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Most Expensive Pokemon Card Set

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Pokemon Japanese Play Promo 50000 Points Espeon Gold Star

TOP 5 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards from All 2020 Pokémon Sets

Sold in June, 2021 for $25,700

Earlier, we had a look at the 2005 Pokemon Japanese Play Jolteon gold star card that required 20,000 EXP Points to redeem and explained how difficult it was to achieve.

As Pokemon Players Club members completed specific actions, such as attending an event, winning a battle, or placing in a tournament, they could accumulate experience points.

As if accumulating 20,000 EXP points for the Jolteon wasn’t hard enough, those who had the endurance and capability to press on even farther could unlock the Espeon after earning 50,000 EXP points.

The holographic element mixed with the gold star designation and incredible design from Masakazu Fukuda resulted in a breathtaking card that few ever have the chance at holding.

Pokemon Play Third Season Jolteon Gold Star 20000 Pts

Sold in June, 2021 for $20,000

Beginning in 2003, the Pokemon Players Club replaced the Pokemon Fan Club and with that change came the release of several exclusive Pokemon PLAY cards.

As players completed certain actions, such as attending an event, hosting an event, winning a battle, or placing in a tournament, they could accumulate experience points.

Once a player had acquired a certain number of points, he or she could receive a prize promotional card

Between January 2003 and January 2006, there were just four seasons in which players could participate, so time was of the essence in working to obtain these special cards.

If a player accumulated 20,000 points, he or she could earn this exclusive Pokemon PLAY Jolteon Gold Star.

Pokemon Players Club Shiny Umbreon: $1900

If you’ve got a soft spot for the blue and black shiny version of the Dark-type Pokemon Umbreon, then be aware that you’re not the only one. The Japanese version of the Shining Umbreon Pokemon card is pretty highly desired, with its unique coloring and gorgeous frame-piercing artwork making it fittingly beautiful as one of the first shiny Pokemon to appear on a card.

However, its price is so high because of much more than just its looks and popularity. The Shining Umbreon card only saw a very limited release through the Japanese Pokemon Players’ Club for hitting the maximum number of experience points through the club between 2005 and 2006, making it one of the rarest cards out there. For this reason, Troll and Toad has had it listed at just near and impressive $1900.

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Japanese Promo Card Holo Illustrator Pikachu Psa 7 Nrmt

Sold: in Feb, 2021 Price: $375,000

Another Promo card appears in this most expensive pokemon card list, which can make many people surprised. As you probably noticed, many of the high-priced cards online arent traditional Pokémon cards. PWCC reports that only 40 of these cards were ever created and released. Only people participating in 3 art contests in Japan have a chance to receive this card. The winners card would be printed with their artwork. The most outstanding card is created by Atsuko Nishida, the original creator of Pikachus character design. Thus, whenever this card is offered for sale, its price is always the highest.

1998 Japanese Promo Card HOLO Illustrator Pikachu PSA 7 NRMT

Pokemon Tcg Fusion Strike

Most Expensive Pokemon Card

By Jo Craig

Fusion Strike will be the last expansion for the Pokemon TCG before the year is out releasing on November 12 and it could also be the final set to release for Sword & Shield before Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl release shortly on November 19.

The fresh, 260-card set will feature a host of Pokemon and Trainers alike with Single Strike and Rapid Strike making a return to gameplay. Fusion Strike will house 20 V cards and eight VMAX cards with 20 Trainer cards and a special Energy card.

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Umbreon And Espeon Gold Star Cards

These two cards are rare because the packs they are drawn from were never released in stores. Coming from POP Series 5, these packs were given to those who participated in the Pokémon Organized Play program. This set, Series 5, was one of the last Japanese promotional sets to be released in English and included these two Pokémon with a unique gold star next to their name. Because of the criteria to have an opportunity to draw one of these cards, they are some of the rarest in circulation today.

Ex Dragon Frontiers Gold Star Charizard

Despite being printed in 2006, a Gold Star Charizard managed to bring in an incredible $60,066 at auction not too long ago. The Delta Species card was sold through eBay in October 2020 and attracted interest from a number of interested parties before the final sale price was finally confirmed.

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According to the PSA website, there are just shy of 1,500 graded copies of the card in existence, although only 59 of those have been awarded the coveted GEM-MT 10 rating. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the record setting sale was of one of these 59 cards. Others regularly sell for between twenty and thirty thousand dollars.

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Holographic First Edition Machamp: $6000

The Kanto starters and legendaries aren’t the only original Pokemon to boast high-value shadowless holographic cards. Nearly any holographic first edition rare card from the original set can grow immensely in price compared to other rare Pokemon cards, but since they arent as actively hunted, their prices can vary far more wildly based on their quality.

Machamp is one of these. According to PSA Cards range of auction prices based on the cards quality classification, perfect mint condition Machamps of this kind can land between $800 and $6000, while dropping just one rating down will result in prices around $200 and $900. This card in particular truly proves how important it is to keep your trading cards safe through the years, as you never know just what will become valuable twenty years later.

No 1 Trainer Super Secret Battle

This is my MOST VALUABLE Pokemon Card Set! (1ST EDITION BASE SET)
  • Release Date: 1999
  • Grading: PSA Gem Mint 10
  • Pokemon card value at auction: $90,000

In 1999, The Pokemon Company hosted regional contests in Japan. Winners received a No. 1 Trainer Pokemon card which granted them access to the final that took place in a secret location.

Named Super Secret Battle, the special TCG tournament had a lot of mystique surrounding it. The rare Pokemon card features a silhouette of Mewtwo which has made it all the more desirable to fans.

In July 2020, the Japanese promo sold for an astonishing $90,000 making it one of the most valuable Pokemon cards to ever exist.

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Pokmon Neo Destiny 1st Edition Shining Charizard #107

It didnt take long for a Charizard to make it onto the list.

Rather than the Shadowless first edition version found in the base collection, were looking at the 2002 Shining Charizard that came with the Neo Destiny set.

The first offering to highlight Light Pokémon, which counterbalanced the more aggressive Dark Pokémon in gameplay, it was also the first issue to feature Shining cards with a design that presented only the Pokémon in foil material in the artwork.

The Charizard is one such example, finished in a muted silver foil that contrasts well with the rest of the card.

There are 222 PSA 10 copies according to the registry, but that hasnt stopped values from rising due to the popularity of the fire-breathing lizard.

Shining cards were originally inserted at a 300:1 rate.

Charizard For Position Only

This Stage 2 Pokemon card is really high up there in value. Since this Charizard card was meant as part of the Expedition set, it was released as a tester. Supposed to be scrapped, this card was actually kept safe by a staff member from the Wizards of Coast. What luck! Since this card can actually sell for $10,000.

Now, thats a great save by the staff member, indeed. A price like this is really staggering and the For Position Only card is truly a magical one. Look out for this card, in your stack of old cards and it may bring you luck too.

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Pokmon Tropical Mega Battle : Tropical Wind: Promo Card


The most valuable Pokémon cards are, more often than not, promotional releases originating from special events.

This card was provided to players during 1999’s Tropical Mega Battle held in Hawaii, a competition that witnessed players from around the world entering the fray.

While the card is rare, mechanically, it’s a fairly basic trainer card, forcing players to flip a coin to determine the outcome of an event.

First Edition Holographic Chansey

Most Expensive Pokemon Card

Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $3,500

Chansey is a pink, normal-type Pokémon that, despite its short legs, is a fast runner and extremely difficult to catch making it one of the more elusive creatures on this list.

Using the egg held in its pouch, Chansey will often complete its signature move known as “Soft-Boiled” to help heal both people and other Pokémon.

Its gentle nature and kind heart are said to bring happiness to those who catch it while bringing lots of money to those who own this card.

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Rarest And Most Expensive Pokemon Cards

With the recent development in the card game business, new Pokemon cards have fully evolved, and it seems the old cards have gone into extinction. However, some of these cards still exist their scarcity and rarity make them very expensive and hard to purchase.

So, if youre pondering over what Pokemon cards are the rarest and most costly then, Ive got all the information you need. And the best part is, Ive ranked them based on their worth. Well then, lets dive right into the list.

Japanese Promo Master’s Scroll Daisuki Club 8600 Points

Sold in March 2021, for $35,200

This holographic Master’s Scroll card is one of several item cards that were part of the L-P Promotional cards released between September 2009 and August 2010.

Once a player accumulated 8,600 action points, he or she would earn the Master Rank distinction and a prize in the form of this Master’s Scroll card.

Given the difficulty of acquiring such a massive amount of action points, not many members ever received one of these cards, making it one of the rarest promotional Pokemon cards in the hobby.

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Backless Blastoise 1998 Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Holo 009/165r Cgc 85

The Backless Blastoise may appear to look a lot like the Blastoise from the original Base Set, and that is because it is a Wizards of the Coast prototype from when they were tasked with producing the first-ever English language Pokémon set. This card was printed in 1998, one year before the Base Set hit the United States, and was printed without any artwork or logo on the back of the card, hence the name, Backless Blastoise. The card was never meant for the public, but no one could predict in 1998 that Pokémon would take off in the way that it has. In January 2021 this rare Pokémon card sold for $360,000 making it the third most expensive Pokémon card ever.

Pokemon Japanese Bandai Carddass Vending Prism Red Charizard


Sold in January, 2021 for $30,100

Founded in 1950, Bandai is a Japanese toy maker that produced a series of Pokemon cards in September 1996 that pre-dated the official launch of the Pokemon Trading Card Game that followed in October 1996.

To distribute the cards, Bandai utilized a network of vending machines, or carddass, as they called them.

There are hundreds of Bandai carddass Pokemon cards to collect, but the most desirable of them all is the prism Charizard.

In one of the earliest appearances of the iconic character, Charizard roars and breathes fire, creating an image that really pops.

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Pokemon First Edition Mewtwo

Sold in November, 2020 for $22,655

A member of the exclusive and powerful Legendary Pokémon group, the psychic-type Mewtwo is considered one of the top Pokémon of all time.

The vicious and savage Mewtwo originated when a scientist altered its original DNA via gene-splicing techniques.

Its signature move, Psystrike, can deal out massive punishment to opposing Pokemon and has long been a favorite of many Pokemon fans.

Do not be fooled by Ken Sugimori’s tame depiction of Mewtwo on this card, as this creature packs devastating ferocity and power.

St Edition Shadowless Charizard

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul made headlines in October 2020 when he spent $150,000 on a 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard card. Perhaps surprisingly though, this is not the most expensive copy of the card ever sold. It’s not even close, in fact. The current record holder comes courtesy of Goldin Auctions, who sold a copy of the card for just shy of $400,000 just a few months later, making Shadowless Base Set Charizard the most expensive Pokemon card ever sold by quite some margin.

According to the PSA website, there are just 54 GEM-MT 10 copies of the card in existence, which goes some way to explaining their value. Given that base set Charizard was produced in such high volumes, however, it’s entirely possible that there are hundreds more copies out there just waiting to be discovered if not thousands!

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First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard #4

A very valuable version of a classic fan-favourite

Sold for $369,000 in December 2020

Shiny Charizard has been one of the Pokémon card games most popular cards since it first released in 1999, so theres no surprise that 20-plus years later, it remains one of the most sought-after cards for collectors and fans alike.

While a number of first-edition cards from the Pokémon TCGs early days are worth some money – assuming theyre still in good nick – due to their limited availability and age, this specific version of the holographic Charizard absolutely stands out as one of the rarest and most valuable Pokémon cards ever released.

A PSA 10 Base Set 1st Edition Charizard just sold at auction with an ending bid of $183,812.00 via . Including the 20% buyer’s premium, the total transaction value exceeds $220k. As of now, this is the highest known sale of the card.

Is New Pokemon Snap Coming To Pc

Pokemon HD: Most Expensive Hyper Rare Pokemon Card

New Pokemon Snap is a Nintendo Switch exclusive releasing May 30, 2021. There is no New Pokemon Snap PC release date to follow.

The original Pokemon Snap has a decent following on PC, largely thanks to Nintendo 64 emulation software. Despite this, players wont be able to play the sequel on their personal computers.

On the plus side, PC gamers can check out First Class Trouble instead. Its worth it!

  • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X
  • Rating8.5

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Base 1st Edition Holo Stamp Shadowless Charizard

Estimated Average Market Value $43,654

If you know Pokemon cards, you knew this card was coming.

Possibly the most iconic chase Pokemon card there is, the base set 1st Edition, Holo, Stamped, Shadowless Charizard.

While another card on this list has now sold for more money, for some Pokemon card collectors, there will only ever be one true Holy Grail when it comes to Pokemon cards, and this is it.

Its not just the fact that this card is first edition, but the huge popularity of the Charizard Pokemon character has put this card head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.

The popularity of a Pokemon can play a huge role in its market value its not a coincidence that Charizard appears on this list more than any other Pokemon.

Update!: This card has now sold for over $500,000!

With its flashy holographic shine, this card has been highly prized ever since it first hit playgrounds and continues to be a pillar of the Pokemon trading card game.

Find The Set The Card Belongs To

If there is no logo on the right side, its Base. Every other set has an indicator.

When looking into what set a card belongs to, make sure to see if there is any logo on the right side, just underneath and to the right of the illustration. If there is no symbol, the likelihood is that its a Base set card.

There have been error cards that do not have a symbol, so make sure the year matches with the set.

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Sword & Shield Series Champions Path Elite Trainer Box

Best Pokemon Set for Hunting Modern Charizards

Although one of the most modern Pokemon sets on our list, Champions Path rightly takes its place.

Lets cut to the chase, this is a fiercely sought-after set. Pre-orders went mad, and it was very hard to get hold of an Elite Trainer Box. In fact, most online retailer limited purchasing to one-per-customer, as people were snapping them up so quickly to resell on eBay for an inflated price.

So, why the hype and hysteria?! You guessed it, its our man Charizard!

Champions Path features two wildly attractive secret rare Charizards, and the ETB even comes with a stunning Charizard promo.

Firstly, weve got the Charizard VMAX secret rainbow rare, and then we have an iconic black and red Charizard V card which is also a secret rare. Two bloody secret rare Charizards! No wonder collectors could barely contain themselves!

Most online retailers remain sold out, so if youre looking to acquire a Champions Path Elite Trainer Box, or Collectors Box, your best bet is eBay.

Best Cards in Champions Path to Collect

Best Booster Box for Early Rainbow Rare Artworks

Next up we have an iconic set from the Sun & Moon era Burning Shadows.

The previously released Sun & Moon Base Set and Rising Guardians made waves with the introduction of secret rainbow rare cards, a design never seen before on a Pokemon card. However Burning Shadows was the set everyone was waiting for when news dropped of a secret rare rainbow Charizard!

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