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It’s Different Pokemon Ü

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Text Entry In The Pokmon Games

it’s different – Pokemon Ü (feat. Broderick Jones)

In the , the player is often given the opportunity to enter text letter-by-letter.

Prior to the , all games are on Nintendo systems that do not provide a native text entry system, so each game has to implement its own text entry system.

In addition to standard text entry , there are some areas within the games that players can enter text in a much more structured manner, known as the . This system is used to make messages that can more easily translate between languages as well as restricting the ability of players to include profanity or disclose personal information.

Generation Vi And Vii

Compared to Generation V, only the at sign has been removed. The uppercase and lowercase é were added to the English and German versions, while the letters ç, ï, à, è, ì, ò, and ù were added in uppercase and lowercase to the Spanish version. No changes in character availability were made between Generation VI and VII.

use the native text entry system. Games played in Western languages or Japanese can use characters from the English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and Symbol keyboards. Games played in Japanese can also use the Japanese keyboard. Games played in Korean or Chinese have access only to the keyboard of that language and the Symbol keyboard. The only character that cannot be entered from the keyboard is the at sign.

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