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How To Spoof In Pokemon Go Without Getting Banned

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What Does Teleport Mean

Pokemon Go- How to spoof without getting banned

Lets first know what does teleport implies.

In very simple terms, teleport means moving from one place to another without physically moving or walking between the two points. We all know that Pokemon Go requires players to move around numerous locations in order to catch Pokémons. Therefore, what if you dont have ample time to walk around but still want to capture Pokémons. Thats when teleport comes into the picture. With the assistance of the Pokemon Go teleport app or hack, you can catch Pokémons without moving. In other words, you would be able to spoof your location in Pokemon Go.

How Long Do You Get Soft Banned From Pokemon Go

If you get yourself a real soft ban, however, you can expect the Pokemon Go soft ban duration to be around 12 hours. You should also be aware that based on Niantic Policy, youll be in a lot more trouble if you get yourself repeated soft bans after that first one third offence is likely to be permanent, for example.

Fake Gps Location Hola

Among numerous other apps, this is one of the best category. This fictitious GPS location is the most convenient for game users on the majority of Android versions. You can easily spoof your current location with just a single tap on your Phone. The advantage is that technical knowledge is not required. Indeed, it is solvable by anyone with minimal experience.


  • Does not necessitate rooting your device.
  • Simple to operate and install
  • The interface is simple to use.


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Where To Teleport To The Pokemon

If you are using the location spoofing to improve your chance of catching better Pokemons, you should know where to teleport your character.

First, you have to be careful and not teleport yourself too frequently. Secondly, to know where to teleport yourself for a successful Pokemon hunt, you can rely on the real-time PokeMap list.

These maps show the nests, gym, raid, and pokestops, so you can have much more success and fun while catching the Pokemons.

  • https://shadowmon.net/ Adelaide, Australi

Is Pokeraid Allowed By Niantic

How to Spoof without BAN 2021! Safe account getting Banned ...

Bans would only happen if the user breaches the ToS and fundamentally, PokeRaid is simply an external platform that is used to connect players, thats it. After that, the players then act how they want with their new friends and all of those acts are within the normal games parameters. So no, dont worry.

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Why Else Would I Want To Spoof My Gps Location

One of the most popular reasons for this is to spoof your location on Pokémon GO. Players in certain areas may not have access to the variety of Pokémon theyd like, and those living in rural areas are especially disadvantaged.

There are a number of GPS spoofing apps available on the Google Play Store, but just using a spoofed location with Pokémon GO will mean the game will detect that your location doesnt match your IP address. The game is well-known for banning people using this technique, so you need to be careful.

Thankfully, Surfsharks world-class VPN service combined with its mock GPS system works well. Youll be able to set the app up to spoof your GPS location to match the IP address of the VPN server youre using. That way, you wont be detected and you can catch all the Pokémon, conquer all the gyms and visit all the Pokéstops you like, wherever you are.

You might also be concerned that even if youre using a VPN, apps like Messenger and Google Maps can tell where you are even when you might not want them to. By spoofing your GPS location you can send them on a wild goose chase until you really want to use a location service.

How To Teleport In Pokmon Go Without Getting Banned

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  • Bored of exploring the same old places in Pokémon GO? Want to explore greener pastures to see what they have to offer? Teleporting is the answer to your imagination.

    Basically, players can teleport themselves in Pokémon GO to catch Pokémons in far-flung areas.

    Using location spoofing, they can explore new terrains without actually being physically present in those locations.

    There are lots of ways to teleport yourself, with location spoofing being the most popular method.

    However, its important to be careful as Niantic the developer of Pokémon GO has algorithms in place to detect a sudden change in players location.

    If you come under their radar, theyll ban your account and theres no coming back from that. Fortunately, there are ways to teleport in Pokémon GO without risking a Niantic ban.

    Below, we list all the methods you can adopt to teleport in the game without putting your account at risk.

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    Use A Vpn To Get Pokemon Go On Ios From The Apple App Store

    If youre traveling in a country where Pokemon Go hasnt been released yet, follow these instructions to get Pokemon Go from the US App Store.

    Heres how to get Pokemon go on iPhone:

  • Connect to a server in the US using a VPN app of your choice
  • Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store
  • Tap the View Apple ID link
  • Tap the United States and click Agree
  • When prompted for an address, simply use a random US address, such as a hotel or hostel
  • When prompted to input new payment information, tap none or enter an iTunes gift card code
  • Open the App Store, search for Pokemon Go
  • How To Spoof Pokemon Go On Iphone With Ispoofer

    Tips on How to Spoof WITHOUT Getting BANNED on Pokemon GO

    iSpoofer is a Windows-based program to spoof Pokemon Go locations on iPhone or iPad. Featured with a joystick, teleporting abilities, and live-fed maps, it is rather popular among remote or rural populations which catch relatively fewer Pokemons in the app.

    Note: According to some users, iSpoofer has been officially shut down on the Internet. Therefore, this way is not available in 2021.

    How to cheat your location in Pokemon Go via iSpoofer?

    1. Install AltS Server, iCloud for Windows, and AltServer Patcher on your computer.

    2. Choose a custom IPA link from the drop-down list of Utilities and copy the link to IPA URL. The link is: https://dl-dist.ispoofer.com/pmgo/isp-0.163.4v.ipa

    3. Click Patch> run the AltStore Server desktop program > tap the device name under the Install AltStore option.

    4. Open the iPhone’s Settings> General> Device Management> enter the Apple ID and passcode. Next, run the iSpoofer app on your iPhone and enjoy playing Pokemon Go.


    * Safe and simple to use.

    * No jailbreak required.

    * Both the iSpoofer app and its website are not available now.

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    How To Change The Pokemon Go Account Region

    It is relatively simple to spoof the Pokemon GO region, especially when using an Android device.

    Go to Settings, then About device, and click the Build number seven times to activate the developer mode.

    Next, return to Settings, and youll find the Developer options tab. Tap on it and check the box that reads Allow mock locations.

    In addition, youll have to install a masking module known as Mock Locations. It is intended to prevent Pokemon GO from noticing that you have enabled mock locations in your devices settings. However, you will have to root your Android device, which can be risky. So, proceed cautiously.

    The final step is to set up a VPN . A geo-blocked Pokemon GO can detect the IP address of the device you are using does not match your coordinates. However, a VPN will encrypt your connection and route your traffic through the server you choose. This will help to hide your IP address.

    After installing the VPN app on your device, select the server in the location where you want to hunt Pokemon. Then, open the spoofing app and match the location. At this point, your Pokemon account will change.

    On the other hand, youll have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to change your Pokemon account region. Next is to . After that, go to location and tap Protect. This will make it easy to use a map to set a fake location. Finally, you can connect to a VPN server and play Pokemon GO.

    Fake Walking In Pokmon Go Using Fake Gps Go Android App

    Update: We used to install the Fake GPS app and enable the Mock location option, then start spoofing in short steps. However, Niantic now detects spoofing whenever the mock locations checkbox is enabled.

    To avoid this, you must following the below guidelines: either downgrade your system or root it and convert the app to a system app, or you do not need to do anything at all, depending on the Android version of your device.

    Make sure you are using the 3 current working methods to finish all preparations before using the faking GPS app on your android device:

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    How To Avoid Being Banned From Spoofing

    • First, you need to use a reliable tool like PGSharp for Android and Dr.Fone for iOS to spoof the GPS. By doing so, Niantic canât catch you.
    • You need to be very careful about your movement in the game. If you are using a fake GPS app, then make sure your movements are reasonable. It means do not switch long-distance locations in few hours or frequently. It is because this makes it unreal in Niantic radar and may cause you a problem.

    Can You Get Banned For Using Pokeraid

    How to Spoof in Pokemon Go easily without getting shadow ...

    Bans would only happen if the user breaches the ToS and fundamentally, PokeRaid is simply an external platform that is used to connect players, thats it. After that, the players then act how they want with their new friends and all of those acts are within the normal games parameters. So no, dont worry.

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    How Do You Spoof In Pokemon Go With A Vpn App

    VPN, virtual private network, helps you remotely access other networks by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection. Some users access other countries’ networks via a VPN app. In other words, you can install a VPN app to connect your Android device to another network of a country or area. Then Pokemon Go will change your location based on your connected network. However, you need to subscribe to the VPN services in advance.

    How To Spoof Pokemon Go Without Getting Banned

    Spoofing Pokemon Go means being able to alter the GPS coordinates and it allows users to move around anywhere in the world on your virtual map. With the help of Pokemon go spoofer apk you can catch rare Pokemons and since you would travel more you can catch Pokemons.

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    How To Spoof Pokemon Go On Ios Devices Using Ios Roaming Guide

    iOS Roaming Guide is a handy tool to spoof Pokemon Go locations without using a computer. With a smart design, you will quickly mock the location without a hassle.

    To spoof Pokemon location on your iPhone:

    1. Jailbreak your iPhone before installing the app.

    2. Install the program on your iPhone from Cydia and follow the on-screen prompts to finish setting up the location.


    How To Change Gps Location On Iphone With 1 Click

    How to spoof in Pokemon Go without getting Banned!!

    GPS location with 1 Click is a simple way of changing your location from one place to another. Here are the steps you need to follow:

    • Launch the software on your Computer, and the default mode will be ‘Change Location.’

    • Connect your iPhone to the Computer via the Lightning Cable. Then, unlock your device and click the “Enter” button to get started. Make sure to tap Trust on your iPhone if the pop-up shows up.

    • Enter the address or GPS coordinates of the desired location in the search box, then click “Start to Modify.”

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    How To Spoof Your Gps On Android

    Changing your location on Pokémon Go on an Android device can be easy if you are prepared to install the apps and modules required to change location safely follow these steps to change your location on an Android device.

    You need to turn on your developer settings in order to alter your GPS on Android devices. These steps might change depending on your devices model. To turn on developer settings you need to:

  • Open Settings.
  • Navigate to Build number and tap it 7 times consecutively.
  • Go back into Settings and select the now visible Developer Options.
  • Now click the option that reads Mock Locations App or Allow Mock Locations.
  • This is the point where if you try to change your GPS location on Pokémon Go, Niantic will be aware and you will likely get banned very quickly.

    Some apps, such as Pokémon wont let you open the app if this setting is turned on, so in order to prevent apps detecting this, you need to install a module called Mock Mock Locations available here.

    Now your device enables mock locations, the next step is to install a GPS spoofing app, this is the software that allows you to change your GPS location. Heres how to use a GPS spoofing app.

  • Turn the app On.
  • Choose your desired region to catch Pokémon within.
  • Select your chosen VPN service, premium paid services can often be the best but free services can also work. Some well-known VPNs are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and SurfShark
  • How To Change Your Location In Pokemon Go Vpn Gps Spoofing Hack

    Update 2021: Due to the ongoing pandemic Niantic has made it easier to play Pokemon Go from home by offering a range of incentives. You can use these alongside our Pokemon Go GPS spoofing hack to continue playing even when stuck at home.

    Pokemon Go is now worldwide, but that doesnt mean everyone has equal access to Pokemon. Those who live in big cities will find far more Pokemon, Pokestops, and gyms in their area than those who live in the suburbs and rural areas. Urban residents have a huge advantage over everyone else who plays the game, while people living out in the country are stuck in deserted lands with nary a Pidgey in sight.

    So lets even the playing field a bit, shall we?

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    How To Spoof Pokemon Go Location In 2021

    The readers like you support PrivacySavvy to help keep up the good work. When you purchase using links on our website, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Learn how PrivacySavvy.com makes money.

    Pokémon GO is one of the most famous mobile games with millions of players globally. However, you may not enjoy the game sufficiently, depending on where you live. Fortunately, there is a workaround by changing your location to any region in the world.

    Combining a GPS spoofing app and a decent VPN service like ExpressVPN makes it possible to change your location on Pokemon GO. As a result, youll be able to hunt in your locality and find creatures in other countries.

    In this article, well show you how to spoof your location on Pokémon GO. So, read on to find out how to do it.

    Disclaimer: The GPS spoofing may necessitate you to jailbreak or root your phone. This can invalidate your warranty or damage your phone. Therefore, proceed with caution.

    Should You Root Your Android For Spoofing

    How to spoof in Pokemon Go without getting Banned!!

    Earlier in 2019, we used to install the Fake GPS app and enable the Mock location option, and we were all set to begin spoofing. But now, whenever the mock locations checkbox is enabled, Niantic detects that you are spoofing. In order to avoid this, you need to install the Pokemon GO Android hack App either by Downgrading your phone or by Rooting and converting the App into System App or you dont need to do anything depending on the Android version of your device.

    While some might think downgrading and rooting are pretty much same, Downgrading and rooting are two separate things. You do not need to root to downgrade your version of Android. Downgrading your version of OS would not void the warranty of your phone as long as you use official firmware. Before jumping on whether you should root or not, lets check if you really need to root your Android device.

    To check Android version on your device, Go to Settings App > About Phone > Check Android version.

    If your device is not yet updated past Android 8.0, this method will work. If you get an update notification, ignore it and dont update your phone if you want to spoof using this method.

    Tip: If you have updated your phone to latest version of Android, you can always downgrade it using flashing tools like Odin for Samsung, Qualcomm flasher or SP Flash Tool for Mediatek.

    Once you have decided to downgrade your Google Play Services, follow the steps in this section.

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    Teleport In Pokmon Go On Android Using Fake Gps App

    Teleporting in Pokémon GO is relatively easier on an Android device. The first thing Android users need to do is to go to PlayStore and find a fake GPS app.

    You can use any of these fake GPS apps and change your phones settings to make the new location work. Here are the steps in succession:

    Step 1. On your Android phone go to Settings > About Phone > About Device > Software info. Find the build number and tap on it for 7 times to get Developer Options.

    Step 2. Go back to Settings and find unlocked Developer Options. This is where you can allow your phone to mock a fake location.

    Step 3. Next, install any location spoofing app on your phone from the Google Play Store. Most of these apps are for free. Fake GPS location is a good option.

    Step 4. Shut down the Pokémon GO app on your device and go to Settings > Developer Options. you will see a list of applications that mock location, select the app you downloaded from the Play Store.

    Step 5. You are almost done! Launch the location spoofing app and search for any location you like. The spoofing will begin in a bit and then you can launch Pokémon GO on your phone.

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