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Charizard Gx Rainbow Rare Full Art

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Column: Modern English Pokmon Tcg Products: Don’t Fall For The Hype


Just 9 days after the launch of Hidden fates, a BGS 10 Black Label Shiny Charizard GX sold on eBay at an auction for $10.000. Now everyone is trying to go after Hidden Fates, opening packs hoping they can beat that 1 in 94 chance of getting Shiny Charizard GX. Hidden Fates is still selling out at some stores.

More Black Label BGS 10 Shiny Charizard GX cards have sold on 18-9-2019 for $4350 and on 12-09-2019 for $6900 on eBay. That is a drop of more than 50% in value within 1 month of it’s release. As of 24-9-2019 there are 20 BGS 10 Black Label Shiny Charizard GX cards, and 57 BGS 10 versions. With more are being added/graded daily. Why did it drop so rapidly in price? How is that even possible? It’s hype.

This is not surprising at all. To see where this is coming from, we need to look back where this started.

The Most Expensive Pokemon Tcg Rainbow Rares

Rainbow Rares have polarised the Pokemon TCG community since their inception in the Sun & Moon era. With a Rainbow Rare Charizard VSTAR releasing in Brilliant Stars this February, well see the first rainbow Charizard since September 2020. In this article, we thought wed take a look at the most expensive Rainbow Rare cards of all time!

Disclaimer: this list is based on the most expensive English Pokemon TCG Rainbow Rares with sales data from TCGPlayer and eBay.

Number 5 Lugia GX Lost Thunder

TCGPlayer Market Value: $151

Gen 2s legendary pokemon is a fan favourite Pokemon thats had iconic artwork throughout the years. In 2018, Pokemon TCG: Lost Thunder took fans back to the Johto region with a rainbow Lugia as its main chase card. Lugia GX 227/214 regularly sells for over $130 in a near-mint condition and has proven to be a difficult modern card to grade. During the peak of Pokemon TCG popularity in 2020, Lugia GX in a PSA 10 was selling for above $1500 due to being a slightly more difficult card to grade than some other modern chases. Nowadays, you can fetch one of the 273 PSA 10s on eBay for around $700.

Number 4 Reshiram & Charizard GX Unbroken Bonds

TCGPlayer Market Value: $165

Number 3 Pikachu VMAX Vivid Voltage

TCGPlayer Market Value: $192

Number 2 Charizard VMAX Champions Path

TCGPlayer Market Value: $206

Number 1 Charizard GX Burning Shadows

TCGPlayer Market Value: $380

John-Anthony Disotto Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

Japanese Base Set Charizard

The first Charizard card ever produced in the TCG universe came in the Japanese Base Set in 1996, three years before the English release that is now hallowed. In Japan, Charizard goes by Lizardon and is here seen with the same art as the 1999 version which has comfortably realised prices in the six-figure range.

The card slightly deviates from the English design in three aspects. Firstly, the energy requirements for Fire Spin, where the four Fire Energy symbols are horizontal rather than stacked two-on-two. Secondly, the flame coming out of Charizards mouth is non-holographic, making it much more detailed. And finally, the holographic speckles are more defined.

One could consider this as Charizards true rookie card, and it is only a matter of time before collectors realise how undervalued this card is at present. The card last traded in February with a PSA-9 sold for just north of £1,000.

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