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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Starters

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Chapter 8 Prove Your Mettle

Best Starter for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX w/ Woopsire

The next day, Pancham gathers all the students from class and proposes a dare that they all sneak into school at night to check the rumors of it being haunted. That night, everyone gathers at the school and eventually become surrounded by blue flames. A giant shadow appears and everyone passes out in fear. When they awaken, they discover that Shelmet, Espurr and Pancham are missing. Espurr returns and reveals that she was the only one not to pass out and saw Shelmet and Pancham were taken by the flames to a closed of area of the village, the Ancient Barrow. Despite being scared, the Partner rallies the class to overcome their fears and save Shelmet and Pancham.

Chapter 17 The Voidlands

The Player and Partner awaken in a dark dimension and remember what happened to them. The Partner guesses that the dimension is where Pokémon go when they are turned to stone and wonders why Nuzleaf is turning Pokémon to stone. Though scared and confused, the two vow to find answers and begin traversing the strange dimension. After traveling for a bit, the pair receive a communication from Dedenee which they use to reunite with her and Mawile.

Dedenee reveals how the ruins team got turned to stone and the Player and Partner realize the Beheeyem are in league with Nuzleaf. Mawile explains they are in the Voidlands, the place the spirits of Pokémon go where they are turned to stone. She reveals she found writing on the wall which describes the Voidlands and the Partner reveals they can read the ancient writing, something even Mawile is unable to do easily, and discovers a passage stating the enemy Pokémon in the Voidlands are actually apparitions of hate given form. Mawile determines the writing was left behind by Pokémon who were turned to stone long ago and that they may have left clues on how to escape the Voidlands. The Partner vows to find the rest of the Expedition Society and escape the Voidlands.

Chapter 14 A Fun Outing

On the day of the outing, Ampharos announces Dedeene and Jirachi will stay behind because of their duties and the rest of the Expedition Society head off for the outing on Lapras. They arrive at their destination, Fire Island, and Ampharos explains everyone will split into teams and meet at the island’s volcanic peak. The Player and Partner are teamed up with Buizel and the three begin their journey up the island.

When the three near the summit, they are ambushed by a Magmortar and a group of Magmar. After the enemies are defeated, the Partner questions Buizel on the unexpected difficulty of the outing, but Buizel explains that he doesn’t know the details and urges them to keep going. The trio reach the summit and discover they are the first team to make reach it. Entei appears, angered at the three’s presence, and Buizel steps in to protect the Player and Partner, but is quickly defeated. Before Entei can finish Buizel off, the Player and Partner battle Entei to save him.

After another day of requests, the Player overhears Pokémon discussing the abnormal heat and the incidents where Pokémon have been turned to stone and wonders what is happening. Meanwhile, multiple legendary Pokémon learn of the stone incidents where even legendary and mythical Pokémon are being target, and wonder who is responsible for it.

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Chapter 6 A Jr Expedition Society Member Is Born

While heading to school with the Partner, the Player finds the Ampharos stumbling around. Ampharos introduces himself as an explorer before stumbling off, accidentally dropping a crystalline orb. The Player and Partner pick up the item and decide to give it back to Ampharos after class. After sneaking past Watchog, who is mad the Player and Partner left school yesterday, with Espurr’s help, Principal Simipour explains that Roselia told her about the incident at Nectar Meadow and excuses them from punishment.

That night, the Player and Parter return the Connection Orb to Ampharos on the hilltop. The Partner asks Ampharos if he is a member of the Expedition Society and Ampharos answers that he is not. The Partner explains they want to join the expedition society and Ampharos gives them and the Player Junior Expedition Badges, granting them junior membership into the Expedition Society. With the badges, the two are permitted to assist Pokémon with problems and work with them to explore dungeons. The two are also given Ampharos’ Connection Orb and an Expedition Gadget to activate it. After registering the team name, the pair head home while Ampharos receives a message from a Pokémon called Dedenne who chews him out for wandering off on his own. Ampharos reports that he didn’t find any problems in Serena Village and hopes he can protect that peace.

Chapter 16 The Sealed Spring

Which pokemon super mystery dungeon partner I choose

When the trio reach Serene Village, they discover everything is normal and meet with Espurr again. The Partner asks Espurr if she has seen Krookodile, but Espurr tells them that he hasn’t been seen in the village. Suddenly, Nuzleaf arrives and reveals he saw Krookodile invading Revelation Mountain. Archen asks Nuzleaf to take them to where he saw Krookodile, but the Partner has Espurr stay behind to contact Ampharos with her telepathy in case something goes wrong. When the group leaves for Revelation Mountain, Espurr quietly follows them. Nuzleaf shows the Player, Partner, and Archen the destroyed gate and Archen guesses that Krookodile is after whatever is at the top of Revelation Mountain.

When the four reach the second gate, they discover its guards have been knocked out and the gate broken through by Krookodile. On the way to the summit, the group receives a message with their Expedition Gadgets from Dedenee and the team exploring the Prehistoric Ruins, but it interrupted when the team is attacked by unknown assailants. Despite worrying about the others, the group is forced to keep going to find Krookodile.

In the Prehistoric Ruins, the team loses connection with the Player’s team, but are ambushed by the ruin guardians, who are actually the Beheeyem that attacked the Player, and turned to stone with dark power.

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Chapter 21 Dark Matter

Ampharos explains that Dark Matter is an amalgamation of negative emotions from all Pokémon in the world. Since it is fueled by the emotions of all Pokémon, the Partner wonders if it can be destroyed and Ampharos reveals that Dark Matter was previously subdued by the alignment of the stars, but can never be fully defeated. Celebi reveals that he saw the past where not only Pokémon who fought against Dark Matter, but also a human, which he suspects to be the Player. The human was able to fight against Dark Matter long enough for the stars to subdue it, and knowing it would eventually return, helped the Pokémon of the past set up countermeasures such as the Luminous Water and the Harmony Scarves. The scarves were made by an ancient Pokémon called Mew, who led the battle against Dark Matter, using materials from the Tree of Life. and passed down to the Partner for unknown reasons. Ampharos explains that is most likely that it was Mew who summoned the Player and Celebi reveals the scarves are the key to defeating Dark Matter. Ampharos then reveals that they are currently in Primeval Forest, which leads to the Tree of Life, and Jirachi urges everyone to get moving.

What Makes The Best Partner

The most important thing to consider when picking a partner is how well it can cover your starter’s weaknesses and limitations. A good partner should be able to protect your starter from Pokemon that are super effective against them while also covering Pokemon that your starter isn’t great against.

With these two principles in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the best partners you can have for each starter in our list below. That said, if you’re curious about which partners are generally good to have, you can check out our article on the overall Best Partner Pokemon.

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Final Chapter An End To Beginnings

The Player and Partner awaken in Primeval Forest and discover the restored Tree of Life. An orb of light emerges from the tree and lands in front of the two, taking the form of Xerneas. Xerneas introduces itself as the embodiment of the Tree of Life and reveals that Dark Matter is gone forever and that the world has stopped being pulled toward the sun. Jirachi comes crashing in with Celebi in tow and Xerneas explains that Arceus sent a message across the world telling everyone what happened. Ampharos and Espurr arrive and everyone receives a message from Dedenee, who reveals those turned to stone have been restored. Everyone returns to Lively Town where they reunite with those turned to stone and celebrate the world being saved.

As the Player cries over the loss of the Partner, the credits roll, ending the main game.

Chapter 13 Across The Sea

How to Evolve (Your Starters) – Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon

The next day, the Player, Partner, and Archen travel to Lapras’ Travel Liner where Lapras explains they will need to buy different passes to travel to different continents. Archen buys the two a pass.

Meanwhile, a Latios and Latias flee from some unknown danger and try to reach Time Travel Lake.

When the Player, Partner, and Archen arrive at their destination, they discover that Archen accidentally bought a pass to Baram Town on the Air Continent instead of their intended destination. While looking around, the three overhear some Pokémon discussing the incidents where Pokémon are turning to stone on the Air Continent and the rumor that it is being done by a being called the “Flaming Phantom.” They explain the Flaming Phantom has been spotted near Mystical Forest and is believed to be trying to find Time Travel Lake, which lies at the center of it, to find Celebi, a Pokémon that inhabits the lake. Suddenly, two objects crash into Mystical Forest and Archen decides to investigate with the Player and Partner insisting they go with they go along with him.

At dinner the next day, Dedenne announces the Expedition Society will partake in an outing in two days.

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How Can I Pick My Starter

Pokemon: Super Mystery Dungeon uses a quiz to determine your starter. The answers you give directly impact which starting Pokemon the game assigns you. What answers map to which Pokemon? How can I get a riolu?

First off, Super Mystery Dungeon lets you just pick any Pokemon you want. At the end of the quiz it will tell you which Pokemon it selected for you, but you can just say no, and pick from any of the 20 starting Pokemon you want. If you just want to start with Riolu, that’s the easiest way.

If you really want to go through the personality quiz, then , the two questions that are relevant in picking your 2 starting Pokemon are the sixth and seventh question.

For the sixth question, the game picks one of five possible questions, giving you four options for which Pokemon you want to be:

  • A wizard appears before you! He says he’ll transform you into anything! What would you want to be?

  • Pikachu: A cute little critter, beloved by all!
  • Charmander: A cold-blooded reptile with strength.
  • Torchic: A freewheeling bird that wings across the sky!
  • Riolu: A wild beast that is one with nature.
  • All right! It’s snack time! And today we’ve got…cake! Woo-hoo! What kind of cake do you pick?

  • Oshawott: Simple-but-sweet strawberry shortcake.
  • Fennekin: Rich and creamy cheesecake.
  • Snivy: Measured and mature green-tea mousse.
  • Chespin: Classic chestnut-cream confection.
  • Spring, summer, fall, or winter… Which season do you like best?

  • Bulbasaur: Summer, the time for sea and sand!
  • Chapter 7 Summer Vacation

    The next day after class, the Player and Partner decide to start their jobs as junior members. Before they can start, they find Ampharos stumbling around, who teaches them how to use their Connection Orb to take requests from Pokémon in need. After the pair complete a request, Ampharos shows them how to expand the network of Pokémon they connect with. After another day of taking requests, Nuzleaf informs the Player that he will be gone for a couple days again and the Partner invites them to their house for dinner. When Nuzleaf returns a few days later, the Partner asks him to invite the Partner and Carracosta to dinner to repay the Partner’s previous kindness,

    Summer vacation starts for the school and the Player and Partner see Ampharos off as he leaves to explore a new area. While spending the summer completing requests, the Player and Partner meet with Pancham and Shelmet, who reveal there are rumors of the school being haunted at night, scaring the Player. That night Watchog investigates the school to disprove the rumors, but is attacked by an unknown being.

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    Chapter 2 Meeting The Partner

    Nuzleaf brings the Player into his house and sets up a room for the Player. He warns the Player not to tell anyone else about the Beheeyem for fear of stirring up a panic and decides to enroll them in the village school before leaving to attend to an errand. The Player hears someone hanging around the house and, fearing it might be the Beheeyem, leaves to investigate. They discover the noise was actually coming from the Partner takes them on a forced trip around the village. The trip is cut short when the Partner is caught by several Pokémon they annoyed through their antics and is brought home by their caretaker, Carracosta.

    While exploring the village, the Player finds a Deerling demanding a Shelmet to take her to their friend Goomy, who went off after being pressured by Shelmet and his friend Pancham. The Player follows them and finds, Deerling, Shelmet, and Pancham arguing about the latter two pushing Goomy into exploring a dungeon alone to retrieve something they lost. The Player offers to find Goomy and goes into the dungeon to search for him. They find Goomy with the sheet of paper he was supposed to retreat and brings him back. Even though Pancham and Shelmet leave after teasing Goomy some more, Deerling compliments his courage and thanks the Player. That night, Nuzleaf learns of the Player’s adventure, and though angry at first, allows the Player free reign of the village. The next day, Nuzleaf takes the Player to their first day of school.

    Chapter 1 Those That Live On This Planet And Those That Have Come To This Planet

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Best Starter Pokemon Guide

    The Player awakens alone in a forest with no memories of who they were except their name. While getting a drink of water, the Player discovers they have been transformed into a Pokémon. A trio of Beheeyem find the Player and begin attacking them, forcing the Player to flee. While running, the Player finds a Nuzleaf walking about, who ends up fleeing with the Player when the Beheeyem attack him as well. The two are forced to travel through a mystery dungeon to escape the Beheeyem and Nuzleaf instructs the Player on how to navigate dungeons.

    After traveling dungeon for a bit, the Player explains their amnesia and transformation into a Pokémon to Nuzleaf, but the Beheeyem begin catching up and force them to keep moving. Once they exit the dungeon and making sure they lost the Beheeyem, Nuzleaf offers to let the Player stay at his home for a bit when he learns they have nowhere to go. Nuzleaf takes the Player to his home in Serene Village.

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    Chapter 10 The Villager’s Secret Spot

    The next day, Nuzleaf asks the Player if any of their memories have returned yet, but the Player hasn’t remember anything. When the Player goes to meet with the Partner, they overhear them being punished for sneaking out by cleaning and find a note from them apologizing for being unable to help explore that day. When they ask their classmates to help them explore for the day, they reveal they all came clean about sneaking out and one of them joins the Player for the day. When the Player returns for exploring and the Partner finishes their punishment, Nuzleaf suggests that they explore Revelation Mountain, a sacred place to the village, one day.

    A Pelipper arrives the next day and drops off the news about Pokémon being turned to stone in other places. After finishing exploring for the day, the Partner asks Carracosta about Revelation Mountain and the latter reveals that even though Revelation Mountain is sacred and forbidden from being accessed, no one knows why.

    Chapter 5 Harmony Scarves

    The next day, the Player discovers Nuzleaf has returned before leaving for school. On the way, they see some Pokémon discussing the start of Honey Season where Beedrill and Combee begin making delicious honey in Nectar Meadow, though they tend to become tense during the honey making. When the Player gets to class, Pancham asks them where they came from and the Player decides to tell the truth about them being from the human world, though their claim is dismissed. Later, the class is given a lesson with the police, Magnezone, Magneton, and Magnemite, providing instruction of how to use a team attack called an Alliance.

    The next day, the class on Evolving is interrupted by a Roselia, who is searching for her missing child Budew, but she collapses from a dizzy spell and is taken for treatment by Nurse Audino. The Player remembers seeing Budew the previous day overhearing the discussion about Honey Season and suspects she went to Nectar Medow. The Players tells this to the rest of the class, but Pancham believes they are lying, so the Player goes off alone to find Budew. Before they can leave for Nectar Meadow, the Partner catches up to them and explains that they believe the Player and goes with them to find Budew.

    Meanwhile, in the depths of the sea a Dewgong shows three Lanturn something shocking: a Wailord turned to stone.

    The next day, an Ampharos arrives at Serene Village.

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