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Pokemon Gym Heroes Booster Box

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What Is The 2000 Pokemon Gym Heroes 1st Edition Booster Box

Pokemon Gym Heroes Booster Box – 2575 Booster Opening – Part 67

This is a sealed, first edition Pokemon Gym Heroes 1st Edition Booster Box, originally released in August of 2000. It was the sixth expansion for the original Pokemon trading card game and includes 36 packs of 11 cards each. Be aware, as with all Pokemon sets, there is a 1st edition set and an unlimited set with the former being considerably more valuable.

The complete set is 132 cards with 19 rarer holo variations. The most valuable cards in the set are the Blaines Moltres Holo , which just sold for $7,000 at a PSA 10 grade and the Sabrinas Gengar Holo which just sold for $8,500 at a PSA 10 grade.

Rally purchased this specific box for $14,999 on January 28th.

The Pokemon Gym Heroes 1st Edition Booster Box will IPO at Rally Road on Tuesday, March 30th at 12 PM EST for $18,000.

Add the IPO to your calendar

Gym Heroes 1st Edition Booster Box

Sealed, 1 In stockRead More

  • Description

    Each Pokemon 1st edition Gym Heroes booster box contains 36 packs. FACTORY SEALED!

    We require payment by cash, money order, BTC or bank wire transfer for this item for newer customers. Established customers, please email us for approval for other payment methods.

Growth Outlook And Future Catalysts

There is a current auction at Heritage and there will likely be a lot more changing hands on EBay in the coming weeks and months. A complete set of varying PSAs just sold at Heritage for $7,800 so if that, or the two cards highlighted above see a pop in value, the sealed box will follow suit.

I suspect that the later the expansion the more sealed boxes there will be in circulation and if it rises in value, we will see more boxes resurface. Its not a coincidence that after this expansion doubled in value, more boxes have flooded the market. This interplay of supply and demand will limit the potential growth of this and other later expansion packs going forward.

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Pokemon Gym Heroes Card Condition

The next factor is condition. Condition is King. If you have a Pokemon card that people desire, its going to bring money. But if you have a card that people desire and its in good condition, youre going to have a card thats worth a lot more money.

Weve paid $40 for a Blaines Moltres in poor condition, and the same card in pristine condition weve paid over $1,250 for. The same Pokemon! Condition is key when determining the value of Pokemon cards.

Gym Heroes Unlimited Booster Box

Pokemon Gym Heroes 1st Edition Booster Box

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Rarity Booster Box
Description Gym Heroes Unlimited Booster Box is a Booster Boxcard from the Pokemon Sealed Product Pokemon set. This is a Booster Box. The Pokemon franchise begain back in 1995 as a CCG by Satoshi Tajiri. It all began however as a short comic in Game Freak Magazine way back in the 80’s. It has since gone on to be be know around the world and spawn video games, toy lines, movies and a hit anime series. We all know “Gotta catch em all!”. See image above for more details on this product. Additional Details: B000RK0VH0
Dimensions 4.72″ H x 5.25″ W x 2.25″ D
Ship Weight

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Error Misprint Or Miscut Pokemon From Gym Heroes

Not many people know this but the error cards from the Gym Heroes set have a good chance to increase the value of a card. If you have a card that has a genuine miscut, that alone can increase the value of a bill tenfold. We wrote a whole in-depth guide about misprinted error Pokemon cards you can check out here.

Gym Hero Sealed Unlimited Edition Booster Box

Gym Hero Sealed Unlimited Edition Booster Box

Each Unlimited Edition booster box contains 36 booster packs.Cards opened from this product will be Unlimited Edition, not 1st Edition.
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Demand For Pokemon Cards

The first factor when figuring out the value of Pokemon Gym Heroes is supply and demand. Like most things, there needs to be a demand for a Pokemon in order for the bill to fetch a premium. With Pokemon Gym Heroes, typically speaking, Pokemon with fewer cards printed are more desirable and sought after . There are examples of old Japanese and other language Pokemon cards that have low supply and low demand, but well save that discussion for another time.

Pokemon Gym Heroes Values

Ep63: Opening a Pokemon Gym Heroes Booster Box [1/2]

Gym Heroes Pokemon Set Booster Box

The value of Pokemon Gym Heroes relies heavily on a few factors that well go over in this guide. Its important to know Gym Heroes was the second set ever printed for North America. If you have genuine, non-re-sealed, Pokemon Fossil Set booster packs or boxes, you have something that can be very valuable! Please keep in mind, we buy all Pokemon from Fossil Set, individual cards, packs, and boxes.

If you arent interested in learning about Pokemon Gym Heroes and simply want to know how much your Pokemon card is worth, send us a clear image of your card, front and back, and well respond with our best offer within 24 hours.

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Gym Heroes Single Booster Pack

Welcome to the Gym Heroes 1st Edition PokeRand Booster Box break! This Saturday 4:00pm Randolph will be opening up a 1st Edition Gym Heroes Pokémon Booster Box containing 36 single booster packs LIVE on his YouTube channel.

The price of £499.99 GBP is for a SINGLE 1st Edition Gym Heroes Booster Pack that Randolph will open himself LIVE on YouTube. You will be sent ALL of the single cards from within the pack as well as the wrapper itself. Your cards will be put into a sleeve, top loader or semi rigid, and then sealed with a tamper proof sticker and sent to your delivery address.

  • A Guaranteed Un-weighed 1st Edition Gym Heroes pack
  • ALL Cards within the Booster Pack
  • A Shout-out from Randolph during the Livestream

Please note:

Gym Heroes Pokemon Rarity

What is Pokemon rarity? The rarity of a Pokemon means exactly what it sounds like, how rare is the card? The better the rarity, the less were printed and the more valuable they almost always are. The rarity is located at the bottom right corner of the card, next to the card number.

Here is a list of all potential rarities you can find in a pack of Gym Heroes Pokemon cards:

Common cards will have a black circle.

Uncommon cards will have a black diamond.

Rare cards will have a black star.

Holo Rare

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Pokemon Gym Heroes Information & Values

Gym Heroes Pokemon will come from the packs shown above. As seen above, each Pokemon Gym Heroes pack will either have one of a few artworks on it.

But what is Pokemon Gym Heroes? Gym Heroes is the sixth set for Pokemon to release in North America on . This set touched the hearts of many children and adults around the world. Today they can be very valuable depending on both condition and edition.

In this fully extensive guide, we wrote on Gym Heroes Pokemon, we go over every single Pokemon card ever printed. Right below are pictures of different Rarities printed for Gym Heroes. Simply click on the picture or denomination to learn more about the value of a specific type of Pokemon.

If you have any questions or youre interested in selling your Pokemon cards to us, contact us today as wed love to hear about your Pokemon card collection or individual cards.

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