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Pokémon The Movie Genesect And The Legend Awakened

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Pokemon: Genesect And The Legend Awakened Review

Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened Trailer

Pokemon: Genesect and the Legend Awakened Review

Ill start off by saying that this was not what I originally intended. I was originally very content with posting my Movie Snobberys on Facebook. They were concise and clear and people seemed to like them. All of that changed when I saw this movie last week when it premiered. I had this urge to rant against this movie in a long tirade, longer than a Facebook post. Initially, I was going to make a video with me interlacing an audio track over clips of the movie . However, the clips that I could get off the internet could not work well with my software so I had to abandon the idea. That was annoying. I had a whole script written and all of my audio was recorded, only for it to go to waste. But, I did recall this invention called a blog. I had never had a blog before but now seemed the perfect time to create one. The idea stuck and now we shall see where it gets me in the future.

Review Begin:

Purple hasnt been this prominent since The Phantom

So what are Ash and the others doing in New York City? Oh wait, its not New York City is it? Thats the real world. Sorry. Ill go check on what the real name is.

*Some time later*

Oh, in case you were wondering, Team Rocket is in this movie. No, they contribute nothing to the plot and their screen time amounts to less than 2 minutes. No? You werent wondering that? Sorry, Jesus.

It works.

Final Score: 30/100

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Pokmon The Movie: Genesect And The Legend Awakened Now Playing On Pokmon Tv

Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened is now playing on the Pokemon TVwebsite and mobile app. Originally released in 2013, it is the 16th Pokémon anime film and the third and final arc of the Best Wishes! series. It is set during a time when big trouble threatens the big city, prompting Ash, Pikachu and their friends to stop it. Read on below to learn more:

Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened

Check out Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

When big trouble threatens the big city, its up to Ash, Pikachu, and their friends to stop it!

A vast Pokémon habitat amid the hustle and bustle of the big city seems like the perfect new home for a group of five Genesect. The arrival of these Mythical Pokémon quickly becomes a problem, though: their nest threatens the citys power supply, and they keep attacking anyone who approaches it. On top of that, theyve attracted the attention of the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo, who sympathizes with them because its own origins also involve human tampering. The groups leader, known as Red Genesect, doesnt trust Mewtwo, and their confrontation quickly rages out of control! Can Ash and friends stop these two powerful Pokémon before they destroy the city?

Ideas To Discuss With Your Children

Pokemon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened is a movie about friendship and adventure.

The movie highlights the importance and difficulty of finding a place to call home. Ash and his friends are determined to help the Genesects find a home on Earth, even when the Genesects are violent. Ash still promises and does everything he can to help the lost creatures. In turn, this inspires Mewtwo to open herself to the possibility of friendship with humans too.

Despite these positive messages, the violence and scary characters in Pokemon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened might be disturbing for children under five years and some slightly older children.

Values in this movie that you could reinforce with your children include the following:

  • Only make promises you know you can keep.
  • Always lend a helping hand to both friends and strangers alike.
  • Belonging and finding a home is important.

This movie could also give you the chance to talk with your children about real-life issues such as:

  • the importance of accepting people no matter how different they are from you
  • the damage and harm that social isolation can cause.

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Talk To Your Kids About

  • Families can talk about Pokemon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened‘s violence. Does there seem to be too much or too little? How does it affect the story?
  • Why are Mewtwo and Red Genesect fighting? What’s preventing them from being friends?
  • Is it true that everyone can be friends, like Ash says? Are you always friends with everyone? What do you have to do to maintain friendships?
  • Does this movie make you want to collect more Pokemon games and toys?
  • In theaters: July 13, 2013
  • On DVD or streaming: December 3, 2013
  • Cast:

Genesect And The Legend Awakened Features Examples Of The Following Tropes:

Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened Movie ...
  • Accidental Murder: Mewtwo blew up the lab where it was created and its occupants unintentionally, unlike the original who purposefully killed its creators out of anger.
  • Seems to be contradicted by the special Mewtwo Prologue to Awakening, where Pokémon Hunter Dirk is a mercenary hired by Mewtwo’s creators to track down Mewtwo after it escaped from their custody.
  • Action Girl: Mewtwo telepathically speaks with a feminine voice in a stark contrast to the original, but is no less badass.
  • Adaptational Superpower Change:
  • The Red Genesect uses a basic Drive, and its Techno Blast fires a purple laser. While the Techno Blast without a Drive in the games is depicted as a green laser , the laser here would suggest it were a Dark or Ghost-type variant .
  • Mega Mewtwo Y is capable of moving much faster than normal Mewtwo, though its offensive prowess isn’t affected majorly. Compare this to the games, in which Mewtwo’s Speed barely increases, while its offensive stats skyrocket.
  • Adaptation Distillation: Whereas in the movie Mewtwo is capable of Mega Evolving from the very start, in the manga adaptation it doesn’t transform until halfway through . This means scenes where Mega Mewtwo Y appeared before then are redrawn to have regular Mewtwo instead.
  • Adapted Out:
  • The manga adaptation does this, too; rather than having Team Plasma grunts at the Genesect Army’s creation, a group of generic scientists are used instead .
  • Continuity Nod:
  • Never Trust a Trailer:
  • .
  • Uniqueness Decay:
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    Differences Between The Anime And The Manga

    • In the English version of this manga, the Panna Lotuses are referred to as “Ortus” and Absentia Natural Park is known as Alssace Nature Park.
    • Most of Mewtwo‘s form changes are left out of the manga version. In the movie, Mewtwo’s first form change is close to the beginning of the film, while in the manga, the first transformation doesn’t occur until Mewtwo has already faced the Red Genesect for the first time in New Tork City.
    • Due to the aforementioned reason, a couple of scenes involving Mewtwo’s transformation are changed in the manga version:
    • The scene where Mewtwo is seen flying with some bird Pokémon is also mostly left out. This leads to Mewtwo hearing the Douse Drive Genesect’s voice while flying with its friends, instead of when falling from the edge of space. This also affects the climax of the story slightly, making the scene where Mewtwo takes the Red Genesect to the edge of space with itself complete standalone, with no references to the earlier parts of the story.
    • Mewtwo saves Ash and his friends in its normal form, instead of its Mega form.
  • No kind of reference of Team Plasma‘s involvement in Genesect’s creation is made in the manga version’s flashbacks. The fact is mentioned only once at the character introduction page at the beginning of the manga album.
  • The scene where Ash first talks with the Douse Drive Genesect is slightly shortened in the manga, leaving out the part where Ash tries to explain the Paleozoic Pokémon what “being lost” means.
  • Pokmon The Movie: Genesect And The Legend Awakened

    Pokémon the Movie:Genesect and the Legend Awakened
    Japanese Theatrical release poster
    Gekijban Poketto Monsut Besuto Uisshu Shinsoku no Genosekuto: Myts Kakusei
    Literally Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! The Movie: ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens
    Directed by
    Running time
    Box office $32.3 million

    Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened is a 2013 Japanese animated film produced by OLM, Inc. and distributed by Toho. The film was directed by Kunihiko Yuyama and written by Hideki Sonoda. It is the 16th animated film in the Pokémon franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri, and Ken Sugimori.

    The film follows a conflict involving a group of Genesect and a single Mewtwo, both human-engineered members of a species of creatures called Pokémon, and the wild Pokémon inhabitants of a nature park the Genesect forcibly try to take over to make their new home.

    The film premiered in Japan on July 13, 2013.

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