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Pokemon Go Rarity Chart 2020

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When Defending A Gym Get Free Stuff

Watch This BEFORE Spending Your Rare Candy In Pokémon GO! (2020) | How To Spend Effectively Guide!

Now that you’ve got a Pokemon defending a gym, go to the in-game Shop, tap the Shield icon and get free Coins and Stardust. Coins are in-game currency that you can use to buy items like Pokeballs, Potions, and even bigger item bags. You can also buy coins with real-world money! What, did you think there were no micro-transactions in innocent little Pokémon Go? Of course, the only real way to play for free is to acquire Coins by assigning a Pokemon to defend a gym. Pressing the Shield will get you 10 coins and 500 Stardust per each Pokemon of yours defending that gym. However, you need to wait 21 hours before you can tap the Shield again! So be sure to defend the gym, or place Pokemon in multiple gyms! Ah, don’t you love Energy mechanics in mobile games?

Shiny Party Hat Nidorino

Some shinies, particularly those with hats, are often only available for limited times, therefore only the most proactive trainers can snag them. This gimmick rewards the more constant gamers as well as those who pay attention to official information given out by developers on various media platforms. This alternately colored Nidorino that is sporting a festive party hat was only available in a raid in February 2020 that lasted just 3 hours.

Cracked Eggs: The Secret Rarity Tiers Of Pokemon Go Egg Species

Before today, little was known about what species might hatch from an egg. Fortunately, the Silph Research Group has just cracked a major piece of the puzzle! It is the conclusion of the Silph Research Group that:

Egg species is determined according to hidden rarity ‘tiers’ that are not the same as the egg distance tiers .

In simple English, this means that not all 10 km egg species are rarer than 2 km egg species or 5 km egg species. A simple example of this is that Dratini is presently a very common hatch, despite being in 10 km eggs. It is currently easier to acquire a 10 km egg with a Dratini inside than a 2 km egg with a Machop inside.

We’ll take it one step further and show the tiers we believe we have identified and the species therein.

The Data

Our researchers have been collecting egg data for many months and have observed several changes to the egg species distribution. For this study, we focus on eggs acquired after Halloween.

5,945 eggs were collected post-Halloween before the launch of Gen II. Here is the breakdown in frequency, by species:


The above visual immediately hints at the tiered nature of egg species distribution. Additional analysis leads us to believe that there are four rarity tiers at play, each 2x as common as the one before, which we have named:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Ultra-Rare

With the 1:2:4:8 ratio in mind, Silph Researchers examined known periods of changes to egg rarity, to confirm whether the rarity tiers held – they do.

So What About Now?

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Are Shiny Pokmon Shiny For Everyone In Pokmon Go

No. With Ditto, once a Pokémon is determined to be Ditto, the servers make it Ditto for everyone. With Shiny Pokémon, it’s done on a player-by-player basis.

That means you and a friend can both catch the same Magikarp, yours could turn out to be Shiny, and theirs not.

There has been one exception so far: For the July 2018 Community Day, Pokémon Go had Sunglasses Squirtle available through Field Research and, tasks that had a Shiny Sunglasses Squritle were Shiny for everyone!

Battle Other Player Pokemon In Gym Battles

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In gym battles, you’ll be able to fight against the Pokemon of other players! You can battle up to 6 defending Pokemon and when you defeat a gym, you can take possession of it for your team’s territory.

Drop Pokemon & Get Coins

Defeating a gym allows you to leave a defending Pokemon. The longer they stay guarding the gym, the more coins they’ll earn! You can use these coins in the Shop to buy lures, Poke Balls, bag upgrades, & more!

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Evolve That Eevee Rename It

If you remember the original Pokemon cartoon, you may recall the three Eevee Brothers, who each owned one of Eevee’s evolutions: a Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. If you nickname your Eevee one of the brothers’ punny names, then it will evolve into your desired evolution! Want a Flareon? Then name it Pyro. Want a Jolteon? Name it Sparky! Jonesing for a Vaporeon? Then call it Rainer. This may not work all the time, however it’s an almost-guaranteed way to evolve one of your Eevees, but this weird method may not work 100 percent of the time.

Could You Would You On A Train

You can hatch eggs if you’re on a bicycle, bus, or train. The app just registers that you’re moving it won’t actually care that you’re not walking. So, you can hop on your bike and keep the app open to not only get some exercise, but hatch some sweet Snorlax bros, as well. Another great way to incubate and hatch eggs is to go for a run!To pick up more incubators, you can either buy them outright in the real-money Shop or by getting lucky at Pokestops, though they are rare. You also gain more incubators and other rarer items as you level up. And remember: Pokestops replenish every 10 to 15 minutes, which is remarkably fast for a free-to-play mobile game!By the way, 5 kilometers is about equal to 3.1 miles. Pokemon Go, not only does it bring us together, it educates.

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How To Catch Celebi In Pokemon Go

Adding the elusive Celebi to your Pokedex is another multi-step process, where you’ll need to complete eight stages of Special Research tasks in order to track it down. There’s a lot to do and you’ll need plenty of time and distance, so pull on your walking shoes and we’ll show you how to catch Celebi in Pokemon Go.

Can I Optimize Egg Hatching And What’s A Kilometer


While visiting Pokestops, you’ll probably pick up some eggs, from which Pokemon hatch. But first, you need to incubate them, and then walk around. To do that, go to your Pokemon collection, and in the upper-right you’ll see an Eggs tab. Tap that, choose an egg, then an incubator. Then you walk around and wait for the hatch.Here’s some advice: Don’t waste your time incubating the 2K eggs unless you really want more low-level Pokemon . The 5K eggs can net you some decent monsters, such as Cubone, Porygon, Machops, or Sandshrew. The 10K eggs get you more powerful, uncommon ones like Snorlax. Take a look at this handy infographic for a more in-depth egg breakdown, courtesy of Reddit.

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What Are The Best Pokmon Go Movesets

While we won’t go into the best movesets for every single Pokémon after all, even with the best moves, a Pidgey isn’t getting you very far we do have the best moves for all the Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, as well as the best non-Legendary Pokémon. And now, with the introduction of Mega Evolution, we’ve got your Mega Pokémon too!

Pokemon Go Best Pokemon

These are the Best Pokemon GO CP Tier List Pokemon based on their Total Combined MAX CP Attack Defense Stats.

Best Attack Pokemon

Best Gym Attackers

Pokemon GO Tier List | Pokemon Go List Best Pokemon For Each Type

Pokemon Go Best Pokemon for each type based on their overall stats Pokemon GO MAX CP Per Level Attack HP Defense.

You can Select/Click which pokemon type you are interested in seeing the Best Pokemon GO Pokemon.


S Tier | Pokemon Go Tier List Gain The Max CP Per Power Up. These are the most Powerful Pokemon Go Max CP Chart Pokemon Available.


A Tier | Pokemon Go Tier List Gain A High Amount CP Per Power Up. These are ranked slightly below the Best Pokemon Go Max CP Chart Pokemon.


C Tier | Pokemon Go Tier List Gain A Decent Amount of CP Per Power Up. Average Pokemon Within This Pokemon Go Max CP List.


F Tier | Pokemon Go Tier List Gain The Lowest CP Per Power Up. These Are Among The Weakest In The Pokemon Go Max CP List

How To Get Pokémon Go Max CP & IVs

Step 1: Pick a Pokémon with High CP Per Level Gains from this Pokemon Go MAX CP Chart List.

Step 2: Once you have chosen use our Pokemon GO Spawn Locations Guide to Find and Catch it.

Step 3: Determine if the mon You have Caught has high enough IVs .

Step 4:Using The Appraisal System You Can Easily Figure Out Your IV Ratings.

For Example, 97% IV Rating means it is 97% Perfect and 100% would mean it has Perfect Pokemon GO Max CP, Attack, Defense & HP Stats.

Cost Per Level

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Pokemon Go Sinnoh Stones

Sinnoh Stones are a type of special item which are pretty hard to come by, as they can normally only be obtained by completing Research Tasks or in PvP battles, though some Community Day events have also yielded them. They are required to evolve certain 4th gen Pokemon, so check out our Pokemon Go Sinnoh Stones guide to see how to get them and what evolutions they are for.

Pokemon Go Shiny Odds

How to Acquire Rare Pokemon like Dragonite in Pokemon Go ...
  • The standard shiny rate is 1 in 500
  • Shiny Pokemon with Boosted shiny rate of 1 in 62.5. These Pokemon are very rare or never spawn in the wild, Shadow Pokemon, and evolved Pokemon that can be caught in Mega Raids
  • Some rare species have a 1 in 125 shiny rate
  • Legendary and Mythical Pokemon have a 1 in 20 shiny rate
  • Community Day Pokemon have 1 in 25 shiny rate
  • Raid Days Pokemon have a 1 in 10 shiny rate
  • Limited Research Pokemon have 1 in 10, 1 in 20, or 1 in 40 shiny rate
  • Go Fest and Safari Zone Pokemon have a 1 in 62 shiny rate

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What If You Don’t Have The Best Movesets In Pokmon Go

Since the introduction of the Raid Battle system in June 2017, you can get Technical Machines to change your movesets. Two of the possible rewards for beating Raid Bosses are Quick TM and Fast TM, which can be used to change Quick Moves and Charge Moves respectively. Regular TMs are completely random and cannot access Legacy Moves.

Legacy Moves are special moves that were once available for a Pokémon but are no longer. Sometimes they were removed when Niantic re-balanced the game. Some were only available on Community Day or in special Raids. Either way, if a Legacy Move happens to be the best possible move for a Pokémon and you don’t have it, you cannot get it with a normal TM. Before you use a TM on any Pokémon, you should always check to see if the move you’re changing is a Legacy Move and if that move is worth having. A lot of Legacy Moves don’t perform well, but some of them are the best moves in the game.

More recently, Niantic introduced Elite TMs. These TMs are rare, and often difficult to get or expensive, but allow you to choose from any move a Pokémon can have, including Legacy Moves. They aren’t random either. You get to choose the move. Because of how hard it is to get Elite TMs, you’ll want to save them for your very best Pokémon, but hey, now you can have a Mewtwo with Shadow Ball and Psystrike!

How To Change Team In Pokemon Go

When you first started out in Pokemon Go, you had to make the difficult choice between Team Mystic, Valor, or Instinct. Previously, you were locked into this decision for the long haul, but thanks to the introduction of the Team Medallion you can now switch sides if you like – though you’ll have to play a price. For all the details on how to get a Team Medallion and what you need to do with it, here’s how to change team in Pokemon Go.

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The Rarest Shiny Pokmon

Even if theyre a common wild spawn on a Community Day, everyone loves a shiny Pokémon. But identifying the rarest shinies is pretty easy.

The rarest shiny Pokémon are those wearing hats, costumes, holiday trinkets or flower crowns.

This is because the Pokémon were only available for a short period of time and, in some cases, theyll never appear again and your chances of getting one are limited to trades.

The 2 rarest costumed shines are Pikachu Libre and Detective Hat Pikachu. If you have one of these, we tip our Ash baseball cap to you.

Aside from costumed Pokémon, the rarest wild shiny Pokémon in our experience and based on feedback from the Pokémon community are:

Do Shiny Pokmon Show Up On Nearby Or Sightings In Pokmon Go

How to Catch Rare pokemon in Pokemon Go | Rare spawn locations pokemon go 2020

No. While all Pokémon show up on Nearby or Sightings, they look normal just like they look on the map.

It’s only revealed as a Shiny when you tap on it and go to the catch screen. So, if you see a normal Magikarp or Pikachu on Nearby or Sightings, don’t discount it once you tap on it, it could be a Shiny. And that list of possible Shiny Pokémon gets longer all the time, so make sure to Shiny check them all!

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Pokmon Go The Rarest Pokmon Including Wild Shiny Mythical And Regional Catches

  • 0

Image: The Pokémon Company

Writing a definitive list of the rarest catches in Pokémon GO is tough. With Niantic upping its game and running more special events where you can catch scarce creatures, any rundown of the rarest Pokémon can change overnight.

Also, if youre a hardcore collector who never leaves the house without Pokémon GO in hand, Pokémon that are rare to occasional players may be old news to veterans like you. And as there are no official stats on the rarity of Pokémon, naming the scarcest catches can only be based on personal experience and feedback from the Pokémon GO community.

With this in mind, our list of the rarest Pokémon in August 2021 will:

  • help casual players know what elusive creatures are out there
  • give experts a checklist of collectable creatures they need to find in trades

Ready to plug those gaps in your Pokédex? Lets GO!

  • Clone Pokémon
  • Rarest Shinies In Pokmon Go

    | Entertainment

    Pokémon GO took the world by storm during the Summer of 2016 and while most of the world has moved on, there is still a solid group of dedicated players. These loyal Pokémon GO fans were rewarded in 2017 when Shiny Pokémon first appeared in the game with the release of Shiny Gyrados. Since then, Pokémon GO players have worked hard to capture the available Shinies. Unfortunately, there are a number of rare Shiny Pokémon that are typically only available during limited time events. Some of these rare Shinies have never appeared more than once, which makes collecting every Pokémon GO Shiny pretty impossible.

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    Rarest Pokmon In Pokmon Go And How To Find Them

    This list counts down some of the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go – the creatures we are all struggling to find in order to complete our Pokédex.

    It is no secret that the world has become Pokémon-obsessed since the release of the worldwide phenomenon and mobile game Pokémon Go. The Augmented Reality app has become an overnight sensation, garnering an audience that even surpasses the franchise’s core fanbase. Trainers have been charged with the task of venturing out into the world in order to track and capture these Pokémon in hopes of collecting all 151 . The only problem is, some of these creatures are incredibly hard to find.

    This list counts down some of the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go the creatures we are all struggling to find in order to complete our Pokédexs. Yes, it is true that different areas spawn different characters, but while some players may have one or two of the following Pokémon on their team, most other less fortunate souls will most likely be searching for these for weeks to come. For the majority of gamers obsessed with catching them all, acquiring the Pokémon on this list appears to be quite the tall order.

    Here are the 15 Rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

    Here Are The Rarest Pokmon In ‘pokmon Go’

    Pokemon GO Raid Boss Egg List

    Pokémon GO’s Gen 4 tease.

    Gotta catch ’em all. That’s always been Pokémon at its core, a series that started its life by figuring out a way to sell two copies of the same game because it knew how badly people were going to want to catch all these little things. And in no place is that organizing principle more present than in Pokémon GO, a game less focused on story and combat and much more focused on just building out a massive collection any way you can.

    But if you’ve just got back into the game, the giant list of Pokémon can be a little intimidating, especially if you want to trade with established players that already have most of everything that’s been released over the years. But there are still a whole bunch of critters that are rare no matter who the player, and you never know when you might luck into one. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but this should be a good run-down on all the most valuable and rarest Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

    A shiny Magikarp in Pokémon GO.

    Twitter with permission from Silph Road

    Shinies: This is a big, amorphous category, and some of these are a lot rarer than others. But on the whole, be on the lookout for any Pokémon with a different color scheme than examples of the same species you’ve seen before: they’ll also come with a special shimmer effect when they appear just so you’re sure. These are shinies, and as a category, they make up some of the most desirable trading Pokémon in the game.

    Farfetch’d in Pokémon GO.

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