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How To Get Shedinja In Pokemon Go

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What Do You Need To Get Shedinja In Pokemon Crystal


Shedinja is fairly easy to obtain. All you need is a Nincada, and a spare PokéBall. Have Nincada in your party, as well as one additional open slot , and at least one PokéBall in your bag.

In order to receive a Shedinja when Nincada evolves, youll need an open spot in your party. This means you can only have five or less Pokémon with you, including Nincada. Have a spare Poké Ball . Certain versions of the game require you to have at least one spare Poké Ball in your inventory.

There are two ways you can get Shedinja in Pokemon Sword and Shield. While it is possible for a Raid Shedinja to spawn, this can be a lot more difficult than simply catching a Nincada and evolving it yourself. Down below, weve provided details on how you can do this easily. Time needed: 35 minutes.

Note that since Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum do not have a Poké Ball requirement, Shedinja will copy the Poké Ball that was used to catch Nincada. This is the only way to get a Shedinja in a non-standard Poké Ball. Raise Nincada to at least Level 20. This is the first level that Nincada will attempt to evolve into Ninjask.

How To Get Ninjask And Shedinja

Once you have gotten a Nincada you will need to level up to level 20 and have an open party slot along with a Pokeball. This is because when a Nincada evolves it turns into two Pokemon instead of the normal one. Once your Nincada evolves you will have both a Ninjask where the Nincada was in your party and a Shedinja in the previously vacant spot in your party. If you dont have an open slot in your party you may lose the Shedinja.

With this, you will have filled out three slots in your National Dex and have two very interesting Pokemon to use for your team. As mentioned before, Ninjask has the highest speed of any non-legendary Pokemon in the game. This means in battle, Ninjask will normally attack first. This can be very useful for getting debuff moves off before anything happens to Ninjask.

You also have Shedinja which has the special ability of Wonder Guard. Wonder Guard means that Shedinja will only take damage from moves that are super effective against it. Being a bug/ghost type Pokemon means that Shedinja will only take damage from flying, rock, ghost, fire and dark moves. Since Shedinja only has 1 HP, this means it will die from any damaging moves of those types. However, having immunity to 13 of the 18 types of moves in the game is exclusive to Shedinja. If you are running into any more trouble finding a specific Pokemon, make sure to check out our other guides.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl are available only on Nintendo Switch.

Getting Shedinja In Pokmon Go

Unlike in the main series games, this Pokémon does not appear when Nincadas evolve. In fact, they cannot be found anywhere in the while, even places where Bug types normally appear like parks. Instead, players will have a chance encounter with one after completing a research breakthrough, which is obtained after completing 7 research tasks. Be mindful though that this breakthrough does not last forever, so Shedinja can only be caught during a designated time of the year. Currently, research tasks that will help find them can be spun from Pokéstops out in the world during October 2020.

Pokémon GO is available on iOS and Android

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Evolution And The Subsequent Split

As Pokemon Sword and Shield players inch closer to level 20 with their Nincadas, they must first follow a crucial step before commencing the evolution. Players must first remove a party Pokemon to create a free and empty sixth slot.

Once the slot is opened, Pokemon Sword and Shield players are free to hit level 20 with Nincada, and watch the ensuing evolution gleefully. As expected, Nincata will turn into Ninjask. But once they check their previously empty slot, they will now see Shedinja kicking back and relaxing.

Ninjask In The Pokmon Go Meta

How To Get Shedinja In Pokemon Go 2020

As interesting, and perhaps complex, as Nincadas evolution is, Ninjask is not going to have a place on the ranks. Its 1790 CP will not be enough to compete even with mid-level Pokémon.

It has an above average ATK , but it is not going to make the cut. Its DEF and STA are simply too low and that makes Ninjask an easy target when placed as a gym defender. If used as an attacker, it would highly depend on dodging, as a few hit from a high CP/ATK opponent could take Ninjask out easy.

Ninjask has a good speed and will be able to attacks, but a few hits would be critical enough for Ninjask to lose all its HP as it does not have enough STA and DEF.

As far as Shedinja goes, its definitely not going to have a place in any ranks. Simply because it has an extremely low STA , DEF , and CP .

This Pokémon will simply serve as a Pokédex entry and a source of Stardust.

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Why Do I Want Shedinja

Unless you’re making a very unique competitive battling team, you’re probably only after Shedinja to finish your PokéDex. That said, Shedinja is a very unusual Pokémon that can have some utility in competitive teams built to support it.

What you’ll probably notice first about Shedinja once you get it is that it has only 1HP — which seems like it would render Shedinja a waste of time to battle with. However, it also has an ability called Wonder Guard, which causes it to only take damage from Super Effective attacks, weather, and condition effects . Since it’s a Bug/Ghost type, that means only Fire, Flying, Rock, Ghost, and Dark-type moves can damage it.

That’s still quite a few kinds of attacks that can hit it, and with moves like Stealth Rock, Snow Warning, and Toxic so prevalent in competitive battling, it may be tough to make Shedinja a useful part of your team. That said, it can be worth trying alongside a held item like a Focus Sash and a set of powerful moves. If you use Shedinja, good luck!

Pokmon Sword And Shield: How To Get Shedinja

Trying to complete that PokéDex and not sure what that empty spot after Ninjask is supposed to be? It’s…Shedinja! Shedinja is an extremely unusual Pokémon that cannot be caught in the wild or fought in Max Raid battles — it’s only obtained through a special evolutionary trick using Nincada and Ninjask.

While Pokémon Sword and Shield introduces several new evolutionary methods, fortunately, some other things just never change. Shedinja was introduced along with its family members Nincada and Ninjask in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, and its evolutionary method has remained consistent ever since.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Nincada Weakness

Nincada is a Bug and Ground Type pokemon. This will cause it to take More Damage from Flying, Fire, Water, Ice Type Moves and will take Less Damage from Fighting, Ground, Poison, Electric type moves.


What pokemon is Nincada Weak Against?


What pokemon is Nincada Strong Against?


How To Catch Shedinja


Shedinja can be caught by handing in your weekly Field Research stamps starting at 4PM EST Cashing out before that 4PM deadline will result in you encountering a Suicune, October’s Field Research reward. If you want one more Suicune, then great! We’re happy you can get your hands on one last Suicune If not, you done goofed, and you’ll have to wait until next week to get your hands on a Shedinja.

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Is There A Way To Get Shedinja In Sword And Shield

There are two ways you can get Shedinja in Pokemon Sword and Shield. While it is possible for a Raid Shedinja to spawn, this can be a lot more difficult than simply catching a Nincada and evolving it yourself. Down below, weve provided details on how you can do this easily. Time needed: 35 minutes.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Nincada Locations

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Nincada can be found only in non-overworld spawns.

Non-Overworld spawn means that the pokemon can only be found randomly in tall grass. The following are the locations in which Nincada can be found.


Nincada does not spawn in Overworld locations.

How to catch NincadaIn the above locations, you can catch Nincada. Running around in these grasses, players can find one with a little effort.

If one does not appear, players can leave the fight and then reenter the grass to reset the spawning of Pokemon to catch.

Nincada Base StatsNincada has the following stats in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

  • HP: 31

Nincada has the following abilities in Sword and Shield:

  • Compound Eyes: The Pokemons compound eyes boost its accuracy.
  • Run Away : Enables a sure getaway from wild Pokemon.

Nincada EvolutionsIn Sword and Shield, Nincada has two evolutions. They are listed below:

  • Nincada evolves to Ninjask. To evolve, Level 20 is required.
  • Ninjask evolves to Shedinja. To evolve, Empty Slot in PartyLevel. It is the Final Evolution of Nincada.

Nincada Strengths and WeaknessesBeing a bug and ground type Pokemon, Nincada is strong against fighting, electric and poison type Pokemon. It is weak against fire, water and flying type Pokemon.

We have listed some pokemon against which Nincada is weak:

  • Arcanine a fire type pokemon.
  • Gyarados a water type pokemon.
  • Milotic a water type pokemon.
  • Togekiss a fairy and flying type pokemon.
  • Vanilluxe an ice type pokemon.

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How To Get Shedinja In Non Standard Poke Ball

Note that since Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum do not have a Poké Ball requirement, Shedinja will copy the Poké Ball that was used to catch Nincada. This is the only way to get a Shedinja in a non-standard Poké Ball. Raise Nincada to at least Level 20. This is the first level that Nincada will attempt to evolve into Ninjask.

Can You Evolve Shedinja In Pokemon Go

How to get SHEDINJA in Pokemon

Shedinja is currently available as the weekly Field Research Breakthrough in Pokémon GO. This Pokémon has only ever been available through research and, despite the Candy needed to power it up being classified as Nincada Candy, Nincada cannot evolve into Shedinja in the game. This is not how it works in Pokémon GO.

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How To Evolve Nincada Into Shedinja In Pokmon Sword And Shield

Nincadas evolution into Shedinja if you can even call it that is very peculiar but doesnt require any particular location, stone, time of day, or movement to achieve.

Once Nincada is in your team, and youre setting out with the purpose of evolving it into Shedinja, you must make sure that there is a space in your team. This means that your Pokémon team can only have a maximum of five members.

To achieve this, simply open your box and move a Pokémon from your team into a blank space within your box. If you catch a Pokémon in the meantime, be sure to put it into a box so that the empty space isnt filled when Nincada hits level 20.

When Nincada reaches level 20, it will evolve. On your screen, youll see Nincada go through the evolution animation, but in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you will then see a Ninjask Nincadas primary evolution.

But dont despair: simply go into your Pokémon team and you will find a Shedinja sitting in what was the empty team slot. Shedinja is said to be the ghost-inhabited shell of a Pokémon quite possibly Shedinjas shell if the Pokémon undergoes some form of metamorphosis en route to evolving into Ninjask.

There you have it: your Nincada just evolved into a Shedinja. You now have a bug-ghost type Pokémon which, if up against a foe that doesnt have any of Shedinjas five weaknesses sitting on in its move list, can attack without fear of taking damage.

Want to evolve your Pokemon?

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Getting Shedinja In Pokemon Sword & Shield

There are two ways you can get Shedinja in Pokemon Sword and Shield. While it is possible for a Raid Shedinja to spawn, this can be a lot more difficult than simply catching a Nincada and evolving it yourself.

Down below, weve provided details on how you can do this easily.

Time needed: 35 minutes.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Shedinja Guide

  • Catch a Nincada

    Nincada can be caught in both Pokemon Sword & Shield. It can be found on Route 5 with a 5% encounter rate. It can also be found at West Lake Axewell or South Lake Miloch during a Sandstorm.

  • Train It Up to Level 19

    Keep it in your party and go to Route 10 or one of the Wild Areas. Use your other Pokemon to battle high-level Pokemon to earn lots of EXP. You can also use EXP Candy to level up Nincada fast.

  • Free a Space in Your Party

    Once you reach level 19, make sure you free up a space in your party. Simply send a Pokemon to a Box via Box Link.

  • Train Nincada to Level 20

    Simply earn EXP by battling with Nincada, using Pokemon Camp or with EXP Candies.

  • Nincada Evolves into Ninjask

    Once Nincada hits Lv. 20 a cutscene will begin after the battle has finished. Nincada will evolve into Ninjask.

  • Check Your Party to Find Shedinja in the Formerly Empty Space

    However, if you check your party, youll now find that the empty space in your Party is now filled by Shedinja.

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    Capturing Fomantis In Sword & Shield

    Players wont need to worry about Fomantis being too powerful, as the Isle of Armor scales the enemy Pokémons level based on how far players have progressed. Those that have beaten Sword & Shields champion will encounter Pokémon around level 60, so bring Pokémon around that level or higher. As per usual, catching Pokémon is easier the lower health they have, so use attack moves that wont KO the Fomantis. As this Pokémon is a Grass-type, bring along those that resist its attacks like Fire and Bug Types. Grass Types are immune to spore based moves, like Stun Spore, so use other status inflicting moves instead. However, its ability Leaf Guard, prevents status conditions during sunny weather. To inflict status conditions, bring a Pokémon that can change the weather during a battle, such as Pelipper and its rain-bringing Drizzle ability .

    Pokémon Sword & Shield is available for Nintendo Switch

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    How to get a shedinja in pokemon go

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    Why You Want Shedinja In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Shedinjas headline feature is its Wonder Guard ability. This prevents it from taking damage from any attack used against it, unless it is super effective.

    This essentially means you can smash through any opponent that stands in your way, unless they happen to have Pokemon with Fire, Flying, Rock, Dark, or Ghost-type moves. Shedinja does also have a base HP stat of 1, so it is incredibly weak once it is hit by a move.

    Thats everything you need to know about how to get Shedinja in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Check out our guide wiki for more tips and tricks on the games.

    Finding Fomantis In Sword & Shield

    Those that have the Isle of Armor expansion are able to encounter Fomantis in the wild. They are located on all outdoor locations on the main part of the isle, Fields of Honor, Soothing Wetlands, Challenge Beach, Forest of Focus, and the Training Lowlands. Players can easily run into Fomantis the moment they step on the island, but theres a prerequisite that determines whether or not Fomantis will appear: the weather. Fomantis, being a grass type that can photosynthesize, is found only in harsh sunlight. Because the weather is mostly unpredictable, players will need to rely on a chance to encounter Fomantis naturally. However, players can change the date to manipulate the weather, expediting the process. From there, players just need to run through wild grass until they find it like any other Pokémon.

    There is another method to obtain Fomantis, and thats through a max-raid battle. Players willing to take down a giant-sized Fomantis in a raid battle can obtain one without worrying about the weather restriction. Raid Dens found in Fields of Honor and Soothing Wetlands have a chance to feature Fomantis as the main opponent, but its no guarantee. Consider bringing along friends to make the battles easier.

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    Shedinja Moves And Stats

    Shedinja has a Max CP of 421, mostly due to its low HP in the main series of games. More specifically, Shedinja has 1 HP in the main series of games, due to its ability Wonder Guard. Wonder Guard, like we briefly covered in our Spiritomb guide, only allows super-effective moves to deal damage to it, and is immune to all other moves. Pokemon Go lacks abilities and other complexities within the main series Pokemon battle system, so it must be adjusted for the less intuitive format. Here are Shedinja’s moves:

    Fast Moves

    How To Get Shedinja In Pokemon Go

    Pokémon Go players get Shedinja in upcoming bug

    As of writing, Shedinja cannot currently be captured in Pokemon GO. However, Shedinja was previously available through research breakthroughs during the Halloween event in 2020.

    As for the ways that Niantic could incorporate ways to get Shedinja in the future, there are a few ways they could do this:

    • Seasonal Evolution – Shedinja could be an evolution exclusive to the autumn season
    • Random Evolution – Much like how Eevee evolves, Nincada could evolve to be either Ninjask or Shedinja. This evolution could be dictated with a certain nickname.
    • Spawn after Evolution – After the player evolves their Nincada, a Shedinja could spawn nearby
    • Let the player choose – A simple option. Let the player choose what they want to evolve their Nincada into.

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