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Japanese Pokemon Card Value Checker

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Important Questions To Ask Yourself To Determine How Much Your Pokemon Cards Are Worth

How to find out prices for Japanese Pokemon, Digimon and Yugioh cards?
  • How many cards do you have?
  • How old are your cards?
  • What set/s are they from?
  • Do you have a completed set/s?
  • Are any of your cards 1st edition?
  • How many holographic cards do you have?
  • What condition are your cards in?
  • Are they all English or do you have cards from other languages?
  • Could you add value by getting them graded?
  • Do you have any products that are sealed, such as booster boxes or packs?
  • Does their sentimental value outweigh any money you could get for them?

Now lets get into some more specifics

How Much Are Misprint Error Pokemon Cards Worth

When it comes to valuations, the rarity of the plays a big role.

If youre lucky enough to own a misprint card, most of the time, it will be worth more than the correctly printed card.

Collectors flock to own the rarest Pokemon cards that are in low population, and if there is a genuine print error, this can mean there are very few in existence, therefore inflating the value.

Misprint cards come in many forms. For example:

  • Symbols missing or the wrong way
  • Incorrect spellings

Pokmon Japanese Promo Tropical Mega Battle Tropical Wind

Only twelve tropical wind cards were produced as promotional cards for the 1999 Tropical Mega battle. Fifty players from around the globe took part in the tournament for the trading card game in Honolulu, Hawaii.

A contender had to fight to the final round to participate, and the card was offered as a prize, making them extremely rare. The most recent record-breaking sale took place in October 2020, with an estimated value of $148,842.

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Pokemon First Edition Raichu

Sold in March, 2021 for $17,100

As Pokemon skyrocketed in popularity over the years, one character became almost synonymous with the franchise as its de facto mascot.

Much of Pikachu’s popularity originates from the first episode of the Pokemon anime series entitled “Pokemon – I Choose You!” when the main protagonist of the series, Ash Ketchum, a trainer, receives Pikachu as his Pokemon from Professor Oak.

However, when exposed to a Thunderstone, the lovable, yellow, furry, rodent-like creature evolves into the final form of Raichu.

Raichu looks quite similar to Pikachu, but with a few distinct characteristics, namely its tail, ears, and dark coloration of the tip of its paws.

Neo Genesis First Edition Holo Lugia

Pokemon Tcg Price Guide Japanese  Yoiki Guide

Sold in May, 2021 for $144,300

The 2000 Neo Genesis set was the first to feature second-generation Pokemon from the Gold and Silver video games that built off the massive success of the Red and Blue games.

And Lugia had the great fortune of being chosen as the character to be featured on the box art of the Pokemon Silver game.

Considering the massive boost in notoriety that Charizard and Blastoise received for being the box art characters for the Red and Blue games, respectively, the same is true for Lugia.

However, the difficulty of finding this card in top condition propels it even further into the upper echelons of expensive Pokemon cards.

Print issues are a problem for the entire Neo Genesis set, and the Lugia card is no exception.

Around 2% of the Lugias graded by PSA have received the PSA 10 grade, while even fewer BGS have received the BGS 10 Pristine label.

PSA 10 Lugias have sold for $76,000 and $129,000 before, but the BGS 10 brought home an even bigger price tag in May 2021 at $144,300.

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What About Pokemon Promotional Cards

A special group of Japanese cards fall under the promotional category and are given out at tournaments, as magazine freebies, at Pokemon events, or as gifts when buying Pokemon merchandise at one of the Pokemon Centers. They are rarely valuable due to broad distribution and uselessness for players. There are some exceptions, though, that hardly ever make it outside of Japan, either because of their value to players, like the Muscle Band card which was given out at the Battle Festa 2013 to players that did very well and has since reached a top price of up to $50 USD.

Others like the Battle Festa Pikachu or the Pikachu card that was given out during the Mega Campaign in 2014 in the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo never increased in value. Even though they peaked at $45 and $30 USD, respectively, in Japan their resale value stayed at ¥1000 and ¥200 , respectively.

Top 5 First Edition Pokemon Cards

Any shiny, shadowless 1st Edition Pokémon card will be reasonably valuable, but there are a few which manage to stand out from the crowd.

Buy on eBay

Lets switch things up, moving on to a set that was released the year after. Lugia was the cover star for the next round of Pokémon games, and while he might not match up to many older options, its still a card that is highly prized by collectors.

A white background is the source of a number of issues that are also seen with the 1999 Chansey card below, leading to higher values than the norm. There are often problems with the lining too, so there are only 41 PSA 10 examples out of almost 1300 that have been submitted.

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Japanese Super Secret Battle Number One Trainer

Sold in July, 2020 for $90,000

With just seven examples of this card graded by PSA, the 1999 Pokemon Super Secret Battle “No. 1 Trainer” promo card is one of the rarest Pokemon cards in existence.

Held between July and August 1999, the regional Super Secret Battle events gave school kids ranging from third graders to eleventh graders the opportunity to compete for a chance to be crowned champion.

Upon winning, the champion of each regional tournament would receive this item card as a prize.

Designed by Hideki Kazam, the card features a holographic image of Mewtwo on the left and a Pokeball on the right that make it instantly recognizable.

Across the bottom, the card reads The Pokémon Card Game Official Tournaments champion is recognized here, and this honor is praised. This proves that the person who possesses this card participated in the Secret Super Battle Best in Japan Deciding Match.

Where Can You Sell Japanese Pokmon Cards

This Is The Most Accurate Way To Check Pokemon Card Prices!

There is an active market for Pokémon trading cards. If you are looking to sell some of your Japanese cards, the following are popular places:

  • Online classifieds, such as eBay
  • Game and card stores
  • Specialized Pokémon and trading card auctions

With a little bit of research, you should be able to find a location near you or on the Internet that buys or trades Pokémon cards.

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Recently Updated Pokemon Card Values

The following is a list of all Pokémon cards that have recently had their price values updated. Clicking on a specific Pokémon card image will take you to that card’s listing. Selecting the card’s name will bring you to the individual Pokemon listing pages which are further broken down by TCG set.

Card Image

Japanese Pokmon Cards Values: How Much Are Your Cards Worth

Anime sequels such as Dragon Ballz and Pokemon have been in the anime industry for over a decade and have amassed a substantial fan base worldwide. However, the anime Pokemon proprietors took over the sector after introducing character cards that fans craved for. As a result, Japanese Pokemon cards values have skyrocketed and some are worth a lumpsum.

The Pokemon Trading card game was introduced in October 1996 in Japan by the producing firm, media factory. It entails Pokemon cards where two players of all ages battle. The victor is the one with the most valuable card. The cards vary from Pokemon cards, Trainer cards to Energy cards. Stick around to find out the worth of Japanese Pokemon cards.

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Squirtle First Edition $370

Squirtle is the first evolution of Blastoise and carries the 2nd most value of any of the big three pre-evolutions. Although grading has slowed down drastically, prices have dipped in the Pokemon market. That said, Squirtle is one of the essential characters of the show and is a must have for any collector. Be sure to assemble your Squirtle-Squad by acquiring his English Rookie card.

PSA Pop: 1418 – 600 – 633

Current Value: PSA 10 $1175 PSA 9 $370

Pokemon First Edition Venusaur

Pokemon Tcg Price Guide Japanese  Yoiki Guide

Sold in December, 2020 for $22,615

Venusaur, notorious for the large flower that protrudes from its back, is the final evolved form of one of the original starter Pokémon, Bulbasaur.

That flower serves more than just a decorative purpose, though, as Venusaur uses it to absorb energy from the sun’s rays.

Like Charizard and Blastoise, who derive extra notoriety for appearing on video game box art, Venusaur was the mascot of the Pokémon Green video game released for the Nintendo Game Boy in Japan in 1996.

As one of the most recognizable Pokémon, collectors are willing to pay hefty price tags for 1st edition examples of this card in high grade.

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Determine Rare Pokmon Cards Value

You already have a nice answer to the question How much is my Pokémon card worth?“, but there’s more. Certainly the old Pokémon cards are made on analog printing presses. The handwork can make a skewed card worth less, but another property that makes the card unique can also add value. The shiny Pokémon cards, the Holos, are usually worth a lot because they are rarer. A Holo with a black star in the corner is rarer anyway. Does your card have ‘Holo Bleed’ where the shiny part does not fall completely within the square? In some cases, such a production error can actually add value.

How To Check The Condition For Japanese Cards

Is Pokemon TCG popular in Japan? There are more players than collectors in Japan therefore, the game is popular in the country. Thus, card sellers have a likelihood of not providing standardized information about the condition of the card. Nonetheless, when a card gets damaged, its value depreciates. Therefore, you should be careful when a price sounds too good to be true.

In most cases, though, most sellers provide a brief description of the card’s condition, which you can access by pasting it on the online translator.

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Pokemon Korean First Edition Charizard

Sold in March, 2021 for $40,000

Unlike some of the other first edition Pokemon cards distributed in different regions and languages in 1999, the Korean version did not debut until a year later in 2000.

Still, they can fetch colossal price tags on the open market just like the other first edition sets.

Not surprisingly, the Charizard is the most desirable of the Korean first edition series.

Pokemon Japanese Hr Contest Winner Full Art Charizard

Are My Japanese Pokemon Cards Fake? How To Identify!

Sold in June, 2021 for $20,100

Despite the global health situation in 2020, Pokemon tournaments still took place at home and in shops throughout Japan.

From July to September 2020, contestants in the Charizard VMAX HR competition could participate in 16-player tournaments for a chance at winning two unique Charizard cards.

Winners of the first rounds consisting of four players each won the Full Art Charizard V shown here.

Those four players would then advance to the championship round for a shot at winning the Full Art Charizard VMAX HR competition card as the top prize.

The extreme difficulty of receiving the BGS 10 Pristine grade gives this card a significant boost in value.

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How Much Is My Pokmon Card Worth

The Pokémon card value is currently higher than ever. If you have Pokémon cards yourself, it is therefore smart to find the answer to the question “How much is my Pokémon card worth?” You should know that the same card does not always have the same value. You can have rare Pokémon cards that decrease in value due to poor condition. You cannot determine the value of Pokémon cards yourself. You go to a grader for this. He will grade and value your Pokémon cards. In addition, he will seal them and express his rating in a number from 1-10 and attach it to the packaging. Do you want to sell your Pokémon cards later? Then a buyer knows that the card has been graded by an independent party. In this blog you can read more about what influences the value of Pokémon cards and why you should choose a good grader. We also tell you more about the most expensive Pokémon card and the rarest Pokémon cards.

Pokemon Japanese Promo Family Event Holo Kangaskhan Trophy Card

Sold in October, 2020 for $150,100

Another holy-grail trophy card, the 1998 Japanese Promo Kangaskhan Family Event card, continues to be one of the rarest and most desirable of all Pokemon cards.

This card is especially interesting compared to other trophy cards because teams consisting of a parent and child battled each other to obtain it, which was an admirable effort to build family bonding.

Fittingly, the tournament organizers chose none other than Kangaskhan, a kangaroo-like Pokemon with a baby Kangaskhan in her pouch, as the trophy card mascot.

Just 47 examples have made their way across PSA’s grading table, with eleven assessed in PSA 10 condition.

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Black Star Ishihara Signed Gx Promo Card

The card depicts Pokémon Company founder and current president Tsunekazu Ishihara. Tsunekazu offered it to the company staff to celebrate his 60th birthday back in 2017. However, this specific version is rarer since Ishihara signed this card to boost its price even further. The Black Star card was sold for nearly a quarter of a million dollars on April 26 2021.

Pokemon Neo Destiny 1st Edition Shining Charizard


Sold in January, 2021 for $20,250

The fourth main expansion of the Neo Series, Neo Destiny, is notable for featuring both “light” and “dark” Pokémon whose characteristics and “destiny” are reflective of how a Trainer trains them.

Light Pokémon are caring and bright-spirited, while dark Pokémon are the exact opposite.

Dark Pokémon have appeared in several different series, but the Neo Destiny set is the only one in which you will find the light Pokémon.

Charizard appears as neither light nor dark in Neo Destiny but instead as a special Shining Charizard that gets its name from the unique foil design that glimmers and shines in the light.

The Shining Pokémon in this series also feature a unique rarity symbol in the lower right in the form of three stars.

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Backless Blastoise Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Holo

Sold in January, 2021 for $360,000

Wizards of the Coast printed this extremely rare presentation card as a test run sometime during 1998 as it ramped up efforts to launch the English version of its base set in 1999.

Though it has a similar appearance to the base set Blastoise, notice it has squared corners instead of rounded corners.

Moreover, the back of the card is completely blank.

Hobby experts believe that WOTC printed only two of these “backless Blastoise” cards, so the hobby was stunned when this card came up for auction in early 2021.

Given that the market responded with a $360,000 selling price for this card, I can only imagine what it would have sold for had Charizard been on the front.

Pokemon Japanese Bandai Carddass Vending Prism Red Charizard

Sold in January, 2021 for $30,100

Founded in 1950, Bandai is a Japanese toy maker that produced a series of Pokemon cards in September 1996 that pre-dated the official launch of the Pokemon Trading Card Game that followed in October 1996.

To distribute the cards, Bandai utilized a network of vending machines, or carddass, as they called them.

There are hundreds of Bandai carddass Pokemon cards to collect, but the most desirable of them all is the prism Charizard.

In one of the earliest appearances of the iconic character, Charizard roars and breathes fire, creating an image that really pops.

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Are Japanese Pokemon Cards Fake

The authenticity of the collectable can be determined by specific physical characteristics like the colour, quality of material, spelling, font, text placement, holographic effect and cutting method. To differentiate a genuine from a fake Pokemon card, you should perform the ‘Rip’ and ‘light’ tests.

Pokemon World Championships Number 2 Trainer

I Graded My Prototype $10,000 Pokemon Card

Sold in February, 2021 for $110,000

From Friday, August 18 to Sunday, August 20, 2006, the best of the best battled at the World Championships held at the Hilton Anaheim hotel in Anaheim, California.

Contestants across three divisions competed feverishly to be one of the top 32 players from each division to advance to the finals on Sunday to crown a champion.

Those who finished in second place received this number 2 trainer card which features a fantastic image of Pikachu holding a silver cup trophy.

The official 2006 Pokemon World Championships logo rests in the bottom-right corner, adding a nice touch to an already impressive-looking card.

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Pokemon Card Set Symbols

Use this handy guide to look up Pokemon card set symbols, set names, and set years.

The most common way to organize Pokemon cards is by set. To identify the set, look for a little symbol at the bottom of the card, next to the card number. There are a bunch of these set symbols 5-6 sets are released every year, each with a different set symbol, and theyve been printing cards since 1999!

The following table is a complete list of Pokemon card sets, sorted by date the newest sets are at the top the oldest are at the bottom. If I missed something, let me know if the comments! I want this to be THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE FOR POKEMON CARD SETS!

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