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Sanei Pokemon All Star Collection

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Sanei Pokemon ALL STAR COLLECTION Toxtricity Plush Review!

This weekend the Pokémon World Championships will be taking place in London and naturally anticipation is building for the event, both for entrants and spectators. Those within the city can already experience some PokéMagic, though, as the Transport for London cable cars that run across the River Thames have been

Pokmon Gos World Championships Celebration 2022 Event Guide

Pokémon Worlds return to an in-person event this year! Taking place in London from August 18th 21st, Niantic is once again hosting an in-game Pokémon GO event to celebrate the occasion. Plus, this will be the first Pokémon Worlds that features competitive Pokémon GO battling. Yes, there will be

A heads up for any Trainer looking to find their favorite companions in a soft and adorable form, the Pokémon All Star Collection plushies will be returning early this month. While there is no exact release date yet, this November Pokémon Center retail and digital stores will be stocking up on Saneis latest lineup of pocket monsters from across several generations of the series. Have a look at the full upcoming lineup of plushies below!

The 15th set of the All Star Collection will include Pikachu , Eevee, Horsea, Mr. Mime, Bayleef, Quilava, Croconaw, Sentret, Flygon, Lucario, and Steenee. All plushies will range from 1760¥ to 2200¥ depending on their size. While there has been no official word on overseas details just yet, its likely these products will come to the West as most other Sanei Pokémon plushies typically do. When this set is available for order online, well be sure to let you all know!

Sanei Boeki Reveals Pokemon All Star Collection Plushies For Blaziken Gible Tsareena Pyukumuku And More


Looking to expand your Pokemon plush collection? Well, even more cuddly partners from across the entire series are on their way!

Sanei Boeki has revealed series 20 of its All Star Collection Pokemon plushies, which will be launching in July 2022. This time, the new plushies will include Blaziken, Gible, Tsareena, Pyukumuku, Darkrai, and Shaymin ! Additionally, Piplup and Slyveon will be getting medium sized plushies.

Check out preview photos for all of them below:

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