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Umbreon Best Moveset Pokemon Go

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Absorb Attacks With Its Massive Defensive Stats

Umbreon Gen 2 Best Moveset – Umbreon Best Moveset Moves Pokemon Gold Silver Crystal

Umbreon serves mainly to wall and contain the power of Physical attackers. With Foul Play, it can use Physical attacker’s high Attack stats against them to make them effectively hit themselves without having to invest any of its own stat points into an attacking stat. And with its Base 130 Special Defense, it can handle Special attackers with no problem as well.

Espeon: Psychic Dazzling Gleam Shadow Ball Trick

Like Jolteon, Espeon is a speedy special attacker. It suffers the familiar Eeveelution movepool issues, though it can muster enough useful moves to offer an effective Choice Specs set.

It has solid coverage between its STAB move, Dazzling Gleam and Shadow Ball, but the final move can actually prove to be the deadliest. Trick switches the users held item with the targets, which can be utterly devastating for the opponent if a key defensive/set up Pokémon is locked into a single move at an inopportune moment.

Best Weavile Moveset In Pokemon Go

Weavile is a dual-type Pokemon and the evolved form of Sneasel in Pokemon GO. While only a second evolution Pokemon, Weavile is still one of the most hard-hitting attackers in the game. That said, Weavile is a fragile Pokemon and cannot take many hits. You will likely get the most out of Weavile as an attacker in raids, but theres also room for it in Battle Leagues. Heres a look at the best Weavile moveset in Pokemon GO.

Today is Sneasel Day, so you are probably wondering if its worth it to start grinding out the Candy.

Weavile is vulnerable to Fighting , Fairy, Bug, Steel, Fire, and Rock-type. Resistances include Ghost, Ice, Dark, and Psychic-types. Here are all of Weaviles moves.

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What Does Shiny Eevee Look Like In Pokmon Go

Community Days in Pokémon Go are, due to the increased spawn rate, the perfect opportunity to hunt down the shiny version of a Pokémon.

You’re far more likely to find a shiny version of the highlighted Pokémon on its Community Day – not only because the shiny rate will be higher, but catching more of the same type increases the likelihood of finding one too.

It’s easy to tell when you’ve found a shiny Pokemon because the encounter will begin with a flurry of stars, a ‘shiny’ icon will appear next to its name, and its colouring will be different.

Shiny Eevee isn’t new to the game – we’ve had an Eevee Community Day before, back in August 2018 – so chances are you’ve already seen these on your travels, or even got a few shinies yourself. But here’s a preview of all the shiny Eevees you can collect:

Thanks to VozMicke on reddit for the shiny Sylveon image above.

If you want to evolve a shiny Eevee and use that evolution for competitive reasons, we recommend waiting until the tailend of the Community Day to ensure you have one with the best IVs. You discover which is the best Eevee by searching your Pokémon collection using 3* and 4*.

Don’t forget – you have until 10am PDT / 6pm BST on Monday to earn the exclusive move via evolution. After that, you’ll have to use an Elite Charged TM.

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Pokemon Go Umbreon Best Moveset

Best Pokémon Go gym defenders and strategies to get coins ...

The best moves for Umbreon are Snarl and Foul Play when attacking Pokémon in Gyms and PvP battles. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

  • Snarl is a Dark-type Quick move in Pokémon GO that deals 12 damage and generates 14 energy. It is strong against Ghost and Psychic Pokémon and weak against Fighting, Dark, and Fairy Pokémon.
  • Foul Play is a Dark-type Main move in Pokémon GO that deals 70 damage and costs 50 energy. It is strong against Ghost and Psychic Pokémon and weak against Fighting, Dark, and Fairy Pokémon.

Feint Attack is just a little bit worse than Snarl in every aspect so there is no point using it. Dark Pulse has a much longer cooldown than Foul Play and as a result, it deals less damage.

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Use Taunt To Limit Umbreon’s Moves

As Umbreon’s typical movesets are filled almost completely with Status moves, using Taunt to prevent Status moves can completely stop it in its tracks. Only able to use Foul Play, Umbreon will be helpless as you either set up against it with Status moves of your own, or switch in an ace attacker to take it down.

Best Pokemon to Use

Eevee: Last Resort Baton Pass Stored Power Substitute

Before diving into this Eevee moveset, theres one very important caveat: Z-Moves, of course, dont exist in Pokémon Sword & Shield. While the world mourns the loss of the brilliantly ridiculous Lets Snuggle Forever, spare a thought for Extreme Evoboost too.

This was, undoubtedly, the most formidable and almost-practical moveset an Eevee has ever been able to run. Last Resort became Extreme Evoboost, which gave Eevee +2 in every stat. it could then Baton Pass these boosts to a teammate, or even try to sweep itself with Stored Power . It was easy for the opponent to see this coming, but if they couldnt stop it, it could be very, very scary. It was super unlikely Eevee would manage a Substitute too, but if it did, the incoming ally would be all but unstoppable. What a shame this isnt an option anymore in Generation VIII.


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So Is Sylveon Any Good In Pokemon Go

The most popular Fairy-types in Go are without a doubt Togekiss and Gardevoir, so figuring out whether Sylveon is a worthy addition to your team largely comes down to how it stacks up against these two Pokemon.

Togekiss has higher Attack and Defense stats than Sylveon, making it a bulkier and more powerful choice. Gardevoir also has a higher Attack, but pales with Defense and Stamina. This places Sylveon somewhere in the middle.

How To Get Umbreon In Pokmon Go

Best Moveset of All EEVEE evolutions Pokémon Go | Umbreon Vaporeon Sylveon Pokémon Go

So, lets talk about the real reason why youre here, i.e., how to evolve an Eevee into an Umbreon Pokémon? Well, there are different ways to evolve Eevee into Umbreon. First you can use the traditional method of feeding 25 candies to Eevee and expecting it to evolve Umbreon randomly. But, since this method has a probability of 1/7, its quite challenging to get the desired Pokémon.

The second method to evolve Eevee into Umbreon is to use the nickname trick. In this case, youll have to rename Eevee as Tamao and itll automatically evolve into dark-type Umbreon. But, there is a limitation to this method as well.

You can only use the nickname trick only once for a particular member of the Eevee family. This means that if youve already used this trick to evolve Eevee into Umbreon Pokémon GO, you wont be able to get Umbreon second time.

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How To Get An Umbreon In Pokemon Go

You can get Umbreon in Pokemon GO by evolving it from Eevee. But if you just evolve your Eevee, it will turn into a random evolution.

There are 2 ways to 100% evolve Eevee into Umbreon in Pokemon GO. By using these methods, there is also a chance that you can get a shiny Umbreon, but the chance is really low.

The Best Moveset For Umbreon In Pokmon Go

A solid Ultra League fighter.

Image via Niantic

There are several Eevee evolutions you can pick from in Pokémon Go. For those looking to choose the best one, we highly recommend you go with Umbreon. Of the choices, it has the best variety of stats and is great to use in the Great League and Ultra League competitions. However, to ensure you yield the highest results from this pick, you need to teach it the best moveset, and there are two choices based on how you want to use it.

Umbreon is a Dark-type Pokémon. It will be weak against Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-type attacks but resistant to Dark, Ghost, and Psychic-type moves. If you want your Umbreon to excel in the Ultra League, you want to level it up using XL candy, increasing its stats even further. You can earn this after youve reached trainer level 40.

These are all of the moves Umbreon can learn.

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Flareon: Quick Attack Faade Flare Blitz Superpower

Flareon has always been a rather awkward Pokémon to use. It boasts a formidable 130 base Attack, but doesnt really have the speed to make much use of it a lot of the time. Its movepool is limited too, but this mighty Fire-type still has what it takes to leave its mark.

With the brilliant Guts Ability, a Toxic Orb will give it a further boost to its damage output. From there, Façades power will be doubled, its otherwise-weak priority move will be boosted to surprisingly painful proportions, and its coverage moves will take opponents on a one-way trip to Painville. Some form of speed control will probably be needed, though.


Tynamo’s Strengths And Moveset

Moveset 27

Like any other Electric-type, Tynamo has a 2x weakness to Ground-type and 1/2x resistance to Flying, Steel, and Electric types. It has 105 Attack, 78 Defense, and 111 Speed. While it certainly hasn’t made any top 10 worst Pokemon lists, Tynamo’s limited movepool requires a strategic trainer. In non-Pokemon GO entries, Tynamo has access to Tackle, Thunder Wave, Spark, and Charge Beam .

Tynamo’s moveset in Pokemon GO is:


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For maximum DPS , players should use Spark and Struggle over Tackle. The move Spark also has a STAB advantage for Tynamo that Struggle and Tackle do not. Struggle, despite its low EPS , has the highest DPS and base damage compared to Spark.

Players will get the most damage out of Tynamo if they stick to a STAB move and take Struggle over Tackle, which has a Base Damage of 5 and a DPS of 10. Thus, the recommended moveset for Tynamo in both offense and defense is:


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How To Evolve Eevee Into More Umbreon In Pokmon Go

Since the rename trick only works once, many players want to know if there is another way to evolve Eevee into more Umbreon. The answer is Yes! You can use a different method to get more Umbreon without spending 25 candies or using the rename trick.

In this case, youll have to make Eevee your friend and earn at least 2 Eevee candies. So, once you have checked these two points from the checklist, follow these steps to evolve Umbreon Pokémon GO.

Step 1: Walk with the buddy Eevee for at least 10km.

Step 2: While Eevee is still your buddy, hit evolve at night and youll get another Umbreon.

Keep in mind that its important to hit Evolve during night otherwise youll get Espeon instead of Umbreon. Since its a Dark Pokémon GO character, you can only get Umbreon during the night.

Leafeon: Swords Dance Leaf Blade Dig Knock Off

The intriguing new phenomenon of Dynamax leaves players with a lot of questions. Questions like, what new wrinkles will the Crown Tundra DLCs Dynamax Adventures add to the mix? Not to mention: Wait, Dig is actually a decent competitive moveset option?

Thats right. Dig is a single-turn Dynamax Ground move that can be a huge boon when it comes to coverage. In this case, Leafeon can finally hit Fire- and Steel-types decently hard. Its best used as a surprisingly tanky physical attacker , and this set allows it to perform that role quite well in and out of Dynamax.


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The Best Moveset For Umbreon In Pokemon Go

Umbreon is an impressive Pocket Monster in Pokemon GO, and it is essential for players to know its best moveset in the mobile game. This Dark-type Eevee evolution sports a 240 in Defense and 216 in Stamina, making it a fairly durable fighter in Pokemon GO.

Of course, Umbreon is most effective in battle when it is equipped with the best possible moveset.

Trainers, #PokemonGOCommunityDay is right around the corner! Which of Eevees Evolutions are you most excited to add to your collection? Let us know here!

Pokémon GO

What Is A Good Moveset For Umbreon

Umbreon – Pokemon Sword and Shield Move-set Guide
  • I am using an Umbreon on my team. It has a slightly higher special attack stat than its attack stat. I want Umbreon to have two attacking moves, special or phsycial, and two other moves that make use of its higher defenses, such as moves that could heal and moves that could mess with the enemy such as a status condition move or lowering stats like defense, speed, etc. It will be used in the pokemon league and throughout the entire game.PokeMaster1620 – 5 months ago
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    How To Get Umbreon

    Umbreon is normally obtained via evolving Eevee. If players don’t have an Umbreon yet, they can make use of the nickname trick to guarantee Eevee into evolving into Umbreon normally. In order to do this, players must nickname their Eevee of choice “Tamao”. Players will then need to evolve their Eevee as normal with 25 Eevee candies.

    If players already used this trick, they must use the normal evolution method. This requires players to select the Eevee of choice as their buddy Pokemon. Players must then walk at least 10 kilometers alongside their Eevee. This does not need to be done all at once and can be done over time.

    After walking enough kilometers, players will see a Pokemon’s sillhouette by the evolve button on the chosen Eevee’s menu. In order to make the Eevee evolve into Umbreon, the Eevee must be evolved at night. If evolved during the day, the Eevee will evolve into Espeon instead. This still costs 25 Eevee candies.

    Pokemon Go Battle League Great League Remix

    The Great League Remix offers trainers another way to battle in this format. However, the top 20 Pokemon used in the last season will not be allowed in the Great League Remix.

    If youre still looking for Pokemon to bring into the Great League, take a look at these 20 Pokemon. These are the most popular picks and can help you in battle:

    • Venusaur
    • Galarian Stunfisk
    • Talonflame

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    Pro Trick: Get More Eevee And Gain More Distances In Pokmon Go

    As we mentioned above, nickname trick can be used only once to evolve Eevee into Umbreon, in order to get more Umbreon, you have to use the method we told in Part 4. To get more Umbreon, you have to get more Eevee at first.

    Now, some of you might ask, how can I catch more Eevee in Pokémon GO? Is there any way to catch them effortlessly?

    Here I want to introduce a trick that I have used for a long time – spoofing Pokémon GO with iMyFone AnyTo. It is a location spoofer for both iOS and Android device. And now it can support the latest iOS 15. With the help of this tool, you can spoof Pokémon GO easily you can catch Eevee easily in different places without moving outside.

    The best part I want to recommend is that you can create a customized route to make your iPhone move along, that means, you can gain more distances in Pokémon GO, which is really helpful in raising your Buddy Eevee’s Friendship level.

    Watch the Tutorial Video to spoof Pokemon GO and Gain More Distances:

    Overview Of Umbreon In Pokemon Go

    Best Pokémon Go movesets for attack and defense  Updated ...

    Pokemon GO Umbreon base stats are:

    • Attack – 126
    • Defense – 240
    • Stamina – 216

    Generally, Umbreon is a Dark-type evolution of Eevee. It has the highest attack among all Eevee evolutions. It has a Max CP of 2,137.

    “Umbreon evolved as a result of exposure to the moon’s waves. It hides silently in darkness and waits for its foes to make a move. The rings on its body glow when it leaps to attack.”

    What this Eeveelution lacks in strength is compensated by sheer bulk. It sports outstanding survivability and can help hold down a gym very well. However, it is only really useful in gym defense and shouldn’t be used as an attacker.

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    Every Things About Umbreon Pokmon Go

    Before moving further, lets first talk about the significance of Umbreon in Pokémon GO. As we mentioned earlier, its one of the seven Pokémon of Eevees Eeveelutions. Its basically a Dark type Pokémon with a maximum CP of 2137. Thanks to its unique move set, Umbreon is extremely useful if youre participating in PvP battles.

    1Umbreon Stats

    Umbreons CP will vary for everyone as it depends on the Players current level. For instance, if youre at Level 15, youll only be able to get a CP up to 916. But, if youre fighting at a Level 40, you can even get the maximum CP, i.e., 2137.

    Umbreon gets a power boost by Fog weather and you can even reach a CP of 1526, even at Level 25. In addition to this, Umbreon has 126 attack, 240 defense, and 216 stamina, making it a perfect companion for almost every PvP battle.

    2Best Movesets for Umbreon

    As far as the best move set is concerned, Snarl and Foul Play are the two most effective moves for Umbreon. You can use this move set in Gyms. Umbreon will stay put against every Pokémon thats vulnerable to Dark characters.

    3Umbreon All Moves

    Of course, Snarl and Foul Play arent the only two supported powers of Umbreon. If you get Umbreon, you can also use different types of powers. These powers include:

    • Feint Attack
    • Last Resort

    4Umbreon Weakness in Pokémon GO

    5Top 10 Umbreon Counters in Pokémon GO


    6Trainer Comments on Umbreon

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