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Best Place To Buy Pokemon Booster Packs

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Buying Guide For Best Pokmon Booster Boxes


The Pokémon Trading Card Game first launched in the United States in October of 1998, and American Pokémon fans instantly fell in love with the highly customizable, collectible card game as it blossomed from its initial 151 creatures to well over 800 and counting years later.

Some Pokémon TCG enthusiasts arent satisfied with buying individual booster packs of 10 cards a piece, and those who want to quickly complete their collections or optimize their competitive decks with the best Pokémon cards that each set has to offer often look to buying booster boxes instead. Every Pokémon booster box contains 36 individual booster packs, and since the average Pokémon TCG series offers 130 to over 210 individual Pokémon cards to collect, its easy to see why a booster box is a great alternative for dedicated fans.

While we wish that we couldve caught em all, we investigated more than enough Pokémon booster boxes to know how to decide which ones are the best choice for Pokéfans.

Why Dont Stores All Sell Pokmon Cards

There was a situation a while ago where people fought over Pokémon cards, and retailers, to protect their patrons and workers, stopped selling them in physical stores for that reason.

However, they do make it possible to buy them online, so if you want to get them there, thats probably your best option.

However, they do get bought fast by scalpers and others.

How To Sell Pokemon Cards Tips For Sellers

It doesnt matter if youre wondering how to sell Pokemon cards online or want to sell Pokemon cards near you there are several selling tips to help make your life easier.

A lot of this has to do with simplifying organization, which helps you sell faster and also ensure you get fair prices for your cards.

Some tips for how to sell Pokemon cards more effectively include:

  • Trim The Collection: Start by separating cards that clearly have a lot of damage and wear out of your collection since its highly unlikely you can sell these cards anywhere.
  • Sort Cards By Set: Any website or local pawn shop that wants to buy Pokemon cards from you needs to know what set your cards are in. This is because some sets, like first edition cards, are the most valuable since they are the oldest cards in circulation and arent being printed anymore.
  • Sort Cards By Rarity: Once you group cards by set/edition, sort them into different piles based on rarity. This means organizing cards into holographic, reverse holographic, rare, uncommon, and common piles.
  • Record Your Prices: Once you have a PSA grade for the cards you want to sell, double-check card prices with websites like Pokemon Price. You should record each card and the corresponding price in a spreadsheet that youll use when selling online or in-store.
  • Thats a nutshell guide on how to sell Pokemon cards for cash.

    Hopefully, our list of the best places to sell Pokemon cards help you make some extra cash with your old collection of cards!

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    Is Target A Good Place To Buy Pokemon Cards

    Yes. Target is a great place to buy Pokemon Cards.

    In recent years, Target has started to place a greater focus on trading cards. As a result, they will tend to offer most Pokemon sets.

    Target seems to keep their shelves well-stocked too. When you cant find Pokemon cards elsewhere, you will probably find them at Target.

    Shining Fates Elite Trainer Boxes

    8 Best Pokemon Booster Boxes to Buy in 2021

    Best Modern Pokemon Set for Diversity of Artwork

    The modern set everyone had been waiting for. Shining Fates hit the shelves in early 2021 with great anticipation. Seen as the follow on from the hugely successful Hidden Fates set, the diversity of artwork, popular Pokemon and chase cards make it a fun set to open. Combine that with an incredible looking Charizard VMAX full art card, and theres plenty of value to gain if lady luck is on your side. Retail demand remains through the roof though, and this set sold out quickly. Whether youre buying to crack open packs or keep sealed for a rainy day, your best bet is probably Bay.

    Best Cards in Shining Fates to Collect

    If youre a fan of Japanese cards, you will love the new Eevee Heroes set. With a focus on Eevee-lutions, in both full art V and VMAX cards, there are some incredible looking artworks to pull from this set. I particularly like what theyve done with these VMAX boxes you get 8 booster packs and a special VMAX booster than contains one VMAX card and 3 holographic energy cards. Its something a bit different to what weve seen from recent Elite Trainer Boxes, and in my opinion, really fun to open!

    Best Cards in Eevee Heroes to Collect

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    Is It Better To Buy Pokemon Boosters Or A Booster Box

    Most Pokemon Booster Boxes contain 36 Booster Packs. Naturally, a single pack is cheaper. However, usually youll spend less per booster, if you get a whole box.

    Another benefit of buying a Booster Box is that it should arrive sealed. In that case, theres a lesser chance that its been tempered with. Single boosters can more easily be resealed with the best rares missing.

    So all in all, its generally better to get a whole box, than buying separate booster packs.

    Battle Styles Introduced Rapid & Single Strike Cards

    The Battle Styles is the first expansion that features two new card variants: Single Strike and Rapid Strike. Single Strike cards usually have more raw power, and have attacks that can Knock Out other Pokemons with a single attack. On the other hand, Rapid Strike cards are often sneakier and use technical attacks.

    All in all, Battle Styles feature plenty of interesting and powerful Pokemon cards, including some strong Trainers. However, if youre a fan of the early Pokemon generations, youd be better off buying another booster box, as this one doesnt contain the most iconic Pokemons from the early years.

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    What Are The Most Popular Pokemon Packs

    The most popular Pokemon card packs will be booster packs from the latest set. This is because they are nice and cheap.

    Promo packs will be a close second. In fact, it will be the promo packs that often sell out the quickest. This is because people really want to get their hands on some of the rarest cards in the game.

    Whenever a new set is launched, you will find that people quickly snap up the theme decks too, mostly because they contain codes that you can use in the Pokemon Trading Card Game online.

    Grow Your Trading Card Collection With These Sites


    These sites are a perfect way to find those special cards youve always wanted and complete card sets. With the vast selection available on these sites, you should be able to find nearly any card youve been searching for, no matter if its a base set Charizard from Pokemon or the newest edition of Yu-Gi-Oh. Plus, youll get the right price for them too.

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    What Influences Pokemon Card Prices

    Before we get into the best places to sell Pokemon cards, we have to go over how Pokemon cards are valued and what makes expensive cards have such ridiculous price tags.

    Generally, Pokemon cards are influenced by a few different factors:

  • Condition.
  • Edition.
  • Overall Demand.
  • Each of these 4 factors can have a dramatic effect on the pricing of the cards, with condition being the overarching factor that can obviously destroy your chances of ever selling a card.

    Condition is determined by a few things such as scratches, creases, wear, tear, and liquid damage. You can view a more detailed guide here.

    Rarity is determined by the symbols and numbers displayed on the bottom right corner of the card or the bottom right corner of the picture .

    Circles or diamonds arent worth much, while stars and first edition symbols can be very rare.

    Edition is determined by special types of cards that were made as part of a unique set. First edition cards are amongst the rarest Pokemon cards in the world.

    Overall demand is pretty self-explanatory. If there is an abundance of a specific card, then it obviously wont be worth much. This somewhat ties in with the rarity of the card.

    Ultimately, the goal is to find Pokemon cards that are first edition, rare, and have the highest grade possible: PSA 10 Mint, which basically means its a card that went straight from pack opening into a protective sleeve and has never been handled.

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    Pokemon Cards Singles Sets Tins And Ex Cards

    The Pokémon Trading Card Game is one of the greatest, fastest growing games of all time! Since 1996 this great game has been wowing kids and adults alike from Japan to the US, and all over the world, with colorful, collectible Pocket Monsters . First launched by Wizards of the Coast, and then taken over by The Pokemon Company, these yellow bordered monsters have been crashing into the world for over twenty years. Collectors and players can both get in on the action on this great game Gotta catch em all!

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    Pokemon Tcg Best Booster Packs To Buy

    The Pokémon company is well known for their popular games in which you battle mystical creatures against each other for the glory of victory. And after 25 years and 87 expansions, the Pokemon Trading Cards have become very popular.

    So which are the best booster packs to buy? There are a number of ways that we can judge them but this list will generally cover which sets will give you the most satisfaction for opening one. And remember, If youre looking for a specific card, then its usually just better to buy it individually. However, nobody can deny the thrill of opening a booster pack. So whether youre trying to start a personal collection, looking to fill a deck, or just want to appreciate some shiny bling, here are the best booster packs to buy.

    How Do You Play The Pokmon Trading Card Game

    Pokemon TCG: Sun &  Moon Unified Minds Booster Box, Booster Packs ...

    Besides for collecting cards, people can also play against each other in the game.

    In the game, each player assumes the role of a Pokémon trainer who battles his opponents Pokémon.

    To begin, players choose heads or tails and flip a coin to see who goes first.

    If there are more than two players, dice can be used instead.

    Cards are shuffled so each player starts out with seven cards.

    They then play one basic Pokémon on the field.

    This is the one who attacks and receives damage from the opponent.

    The player going first cannot use an attack in their first turn.

    Players can have up to five basic Pokémon on their bench in a round.

    Each player draws a card, which has corresponding offensive and defensive powers to fight against the other players card.

    There are different types of strategies and turns in the game, including playing new basic Pokémon, developing existing Pokémon, playing Trainer cards and Energy cards.

    At the end of a turn, a player can retreat their Active Pokémon, by switching the basic Pokémon they have on the field with one that is on the bench.

    Some attacks have effects but do not do damage to certain Pokémon.

    A Pokémon that has received enough damage will be knocked out.

    The player who did the ultimate damage gets to draw a prize card.

    To win the game, one player must have drawn all six prize cards.

    Another way to win is by knocking out all of the opponents Pokémon, or if the opponent has no cards left to draw.

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    Why Did Some Places Stop Selling Pokmon Cards In Store

    Walmart and Target were a couple of the most popular stores to purchase Pokémon cards.

    However, the competitiveness surrounding Pokémon fans urged both stores to halt sales of the cards.

    At one Target in Wisconsin, a fight broke out between two people trying to grab the last package of Pokémon cards.

    The supply chain issue facilitated by the pandemic has caused some stores to experience low stock of Pokémon cards, to the dismay of avid fans.

    When the scuffle turned violent, Target announced that it would no longer be selling the beloved cards in-store, and Walmart soon followed suit.

    They are available on both stores websites, though.

    The Original Pokmon Base Set

    Where it all began, the original English base set collection was release in 1999 and consists of 102 cards. 16 of which are holos.

    Now at this point its worth mentioning 1st Edition and Shadowless cards. These are considerably more valuable.

    1st Edition is pretty self-explanatory they are the first ever print-run of the cards.

    Shadowless cards, you guess it, dont have a shadow!

    Specifically, youre looking to see if theres a shadow around the rectangle box containing the Pokémon illustration.

    But there are also some other clues like a lighter HP font at the top of the card and the date including 99 at the bottom.

    Now to throw something else in the mix, its also worth pointing out that graded cards are more valuable too if the grading is good of course.

    The top two graders are PSA and Beckett.

    PSA tend to get the majority of the Pokémon grading market and are most commonly use by collectors.

    However, because its generally harder to achieve GEM MINT 10 status from Beckett, if you do, your cards will be worth more.

    At this stage though, all of this is very hypothetical for a beginner collector.

    GEM MINT 10 Base Set Cards go for hundreds of dollars on eBay, and if theyre 1st Edition or Shadowless, were talking thousands sometimes tens of thousands!

    For example a 1st Edition Base Set GEM MINT 10 Charizard can expect to sell for upwards of $50,000. Maybe even in the $60k-70k range.

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    Pokmon Booster Box Darkness Ablaze

    This box was originally released on August 14, 2020. The box contains 36 packs featuring 189 cards plus 12 secret cards. The pull rate on pulling a Holo VMAX from this box is one in every 25.98 packs.

    The best card from this set is card number 194 Salamence VMAX . This card is considered a holo rare. There are only 316 PSA 10 examples of this card. A graded PSA 10 of this Salamence VMAX is still very obtainable for most Pokémon collectors.

    This set was released in February of 2016 and contained 115 cards total . The significance of this set was that it marked the 20th anniversary of Pokémon at the time. The most valuable cards in this set are known as Pokémon-EX. The EX Pokemon cards have a four to five pull rate per box.

    The best card from this set is the Charizard Ex Holo card number 12. Only 363 of these exist in a PSA 10 example. This card graded in a PSA 10 example is a cheaper option than investing in a sealed box.

    A card like this will always have great value because it commemorates the 20th anniversary. This is an excellent investment for any Charizard or Pokémon collector.

    The original release of this box was on September 20, 2019. Ten Hidden Fates booster packs are in each box. The checklist of this box contains 68 cards plus one secret card. There is also a Shiny Vault Subset with 94 cards. The pull rate on the most sought-after card in this box is one in every 8.81 packs, which is a ten percent chance.

    Best Place To Buy Pokemon Booster Boxes

    Opening 10 Pokemon McDonald’s Booster Packs ($400 a Pack)

    If youâre a Pokemon cards collector, youâre probably wondering: What is the best place to buy Pokemon booster boxes? Even though most people think of online retail giants like Amazon as their first choice, there are many reasons why you should NEVER buy Pokemon booster boxes or packs in general from those giant online retailers.In this blog post, weâll explain why such stores are the worst choice when it comes to buying booster boxes. We will also tell you where you can buy them instead.Letâs start with the reasons that make online retail giants a poor choice for buying Pokemon cardsâ¦

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    Booster Packs And Booster Boxes

    The Pokemon TCG is a trading card game, meaning players collect cards to build unique decks and play against each other. The primary way players collect these cards is through booster packs.

    A booster pack contains 10 random cards, similar to a pack of baseball cards. Each card has a rarity, ranging from common to super rare . The standard distribution of cards in a booster pack is 6 common cards, 3 uncommon card, and 1 rare card.

    Booster packs are released in sets. New sets are released roughly four times a year, each with a unique name like Sun and Moon Team Up. Each set contains a fixed number of new cards, usually around 200.

    When you buy a booster pack, it will indicate the set that it is from. As you can see in the picture above, the booster packs are from the set Sun and Moon Team Up. If you bought 10 packs of Team Up, you would end up with 10 rare cards, 30 uncommon cards, and 60 common cards. While you can buy booster packs individually, they are also commonly sold in a booster box of 36 packs.

    One of the best reasons to buy booster boxes is to get a better distribution of cards. Imagine there are 220 cards in a set. In that set, there is somewhere around 70 rare cards, 70 uncommon cards, and 80 common cards. When you buy a single pack, you will get a random rare card, 3 random uncommon cards, and 6 random common cards.

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