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How To Be Lucky Friends In Pokemon Go

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How The Guarantee Actually Works


A piece of the puzzle was missing. Now, thanks to a series of carefully controlled experiments conducted by Silph Research Group Scientists, as well as Lead and Senior Researchers, we can report that at this time1 the actual mechanism for guaranteed Lucky Trades involving a July-August 2016 Pokémon appears to be:

All July-Aug 2016 Pokémon are guaranteed Lucky if the sender has been in fewer than 10 trades where at least one party was guaranteed.

At first, this may seem like a subtle distinction, but it means that not all Lucky trades are created equal. Lucky trades that were not guaranteed before the total is met do not appear to count towards the 10 guaranteed allotment.

Ignorance of this previously-unknown distinction meant many of the data points previously believed non-guaranteed were in fact guaranteed!

Great And Ultra League Considerations

If you follow PvP closely, you know that great or perfect IVs are not often what you want. As a matter of fact, when trading for or rerolling Pokemon for trainer battles, getting a Lucky Trade is often a bummer. HOWEVER, there are some Pokemon who you actively want a perfect or near perfect version as they max out below or just above the Great League or Ultra League CP caps at level 40. In addition to ensuring yourself a great IV version to work with, halving the dust cost to take something to/near level 40 is nothing to sneeze at.

Lucky Friends: Understanding Feature Mechanics

The Lucky Friends feature was introduced six months ago. The initial thought was that this feature would be a bit too overpowered. However, things seemed to turn out differently due to the apparently low odds of becoming Lucky Friends with one of your in-game friends. Lets analyze whether or not this is true.

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Opening a Gift from each other, teaming up in raids and Gym battles, or challenging each other to a Trainer Battle all count.

And when it does happen, you will unlock the new Friend tier, albeit for a limited time.

Thats because after you complete a trade, you will drop back down to Best Friends, waiting again for another chance.

Heres more information from Niantic, who confirmed: Once you become Best Friends, all subsequent friendship interactions have a small chance to make you and your Best Friend become Lucky Friends.

Youll be notified by an in-app notification and will be able to see that theyre your Lucky Friend in your Friend List and Friend Profile page.

When you are Lucky Friends with someone, the next time you trade with each other, both Pokémon will become Lucky Pokémon.

“After the trade, your Lucky Friend status will be cleared. You can try to become Lucky Friends again by increasing your Friendship.

For those Trainers wondering how to tell if youre Best Friend is now a Lucky Friend, you find out via a notification, making it hard to miss.

Youll also be able to see that theyre your new Lucky Friend in your Friend List and on their friend profile page.

This is a new feature, so fans should be ready for a few hiccups along the way to becoming Lucky Friends with someone.

Niantic also decided to release another new feature alongside today’s Lucky Pokemon expansion, that being avatar poses.

How To Get Lucky Pokmon Guaranteed In Pokmon Go

UPDATE Pokemon Go Lucky Friends Feature Now Live, Here are ...

In September 2018, Niantic made some changes in order to increase your chances of getting Lucky Pokémon.

If you found less than 10 Lucky Pokémon, then a Pokémon in your inventory that was captured between July and August 2016 will have a 100% chance of becoming Lucky after the exchange.

To clarify, if any of the trainers had less than 10, then both creatures in the exchange will be Lucky. So, in theory, even if you have more than 10, you can continue to get Lucky Pokémon guaranteed if you meet other trainers under 10. Thanks to the reddit Silph Road for the clarification!

It should also be noted that, as part of this change, all Lucky Pokémon statistics have now become stronger. Previously, they started at the 10/10/10 level and have now moved up to 12/12/12 .

Otherwise, the other method is to become Lucky Friends with the player you are going to trade with.

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Guide To Get Lucky Friends In Pokmon Go

There are currently five levels of friendship in Pokemon GO: Good friendship, Great friendship, Ultra friendship, friendship without equal and Friendship with luck. Basically, once players become friends in the game, they can increase their friendship level by fighting each other, completing raids together, trading pokémon, sending gifts, and a few other things.

The more friends do these activities, the higher their friendship level will be. To quickly and effectively increase the friendship level, players will need to complete some of the tasks in the list above on a daily basis. Also, friendships can only be leveled up once per day.

Stardust Cost Reduction To Power Up

Its also important to recall that lucky Pokémon are also a great way to reduce the amount of stardustyou need to spend in order to power up a Pokémon. In fact, its split in half, which is very good news for trainers with less resources or newcomers.

You might think that IVs are overrated and so on, and perhaps youre right. Most Pokémon wont lose any particular breakpoint if they have an ATK IV of 14 or 13. All in all, its situational. However, for those trainers who want to power up the best Pokémon, getting a 13/12/14 out of a lucky trade would be a disappointment. Imagine that you spend 50 raid passes to get only one shiny Rayquaza, then it takes you around 60 interactions with a specific person to become Lucky Friends, and when you do the lucky trade you end up getting that 13/12/14 shiny Rayquaza. That would be a bit of a letdown, wouldnt it?

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How To Become Lucky Friends In Pokmon Go

Once youre Best Friends with another player, anything that would normally raise your friendship levels has a chance to turn you both into Lucky Friends. This means that your next trade with that player will turn both traded Pokémon into Lucky Pokémon.

While Niantic hasnt announced the Lucky Friends chance, some researchers on The Silph Road subredditnote that the Lucky Friends odds is a little bit below 2% per exchange.

Lucky Pokémon have their Stardust required to power up cut in half, so its pretty nice to have one of your powerful Pokémon Lucky, since itll cut down on the required resources.. But beware individual values or IVs shift around quite a bit when you trade them, so the high IV Kyogre you might want to swap with your Lucky Friend may end up being a little weaker than before. That said, Lucky Pokémon are guaranteed to have at least 12 in all three main stats, which means an 80% IV or higher.

Pokemon Go Lucky Friends Guide

How To Get Lucky Friends in Pokemon Go Guide

There are currently five levels of player friendships in Pokemon GO: Good, Great, Ultra, Best, and Lucky. Essentially, once players become friends in-game, they can raise their friendship level by battling each other, completing raids together, trading pokemon, sending gifts, and a few other things. The more friends do these activities, the higher their friendship level will get. To quickly and effectively raise friendship levels, players will need to complete some of the tasks in the list above daily. Further, friendships can only be leveled up once per day.

To become Lucky friends in Pokemon GO, players will first need to become Best friends with another player. Once youve done that, simply continue to send gifts to each other and battle together and eventually youll reach Lucky friend status. If youre just starting out with a new friend, this process will likely take a long time and will require daily dedication, so be patient and try to find a good routine. Its also worth noting that once you become Best friends, youll only have one shot at becoming Lucky friends each day, so dont worry about trying to spam friendship leveling activities multiple times a day.

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Has High Minimum Individual Value

A Lucky Pokemon’s IV is relatively higher than those caught in the wild, the same as Pokemon hatched from eggs or caught from raid battles.

Did You Get Lucky Pokemon With Low IV After Announcement?

Some trainers may have received a Lucky Pokemon with low IV after its release in-game. This is possible to happen as IVs of Lucky Pokemon do change after trading.

Limited 100% Lucky Trade

Other than trading with a Lucky Friend, there is another situation where a Lucky Trade is guaranteed, introduced as a promotion to get lapsed players back into the game. The requirement are quite strict:

  • One of the Pokémon being traded must have been caught during July or August 2016
  • The Trainer sending the guaranteed Lucky Pokémon must have been involved in fewer than 10 trades where at least one party was guaranteed.
  • The Trainer receiving the Lucky Pokémon does not affect this trade, though it will increase their own count of guaranteed Lucky Trades.
  • It is currently unknown if Lucky Trades from being Lucky Friends impact this count, but there have been reports that they do.

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Finding Current Friendship Days Counter

  • Tap on your profile photo in the lower left
  • Select the “Friends” tab
  • Tap on your friendship level heart meter
  • Tap on the next empty friendship level heart
  • If you are not in control of the Best Friend level-up timing because:

    • The timer has said ‘play together for 1 more day’ since yesterday or even longer
    • Your friend has your unopened gift, but you have no gift from your friend
    • You don’t have any way to communicate

    This worked for me:

    • I remembered the name of the friend in control.
    • As soon as I opened the game, I immediately went to News:
    • I saw that the friend had opened my gift a few hours ago.
    • I quickly pressed ‘Items’ and activated a lucky egg.Right after that, I got the Best Friend notification and 200,000 XP points

    This also worked for me:

    • Compete in raid with friend, which raised us to Best Friend status, and it even said so in the screen before the ‘catch’ event.
    • I had no active lucky egg though.
    • I completed the catch, then immediately activated a lucky egg. When message for the update to my XP arrived, it was 200,000.

    Get Lucky Pokemon Only By Trading

    Pokémon GO Friendship Weekend Mini Event: from Feb. 8 to ...

    The only method of getting a Lucky Pokemon is to trade with a friend. Even then, it’s a rare chance and you have to be extremely lucky for the trade to occur. Lucky Pokemon cannot be found or caught in the wild.

    Getting Lucky Mythical Pokemon Is Not Possible

    Trading the mythical Pokemon such as Mew, Celebi, or Meltan will not result in a Lucky Pokemon, no matter how many times you attempt it.

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    Leveling Up Friendship Levels

    After adding a friend, you must level your friendship level to start unlocking and increasing various perks. To do so, go back to your friends list and select a name. You can then view there profile, and also send them a gift. Select “send gift” to pick a gift from your inventory to send to them. If you don’t have a gift, simply spin Pokestops until you have some. You can hold a maximum of 10. After your friend OPENS your gift, you will level up for the first time!

    You can level up your friendship once per day with various activities. These activities include:

    • Opening a gift from a friend
    • Doing a raid with a friend
    • Trading with a friend
    • Battling with a friend

    Gifting is the primary way to level up your friendship level as it can be done at any time, from any distance. It’s also, by far, the best way to level up. For some gifting details:

    • Gift sending has no daily limit in total, but you can only send 1 to a single friend per day
    • Getting gifts from Pokestops is limited to 100 per day, but not limited per Pokestop so you can get all 100 from a single Pokestop
    • You can only hold up to 10 gifts at a time
    • Opening gifts is limited to 20 per day

    Friends have 4 levels to work through, with “Lucky” friends being somewhat of a 5th level. These levels are:

    Registered In The Pokemon’s Pokedex Entry

    You can check the number of Lucky Pokemon you have in the Pokemon’s specific Pokedex entry. The number can be found under its Pokedex number and name.

    Different Forms Still Get Lucky Pokedex Screens

    For example, getting a Pokemon Unown, which has many forms, getting one Lucky Unown will automatically make all Unown forms have the Lucky background in its Pokedex entry.

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    Can Lucky Friends Trade From A Distance

    This allows you to trade with practically any Trainer as long as you are 100 meters or less from one another, adding onto that comes Lucky Pokémon which you are randomly granted through Trading, and then to round it all off you now even have the chance to reach Lucky Friends status which guarantees your very next trade

    What Does Friendship Hopefully Mean


    Once you achieve lucky friend status with another trainer, you will be able to Trade Pokémon for less Stardust and your first lucky friend trade will improve the Pokémon you are receiving to a Lucky Pokémon.

    If you’re unfamiliar, the Lucky Pokémon will need 50% less Stardust to increase its power, saving you a lot of Stardust in the long run.

    In case you haven’t heard, Pokémon GO has added a new feature that will allow players to invite a friend for a raid, helping to level up your friendship. So if you are planning to compete in a raid in the near future, you might consider inviting a friend!

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    Players Who Reach Lucky Friend Status In Pokemon Go Will Get Some Pretty Sweet Benefits Here’s How It All Works

    Published June 24, 2020, 3:18 p.m.aboutPokemon Go

    by Andrew Smith

    Friends are great, right? Well in the world of Pokemon GO, there are five levels of friendships that can be obtained, with each level offering better incentives when trading Pokemon with each other. In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to become Pokemon GO Lucky friends, which is the highest level of friends in the game. It has some pretty great incentives, but wont be easy to obtain. Heres how it all works.

    How To Get Lucky Friends In Pokmon Go

    Lucky Friends is a special friendship status that guarantees you a Lucky Pokémon.

    Becoming Lucky Friends in Pokémon Go works as follows:

    • There is a chance of being Lucky Friends when you are Best Friends with someone.
    • When you are Lucky Friends with someone, the next trade you make will result in both becoming Lucky Pokémon.
    • You have attempt per day at becoming Lucky Friends by performing one of the following actions – opening a gift, teaming up in Raids or Gym battles, or engaging in a Trainer Battle .
    • If successful, the game will notify that you are Lucky Friends, and it will say as such in your Friends listing.
    • Once the trade is completed, you will return to being ‘regular’ Best Friends again.

    Other things to know about Lucky Friends includes:

    • You can become Lucky Friends with a Best Friend more than once, though not more than once per day.
    • The chances of becoming Lucky Friends, at least in the early stages, appear to be around 5% according to reddit.
    • The Lucky Friends status seems to last for as long as you next trade – so feel free to continue sending and receiving Gifts or engaging in Trainer Battles until you next meet up and can trade. It does not expire that day.
    • It is possible to have more than one Lucky Friend active at once. .

    Niantic Support

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    Pokemon Go Lucky Friends: How To Make Lucky Friends For Pokemon Buffs

    The benefits of being Pokemon Go friends just increased somewhat – a new feature called Lucky Friends has arrived.

    As ever with Pokemon Go, patches and changes to the game often sort of drop out of nowhere – and today a new update is being rolled out to Pokemon Go players – version 0.139.2 on Android and 1.107.2 on iOS. While the changes made in the patch aren’t updated in the game until developer Niantic chooses to push them to players, this time around the patch notes suggest an all-new feature is incoming: Lucky Friends.

    Pokemon Go: New Lucky Friends Feature Will Be On 01391 Update

    Shiny Legendary Trades

    Pokemon Go will be getting the “Lucky Friends” feature in the 0.139.1 update. Players who are Best Friends will have a small chance of becoming Lucky Friends. You can achieve this by sending a gift once a day to another friend for 90 days. The information didn’t come from Niantic, it came from a data mine from Twitter user Chrales.

    Lines such as “Your next trade with this friend will be Lucky!” and “Your next trade together will be Lucky! This means both Pokémon traded will become Lucky Pokémon.” were mined. We don’t have much information, but what we do know is that players who are Lucky Friends can trade and get a guaranteed Lucky Pokemon.

    new feature : Lucky Friend” and you became Lucky Friends!””Your next trade with this friend will be Lucky!””Your next trade together will be Lucky! This means both Pokémon traded will become Lucky Pokémon.”


    Lucky Pokemon have been around since June 2018. Lucky Pokemon automatically have minimum IV stats of 12/12/12. The best part about these Pokemon is that they only require half the amount of Stardust. Stardust is an exceedingly rare resource and can be quite costly. It is the best way to power up your Pokemon. You will need 270,000 of it to go from Level 1 to the maximum level.

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