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Top 10 Most Valuable Pokemon Cards

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Black Star Ishihara Gx Promo Card

Top 10 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards

Sold in April, 2021 for $247,230

As a gift to top-level employees, Tsunekazu Ishihara, president of The Pokémon Company, gave out an estimated thirty copies of this card during his 60th birthday party at the 2018 Pokémon World Championship.

As of this writing, only eight copies have ever been submitted to PSA for grading, making this one of the rarest Pokemon cards in existence.

Making this particular example even rarer is the fact that Ishihara personally signed it as well.

The artwork on the card is fantastic and the “60 Congratulations!” and GX attack of 1060 damage are nice touches to help commemorate his 60th birthday.

Ishihara has been instrumental, to say the least, in building the Pokémon brand by contributing to the development of multiple video games and even initiating the creation of the Pokémon Trading Card Game itself.

Pokemon Japanese Promo Daisuki Club 8600 Holo Masters Scroll #055 Psa 10 Sold March 2021 For $35200

Notes from the eBay auction: In June, 2010, this card was available to all Daisuki Club members as a Master Rank prize. In order to obtains this final prize you had obtain 8,600 Action Points. Members were able to accrue Action Points by completing certain tasks and can then trade them in for such cards. Its unknown exactly how many members were able to accrue the 8,600 points needed to obtain the Masters Scroll card, but there are only 26 PSA 10 copies in existence.

Shining Fates : Charizard Vmax

Remember Shining Fates? The collector’s focused release snuck out at the very start of 2021, and featured dozens of Pokemon in their shiny alternative colours. Particularly valuable cards were found in the ‘Shiny Vault’, which were foil, shiny versions of popular Pokemon, and leading the way in that was this shiny Charizard VMAX.

This year’s been pretty light on Charizard, which is a sure-fire way for an expansion to sell. If you were wondering where the year’s other big Charizard card is, the Celebrations Classic Collection Charizard, which is a reprint of the massively valuable Base Set, is currently sat in 13th place, at $84.62.

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First Edition Shadowless Holographic Blastoise

Image from

The general rule is: If its a first edition shadowless card, you may have something. But if its the first edition shadowless holo Blastoise, youve definitely got something! What makes this card so special is the fact that it was actually a part of the original standard set that was first released to players in the late 90s.

So, if you were actively buying card packs or begging your parents to buy them every time they went out and you happened to obtain this card, you could be sitting on at least $10,000. Imagine, what you bought for a few bucks 20 years ago is now worth $10K at auction, depending on the condition its in. Trust me, minor rips and nicks make all the difference in this game.

Charizard 1999 Pokmon Tcg Base Set Shadowless 4/102 Psa 9

Top 10 World

It is interesting to see the Charizard Base Set Shadowless 4/102 Pokémon card rank behind the Unlimited print edition as the Shadowless Charizard is a much rarer Pokémon card. There are over 24,100 Unlimited print Base Set Charizard cards compared to only 4,804 Shadowless Base Set Charizards. Much like the Unlimited print Charizard, the Charizard Base Set Shadowless 4/102 looks nearly identical to the 1st Edition Base Set Charizard, as both cards do not have the drop shadow added to the right side of their art panels. The only difference is the Shadowless version of the card is missing the 1st Edition stamp. While this is not the most expensive Pokémon card, or even the most expensive Charizard card on this list, a PSA 9 still sold on StockX for $8,000.

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Ungraded Pikachu Illustrator $800k+

Last week, we reported that CGC graded their first-ever Pikachu Illustrator and that card came from this groundbreaking trade from March. We were incredibly excited at the time to reveal this trade and would encourage you to head over to this article for all the information you need. Yet another Pikachu Illustrator on the list, and currently the only CGC Trading Card Pikachu Illustrator in the world.

Single Strike Urshifu Vmax

The Single Strike Urshifu VMAX may not have made the list, but its secret alternate art version certainly did. Those looking to collect this card should be prepared to spend around $40 when looking to add it to their personal collection of cards.

Some fans may argue that the Single Strike version of Urshifu has a better full art display, but that doesnt stop it from being almost half the price of its Rapid Strike VMAX counterpart. That being said the card still dazzles with its focus on the use of warm colors throughout.

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Why Is Charizard So Expensive

Charizard has a special place in the hearts of collectors. Whether you were trying to complete the video games, show off your card collection to your friends, or routing for Ash to become the worlds greatest Pokemon master on TV, you knew that with a Charizard it was possible. To this day, this fire-breathing dragon is a symbol of strength, power and prestige and people will happily pay to acquire him. This is why Charizard Pokémon cards are so expensive and sought-after.

Wrapping Up Where Do We Go From Here

TOP 10 most VALUABLE Pokemon cards from Chilling Reign!

So there you have it!

The rarest, most expensive Charizard Pokémon card purchases from this past year.

As market prices begin to correct themselves, weve seen concerning drops in some of the cards above.

Ill be the first to admit I probably overpaid for a few cards in 2020!

But if you take a long-term view on Pokemon card investing like I do, its not the end of the world.

Am I confident prices will one day reach these heights again? Sure am!

If your strategy was a quick pick-and-flip, then it probably needs a rethink.

Ultimately though, theres nothing wrong with picking up the cards you love, and growing your collection.

Here are some cool Charizard Pokemon cards I added to my collection in 2020 .

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The 10 Most Powerful Pokmon Cards Ranked

Pokemon cards often offer rare and powerful cards in each pack. Here are the 10 most powerful cards players can get.

The Pokémon franchise was created by Satoshi Takira in 1995 and immediately took the world by storm with its fun lore and colorful creatures. One of the biggest Pokémon successes was the trading card game, which was published in 1996, and seemed to hook every child on the planet for a time. Pokémon was definitely ahead of the game when it came to forcing parents to consistently pay money for non-essential items, and while many imitators try to follow the formula, none have managed to reach the same level of hype.

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Even from the beginning, particularly powerful and/or rare cards were not uncommon, and as the franchise grew and hundreds of new creatures were added to the Pokedex, each batch came with something more rare and powerful than ever before. Here are the top 10 most formidable Pokémon cards.

Kangaskhan Parent/child Promo Card

  • Set prize
  • Year- 1998
  • Price $133k

One of the few promotional cards to feature the original pocket monsters trading game logo, this card was awarded as a prize in a Parent/Child Mega Battle Tournament held in May 1998. Only 34 exist in the world and they can rarely be found outside Japan. They, therefore, set off a scramble on the rare occasion that they are seen thus placing it amongst the most expensive Pokémon cards to have.

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Psa 10 Topsun Charizard Blue Back $490000

Trades and private deals aside, this is the most expensive Pokemon card in history. Sold via Goldin Auctions, this No number Charizard card is the first appearance of Charizard in any language. Although the card shows a 1995 date on its PSA slab, it was originally distributed in 1997 across Japan via packets of gum. Each pack included two pieces of gum and two Topsun cards. This particular card is the very rare Blue Back variant and is an error card missing a number in the top left for the Pokémon. Since this sale, another PSA 10 has appeared on the PSA registry making this one of only two in the world. This is the current king of Charizard cards. Since writing this article, the exact same copy of this card sold for a whopping $300,000 loss.

First Edition Charizard Cards

Top 10 World

Charizard, or Lizardon as the character is known in Japan, is one of the most well known characters in the Pokemon universe. It made its first appearance in the Pokemon Red and Blue video games, and has since shown up in various spinoffs, the Pokemon anime series, and on trading cards. Since Charizard is such a fan favorite, its no surprise that owning cards featuring the character tend to be highly valuable the older the cards and the better the condition, the more money you stand to make. Each first edition Charizard card can sell for about $575.

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Japanese Promo Card Holo Illustrator Pikachu Psa 7 Nrmt

Sold: in Feb, 2021 Price: $375,000

Another Promo card appears in this most expensive pokemon card list, which can make many people surprised. As you probably noticed, many of the high-priced cards online arent traditional Pokémon cards. PWCC reports that only 40 of these cards were ever created and released. Only people participating in 3 art contests in Japan have a chance to receive this card. The winners card would be printed with their artwork. The most outstanding card is created by Atsuko Nishida, the original creator of Pikachus character design. Thus, whenever this card is offered for sale, its price is always the highest.

1998 Japanese Promo Card HOLO Illustrator Pikachu PSA 7 NRMT

Tropical Mega Battle Tropical Wind Trainer Card

Sold in October, 2020 for $65,100

Just a bit ago, we saw how expensive the number two trainer card from the 1999 Pokemon Tropical Mega Battle could be even without a numerical PSA grade assigned to it.

And now we get a look at how expensive the trainer card given to all players who participated at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in 1999 can be if it’s graded to be in PSA 10 Gem Mint condition.

This card, featuring Psyduck and Jigglypuff laying sleepily in a hammock in a tropical setting, has become a hobby icon and one of the most sought-after trainer cards.

The “TRAINER” text across the top denotes the card type while the text below reads:

“Flip a coin. If heads, remove 2 damage counters from each active Pokemon . If tails, each active Pokemon is now asleep.”

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Charizard 1999 Pokmon Base Set 1st Edition 4/102 Sgc Gold Label Pristine 10

Again, there is no Pokémon card more iconic than the Charizard Base Set 1st Edition 4/102. What sets the 1999 SGC Gold Label Pristine 10 card apart, and makes it one of the most expensive Pokémon cards ever, is the grade it received. SGC is a trading card grading and authentication company originally established in Parsippany, New Jersey. In their own words, a card that receives a Gold Label Pristine 10 grade is, a virtually flawless card. 50/50 centering, crisp focus, four sharp corners, free of stains, no breaks in surface gloss, no print or refractor lines, and no visible wear under magnification. So not only is this an extremely rare Pokémon card, but it is an extremely rare grade for any trading card to receive because of simple factory defects during production. This Charizard Base Set 1st Edition 4/102 sold for a record price of $369,000.

Tropical Mega Battle Tropical Wind Promo

My Top 10 RAREST & Most Expensive Pokemon Cards!
  • Release Date: 1999
  • Grading: PSA Gem Mint 10
  • Pokemon card value at auction: $65,100

While not the most flashy Pokemon card on the list, the Tropical Mega Battle promo is an absolute holy grail for Psyduck fans. It doesnt get more adorable than seeing the Water-type mon playing the ukulele while chilling in a hammock with Jigglypuff.

Long before The Pokemon Company solidified the TCG competitive scene into the World Championships in 2004, one of Japans earlier iterations of the contest was known as the Tropical Mega Battle. In 1999, the tournament was held in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Only 50 players from various countries around the world were invited to compete against one another. Because various Trophy Pokemon cards were given out at the event, the Tropical Wind iteration is incredibly unique. The collectible resurfaced in a PWCC auction in October 2020 and sold for a mouth-watering $65,100.

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Backless Pokmon Blastoise: Galaxy Star Hologram


Toy Tales

This Blastoise Pokémon is considered particularly valuable due to the lack of any printing on the side opposite to the art, leading to the name “Backless Blastoise.”

The card is all the rarer as it was never intended to be publicly available, as it was part of a test run made by Wizards of the Coast.

What Makes The Legendary Collection Reverse Holo Charizard So Valuable

Next up we have a card that divides options the reverse holographic Charizard from 2002s Legendary Collection. Some people love the fireworks reverse holo background, others think its all too in-your-face. Personally, I love it. Its one of my favourite cards!

Interestingly though, what makes it so valuable, aside from the iconic Charizard artwork, is how difficult it is to grade in a PSA 10. As you can see below, only 75 exist. This is because theres an extra level of complexity when grading this card, as the large holographic area was often susceptible to print lines. Combine that with possible edgewear, corner nicks and scratches, its no surprise theres some a low population of PSA 10s.

1999 Shadowless Charizard PSA Population Report

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Magikarp Tamamushi University Promo Card

Image from

University is actually the perfect name for this card because, in order to have obtained back in the day, you actually had to jump through quite a few hoops that would test your Poke-knowledge. After passing a series of assessments, players were invited to play in a tournament that was held in Osaka Japan in the summer of 1998. The tournament lasted 48 hours and really tested the battle skills of the players who were there. However, it would certainly be worth it, given the prize.

Those who were able to survive and make it to the winners circle were awarded the Magikarp Tamamushi promo card, which was new and actually pretty rare, even for the time. Since the first original printing of this card was only given to the winners of that specific tournament , its easy to see why the Magikarp Tamamushi promo card is worth anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 today.

Holographic Shadowless Venusaur: $3260

Top 10 World

Just like its Kanto starter counterpart Charizard, Venusaurs Shadowless, holographic, first edition version is a coveted card among Pokemon fans. It doesnt quite reach the heights of Charizards $500,000, but Venusaur always was slightly less popular compared to the other Kanto starters anyway.

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Nonetheless, these cards were rare even in their original late-1990s heyday, so you can imagine how sought-after they are now. Buying one through Troll and Toad right now can cost you as little $390, but the compilation site Pokemon Prices has records of them selling up to $3260.

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The Top 10 Most Valuable Pokmon Tcg Cards

Pokémon cards are more popular than ever, so do you have some hidden treasures in your collection?

Joe Parlock

With the Pokémon Trading Card Game’s popularity at an all-time high, people are rushing to their old collections and hoping to find a few treasures they can sell. You see stories of cards being flipped for five or even six digits online with alarming regularity, causing the COVID-19 pandemic’s equivalent of a gold rush.

However, if you’re a casual fan digging out their old binders, there is a slim chance you’ll find any of those mythical best-sellers in your collection. While paying off your mortgage from one card may be all but impossible, you can still make a healthy profit. With that in mind, here are the top ten most valuable Pokémon cards that you might actually own.

To work this out, I went through every single Pokémon set on TCGPlayer’s price database and noted every single card worth with a market value of more than $100. I then removed all promotional cards, including tournament prizes, limited editions, and gift cards given to the game’s staff. While these can be worth a lot, it is very unlikely someone is going to have them sitting under their bed and simply not know about it.

Stormfront’s Charizard

Torchic Gold Star Holo Team Rocket Returns

  • Release Date: 2004
  • Grading: PSA Gem Mint 10
  • Pokemon card value at auction: $25,400

In 2004, TPC introduced Gold Star Pokemon cards to drum up interest in the hobby again. The new line of collectibles had a low print-run, and made their debut alongside the criminally underrated Team Rocket Returns expansion.

Due to its insane popularity, Hoenn Fire-type starter Torchic instantly became one of the most rare Pokemon cards released that year. And whats not to love about it, its easily one of the most adorable artworks to ever grace a TCG release.

The specially marked collectible went up for auction in 2020 and sold for $25,400. That is a mind-blowing amount considering the same item was selling for around $300 in 2016, making the Pokemon cards value an 8,000% increase in just four years!

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