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Pokemon Platinum Gba Rom Hack

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Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats Gba How To Use Them With My Boy Emulator

Pokemon: Light Platinum (GBA ROM Hack) | RetroArch Emulator [1080p] | GameBoy Advance

These are the steps to use Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats GBA ROM with My Boy Emulator:

  • Launch the My Boy app and load your;Pokémon Light Platinum ;ROM
  • Tap the;menu;icon in the top-left corner of the screen to open the My Boy menu
  • Tap;Cheats
  • Tap;Cheat name;and enter a description of the cheat
  • Tap;Cheat code, enter the code, then tap;OK
  • Three dots;in the top-right corner of the screen, then tap;Save
  • Tap the;back;button on your device to resume the game with cheats enabled
  • Pokemon Light Platinum Gba Rom Pokedex:

    Below is the list of all the Pokemons and creatures which are available in the pokemon light platinum free version and can be used accordingly. Now, this is not the full and final list and can be altered in the near future as some new pokemons are constantly adding in the Pokedex of light platinum version. This list of all Pokemon Pokedex also includes the Pokemon Legendaries. Some of the pokemons are from the latest generations as well. As this Pokedex includes hundreds of Pokemon from Generation I, II, III, IV and V of Nintendo Pokemon Games.

  • Pokemon Theta Emerald Ex

    Another one of the older ROM hacks out there, this one allows players to collect 721 Pokémon with a large number of abilities up to Generation 6. Based on its name, its clear that its base game is made from Pokémon Emerald. But it is much more than that. Some of the more interesting features of this hack are the level system up to 250 and exp from capturing Pokémon. There is also the ability to reuse TMs. Whats great is that when youre battling against other trainers in the game, they can truly have any Pokemon from the previous generations, making strategizing very important for every match. Youll also find the physical/special split, fairy-type Pokémon, and there are mega evolutions, which a lot of newer ROM hacks have as well.

    Although its not an extremely difficult game in comparison to others, it is a great option for people who are looking for a medium-difficulty hack that pushed the envelope when it first hit the scene.

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    The Best Pokmon Rom Hacks And Fan Made Games

    For over twenty years, Pokémon has persisted as one of the largest, most well-known franchises in the gaming industry. It provides fans with endless characters, possibilities, storylines, and games.

    Did you know that fans have found a way to create their own versions of some of the most classic Pokémon games? These cames carry on the essence of main Pokémon games while taking paths that havent been explored by the franchises designers.

    But thats not all that Pokémon fans do with their gaming experience. Some very clever players have found ways to modify the existing Pokémon games. Thats beyond my technical knowledge, but you better believe Ill happily take advantage of their PokémonROM hacks.

    In this article, were going to break down the best fan-created Pokémon ROM hacks;and games.

    Grab your Pokeballs because its time to catch them all.

    Best Completed Pokemon Rom Hacks Of All Time

    Pokemon Light Platinum (GBA Rom Hack to Download on Phone ...
    Pokemon Rocket Strike

    It is the year 2021 and we are all stuck in our homes, you understand what that means time to feature some of the best Pokemon ROM hacks of all time. Well only be including GBA ROM Hacks on this list. There could be a few ROMs from a long time ago because of how great they are.

    Additionally, we have added some minor highlights that we discovered to be somewhat intriguing. You can discover more detailed data and even download links on this website if one of these games catches your attention.

    So, trainers, these are the top 10 pokemon rom hacks of all time!

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    Pokemon Light Platinum Walkthrough Of Facts:

    While this the amazing and interesting section of overall review about Pokemon Light Platinum version which can be the leading part while deciding to download the game and specific emulator of the game. One of the amazing fact in this version is that the game has 2 main languages supported while during the development process of the game. If you are from Portugal and want to run and play the game in your national language then its a big and interesting news for you. The game in English as well as in Portugal languages. Also, try;

    Overall there are some green areas in the game and the graphics of Pokemon light platinum ds are highly improved from its previous version and now you will have a chance of playing a different version of the pokemon game which you will have never tried Im sure. Some new areas are also added which are quite interesting in graphics and scenes and even did not discovered by anyone else.

    How To Use Platinum Cheats On Vba

    • Run the VisualBoyAdvance.exe file on the window.
    • At the bottom of the welcome screen, open your Pokemon Light Platinum GBA ROM.
    • Now you can load the save game, go to any Pokemon center and access your PC.
    • On the VBA screen, please select the Cheat menu next to the Cheat list.
    • Press the OK button and then click on GameShark. And below is the GameShark input screen.
    • Enter the fraud code on your wish list. You can enter the code, then add another code, no limit.

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    Pokmon Light Platinum Gba

    Description: Light Platinum is a GBA HACK set in a new continent, maps have been remade, HMs have been added, and there are fourth and fifth-generation Pokemons, new events, and the possibility of capturing legendary characters like Mew Deoxys throughout the game, Darkrai, Etc. And its creator is a Brazilian. By far one of the best Pokemon hacks ever made.

    ;WesleyFGStatus:;According to the author it is complete .Language: Portuguese/English.Base Game: Pokémon Ruby.;NOTE: -The Beta 3 and Beta 1.1 versions are different games, both have fourth-generation Pokemon, but they are other maps, gym leaders, etc. This happened because the creator of Hack was working on beta 3, but for some problem, he stopped this version and had to start a new one. In other words, the newest version is Beta1.1 and not Beta 3.;-The Beta 3 version has several Gyms but it is not complete and is in English.

    -The Beta 1.1 version is complete and in English.

    Latest version:

    Pokemon Ruby Destiny Series

    Pokemon Mega Light Platinum ||Completed||Gba Rom Hack 2021
    • Creator: destinedjagold

    Pokemon Ruby Destiny is a series of interconnected games whose storey, depending on the game, spans several parallel timelines.

    The first game, Reign of Legends, is about a young boy who travels the world, stopping the evil deeds of Luminous Cenaries and ROYAL DARKNESS. You set out on a quest to save the world from the shadow pokemon XD001 Shadow Lugia.

    The second game, Rescue Rangers, is about a real-world human boy who is transformed into a Pokemon and transferred to Pokemon World .You join their Rescue Team after being found by a Chikorita and a Torchic and being perplexed by your situation.

    The third game is about the alternate world that Team Go-Getters created at the end of the second game. In this world, a young girl aspires to be a Guardian Trainer, but the region has become chaotic since the DarkOrganizations arrival. The young lady is in for some difficulties.

    Fourth Game: Waking up in a beach, having no memory of how you got there, and after you saved an Eevee from Team Rocket, you set out on a journey, wandering through the lands of the Crest region, to figure out how you ended up on Starlight Beach and how you can get back home. Along the way, you meet human and Pokemon friends and foes, and their simple ways of life.;

    Dark Rising III

    Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide


    • Creator: Crizzle
    • Version: 5th September 2015 update

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    Pokemon Dark Rising Series

    The Pokemon Dark Rising series consists of Dark Rising 1, 2, and 3 . It is among the most loved Pokemon ROM hacks as it features a highly addictive story. The unique storyline is set in an entirely different region undergoing troubles. You play the game as the lone savior and aspire to save the world.

    This fan-made Pokemon game series is created by DarkRisingGirl and her team. The first and second games are both based on Pokemon FireRed but have everything overhauled completely. There are new characters, sprites, Pokemons, and everything else. The revamped music is my personal highlight from this game.

    Pokemon Glazed And Blazed Glazed Version

    Pokemon Glazed and Blazed Glazed versions are based out of the Pokemon emerald version. In Pokemon Glazed, you play like a twelve-year-old kid who aims to become the number one Pokemon trainer.

    This game is the latest release of a completed Pokemon rom hacks. The central region of the game is the Tunod region, and you will have to make your way through this region to reach Johto.;

    After playing Pokemon Glazed, a fan thought that something was lacking in the game. Therefore, he improved this version of the game and released Pokemon Blazed Glazed.

    This version is very similar to the previous one, with some minute changes. Pokemon Blazed Glazed is a tough game, and you will need to grind experience a lot. If you are looking for an excellent rom hack, I would recommend Pokemon Blazed Glazed as it is finally completed.;

    Some of the features of Pokemon glazed and blazed glazed are as follows:-

    • You get to choose from five different starter Pokemon.
    • Three regions in one game.
    • Dreamworld Pokemon have been added.
    • At some point in time in the game, you will be able to catch all the starters.
    • You can have a rematch with all the gym leaders and some trainers.
    • You can also travel between the Pokemon world and the real world, where you can catch a Madkip.

    You can download Pokemon Glazed here

    You can download Pokemon Blazed Glazed here

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    Pokemon Light Platinum Download Gba Rom Hacked

    -Successfully introduced a new system of berries, that was lost in both original Light Platinum and HeartGold & SoulSilver. Now berry trees will be stationary on the different routes, and they will give one berry each day . The trees of all 64 different berries are hidden throughout the Zhery and Lauren regions, so you have to look very well to get them all.

    -Other small changes, such as increasing the chance of finding a shiny Pokémon , or changing the stats of some Pokémon that increase them in the sixth generation.

    Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats Gba How To Use Them With Visual Boy Emulator

    Pokemon Light Platinum ROM Hack GBA Official Page

    These are the steps to use Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats GBA ROM with Visual Boy Emulator:

  • Open the VBA emulator
  • Select;File;>;Open;and choose the;Pokemon Light Platinum ;ROM
  • When the game starts, select;Cheats;>;Cheat list;from the VBA menu
  • Select;Gameshark
  • Enter a code and select;OK, then repeat steps 4 and 5 to enter all the codes you want
  • Select;OK;again to resume the game with cheats enabled
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    Pokemon Mega Power Version

    Pokemon mega power is an emerald rom hack. It is the first game where you have mega evolutions in an emerald game. Pokemon Mega power is the latest release by the developer. It would be best if you played Pokemon resolute before starting the game if you want to know the whole story.;

    In this game, you play as a brilliant scientist that wants to create the most powerful Pokemon. In the quest to fulfill your dream, you make a deal with the leader of an evil team called team delta. Play and find out what happens when the leader of the team delta betrays you.;

    Here are some of the unique features of the Pokemon Mega Power version:-

    • Pokemon from generations 4, 5, 6, and 7 are available.
    • All the mega evolution Pokemons are available.
    • Play the game in three new regions called Ivara, Lande, and Sevii Islands.
    • A lot of more hidden features await you in the game.

    Pokemon Platinum Red Download

    Note: For hacks which are released and downloadable, we will show you how to download files & its emulators for Window/Mac/Android/iOS and the video guides to use them to play the game on your devices. To check downloadable hacks, find the information box at the top of this page. Thank you.

    or Access with password: iqea11

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    The Plot Of Pokemon Platinum Rom Download:

    Pokemon Light Platinum walkthrough is different than other conventional Pokemon games. At the start of the game, the player gets to wake up in a strange area he has no idea of. Its like having a nightmare because this obscure place is no way recognizable.

    The protagonist sees a place where a fight between Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina is happening. When it gets too much, the protagonist wakes up from this dream. You can also get the Pokemon Platinum cheats on online for free.

    Just after he starts collecting himself after that dream, he gets a call from the Professor. He tells the player theres a big problem coming their way and only he can save it from happening since only the protagonist knows the language of Alpha. At Roms World we also have Resident Evil 3 ROM.

    Turns out the nightmare was somewhat real has witnessed a glimpse of how reality could be. And thats how the story of Pokemon Light Platinum ROM download starts to unfold.

    Pokmon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma

    playing pokemon light platinum but on NDS Rom Hack

    While this ROM hack is another game based on Pokémon FireRed, Pokémon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma;is based on the classic Gold, Silver, and Crystal games. But there are new and exciting plot points and elements that are well worth the playthrough.

    When you start, you have a roster of over 800 Pokémon to choose from. You also have Mega Evolutions, Miracle Exchange, and many other cool trading evolutions. EVs and IVs are shown on the menu so that you can avoid complicated calculations during your trades.

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    New Features Of The Game

    Features of Pokemon Light Platinum is given bellow:

    • Travel to two new territories Zhery and Lauren
    • New leaders and elite four are included
    • New competitors are included
    • Pokemon from all regions
    • You can travel to other new areas
    • Can capture all Pokemon Legends
    • All new sprites are included
    • All new events are included
    • All new tiles are included
    • New Final Event: Pokemon World Championship
    • And last, easy to play, save your GBA emulator VBA and enjoy playing like an NDS game.

    When Cheats Are Not Working In Pokemon Light Platinum

    If you are using Game Shark Cheat in Pokemon Lite Platinum, here are some tips to help you overcome your GameShark cheats:

    • Enter GameShark codes without spaces between characters.
    • Enter the code in the Capital characters.
    • Pokemon games are other GameShark codes that require master code to work properly. Regularly try entering master codes before entering game shark codes.
    • If you are inquiring about getting specific Pokemon after entering the code, just go to the places where wild Pokemon usually appear in grasses, in water and in caves and find the item to work with. Avoid using repel.
    • If you have entered Master Ball Cheat, go to any Pokemon Center and open your personal item storage using Pokemon in your PC. Master balls should appear in your storage.
    • Change your GameShark setting from auto-detect to GameShark.
    • Avoid using deception, especially from regressive to docs, for legendary Pokemon. There are instances where this cheat code for legendary Pokemon will only make your game freeze and tarnish.
    • If you have used cheating for rare candies, they usually appear in the first item in your bag. Note that before using the rare candy cheat, store all your belongings in your storage.
    • Check the compatibility of your GameShark codes. Some codes only work for the latest version of GameShark, while some GameShark codes work for previous versions.

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    Pokemon Dark Rising 2 Version

    Once youre done playing Pokemon dark rising, you should start playing Pokemon dark rising 2. This game is the sequel of dark rising. The story from dark rising continues in the dark rising 2.

    This game is also based on Pokemon fire red rom. In the game, you can meet and catch all the Pokemons that are available in the game. If you are looking for new Pokemon rom hacks, then the dark rising series is perfect.;

    Here are some of the features of Pokemon dark rising 2:-

    • They have added fairy type Pokemon.
    • Mega evolution has been added to the game.
    • They have added a day and night system, where you will find different Pokemon during the day and night.
    • New moves and hidden abilities have been added.
    • There are 12 gyms in this game.
    • You have the option to choose a dragon starter Pokemon.
    • New custom music has been added to this hack.
    • A total of 193 Pokemon can be caught.;

    You can download Pokemon dark rising 2 versions here

    Pokemon Dark Rising Version

    Pokemon Light Platinum (GBA Rom Hack) Part 3: I Got A ...

    Pokemon dark rising is a fan-made game that was created by the team of DarkRisingGirl. They used the Pokemon FireRed rom as the base for this game. Pokemon dark rising is one of my favorite Pokemon ROM hacks.

    No other game can be compared with dark rising. It is one of the most loved games by Pokemon fans. It is a massive game series with four different games. In the dark rising, you play as a character that has to save the world.

    The storyline is very different from the other games. Pokemon dark rising has two versions that you can play. The second version is called the dark rising Kazio version.;

    Here are some features of the Pokemon dark rising version:-

    • Each gym leader has a unique Pokemon to showcase.
    • Moves from newer generations like shadow claw, scald, roost, etc. are added in this game.
    • DW abilities are added to the game.
    • All Pokemon found in the grass or water will learn its egg moves by leveling up.
    • You can grind experience by battling nurse Joy.

    Here are some features of the Pokemon dark rising Kazio version:-

    • There are plenty of side-quests and extra stories added.
    • New moves, enemies, and locations are added in this version.
    • Bugs and glitches from the main version were fixed.

    You can download Pokemon dark rising version and dark rising Kazio version here

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