: GAME
  • Ireland, Italy: Gamestop
  • Germany: Gamestop
  • Austria, Switzerland: Gamestop
  • Belgium, Netherlands: GameMania
  • France: Micromania
  • Portugal: FNAC
  • Sweden: Spelochsant or Webhallen

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What About Dada Zarude

Dada Zarude is a second form of Zarude

A second form for Zarude titled Dada Zarude is set to be distributed in Japan through screenings of Pokémon The Movie Coco, which releases in cinemas next month.

This special form of Zarude wears a Celebi cape, but no release date or roll out has been announced for western territories.

Considering Japan received Zarude earlier this year though, its likely Dada Zarude will arrive in the west in 2021 when Pokemon The Movie: Secrets of the Jungle comes out.

How Can I Get Zarude In Pokmon Sword And Shield

Zarude is now available in Europe and the US

Instead of finding Zarude in the wild, youll have to download the Pokémon via special serial codes obtained from select retailers.

These retailers differ depending on your whereabouts on this spinning coil. You can check out a breakdown of the different countries and retailers below .

  • UK: GAME stores , GAME Online store soon
  • Ireland: Gamestop website
  • Germany: Gamestop stores, available online from 1st December
  • Austria, Switzerland: Gamestop stores
  • Belgium, Netherlands: GameMania, sign up on their website with codes sent out on Fridays
  • France: Micromania, sign up on their website
  • Portugal: FNAC stores
  • US: Sign up through the Pokémon Trainers Club newsletter, sign up before 20th November to receive it in December

We will update this page as more stores and releases are announced.

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How To Get Zarude In Pokemon: Sword & Shield Globally

  • US: Pokemon fans in the US had to sign up to the Pokemon Trainers Club Newsletter by November 20th – meaning it is unfortunately far too late now. Luckily we have a method for US trainers to capture Zarude, so just peek down below.
  • UK: GAME stores will hand out codes, and GAME Online will hand out codes at some point in the future.
  • Ireland: Gamestop website will provide codes.
  • Germany: Gamestop will provide codes both online and in-store.
  • Austria/Switzerland: Gamestop is providing code in-store.
  • Belgium/Netherlands: Sign up on GameMania website, codes are distributed on Friday
  • France: Sign up on Micromania to get a code.
  • Portugal: In-store at FNAC.

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