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Topps Pokemon Cards Series 1

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Topps Original 151 Series 1

Pokemon Topps Series 1-3 Completed Sets!

Topps Pokémon TV animation collectible cards complete master set, including all original 151 Pokémon from series 1, 2, and 3. Only includes the Pokémon cards, does not include all TV cards and episode cards. Cards are in lightly played to moderately played condition. Most cards are in lightly played condition.

Includes a blend of black label, blue label, red label, and green label cards. Most cards are black label. In addition to the original 151 Pokémon TOPPS cards in series 1-3, the collection comes with TV1 Ash Ketchum, TV3 Misty, TV11 Meowth, TV12 Ekans/Arbok, TV13 Koffing/Weezing, EP 1, EP 9, EP 10, and EP 25 cards.

The following cards are in Holo condition:

11 Metapod

What Are Pokemon Topps Cards

Pokemon Topps are trading cards that were first released back in 1999.

They are collectible cards that originally featured Pokemon from the Kanto region, with characters from the Johto series joining soon afterwards.

As with the Pokemon Cards that you may have used to battle with your mates, these cards came in sealed foil packets.

To paraphrase Mr Forest Gump, You never knew what you were gonna get.

Each pack would have 7 standard cards and 1 foil card hidden away inside. The foil ones are worth more, but the normal cards can still go for anywhere between $10 and $30.

Pokmon Trading Cards Series 1

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Pokémon Official Trading Cards, informally known as Pokémon Trading Cards series 1, was a set of Pokémon-themed trading cards manufactured by Topps in 1999. There were 90 cards in total: 76 Pokémon cards, 13 character cards, and a checklist card. Each of these 90 cards also had two foil card versions in their main United States distributions. This set contained no bonus “chase cards”.

Cards were sold in randomly distributed packets of eight. One card in each packet would be a randomly chosen foil card.

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Value Of Topps Pokemon Cards

weve paid as low as

25 cents

weve paid as much as


Old Topps Pokemon cards can be worth anywhere between 25 cents to $1,000 depending on its condition, current market demand, and which set it came from. As shown in our guide, some Topps cards can be worth a lot more.

People often approach us with Topps Pokemon collections thinking they have something incredibly rare and valuable when oftentimes this isnt the case. In some instances, your card can be worth a lot more if its a rare card like Pikachu or Charizard. But it also has to be in great condition.

One of the most valuable Topps Pokemon cards weve ever purchased was a Charizard in Gem Mint condition, meaning a perfect card with no scratches or wear.

Weve been collecting Pokemon trading cards now for over 20 years and consider ourselves to be the strongest Topps Pokemon card buyers across the entire United States.

Rare Pokemon Topps Cards To Complete The Ultimate Collection

Pokemon Topps Cards Series 1 TV Animation Edition for sale ...

If youre a 90s kid who loves collecting the best 90s toys or a budding Pokemon Trainer determined to catch em all, then you need to add these rare Pokemon Topps cards into your life.

I can still remember the excitement of opening up these packets. I can even feel the tension as I wondered whether I would get yet another Diglett or if there would finally be a foil Charizard inside.

Those were the days!

If like me, you did end up getting 1000 Digletts too many, then you might be interested in adding these 10 Rare Pokemon Topps Cards to your collection.

They will certainly cost a lot more than a pack of Topps cards did back in the 90s, but Im guessing most of the people reading this article will now have grown up jobs.

And when you compare the cost ratio from pocket money against the cost of the cards and a full-time wage against our rare ones, its all pretty relative!

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How Are They Graded

All of the rare Pokemon Topps cards that we have featured in this list have been sent to a PSA who have given each card a rating out of 10.

To summarise the process briefly, cards with a lower score i.e 1 are considered to be in a less desirable condition, Cards with a 10 ranking are in Gem Mint condition and as perfect as you can get!

Graded cards prove a cards authenticity and, more importantly, its value.

Find A Pokemon Expert

Pokemon experts are different than your typical local Pawn or Card shop.

Most experts are collectors themselves and truly love the hobby as a whole. Almost all local shops are almost required to rip-off the people theyre buying from.

They do it in order to pay for renting a big building and having multiple employees. Ive been collecting Pokemon cards almost my entire life. This is something Im truly passionate about.

Shipping your Pokemon cards to us is easy.

When you ship your collection to us its important you insure it for the amount you feel comfortable with. If youre unhappy with the final offer we give you once we receive your Pokemon cards, we will return the Pokemon collection to you with shipping paid by us.

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How Can I Buy Rare Pokemon Topps Cards

We want our collectors to have an easy time when they are searching for rare Pokemon Topps cards, so weve done some of the hard graft for you.

Simply click on the title above each card, the card picture, the Buy Here button, or the name of the card in the text, and youll go through to an official buying page.

Adding these cards to your collection couldnt be any simpler!

First up on our list of the best Rare Pokemon Topps cards is the legendary Fire Bird, Moltres.

I can still remember my first encounter with Moltres on Pokemon Red back on my Yellow DMG, but I certainly never get hold of one in a Pokemon Topps packet!

Rated at 10, this GEM MT card has been graded as being in the best possible condition known to card-collecting-kind. Its sealed in a clear case and ready for you to show off to your friends and family.

If youve got a spare $1,000 lying around, then it could well be yours. If you already have one and have been sitting on it for years hoping that it might be worth something, then I suggest you go and get it graded IMMEDIATELY.

What a piece to add to your collection, and what a great way to kick off this list!

When the Johto gang started appearing on the Topps scene, we started seeing new characters creeping into the ranks of rare Pokemon Topps cards doing the rounds.

Any you cant get much rarer than the legendary Lugia!

You cant get any better than that!

The guys a legend, and this card would look great in your collection.

Pokemon Tcg Topps Pokemon Series 1 Tv Animation Edition Booster Pack

Pokemon Topps TV Animation Series #1 Trading Cards Part 1

1999 Topps Pokemon Series 1 TV Animation Edition Booster Pack – Blue Label –

These booster packs feature a set of Pokémon-themed trading cards manufactured by Topps in 1999. There were 90 cards in total: 76 Pokémon cards, 13 character cards, and a checklist card. Each of these 90 cards also had two foil card versions Includes:

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