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Pokemon Go Best Ultra League Team

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Our Pokmon Go Ultra League Recommendations From Giratina To Togekiss

My Best Team for Ultra League Premier Cup in Pokémon GO Battle League!

There is no one ‘best’ team you can choose – since, as mentioned previously, you don’t know what you are up against – and not everyone has access to every type of Pokémon.

Instead, here is a general list of recommended Ultra League Pokémon to build a team from, with a wide range of sources that should suit all players, whether you’ve been collecting creatures since day one or just started playing.

When forming a team, note you are only allowed one of each in the Go Battle League, and ideally you’d want to build a team with different type strengths and defence.

Our Pokémon Go Ultra Team recommendations in the National Pokédex order:


Recommended moves: Vine Whip , Frenzy Plant, Petal Blizzard, Sludge Bomb Venusaur weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic

Though you may be put off by Venusaur’s multiple weaknesses, its ability to use the Charged move Sludge Bomb will allow you to easily take care of any troublesome Fairy-type Pokémon that you may encounter. It will also have an advantage over Ground, Rock and Water-type Pokémon thanks to its Grass-type moves, which means that a well placed Venusaur could be what ultimately wins you the match.


Recommended Moves: Fire Spin , Blast Burn or Overheat Charizard weaknesses: Rock, Electric, Water


Recommended moves: Counter , Cross Chop or Close Combat Machamp weaknesses: Flying, Psychic, Fairy

Alolan Muk

Recommended moves: Poison Jab , Dark Pulse and Acid Spray or Sludge Wave Alolan Muk weaknesses: Ground

Pokemon Go Battle League Ultra League Remix

The Ultra League Remix offers trainers another way to battle in this format. However, the top 10 Pokemon used in the last season by Trainers Ace rank and up will not be allowed in the Ultra League Remix.

If youre still looking for Pokemon to bring into the Ultra League, take a look at these 10 Pokemon. These are the most popular picks and can help you in battle:

  • Clefable
  • Melmetal
  • Obstagoon

Avatar Items And Other Rewards

Pikachu Libre avatar items will be rewarded to Trainers who reach Rank 3.

Trainers will be able to earn avatar items and a pose inspired by the champion of the Galar region, Leon, who first made his debut in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield!

  • At Ace rank, youll receive the Reigning Champion Sport Glove.
  • At Veteran rank, youll receive the Leons Look Sport Cap.
  • At Expert rank, youll receive the Reigning Champion Sport Shorts.
  • At Legend rank, youll receive the Reigning Champion Sport Top.
  • Midway through season 9, Leons iconic pose will be added as a reward for Trainers who reach Legend rank.

At Rank 19, youll receive an Elite Charged TM, and youll also receive an Elite Fast TM as an end-of-season reward.

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Pokemon Go: Famous And Powerful Ultra League Teams

Due to the nature of Pokemon and Pokemon GO, when it comes to combat, there really are no perfect teams in combat. However, there are many concrete choices that can help players on the road to victory.

With August fast approaching, according to data provided by PVPok, these are the current peak of the current Pokemon.

  • XL Registeel
  • Articono
  • XL Percy
  • Some of the most popular and effective Pokemon GO teams for the Ultra League include :

    These teams are by no means perfect or guaranteed to win, but they can be somewhat helpful when it comes to retreating against Meta. Additionally, August may change significantly Pokemon GO Butt league meta.

    Only time will tell.

    The Best Premier Cup Team In Pokmon Go June 2021

    Reddit Ultra League Tier List

    The Premier Cup keeps the 2500 CP limit while also removing all Legendary and Mythical Pokémon from contention. This changes the meta quite a bit and alters the normal tier lists making the best Premier Cup team hard to put together. Heres our suggestions for the best Premier Cup Pokémon in June 2021 for Pokémon GO.


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    Using The Pokemon Rankings

    In the top-level rankings, you’ll see a score for each Pokemon. This score is an overall performance number from 0 to 100, where 100 is the best Pokemon in that league and category. It is derived from simulating every possible matchup, with each Pokemon’s most used moveset . Use this score to compare overall performance between Pokemon for example, the difference between the #1 and #50 Pokemon may not be the same as the difference between the #50 and #100 Pokemon. This score also allows you to see the parity in different leagues and categories.

    Trainer Battles feature a wide variety of scenarios, especially involving shields. In order to give a fuller picture, our overall rankings are derived from additional sets of rankings, where battles are simulated with different roles in mind. You can explore rankings for each of the following categories:

    Different Pokemon may succeed in different scenarios, so use these categories to help determine when a particular Pokemon would be the most valuable.

    Within each ranking, you’ll see four separate detail sections:

    • Fast Moves – Which Fast Moves the Pokemon uses most in the league and category.
    • Charged Moves – Which Charged Moves the Pokemon uses most in the league and category.
    • Key Wins – Which battles the Pokemon performs best in, weighed by the opponent’s overall score.
    • Key Counters – Which significant opponents perform best against the Pokemon.

    Pokemon Go: Popular And Powerful Ultra League Teams

    Due to Pokemon and Pokemon GO’s nature when it comes to combat, there really aren’t any “perfect” teams in a fight. However, there are plenty of solid picks that can help players go on a run for a win streak.

    With August fast approaching, these are the current top Pokemon picks, according to data provided by PvPoke:

  • XL Registeel
  • Articuno
  • XL Perrserker
  • Some popular and efficient Pokemon GO teams for Ultra League include :

    These teams are by no means perfect or guaranteed a win streak, but they can be somewhat helpful when it comes to pushing back against the meta. Additionally, August may significantly change Pokemon GO’s Battle League meta.

    Only time will tell.

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    The Best Pokemon Teams For The Ultra League In Pokemon Go Season 9

    Teambuilding is an essential skill in Pokemon GO for any trainer that wants to reach a high rank.

    Several threats have emerged at the top of the Ultra League meta. It seems like Trevenant has only been in the game for five seconds and has already shot up to the top tier. It joins threats like Registeel, Talonflame, and Giratina Altered. Regardless of who is being used, the name of the game is type coverage.

    Using The Move Rankings

    Best Teams for Ultra League Premier Cup in Pokémon GO Battle League!

    Each Pokemon has a pool of Fast Moves and a pool of Charged Moves. Some moves might be better in one battle, and other moves might be better in another. For Trainer Battles, you’ll want know which moves will be the best ones to have in the most matchups. You might also want to know which Pokemon are the best candidates for a second Charged Move. The move details within each Pokemon ranking can help you determine that.

    Moves are ranked using calculations primarily based on their damage and energy cost. Stat changes are also factored in. These calculations are run for each matchup, and then totaled across the format. Matchup weighting affects these numbers as well, so moves that would be used against significant meta targets will rank higher.

    When looking at potential moves, keep an eye out for Pokemon that have a strong tendency toward a single Fast Move and a single Charged Move. These Pokemon will have their optimal moveset in the most matchups. On the other hand, some Pokemon see more balanced usage in their Charged Moves. This is where having a second Charged Move comes into play.

    As an exercise, select any one Pokemon in the Team Builder tool and compare its battle histograms when it has one Charged Move and when it has two. If a second Charged Move improves its matchups, it might be one worth investing in.

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    Snorlax Skunktank And Talonflame

    Snorlax is another powerful Lead Pokémon option that will be difficult to counter against unless your opponent prepares a Fighting-type to meet it headon. We recommend having Skunktank and Talonflame on standby for this team.

    • Snorlax: Lick , body slam, and earthquake
    • Skuntank: Poison jab , crunch, and sludge bomb
    • Talonflame: Incinerate , brave bird, and flame charge

    The Best Pokmon For Ultra League In Jan And Feb 2021

    Ultra League will be the featured arena starting on January 25th and continuing until February 8th. During this time your battles in GO Battle League will be limited to only those at 2500 CP or below. Of course, youll want to get as close to this limit as possible to max out all of your stats, increasing the odds of victory.

    One big change for GO Battle League Season 6 is the inclusion of XL Pokémon. These are Pokémon that you spend Candy XL on to get them above level 40. However, given how rare these are we have chosen not to include them in the list below. If you do have enough Candy XL to power up some of these then we would recommend focusing on Registeel, Abomasnow, Galarian Stunfisk, Mandibuzz, or Umbreon. And another important note is that Shadow Pokémon are almost always better than standard versions, as long as youve removed Frustration.

    Now onto the actual Ultra League tier list, but with one final note. The meta for GO Battle League is always changing, and you need to form the team that works best for you. Weve provided some of the most powerful Pokémon in Ultra League, but you need to choose a team of three based on whats available to you. Try to pick one or two below that work for you and fill in the second and/or third spot with whatever works best as a team, focusing on weaknesses and strengths.

    Grass, Water, Fighting, Fairy, Electric Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic


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    Best Ultra League Team Pokemon Go September 2021

    | Sep 13, 2021

    Pokemon GO Ultra League Season 9 has finally arrived, and Trainers are readying their top Pokemon to take the title of being the very best. For those who are new to the Ultra League or playing after a while of not competing, hereâs the best Ultra League team for this season.

    Leagues in Pokemon GO are chances for Trainers to prove their might against one another, battling with some of the best Pokemon in the game. Itâs come a long way, with Pokemon gaining popularity while others become obsolete in this everchanging meta.

    â Pokémon GO

    Building Your Team Great League


    if you are a long time player and have maintained a practice of just keeping the highest CP pokemon you have, youre in luck, many of them are likely competitive for PvP.

    Heres a list of Pokemon who its possible youve accumulated without knowing about it. All level 35 or so.

    • LV 30+ Azumarill
    • L30+ Medicham
    • L30+ Wormadam
    • L30+ Dragonair
    • L30+ Alolan Rattata
    • L20 Machamp

    Heres Pokemon that are decently common to begin collecting for evolution. The First Number for the CP Range is when you can be certain the pokemon will evolve below 1500. The second number is the maximum cp where its still possible the pokemon will evolve below 1500, but not certain:

    • Swablu CP < 551 / 616
    • Hoot hoot CP < 431 / 501
    • Nosepass CP < 653 / 716
    • Barboach CP < 530 / 592

    Reach Goals

    These Pokemon are pretty hard to find, but they are scary to face and something to look out for.

    There are a couple of ways to be efficient with resources.

    The stardust cost to get extra Charge Moves on pokemon varies! 10K ones are the cheapest. All Starters and baby pokemon have 10k second move costs.

    Babies are of particular note, because many of their evolved forms have more expensive costs, meaning it is more efficient to get a second charge move while pokemon are babies. This is important for: Togepi, Tyrogue, Smoochum, Elekid, Magby, Chingling, Riolu, and Azurill. If you want a second charge move on your Hitmons, Lucario, and Azmaril, do it when they are a baby.

    Misc Info:

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    Galarian Stunfisk Cofagrigus And Regirock

    Next, we have Galarian Stunfisk, still one of the better Ultra League Pokémon choices. You cant go wrong with this option, and its a flexible choice that you can use in any team. We recommend trying it out with Cofagrigus, a Pokémon with an updated moveset, and the always-reliable Regirock.

    • Galarian Stunfisk: Mud shot , rock slide, and earthquake
    • Cofagrigus: Shadow claw , psychic, and shadow ball
    • Regirock: Lock on , focus blast, and stone edge

    What Makes A Pokemon Good

    CP is determined by 3 things.

    • Base Stats The Attack, Defense, and Stamina values of your Pokemons species .
    • IV Values The particular additional stat points, added onto individual pokemon. Visible in-game.
    • Level Represents how trained or powered up your pokemon is. Represented by the white curve directly below the CP value. Scales to your Trainer Level +2. Caps at Level 40 . Is squared before being multiplied into CP.

    If you are starting from scratch, there are a couple of aspects of Pokemon that all come together to determine if its good in PvP, and in what Tier.

    • Fast Move The first listed attack, can and should be used constantly in combat by tapping the screen to charge your Charge Moves energy.
    • Some Fast Moves have incredibly high Damage on their own, but dont charge well , some charge incredibly fast but have low Damage , and some moves are busted and have both .
  • Charge Move Stronger attacks. You can unlock a second one for a high stardust/candy price. Can be shielded, twice per game.
  • Once the move charges, you need to hit the button to activate their damage minigame. The Type of the attack will determine what the minigame is, and a pattern of bubbles will appear on the screen for a few seconds. You can see all minigames here:
    • You can save up energy above the needed amount. Critically, energy stored up is saved if your Pokemon switches! Meaning the more you pop by swiping, the higher your damage will be.

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    Go Battle League Season 6 Begins Monday November 30 2020 At : 00 Pm Pst

    UPDATE 1/25/21: Introducing the Love Cup, which will run from Monday, February 8, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. to Monday, February 15, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. PST . In this format, only red or pink Pokémon with 1,500 CP or less will be allowed to participate. Legendary and Mythical Pokémon will not be eligible.

    UPDATE 1/5/21: Weve shared more details about the remainder of GO Battle League Season 6! Heres a summary of the new information.

    Attack Updates

    The following attacks will be updated for Trainer Battles.

    • Ember: This Fire-type Fast Attack will now deal more damage.

    • Karate Chop: This Fighting-type Fast Attack will now generate more energy.

    • Bubble: This Water-Type Fast Attack will now deal less damage.

    • Razor Leaf: This Grass-Type Fast Attack will now deal less damage.

    • Crabhammer: This Water-type Charged Attack will now deal more damage.

    • Sky Attack: This Flying-type Charged Attack will now deal less damage.

    • Rock Slide: This Rock-type Charged Attack will now deal less damage.

    • Shadow Bone: This Ghost-type Charged Attack will now deal less damage.

    The following attacks will be available to Pokémon that couldnt learn them before.


    GO Battle League seasons will occur in tandem with the overarching Seasons and will rotate formats over the same three-month period. Season 6 of the GO Battle League will take place during the Season of Celebration!

    Season 5 rewards, Season 6 timeline, and what to expect

    Whats new in Season 6?

    Attack updates

    The Pokémon GO team

    Skarmory Gallade And Regice

    My Best Ultra League Team to try in Pokemon GO Battle League

    To cap us off on this list, we want to put Skarmory into the lead role. Skarmory is always a straightforward option and has continued to hit the top of the charts, and were always going to recommend it somewhere in the Great or Ultra League. To support it in the Switch role, Gallade is a quick fighter who can fight multiple Pokémon, making it a flexible option. In the final Closer role, Regice, one of the best Closers in the Ultra League, is right next to Regirock.

    • Skarmory: Air slash , brave bird, and sky attack
    • Gallade: Confusion , close combat, and leaf blade
    • Regice: Lock on , blizzard, and earthquake

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    Ultra League Tier List For January And February 2021

    Pokémon GO Battle League Season 6 continues into January and February 2021 with the launch of the second Ultra League of the season. Players got their first taste of the Ultra League meta back in December 2020, then dealt with Master League and the whole set for a while, but now were back to just UL with the Premier Cup as an alternative option. And just like in the real world, a lot has changed in Pokémon GO. So heres our new choices for best Pokémon for your team in Pokémon GO Ultra League for January and February 2021.

    Season 9 Start Date Rank Resets And End

    GO Battle League Season 9 will starton Monday, August 30, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. PDT .

    The following will occur at the beginning of the season.

    • End of season rewards will be available on the battle screen.
    • Your GO Battle League rank will be reset.
    • Rank-up requirements will remain the same as in Season 8.

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